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Young Adults Having Harmless Fun, Mother Destroys A Life

Thursday, August 30, 2012 2:00 am

Mom stings daughter’s boyfriend on Facebook

"SEDRO-WOOLLEY — A 19-year-old registered sex offender is in jail after the mother of the girl he was dating set up her own Facebook sting.

William Elms is charged with two counts of immoral communication with a minor [not] in Skagit County Superior Court and is scheduled for arraignment Thursday morning.

The case was referred to Sedro-Woolley Police on Aug. 14 after a Snohomish police officer received a complaint from a mother who caught her teenage daughter’s boyfriend sending lewd photos and messages to someone he believed was a 15-year-old girl. But actually, the girl was made up by the mother."

Skagit sex offender arrested after Facebook sting

Our Risk Is The Lowest It Can Be, For Anyone, What Is Yours?

Friday, 31 August 2012

Ruling allows sex register appeals

"A Supreme Court ruling means sex offenders [sic] can appeal against having to register with police for life

Sex offenders [sic] can appeal against having to register with police for life from Saturday, despite concerns raised by a children's charity that they must "always be considered a risk".

Thousands of sex offenders [sic] will be able to apply to have their names removed after the Supreme Court ruled it was a breach of offenders' human rights to be put on the register for life with no review.

The Government has already expressed concern about the plans, with Home Secretary Theresa May saying "the minimum possible changes to the law" would be made.

Currently [?] prisoners [sic] have to wait 15 years after being released from jail [?] to be able to apply to be removed from the register. Saturday marks 15 years since sex offenders were first required to register with police.

Chief executive of the NSPCC Andrew Flanagan said: "This is a concerning day for our justice system. Sadly, we are told this legal ruling cannot be overturned but the NSPCC's view remains that paedophiles [sic] who have been put on the sex offender register [sic] for life must remain there as we can never be sure their behaviour will change" [same for you and anyone, Mr Flanagan]

"A Home Office spokesman said: "We are doing everything we can to protect the public from predatory sex offenders. That is why we have taken action to strengthen the law and close loopholes. The review process for offenders is robust and puts public protection first. It also prevents sex offenders [sic] from wasting taxpayers' money by repeatedly challenging our laws. Sex offenders [sic] who continue to pose a risk [no one is zero risk, no one] will remain on the register for life.""

Paedophiles [sic] given right to challenge being placed on the sex offenders register

Sex offender registration appeals introduced

Sex offenders granted appeals against registering with police

Sex Offenders Register Appeals: Convicted Can Now Fight For Removal From List

Sex offenders gain right to appeal against registration

New ruling allows sex offenders to appeal against register


2nd September 2012 


"Predatory sex offenders will be able to launch lengthy, legal aid-funded ­appeals as soon as they are released. Under the previous rule they had to wait 15 years." [classic, absolutely no idea] 


Now, in all its bitter, scaremongering, money-raising, and incorrect entirety ...

Posted: 01/09/2012 00:00

Wrong Right to Appeal for Sex Offenders

"Today's (1 September 2012) 15th anniversary of the introduction of the sex offender register [sic] brings a surprise present for the very people it was designed to control - and a nasty surprise for anyone with the protection of children at heart.

From today, paedophiles [sic] and other criminals who have committed serious [sic] sex crimes will be able to appeal against having their names on the register for life.

The Supreme Court has ruled that if a sex offender [sic], including those whose victims were children, has not re-offended for 15 years they can appeal to be taken off the register At a stroke this could make them almost invisible to the authorities whose job is to track them and ensure they do not commit further offences, such as sexual assaults on children or hoarding vast libraries of sickening child abuse images. [indecent images, Jon] In effect their dangerous [sic] pasts would disappear from view, potentially leaving them free to search for more young victims, both at home and abroad.

But what guarantee is there that they will not abuse again? It is dangerous to rely on re-conviction rates to assess whether a sex offender is still [sic] a risk to children. How can we be sure they have not re-offended - maybe they just have not been caught again? [maybe the sex fairies did it Jon?] And who is to say they will not harm a child again once they are free from the restrictions imposed by the register? In fact, the great majority of child sexual abuse never comes to light [how do you know?] and is never prosecuted as the young victims are often too scared to speak out [how do you know?].

Though we understand this legal ruling cannot be overturned, the NSPCC's view is that we can never be sure a sex offender will not re-offend [same for anyone, even you, Jon]. There is no known 'cure' for adults who sexually abuse children [for there is no 'disease']. We can only try to control and contain their behaviour which is why they should stay on the sex offender register [sic] for life [how does that help do that?].

Sex offenders [sic] are sophisticated predators [evidence, compared to other offenders?]. They are manipulative and will often go to great lengths to get close to their potential victims {ditto]. Some will have abused children many times before they are caught [ditto]. This is why it is so important that they are closely tracked after their release as there will always be a risk they will abuse again [same for anyone, even you, Jon].

Not all child sex offenders receive therapy [for there is nothing to 'cure'] to address their abusive [weasel word] behaviour and even with those that do, there is no guarantee it will stop them abusing children again, sometimes many years later [same for anyone, even you, Jon].

