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A Statute Of Limitations For Sexual Offences

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Introduce a statute of limitations for sexual offences - e-petitions

"Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

Following the recent high-profile acquittals of Nigel Evans, Dave Lee Travis, William Roche etc, it is clear that a statute of limitations must be introduced for historic allegations.

For an offence under section 9 or 15 of the Sexual Offences Act (sexual activity with person under 16) a limitation of 12 months should be re-introduced. This limitation existed for the equivalent offence under pre-2003 legislation.

For an offence of rape, sexual assault etc, a limitation of between 2 and 3 years should be introduced.

For sections 5 through 9 (sexual activity with person under 13) a limitation of 10 years should be introduced. A longer period is called for as children that age are often reluctant to report such an offence.

For all other sexual offences, a limitation of 5 years should be introduced.

These limitations of statute would bring an end to the misery suffered by those people who are falsely accused out of spite, years after the alleged "offences" took place."

Please sign and spread the word.


Violated The Law Governing Sexual Expression In A Given Culture

August 28, 2014

The Role of Psychiatry in Sex Offender Management

"Medicine and law have a rich collaborative history in the management of persons convicted of sex offenses. Despite different assumptions about the offender and different perspectives about management and goals that may only partly overlap, each discipline offers significant expertise that promotes healing and risk management strategies while increasing community safety.

The term “sex offender” is a legal, not a psychiatric, designation. Sex offenders make up a psychiatrically heterogeneous group of individuals whose only unifying characteristic is that they have violated the law governing sexual expression in a given culture. The law may not greatly concern itself with the biopsychosocial antecedents of illegal sexual behavior, although it recognizes that questions of intent and incompetence or diminished capacity are important considerations."

"In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association eliminated homosexuality as a mental disorder in the sixth printing of DSM-II, substituting a new category, Sexual Orientation Disturbance."


Ego-dystonic Sexual Orientation



Psychiatrists, Criminal Justice Experts At Odds Over Handling of Pedophiles

"It used to be that Americans convicted of pedophilia would get sentenced from one day to life in prison, and it was then up to the prison warden to decide whether and when they were safe enough to be released, Howard Zonana, M.D., explained in an interview. Zonana, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University, is a past chair of APA's Task Force on Sexual Offenders.

But today, Zonana continued, there is fixed prison sentencing for convicted pedophiles, and once pedophiles have served their sentences, they have to be released. Moreover, once they are released, they do not have to receive any treatment for their pedophilia unless they have a period of probation.“ So you can see why there is public concern,” he said."

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'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For August


August 27, 2014

Rollins: No place for sex offenders to go

"Ol' Chaplain Farris Robertson is at it again — housing multiple registered sex offenders in a residential Springfield neighborhood despite a city order to vacate.

Attorneys with the city of Springfield, busy defending the city's position in federal court, have decided to leave the residents of 1809 E. Crestview St. alone, for now.

City officials are hopeful a court hearing, expected in early September, will put an end to the discussion and finally force the residents to disband. The city says, among other complaints, that far too many of the residents are on probation or parole.

Reporter's Notebook: Seeking sex offender's perspective

Robertson, on the other hand, is confident the court will side with his view — that the residents of the Crestview house are recovering addicts, some of whom happen to be sex offenders, and are therefore protected under federal law.

But we'll get back to all the legal maneuverings another day.

I wanted to bring up something Chaplain Robertson said this week when I asked him about the four registered sex offenders currently living at the house.

First, he noted that by late June, all of the sex offenders that had lived in the Crestview house had moved out — or in his words, the city and neighborhood had "run them off."

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Yes Chloe, There Is, Clearly, Something Wrong With Your Brain - Beware Of Slander And Language Content

Published on Aug 11, 2014

Harman pt2 

Published on Aug 11, 2014 

Dear Harriet Harman


Chloe George has Important Questions



"Asking the big questions to the elite criminals, paedophiles & corrupt.

