Sunday, 11 December 2016

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 6)


Josh V Earthling

Josh V Jaguar/PHL

public justice phl @publicjustice1

Jayson Jaybob / UK Child Abusers Exposed

Elizabeth Lilly

ELIZABETH LILLY @lillabet1952




Monday 28 March 2016 17.23 BST 

Four paedophiles [sic] convicted after sting operations by vigilantes

"Vigilante group hails success in trapping paedophiles [sic] on Facebook dating page despite police warnings to stop."

Sunday 8 November 2015 17.19 GMT

Abuse survivors turn to vigilantism: 'it shouldn't be us doing this work'

Jay and JB



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