The best way to protect children from known sex offenders [sic] is a combination of treatment [sic] for offenders in prison. And for the police, and in some cases the probation service, to monitor their movements when they are released into the community [how does that stop action?]. However, we must remember, not all sex offenders have been, or are ever, convicted [so, they are not 'offenders'; courts decide guilt, not guesswork by vested interests ... unless you are one of them ... are you Jon?] so it is still vital [sic] that the public also take responsibility for protecting children in their community by reporting any concerns to the authorities or the NSPCC [kerrrrchhingg]

The UK is only one of four European countries to have a sex offender register and it has made a great contribution to child protection in this country. [how, evidence?] Nobody is claiming that the register is a silver bullet [it is almost a bullet, for some, though], but it is still an important weapon [how?] in the fight against child abuse [weasel words]. Not only does it help keep paedophiles [sic] away from children [how?], it has also increased public understanding and awareness about the way sex offenders operate and the risks they pose.[now we know you must be trolling us, Jon]

So even if sex offenders [sic] now have the legal right to appeal against being on the register [sic], it is hard to envisage in what cases a successful appeal could be justified. Without undeniable evidence they are no longer a danger to children [oh, perhaps because they never were a danger to children?], surely taking them off the register after such serious offences [sic] is too great a risk for society to take. [do you understand risk analysis, Jon?] We must never forget how physical and emotional harm from sexual abuse can damage children's lives. [can? - how 'can' it, Jon? provide your expedience of causality and try to avoid reductio ad absurdum] The NSPCC believes [so what?] that justice and protection for children should come above the civil liberties of a convicted sex offender [clearly so] who clearly had no regard for a child's right to be protected from abuse [again, straw man and reductio ad absurdum]".

Jon Brown
NSPCC's Head of Strategy & Development for Sexual Abuse


Comment: Shameful, PR, propaganda.



Victim on abuser's removal from sex register

 "Sally Marston told BBC Radio 5 live's Victoria Derbyshire that her attacker "continues to destroy her life" [sic] and she felt "protected" knowing he was on the Sex Offenders Register." [then, at best, you have been lied to, Sally]

Victoria Derbyshire -  14/5/13

"A woman who was molested when she was a child says she wants a change in the law after her abuser went to court to have his name removed from the sex offenders register. Sally Marston learned her attacker had succeeded in having his name taken off the register when she read about it in a newspaper."

Man who abused me will be threat to kids till day he dies [sic] why is he now off the sex register?

Should sex offenders be named and shamed for life?


July 12, 2011 

Will the Sex Offenders’ Register “Review Mechanism” breach human rights law?

"Updated | In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that a mechanism should be put in place to review whether convicted sex offenders should remain liable after their release from prison to notify the police of where they live or plans to travel abroad. In June 2011, the government published draft legislation to “ensure that strict rules are put in place for considering whether individuals should ever be removed from the register.” However, it is possible that the “strict rules” leave the government vulnerable to further legal challenges."

April 21, 2010 

Sex offenders’ lifelong living and travel restrictions were breach of human rights


Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012 - The Victory

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012 - The Order 

Statement on sex offenders' register

Tightening the law on sex offenders - The Slapped Wrist

Human Rights Joint Committee - First Report
Draft Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012: second Report



Top link (as of 19/9/12) - see Quickview

You Are Not Capable of Understanding Or Dealing With What You 'Demand', Yet

Published 31 Aug 2012 12:00

Councillor demands to know identities of sex offenders in Windsor

"Tom and Cat Bursnall are parents of one and are worried by the possibility of convicted sex offenders living in their neighbourhood.

THE names and addresses of paedophiles [sic] could be made available to the public after a councillor's demands for information on offenders living on his doorstep.

Councillor Tom Bursnall, of Clewer East ward, is writing to police to request information on all known sex offenders living in his and bordering wards.

The UK Independence Party councillor told The Observer: "I demand to know every single sex offender who is living on our doorstep.

"With respect to the police and the local agencies that are involved with keeping an eye on convicted offenders, I do not have the faith they can keep track of these people."

Cllr Bursnall added if police provided the information he would hand it over to community groups that work with children - such as Scouts, sports clubs and nurseries - so they are aware of any 'dangerous' isic] people living in the area.

Cllr Phill Bicknell, of Park ward, backed his former fellow Conservative's demand for information.

He said: "He has got a good point. I have been involved with Scouts all my life and I am very much on the side of youth and we should protect them.

"I have four children of my own and if a sex offender ever touched one of my children I don't think I would be responsible for my actions."

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police said: "Any correspondence with the councillor concerned would be a private matter and we do not think it is appropriate to comment further at this stage.""


UK - Councillor demands to know identities of sex offenders in Windsor 

"So who is to decide if they are 'dangerous' or not? Mr. Bursnall? Just because someone is on the registry doesn't mean they are a danger to kids or anybody else for that matter. "



"Dear Sir,

***All members*** of your community have the right to privacy, civil and human rights, free from harassment and violence.

Do not forget that.