Danielle La Verite / Chloe George tackles those who need to answer for their crimes.

Catch me on Facebook

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Chloe George


Tagline Asking the BIG questions


I've an ongoing series of videos, asking questions to the corrupt, paedo, elite establishment."

Danielle La Verite 

Danielle La Verite @mslaverite8

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Concerns For His Safety (Part 2)

Concerns For His Safety (Part 1)


Mike Darcy, The Sleazeball, who highly respects Anthony


21 August 2014 Last updated at 12:02

Operation Elveden: Two reporters and soldier in court

"Two journalists and a soldier have appeared in court accused of conspiring to commit misconduct in public office.

The Sun's crime reporter, Anthony France, faces two counts, one of which alleges he conspired with a police officer.

Separately, his colleague at the paper Ryan Sabey and former soldier Paul Brunt appeared accused of conspiring together between 2006 and 2007.

The three men were granted bail at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

They were ordered to attend the Old Bailey for preliminary hearings on 8 September."

August 21, 2014

Ex-News Corp. Editors Appear in U.K. Court on Hacking Charge By Jeremy Hodges

"Anthony France, the crime correspondent at News Corp.’s Sun newspaper, also appeared in court today on charges of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office.

France is accused of paying bribes to a police officer between March 2008 and July 2011 and conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office between July 2009 and August 2009."

Thursday 21 August 2014 14.54 BST

Sun crime reporter in court over alleged payments for stories

"Anthony France faces two charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office under Met police’s Operation Elveden.

Up to 20 journalists, including Sun political writer Trevor Kavanagh and columnist Rod Liddle [apparently not], appeared in the public gallery in a show of solidarity for France."

Aug 21, 2014 1:25 PM GMT

Ex-News Corp. Editors Appear in U.K. Court on Hacking Charge

Monday, 18 August 2014

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Concerns For His Safety (Part 1)

May Justice Prevail


10:15am Wednesday 13th August 2014

Watford man charged following Operation Elveden investigation into allegations of corrupt payments to public officials

"The Metropolitan Police refused to release Mr France's address because of concerns for his safety."

Tuesday 12 August 2014 12.07 BST

Sun crime reporter faces ‘misconduct’ charges under Operation Elveden

"Anthony France to be charged with two counts of conspiring to commit misconduct in public office

"The Sun’s crime reporter is to be charged in relation to an investigation into alleged corrupt payments to public officials.

Anthony France will appear before Westminster magistrates court on 21 August, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

France faces two counts of conspiring to commit misconduct in public office between 31 March, 2008 and 1 July, 2011 and 19 July, 2009 and August 14, 2009 respectively.

Charges are being brought under Scotland Yard’s Operation Elveden, which is being run alongside two other inquiries – Operation Weeting, which looked at alleged phone hacking, and Operation Tuleta, examining claims of computer hacking and other privacy breaches.

The first charge states that France conspired with Timothy Edwards – a police officer previously charged in relation to Operation Elveden – and with others unknown to commit misconduct in public office.

The second charge states that France conspired together with others to commit misconduct in public office."

12 August 2014 Last updated at 11:36

Sun crime reporter Anthony France faces misconduct charge

PUBLISHED: August 12, 2014 11:30 am LAST UPDATED: August 12, 2014 12:00 pm

Reporter charged in payments probe 

Updated: 16:50, 12 August 2014

The Sun’s crime reporter Anthony France faces ‘misconduct’ charges

Tue, Aug 12, 2014

Sun reporter charged in UK bribery investigation

12 August 2014

Sun crime reporter Anthony France to face trial for conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office



CPS Statement: One individual faces charges for conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office

"Details of the full charges:

"Anthony FRANCE, between the 31st March 2008 and the 1st July 2011, conspired together with Timothy Edwards, and with others unknown, to commit misconduct in public office, contrary to section 1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977

Anthony FRANCE, between the 19th July 2009 and the 14th August 2009, conspired together with others to commit misconduct in public office, contrary to section 1(1) Criminal Law Act 1977."


