Saturday, 19 July 2014

BBC's Kirsty Wark Apologises, For Being Correct, Ms Keenan, Throws An Untreated 'PTSD' Wobbler

A Way Forward? 

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Yes, We Do Have 'Child Porn', [and 'Child Prostitutes'] Here, Too

Kirsty Wark @KirstyWark


Who are 'they'? you idiot - you had better name some names, or we will show (and report), you, as the dangerous liar, you are, again.
Again, victim/witness of what/to what? State your position, clearly and honestly.
Who? - name someone, or it is just hot air. You cannot provide evidence, against an unnamed person, you idiot.
Why the code? ... if there is a victim/witness/case, then it is public information - state it, for the record. 

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Now, it appears, as mad as a fantasist hatter ... then, cropping her Twitter feed (protecting others), so as to appear, nice and normal, for her trial.


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