From Mr Bicknell's comments, it appears you may be just one step from the vigilantes, you feed with your poison.


The OSC"


United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The conference: STRENGTHENING safety for ALL families

"I didn’t know it was possible to be as excited about multiple two-connection plane flights in four days as I am right now. In less than two weeks, I will be traveling the thousand-mile plus trek from central New York to Albequerque, New Mexico, for my first RSOL conference. My last column raised some questions and hurt among fellow advocates in the way that I explained my decision to form a new group apart from RSOL. I hope that my attendance at the conference and anticipation at meeting fellow hard-working activists demonstrates my continued commitment to work with all reform groups from around the country.

It may be a bit of a cliché, but it’s true - united we stand, divided we fall - which is why I would like to make it very clear – again – that I value each and every advocate we have in this fight. We need everyone’s talents, abilities and dedication if we want to have a shot at restoring dignity and basic fairness to our and our loved ones’ lives. Those of us in this quest may have strategic differences, but we have a unity of purpose – to fight for reasoned evidence-based laws."

Dream of Reform

"RSOL National Convention

The 2012 RSOL 4th Annual Conference, "Catch the Dream of Reform," hosted in Albuquerque by RSOL New Mexico, on September 6-9, 2012, seeks to empower citizen-driven law reform groups to better understand the complexity of current thinking on sex offender registration issues and find workable options for change."

National Conference

4th Annual RSOL Conference - Catching the Dream of Reform

Sex offender convention

Addendum (4/9/2012)

Posted: Sep 04, 2012 3:34 PM GDT Updated: Sep 04, 2012 3:34 PM GDT

Sex offender' conference has some in NM on edge

"Albuquerque is hosting a national conference on sex offender laws and is expected to draw attorneys, politicians and even registered sex offenders.

Albuquerque police spokeswoman Tasia Martinez says police will lay out a plan to the public Tuesday on how it will handle the conference at a town hall meeting at Eldorado High School Performing Arts Center."

Updated: Friday, 07 Sep 2012, 3:20 PM MDT
Published : Friday, 07 Sep 2012, 12:22 PM MDT 

Sex-registry reformers open conference

"Police stage show of force outside hotel

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) - They're a group with a controversial message, reforming laws that deal with sex offenders. The Reform Sex Offender Laws organization is holding their annual national conference in Albuquerque starting Friday.

The message that the group is discussing is controversial enough that members from Albuquerque and New Mexico State Police are sticking around the hotel to ease public concern. The opening ceremony got underway just before 9 a.m. and cops were in the parking lot as early as 7:30 a.m.

This the fourth year for the conference and organizers say it's bringing together people who are lobbying for revisions to the law on registering sex offenders. They also say they are for making the laws smarter, not softer when it comes to someone who has paid for their past sexual offense.

In a packet released to the media, it states they'd like to see access to the sex offender registry just be for law enforcement agencies and they also encourage programs which would reduce sexual abuse before and after conviction."

Locals remain concerned over reform sex offender conference

Thank you AZU and Valigator!

Keep Smiling, Ivan - So Much Waste

Published: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 5:54 p.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 at 5:54 p.m.

Lake County man gets prison in killing of neighbor he thought was child molester

"A Lake County man was sentenced Wednesday to 32-years-to-life in prison for killing a neighbor he mistook for a convicted child molester.

Ivan Oliver, 34, was convicted two weeks ago by a jury of first-degree murder for stabbing Michael Dodele 65 times at a Lakeport mobile home park.

He also was found guilty of a special allegation of using information from the Megan’s Law website to commit a felony. A confusing entry led Oliver to believe Dodele was a convicted child molester. Dodele, 67, was listed for being a serial rapist of adult women. He’d served more than 20 years in prison for his crimes and had been released just a month before he was killed.

Oliver had previously been convicted of stabbing a security guard who confronted him after he and some friends left a restaurant without paying.

At trial, Oliver testified he killed Dodele in self-defense. Oliver said he believed Dodele may have touched his son [which he will not see grow up] and that Dodele tried to stab him after he confronted him."

The Simpletons Speak Out - Oh Dear, Kent Too, Why Would That Be?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Sex offenders register [sic] branded “wholly inadequate” after Dover paedophile [sic] goes missing

"Serious questions have been raised over the effectiveness of the sex offenders register [sic] after a convicted paedophile [sic] who abused a young boy was able to slip off the radar [sic]."

"Gravesend-based Family Matters [keeerchhhingnngg], the UK’s largest [?], specialist counselling service for survivors of sexual abuse and rape, said the sex offenders register [sic] was a “false hope” in keeping children safe.

Operations director at the charity Malcolm Gilbert said: “It is a wholly inadequate instrument for protecting our children –its minimal restrictions [sic] are routinely flouted and disregarded by many hundreds of offenders.

“The police make no active effort to check those registered in their area [sic]. It is a waste of time [sic] and leads to an impression of false security [correct].

“If we think these people are a threat [risk is relative, what is your risk, Malcolm?] then the actions we take should proportionate to the threat [we agree, stop registration]. The whole matter should be reviewed and alternatives sought [any ideas, Malcolm?].”