August 13, 2014 12:46 PM EST

Did Sun Crime Reporter 'Conspire' to Commit 'Misconduct in Public Office'?

13 August 2014

News UK chief pledges support to 'highly respected' crime reporter facing corruption trial

"News UK chief executive Mike Darcey has pledged his support to “highly respected” Sun crime reporter Anthony France following the news that he is to face trial."


June 10, 2011 

Anthony France & The Sun! 

"Yesterday, I wrote an article about The Met, The Sun & Me… in My Fight for Justice against the Metropolitan Police Service and racism, and that my mental illness and sexuality where leaked to The Sun newspaper and its publisher News International by Scotland Yard.

The Sun reporter Anthony France knew specific private and medical information about me, that only those with access at the highest levels inside the Met, would have known."

June 8, 2011 

The Met, The Sun & Me

"I cannot think of anything more perverse, with my employer using a newspaper to hold a public court of me. This was purely so that I would stop my claims of discrimination against the Commissioner.

The journalist in question Anthony France, knew information about me that only those with specific knowledge of my claims inside the Met could have known.

It is of no surprise to me that the same Assistant Commissioner who met me, and stopped my salary after hearing of my claims, has recently been revealed to have dined with staff of News International, the publisher of The Sun. What chance did I seriously think I had against the Met, when it has access to Britain’s biggest tabloid?"

7:30AM GMT 21 Feb 2012

Met Police leaked gay officer’s abuse case to tabloid, rules tribunal

20 February 2012 Last updated at 20:11

Met officer Kevin Maxwell wins discrimination case

Monday 20 February 2012 22.59 GMT

Gay black police officer wins discrimination case


June 2013, Prepared 19th July 2013

Home Affairs Committee; Written evidence submitted by Kevin Maxwell [LSP 47]

"B. Second Claim—MPS leaked Mr. Maxwell’s personal information to the press 

A short time after submitting his formal claim, Mr. Maxwell received a telephone call from the MPS’ Press Officer, Alex Fedorcio, informing him that The Sun’s then Crime Correspondent, Anthony France, was to publish an unflattering article about him.

Mr. France’s article was to assert that “[Kevin Maxwell] was running a weak claim in order to obtain a significant amount of money [from the MPS]”, that “[he] had a history of submitting unsuccessful claims for race discrimination at other [police] forces including the Greater Manchester Police”, and that his claim was “without foundation”.(5) None of these allegations are true.

Before submitting his claim on 14 May 2010, Mr. Maxwell had never submitted any other formal complaint. As to this claim being weak, events have now demonstrated that they were, in fact, serious and legitimate. Moreover, two tribunals have now held that the MPS leaked Mr. Maxwell’s private information because he brought a formal claim against them.(6)

The ET held that the information Mr. France possessed had “a high amount of knowledge”, impossible to discern without a primary source.(7)

By leaking personal information to the press, not only would the article serve to smear Mr. Maxwell and thus unfairly damage his reputation, but it would also endanger the safety and security of one of the MPS’ own counter-terrorism officers, his then partner, Mr. Alex Parr (a civilian), and other family members.

(5) - Employment Tribunal, Judgment, Para. 211.
(6) - Ibid., Paras. 296-8; Employment Appeal Tribunal, Judgment, Para. 83.
(7) - Employment Tribunal, Judgment, Para. 211.