He said the register was more of a “gesture” than an action [sic] as there are no requirements other than registering an address with police [hahahahaha].

If they were required to sign on daily to police as is done with certain bail conditions then that would be something,” he added." [is that it? Is that the kingpin of your final solution, Malcolm? They do, when they are required to, you uninformed fool]

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Successes of course are always invisible

PUBLISHED: 10:17, 30 August 2012 | UPDATED: 12:17, 30 August 2012

Britain's worst sex offenders will be forced to take regular lie detector tests when they leave jail to catch reoffenders

"The £4,000 polygraphs, which monitor heart rate, breathing and blood pressure, could be in place by 2014

About 750 offenders will be tested every 12 weeks to make sure they're being honest [sic] about what they've been up to

Hundreds of sex offenders will be forced to take lie detector tests every three months when they leave jail, it's been revealed.

No10 wants mandatory tests for all high risk sex pests - such as nursery school paedophile [sic] Vanessa George and child killer [sex offender?] Jon Venables - after a successful trial in the Midlands between 2009 and 2011.

Under the scheme 750 offenders will be tested every 12 weeks to make sure they're being honest [sic] about where they've been and what they've been doing."

Sex Offender Lie Detector Tests 'A Success'

Freed sex fiends face lie detector

Sex Offender Lie Detector tests may be expanded to include any suspected offenders

Sex offenders in Cumbria to face lie detector

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Indiana Wants You

1:46 p.m. EST, August 28, 2012

Indiana sex offender list violates due process: court

"A federal appeals court said Indiana's sex and violent offender registry unconstitutionally violated the due process rights of thousands of registrants because it did not give them a chance to fix mistakes.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago rejected arguments by the Indiana Department of Correction that it was not directly responsible for errors in the registry, which contains about 24,000 names, and that registrants had other procedures to challenge mistakes.

Concluding that erroneous labeling as a "sexually violent predator" implicated a liberty interest protected by the Due Process Clause, the 7th Circuit noted that Indiana had recently begun letting current prisoners challenge pending registry listings, but gave other registrants no such opportunity.

"The policy provides no process whatsoever to an entire class of registrants -- those who are not incarcerated," and is therefore "constitutionally insufficient," Circuit Judge Diane Wood wrote for a unanimous three-judge panel."

Vigilantes - Be Careful Who You Attack, Looks Like Self Defence To Us

PUBLISHED: 11:40, 29 August 2012 | UPDATED: 11:44, 29 August 2012

Fugitive paedophile [sic] left teenager with his intestines hanging from his body after random street knife attack

"GF armed himself with bread knife after being confronted by father of girl he sexually abused

F, 47, then stabbed boy, 17, who he did not know

Paedophile [sic] GF, 47, who was jailed for 12 years for brutally stabbing a schoolboy in the street and sexually assaulting a young girl

A schoolboy was left with his intestines hanging from his stomach after being brutally stabbed by a paedophile [sic] on the run.

GF, 47, attacked the boy, who he did not know, with a bread knife, after being confronted by the father of a girl he sexually abused.

The boy, 17, lay bleeding on the ground but managed to call for help on his mobile phone.

The teenager underwent a four-hour operation to repair his liver, colon and other internal organs, a court heard.

F was jailed for 12 years today after admitting the 'random' street attack and sex assaults on a young girl.

The court heard how F armed himself with a bread knife after being confronted by the father of the young girl and stormed out of his home where he saw the 17-year-old boy and stabbed him three times in the abdomen.

Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court heard F had never met the boy before and saw him by chance in the street.

Prosecutor John Ryan said: 'F armed himself with a bread knife after being confronted by the girl’s father."

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

'Sarah's Law' Cares Not Where It Does Its Deeds

Wednesday August 22 2012

Sex offender fled after home attack


A CONVICTED sex offender fled from his parents' home in Kerry after it was attacked and damaged by people opposed to his presence in the house, Tralee District Court has heard.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared in court last Thursday where he pleaded guilty to a single charge of failing to notify gardaí that he had changed his address as required under the terms of the Sex Offenders Act.

Judge John O'Neill was told that in May of this year, the man, who is in his late 40s and from Kerry, had returned to live at his family home in Kerry having served four and a half years of a six-year sentence imposed on him in 2006 for a serious sexual offence which had occurred in another county."

For Looking At Pictures

August 27. 2012 3:58PM

Exeter man facing child porn trial allegedly stabbed in head with a pencil

"BRENTWOOD — An Exeter man facing trial in October on child pornography charges was seriously injured Sunday when he was allegedly stabbed in the head with a pencil while incarcerated at the Rockingham County jail.

Thomas Rogers, 45, remained hospitalized Monday at Exeter Hospital after the incident that remains under investigation by the Rockingham County Sheriff's Department.

According to Major Al Brackett of the sheriff's department, the injury was initially reported as a suicide attempt, but that hasn't been determined."

Really? How Would They Know?

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 6:22p.m.

Collins toughens child porn laws

"An organisation working to protect children has welcomed the new deterrent, but warns attitudes must change.

“We need to also be aware that every time someone tries to access an illegal pornographic image of a child, that that child is being abused again and again and again,” says Ending Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and Child Trafficking chairperson Yvonne Dufaur."

Harsher child porn penalties on way

Child pornography penalties to increase

Monday, 27 August 2012

Then Again, Maybe She Is Just Of 'Bad Seed'?

August 26, 2012

Child sex abuse may [just may?] lead to PTSD, Reactive Attachment Disorder, sex trafficking

"The vile, excoriating epithets fly from Brandi’s* mouth like daggers--well-aimed with intent to maim and mutilate. At times, she seems to delight in her expertise in causing verbal destruction. However, a careful observer can see beneath the surface to a scared little girl who desperately wants to be loved properly and consistently. Each scathing expletive that she hurls is akin to a jagged, shard-like iceberg tip that is a decoy for the mountain of submerged pain lying underneath the surface. The sheer volume of curses that emanate from her mouth gives credence to the immensity of the abuse she has experienced, both at the hands of those in the family circle and the strangers who bought and sold her for sex."

New World Order Puritanical Censorship Force To Enjoy Groupthink Shindig

Published: 18:00 August 26, 2012

Virtual Global Taskforce to host biannual child protection conference

"Speakers will discuss issues relating to online crime, paedophilia [sic] and latest technology

Online child safeguards and victim narratives will be highlights of the conference organised by Virtual Global Taskforce.

Abu Dhabi: The Virtual Global Taskforce is hosting its fifth biannual international conference this December in the capital, Gulf News has learned.

A statement released by the taskforce, which battles online child abuse, confirmed the summit will take place in Abu Dhabi and will centre around the theme of cross-country cooperation to combat child abuse.

Titled, International Collaboration: An enabler for prevention, the conference will discuss methods of combatting online child sexual abuse. The conference takes place between December 11-13.

“No single agency can deal with this crime in isolation. This international conference provides an opportunity for all of us to learn, understand, and develop collaborative response strategies that highlight child protection,” said VGT Chairman Neil Gaughan.

The Virtual Global Taskforce, which was set up in 2003, seeks to build an effective, international partnership of law enforcement agencies, non-government organisations and industry to help protect children from online child abuse"

Capital to host global conference on combating online child sexual abuse

VGT 2012 Conference 

VGT team meet discussions in capital to stress child protection against abuse

International conference in Abu Dhabi tackles danger of online predators

Police drive to combat online child abuse

Centre an asset in fight against online child sex abuse, UAE forum hears

Emirates pioneers law enactment for protection of children: UN

Virtual Global Taskforce announces new members

Naughty Kids Getting Paedophiles [Not] In Trouble

PUBLISHED: 23:12, 26 August 2012 | UPDATED: 23:20, 26 August 2012

Paedophiles [not] 'increasingly targeting girls on social media for webcam sex'

"Social networking sites make children vulnerable to paedophiles [not]

Reports of inappropriate behaviour [!!!] rise to more than 1,000 a month – up from just 400 a few years ago

Paedophiles [not] are increasingly using social networking sites to groom girls and encourage them to perform sex acts on webcams. [and?]

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre said it was receiving more and more reports that older men [evidence?] were targeting vulnerable girls [evidence?] on sites such as Facebook.

In a report on ‘emerging threats’ [old, false, news], the watchdog [?] said they were building friendships with the youngsters, before initiating ‘sexually exploitative acts’ such as persuading them to take revealing pictures of themselves. [ah, used to be 'forcing']

Monitor: Children must be on their guard as paedophiles [not] have taken to social network sites looking for victims [sic]

Worrying: Paedophiles [not] are taking advantage of social media to groom youngsters

Some [how many?] of the paedophiles [not] set up profiles pretending to be much younger than they are to lure girls into a false sense of security. And because Facebook does not properly verify the age of youngsters who join up, it means that pre-teens with pages on the site could be at risk of being groomed.[and?]

Campaigners [who?] believe the easy availability of porn online [eh, what?] means that young teenage girls increasingly see overtly sexual behaviour as normal [and it is not and why does 'normal' matter?] – meaning they are more likely to fall victim [sic] to paedophiles [not].

The Daily Mail is campaigning for an automatic block on online porn to protect children. Over-18s would only be able to see adult images if they specifically ‘opt-in’, after going through a stringent age verification process." [we know, how abnormal]

Online predators target children 'within 10 minutes'

Sunday, 26 August 2012

John Carr Crawls From Under His Disinforming Stone

26 Aug 2012 08:56

Internet is a dark, scary place again

"By John Carr, Internet child safety expert [not]

A wise man once said: “When you are in a hole, stop digging.” It’s advice the owners of Twitter should heed. [pity you never followed your own advice, John]

Ever since the Sunday Mirror exposed [sic] the way paedophiles [sic] were using Twitter to contact each other [!] and swap child abuse images [sic], we have been waiting to see how they will respond. Their silence is deafening. The hole is getting deeper.