Employment Appeal Tribunal; At the Tribunal On 19, 20 & 21 March 2013; Judgment handed down on 14 May 2013

Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis -v- K Maxwell 

"76. On 27 July the Claimant’s solicitor, Ms Arpita Dutt, returned a call made to her by Mr France. Her evidence, which was not challenged, was:

“Mr France identified himself as a journalist and informed me that an article would be published later that week in the Sun Newspaper... He informed me that the Sun had been informed about the Claimant’s claim... He referred to one claim of a group visit to a mosque and during that visit to the mosque, an Officer had refused to eat curry. He said that the non-curry eater was on a low cholesterol diet because of an illness and that was why he had refused to eat. ... I advised Mr France that he only had a snapshot of the claim, that the defence had not even been filed at the Employment Tribunal and that the claim was not in the public domain as yet and that he knew more about the defence than we did. In particular I noted that Mr France had been informed of aspects of the Respondent’s potential defence in relation to why an Officer had refused to eat curry at the Mosque and the potential denial of the homophobic comments alleged to be made based on an Officer who had alleged to have met him previously having worked in a gay area in city centre Manchester. These were issues that could not have been known to me, or the Claimant, as the Grounds of Resistance had not yet been filed by the Respondent...” (Para 215).

77. The conclusions of the tribunal in respect of the threatened Sun story are set out at paragraphs 296 and 297 of the Judgment.

"296. The Tribunal refers to its findings of fact at paragraphs [211 and following]. The information about the claim was clearly not disclosed by the Claimant to Mr France, the Sun reporter. The Tribunal is entirely satisfied on the evidence heard that on the balance of probabilities the information about the Claimant’s case acquired by the Sun came from an officer working for the respondent.

What is particularly significant is Mr France’s account, as given to the Claimant’s solicitor, that an officer attending the mosque had a low cholesterol diet. That information could not have come from the Claimant or anyone connected with the Claimant’s claim, because it was not until the cross-examination of Mr Jenkins that the Claimant learned that he had a low cholesterol diet. Indeed Mr Fedorcio, who spoke to Mr France, thought that the story had come from one of the Claimant’s colleagues such was the level of detail that Mr France had."""



Kevin Maxwell

Max @kevin_maxwell

Kevin "Max" Maxwell


May 13, 2013 

‘How mighty are the fallen’ as journalists at The Sun face prosecution for bribery

April 8, 2013

Mainstream media covered up police corruption but who is really to blame in the Porngate scandal?

April 5, 2013

Only a police whistleblower can truly lift the lid on institutionalised police corruption

January 18, 2013

Spinning fabricated tales to The Sun ‘newspaper’ will not stop anti-corruption campaign

January 18, 2013

News International protected corrupt police officers who protected BNP members from criminal investigation

January 17, 2013

Bribegate ‘journalist’ who bribed and protected corrupt police officers is now facing a prison sentence

Added: Jun-17-2011 Occurred On: Feb-22-2011

Police Dirty Division Smashed in Corruption Investigation


Monday 18 August 2014 11.54 EDT

Met police officer jailed for selling stories to the Sun

"Thomas Ridgeway receives 12-month jail term, with his mother given suspended sentence for aiding and abetting her son."

18 August 2014 Last updated at 11:34 ET

Former Met PC jailed for selling stories to the Sun


Concerns For His Safety (Part 2)

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We Have A Few Go-to Archetypes When It Comes To Pedophilia


You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now?

"The last time I saw Adam in person we found ourselves sitting, once again, in his car. We had been talking for a few hours and were about to finish up when I asked him what it feels like to be not only a pedophile, but something of a pioneer. He paused for a moment before answering. “It’s one part of what defines me. You know, a small part of the puzzle,” he said. “Part of me is a pedophile but that’s not all I am. I’m also, I think, a very decent person in a lot of other ways. I’m definitely a very caring person… I have hobbies, I have interests, I have studies, and things like that all put together define who I am."

Apr 11, 2014

522: Tarred and Feathered - Help Wanted.

"There's one group of people that is universally tarred and feathered in the United States and most of the world. We never hear from them, because they can't identify themselves without putting their livelihoods and reputations at risk. That group is pedophiles.

It turns out lots of them desperately want help, but because it's so hard to talk about their situation it's almost impossible for them to find it. Reporter Luke Malone spent a year and a half talking to people in this situation, and he has this story about one of the."