Twitter’s lack of a clear and energetic response is deeply worrying. If they don’t understand and accept the need to respond to public anxiety [ah] about an issue as horrific [sic] as child sex abuse [sic] and child pornography [sic] you have to wonder what is going on inside the heads of their senior executives. [actually, inside yours would be much more interesting, John]

When Parliament returns in eight days Twitter need to prepare for an onslaught [sic] which will include calls [from who, John?] for legislation that the Government may find hard to resist. [we will see]

The likes of Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo! have invested hugely in putting in place systems to keep child pornography off their networks.[ hahahahaha]

They have joined bodies like the Internet Watch Foundation. [oh, well that will fix it - not] Twitter is not part of any of these arrangements. So Twitter are letting the side down. [what 'side' John?]

The internet is back in the public eye as a dark and scary place. [only to idiots and those with a vested interest who feed them]

*John Carr is a leading expert in internet child safety and Government adviser [not]"
3:51PM BST 26 Sep 2012

Social networks 'cannot be trusted to protect children online' 

"John Carr, a board member of the UK Council for Child internet Safety, said in the wake of "scandals" such as the exposé of sexualised content on children's social network Habbo Hotel, he believed self-regulation was "a big con"."

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Result Always The Same, For 'Sarah's Law', Wherever

Sat, 25 Aug 2012 6:07p.m.

Paedophile [sic] flees from home after attack

"The Turangi home where the man was living

A sex offender has been forced to flee his central North Island home after a Molotov cocktail was thrown through his window.

Darren Kihi was supposed to be making a fresh start in Turangi, but instead became a target for residents outraged that a convicted paedophile was living in their community.

Taupo area commander Steve Bullock says the attack reflects poorly on the township.

“It's disappointing from a police perspective to see that it appears that members of the Turangi community have taken the law into their own hands,” he says. “It's let the community down and it's let us down and if we do find those responsible we will hold them accountable.”"

No !!! Shock Horror !!! It Cannot Be True !!!

African 12:44

“I enjoyed the SEX” – 11 year old RAPE victim confesses to police

"An 11-year old girl who was a victim of sexual abuse (name withheld) stunned the police in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria, when she confessed that she enjoyed having sex with their neighbour, AO, who allegedly defiled her on many occasions.

The victim told the police that she did not tell anyone, including her parents, because she enjoyed having sex with the suspect."

Yet Again

STV 24 August 2012 15:24 BST

Woman reported for wasting police time over alleged sex attack

"Police: A 36-year-old woman is to be reported for wasting police time.© Deadline

A woman is to be reported in connection with wasting police time after an alleged sex attack in Dundee.

Tayside Police confirmed on Friday that the investigation into an alleged sexual assault on a 36-year-old woman in Dundee’s Eastwell Road at about 6.45pm on Tuesday was complete."

Oh Esther, Have Your Not Learned From The Damage You Have Already Done?

I loathe censorship. But we must block the creeping plague of internet porn causing such harm to our children

Hundreds of children traumatised by hardcore porn contact ChildLine

Scarred by online porn: Number of children ringing ChildLine after seeing hardcore images on internet soars to 50 a month

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Stop the vile images that warp young minds

Child sexting victims left suicidal after explicit images are shared without consent, warns charity

Esther Rantzen backs campaign to protect children from porn

Children 'haunted' by online porn, warns ChildLine founder

UK kids' charity lobbies hard for 'opt-in' web smut access



Curiosity is not Harm.
'Alarm' is not Harm.
Regret is not Harm.
'Upset' is not Harm.
'Fear' is not Harm.
'Shock' is not Harm.
'Trauma' is not Here.
Learning is not Harm.
Ignorance and Scaremongering are Harmful.


Please Find Even More Dollars

American Sex Offender: Documentary Trailer

"Story: Like lepers of biblical times and 'witches' of 17th century Salem, registered sex offenders are the most despised and shunned social outcasts in America today. The picture that the “sex offender” label paints in the mind of the average citizen, however, is often worlds apart from the reality of what the person has actually done.

High-profile child murder tragedies and fear-based media sensationalism have led to undeserved stigma, unfairly cruel punishments, and even reactionary violence against people who never (a) touched or raped anyone, (b) posed any kind of threat to public safety, or (c) fit the typical characterization of a child predator, sociopathic deviant, or violent rapist.

American Sex Offender portrays multiple sides of the controversy through interviews with registered sex offenders and their families, victims of sexual abuse, probation officers, legal experts, politicians, activists, psychologists, human sexuality experts, and more.

Proponents of the current system argue that it keeps families and children safe by informing the public about dangerous predators. Opponents argue that it fails to distinguish between those who pose an actual threat to society - and the majority who do not. An autobiographical element is woven into the story by filmmaker Kevin Scott Foley, who is himself a registered “sex offender”. He presents the objective facts of his case, describes the setbacks the registry has caused in his personal life, and leaves it to the viewer to make their own conclusions about whether his punishment fit his crime."

Yes We Do, Quite A Lot Is Known

Posted on August 24, 2012 at 5:23 PM
Updated yesterday at 7:00 PM

Victim in child porn videos now seeking justice

"We don't know much about the woman known as Vicky - her age, or where she lives. But she is a presence in courtrooms across the country, trying to make the people who download her images pay her back

Seattle attorney Carol Hepburn reads the words of Vicky

"I'm living every day with the knowledge everyday someone is watching the most horrifying moments of my life and taking grotesque pleasure in them,” she reads.

In 300 federal criminal cases across the nation, men are accused of trading video's of Vicky -- who was 10 years old at the time -- being brutally raped by her father.

"I'm told by law enforcement that her videos are among the most widely traded in the world," said Hepburn.

In Seattle Federal Court on Friday, government attorneys argued that Josh Kennedy should pay restitution -- money to pay for Vicky's therapy -- for 48 images of Vicky found on his computer in 2007."



Kenneth John Freeman

A Round Of Applause For Kylie Freeman

"Unlike other forms of exploitation, this one is never-ending." - Kylie.
"Really frightening her to death." - Lawyer.

Kylie is the FBI/DHS 'poster child', wheeled in and exploited, whenever she is needed, to share her (more likely to be those who have advised her) cognitive distortions.


Professional Victims Write Nonsense




Amongst other things, Professional Victim = swimming pools (money from where?) = books, books, books = claims to have PTSD = takes money from the media, time and time again = disinforms and manipulates the authorities, media and others, for personal gain, until they are disowned (except their paymasters, the criminal, News International, e.g. NOTW, The Sun etc) and then whines about them/attacks them = so 'traumatised', they cannot wait for the film to come out = no regard for the victims they create etc etc.

If anyone can make any sense of the diatribe, in the second article, please let us know, by email.



Thursday, 23 August 2012

Today's 'Sarah's Law' Advert

Thursday 23 August 2012 08:06

Jail for Leeds teenager who attacked man, 82, in his own home

"A teenage thug attacked an 82-year-old man in his own Leeds home after wrongly believing he was a paedophile.

Darren Fieldhouse, 18, smashed open the door of the victim’s home in Cookridge, Leeds, before knocking him to the ground and stealing items from the living room.

Leeds Crown Court heard the elderly man, who suffers from breathing difficulties, was left badly shaken by the attack and now lives in fear of being targeted again."

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Why Would They Be?

August 21, 2012

Sex killers not who you think they are, researchers say

"Study said to reveal clearest picture yet of these murderers and their victims

The researchers found that the average age of sexual murderers was 28. Sixty-six per cent were white and 29 per cent were aboriginal. As for marital status, 57 per cent were single and 15 per cent were separated or divorced. A majority of offenders – 80 per cent – had no prior sexual convictions.

The investigative strategy of prioritizing ‘known sex offenders’ would thus likely be unproductive as the majority of sexual murderers have no prior convictions for sexual crimes,” the researchers wrote."

What A Wig Believes

8:00am Wednesday 22nd August 2012

Police to meet CPS after Teddington sex attack trial collapse

"A detective chief inspector is due to meet the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to discuss a collapsed sex case trial and how to continue the police investigation.

Detective Chief Inspector Debra Towns, of Richmond police, will talk with the CPS branch crown prosecutor about the acquittal of 24-year-old JB."

"It came after Judge David Higgins blasted prosecutors’ “extraordinarily inept case”, saying he did not believe one man was behind the attacks on two women and two teenage girls near Teddington Lock."

Today's 'Sarah's Law' Advert

Aug 21 2012

Duo launched 'vigilante' attack on North Warwickshire house

"TWO vigilantes vandalised a Warwickshire house belonging to someone they wrongfully believed was a paedophile, a court heard.

Jason Dawe and Gary Taylor caused £10,000 damage after cutting through copper water pipes and flooding the property.

The incident happened at an empty house in North Warwickshire in July.

Dawe, 30, of St Nicholas Estate, Baddesley Ensor, and Taylor, 49, of Boot Hill, Grendon, admitted causing criminal damage.

At Leamington Crown Court, the pair were each jailed for 12 months, suspended for 18 months, and placed under an electronically-tagged curfew for four months [laughable].

They were also each ordered to pay £255 costs.

Judge Alan Parker slammed the pair for taking the law into their own hands as no charges had been brought against the owner of the property."

How Donut Eaters Are Entrapping Paedophiles [Not] Online

Wednesday 22 August 2012 09.00 BST

How police investigators are catching paedophiles online

"A specialist undercover Metropolitan police team is tracking down the growing communities who commit sex crimes [sic] online

Louise Tickle [smile]

A model using a laptop. The internet has provided new opportunities for paedophiles [sic] to prey [sic] on children.

Dan is a detective sergeant, and a covert internet investigator with the Metropolitan police. At the Met's paedophile and high tech crime unit, we sit in front of his laptop as he navigates to an internet chatroom. He's already set me up with a username — louiseis14 — and clicks the button that tells users I'm online.

Within 10 seconds, two men whose profile names suggest they're in their 30s and 40s want to talk to me. Dan selects one at random — lets call him 'anonman_37' — and starts typing a response.

As the conversation goes back and forth, notifications from men inviting me to get in touch appear so fast that the list runs off the screen. We've been online for less than three minutes."