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August 13th, 2014 

Why Matter’s Story About Pedophilia Included a Graphic Account of Abuse 

"Those of us at our computers or on phones aren’t entitled to the protection of propriety or politeness; we shouldn’t be shielded by omission; we shouldn’t be sheltered by some vague phrase like “a video of unimaginable horror” because we’d never imagine just how horrible it really was. We can only read what was done to him, and realize—as Adam did—that it happened to an actual child. We can only read what was done to him, and be destroyed by it.

Some stories should ruin your afternoon, the rest of your day, your whole week. This is one of them."

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Fri, 18 Jul, 2014

Virtuous Pedophiles group gives support therapy cannot

"It's difficult to imagine such a curse. Who can they tell? From their point of view, they can't tell a therapist, they can't tell their parents, their peers, their boyfriends, girlfriends," said Cantor. "They are as alone as a person can be."


15 hours ago (13/8/14: 15:38) 

Expert warns against labelling 12-year-old Lethbridge boy charged with incest as a pedophile

“It’s one of the running jokes in my field, how impossible it is to get a research grant to work on solving a problem that every single person in society wants us to be working on."

Cantor said the justice system does have a role to play but ideally the time to intervene is before the problem gets to that point.

“We’ve already failed the kid by the time the kid is in jail – almost always a boy."

One admitted pedophile said it doesn't appear the Lethbridge boy should be in court.

"My immediate reaction (to the news report) is that there's no reason to think this boy is a pedophile," said Ethan Edwards (a pseudonym), who runs Virtuous Pedophiles, a web site that aims to help pedophiles control their urges. He said he's never acted on his."

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August 13, 2014

Should We Do More To Help Paedophiles?

Friday, 8 August 2014

Try To Be Mindful, Paul

 Paul has his PR hat on - very serious and grumpy.


23 July 2014  

Paul Farmer of Mind apologises [why?] after report that pro-paedophile leader spoke at 1975 event [and]?
"The head of the mental health charity says he is horrified [why?] by the revelation about the Paedophile Information Exchange, and says Mind will review its archives to assist the government's inquiry into historical child abuse.

Mind has apologised for allowing the chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange, a pro-paedophile activist group, to speak at an event organised by the mental health charity in the 1970s.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, said that the charity was horrified to have given "any sort of platform to such a despicable organisation as the Paedophile Information Exchange". He said: "Mind does not associate with, condone or endorse any pro-paedophilia organisations or individuals." [why not?] The incident was uncovered during an investigation by The Times newspaper.

The Times reported today that the event, which took place in 1975, was a two-day workshop organised by Mind for professionals to explore the psychological impact of sexuality and attended by individuals who described their own experiences. [excellent]

The newspaper said that literature promoting sex with children [promoting, how? Discussing AoC?] was available at the workshop and also highlighted an article published shortly after the event in Mind Out, the charity’s newsletter, that listed PIE as one of the "organisations to write to" about sexual minorities and included its address.[correct - still 'is']

The PIE representative was not named in the Mind Out report about the event but The Times said the person had since been named as Keith Hose, then chair of the organisation, which was disbanded in the 1980s. [disbanded?]

Farmer stressed that the charity has never had any formal relationship with PIE.

"The event was not designed to promote or justify paedophilia in any way [sic], but rather to help professionals better understand the perspective of the people they worked with and treated," he said.[indeed, and what has changed?]

"We are not able to verify if any pro-paedophile literature [sic] was sold at this event, but if this was the case then that would clearly have been a mistake and regrettable [why?]. The article in our Mind Out journal is a factual write-up of the day’s events. We are appalled to learn that PIE was listed as an ‘organisation to write to’. This was clearly the wrong decision."[why?]

Mind said it would assist the government’s inquiry into historical child abuse by searching its archives. "We support the call for PIE to form part of the national inquiry into child abuse and we have set in motion a review of our archives to establish what further information, if any, we have about PIE, so that we can share it with the inquiry," said Farmer."


Paul Farmer @paulfarmermind

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"Essentially, paedophilia is just a sexual orientation. People with this orientation have the same moral choices as anyone else i.e. to behave with decency and restraint or to force onto others their preferred type of sex. Ssasz (2002)"

[Ssasz (2002) - although, the passage, above, is absent, Ssasz does say "Saying that a priest who takes sexual advantage of a child entrusted to his care "suffers from pedophilia" implies that there is something wrong with his sexual functioning, just as saying that he suffers from pernicious anemia implies that there something wrong with the functioning of his hematopoietic system. If that were the issue, it would be his problem, not ours. Our problem is that there is something wrong with him as a moral agent. We ought to focus on his immorality, and forget about his sexuality" ...

 ... perhaps, this was the 'correction' - "I have a total responsibility concept of life. Disease is not an excuse ..."]

Mind In Manchester

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15:57 Tue 27th Jun 2006

Paedophiles living in my area 

"Scotman - "Paedophilia is not a mental illness, but is regarded as a 'disorder of sexual preference', to quote the World Health Organisation formulation". Essentially, paedophilia is just a sexual orientation. People with this orientation have the same moral choices as anyone else i.e. to behave with decency and restraint or to force onto others their preferred type of sex. I have suffered from depression and my uncle suffers from schizophrenia, as does my friend's daughter (following being spiked with ecstacy at the age of 14). These are mental disorders - none of us choose to have a mental disorder, but schizophrenia and other conditions like it, can be controlled and/or treated using prescription drugs and counselling etc. Can paedohphilia and violent sexual tendancies be managed in this way? It has been proven to not be the case. Paedophiles themselves have sometimes expressed scepticism about the feasibility of 'treatment'. As one convicted paedophile commented: "There has been a considerable amount of discussion recently about rehabilitating, even curing paedophiles. I do not believe this is possible. I am a paedophile" (Atherton, 2001).

I have taken these quotes from MIND in Manchester website.

So no, Scotman, I am no psychiatrist - however, before I go spouting off at the mouth, I make sure I am well informed and know a little of what I am talking about."

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21 September 2014 Last updated at 03:13 ET

Disability hate crime 'overlooked by police and CPS'

"The police and Crown Prosecution Service are overlooking the severity of disability hate crime, the former director of public prosecutions has told the BBC.

Lord Ken MacDonald said police were failing to recognise that abuse of disabled people constituted hate crime.

This could prevent perpetrators from receiving increased sentences."

Email ...

Sent 14/9/14 at 3:59 AM 
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Telephoned MIND 18/9/14 ca. 10:50 am.

Contacted MIND (0300 1233393). Was informed, that the email would be 'made sure', to the relevant head office contact, and they would return contact.

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Telephoned MIND 3/10/14; 2:27 pm

Contacted MIND head office (0208 5192122), spoke to receiver, he went to take advice. Mr Farmer's PA, said that a formal response, will be coming, to us, during next week, by email.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Dance of Ambiguity

Uploaded on Aug 5, 2014

Who's Lying, Who's Self-Justifying? Origins of the He Said/She Said Gap in Sexual Allegations


"The Woody Allen sex scandal of 2013 triggered a national conversation on who to believe, with people lining up on each side as if they knew what really happened. Based on recent research on how people navigate the often tricky waters of sexual negotiation.

Dr. Carol Tavris shows that it is entirely possible in some sexual assault cases neither side is lying, but instead both sides feel justified in their positions. This talk was considered one of the best ever given at The Amazing Meeting."



Carol Tavris on accusations vs. skepticism


The Amazing Meeting 2014

"This annual gathering of critical thinkers is an unparalleled opportunity to make like-minded friends, enjoy some of the brightest minds on issues important to skeptics, and leave with tools for spreading a helpful and educational message to those who might be hurt by charlatans and unfounded belief."!ng_Meeting