Same Old, Incorrect, Prejudicial, Emotional, Rhetoric

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - Updated 11 hours ago

‘Pedophiles are people’ page puts Facebook under attack

"A children’s advocacy group yesterday denounced Facebook for refusing to take down a controversial page featuring a disturbing photo of a young girl being followed down an alley by a man, with the caption “Pedophiles are people too.”

The page’s administrator has added “(Controversial Humor)” to the caption since the page was first reported in yesterday’s New York Post. But apart from the 25 people who had “liked” the photo by early last night, few people found it amusing.

“We should not be giving people like this an audience and a platform,” said Jetta Bernier, executive director of Massachusetts Citizens for Children. “We cannot normalize this behavior. It is too devastating to children.”"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Outrage: Facebook refuses to take down pedophile page

"'We are not able to confirm that the specific page violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.'"

Unlikely To 'Work', In Any Case

Published: 6:16AM Wednesday August 22, 2012

Prostitute provided for paedophile 'more than once'

"Providing a paedophile with a prostitute dressed as a child to "fulfil needs" is unhelpful and would have no role in successful rehabilitation, a clinical psychologist says.

Corrections have launched an investigation into a probation officer who allegedly spoke about "helping" a sex offender by providing a sex worker in children's clothing.

The claims surfaced after a West Auckland resident - also being managed by the officer - recorded a meeting with him and made the tape available to media."

Prostitute provided for paedophile 'more than once'

Prostitute for paedophile claim 'lies'

Officer fired over prostitute claim

Monday, 20 August 2012

You Danced With The Devil (And Got Paid For It) And Lost - Suck The Lemons



OK then ...,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=6c06483ebc7ed37d&biw=1280&bih=876

No, nothing there, got anything else?

Please step back from the hole and put down the spade.

Your 'assistance' is the last thing Ms Brooks needs ... then again ...


How Could It?

Exactly What The Vigilantes Want

August 20, 2012 - 7:16AM

Stress on sex offenders increases risk of re-offending

"Rehabilitation programs help to reduce these offences in the community.

Making child sex offenders feel unwelcome could only increase their risk of re-offending, according to an expert in the field.

Melbourne University criminology fellow Mayumi Purvis, who has worked with child sex offenders to reintegrate them into society, said a holistic approach to rehabilitation was needed.

"If we're serious about this we have to be holistic in working with this as they will invariably end up back in the community," she said.

Dr Purvis said while many people supported the idea of rehabilitation in theory, in practise it was not always the case.

She said some concern from parents was understandable but attempts to push a child sex offenders out of a suburb may have harmful effects.

"Stress and inability to cope are often a risk factor to offending," Dr Purvis said.

"That pressure and terrorising of them, abusing them in the streets; that is elevating their risk [of re-offending] tragically."

She said child sex offenders were far less likely to re-offend than most other criminals."

Friday, August 17 2012 

Decor firm boss Malcolm Reeves threatens to throw himself under a train

"R's case was heard at Canterbury crown court

An interior decor firm manager caught ogling sick child porn threatened to throw himself a under a train or bus if he was ever freed.

"Judge James O'Mahony told Reeves that real children had been abused [weasel word] so that trade [sic] in pornographic images [sic] could exist [and?].

He went on: "You said yourself that people who do this sort of thing should be hung. I'm not saying that, but your perception probably chimes with a great deal of people in the community [and?] - it's a horrible offence [why?].

"I think it's abhorrent to you [I wonder why?] and you have suffered and will continue to suffer for what you have done [why should he?]. Nothing can justify it or excuse it [why not?], but there is hope for you [we do hope so, but, no thanks to you and yours, Mr O'Mahony]."

Grow Up, Trinity Mirror

18 Aug 2012 00:00

Do you wanna be in my gang? Perv [offensive and inflammatory] Gary Glitter tries to hook up with girls on night out in London

"Glitter – real name Paul Gadd – spent three and a half hours eating and drinking outside the Italian restaurant

Forced smile: Glitter takes pic of the diners Forced smile: Glitter takes pic of the diners

Two women strike an awkward pose as paedophile [sic] Gary Glitter leans in to take a picture of them.

The shamed glam-rock star, 68, had made repeated attempts to talk to the diners on the table next to him at a ­restaurant before taking the snap.

An onlooker said: “He was trying his best to impress the women on the other table but they weren’t having any of it.

"He kept attempting to spark up a conversation and at one stage he got up and took a picture of them."

Sunday, 19 August 2012

David Stanley - We Will Not Rest, Good Friend

Created on 04/03/2012 01:52 PM
Updated on 08/19/2012 10:30 AM

In the memory of David Stanley

"The British police claimed that they found David Stanley hanging from a tree in a park in Portsmouth on February 1 2012. When we subsequently learned that they had been trying to section him, and that he was aware of this, it looked like this was a suicide as a final act of defiance against the state. But now it appears that it is also possible that this is what the police want us to believe and that the act of suicide confirms him to have been a nutter, as they were claiming in their campaign to discredit him.

The true facts will never now be known but consider this: Dave was the originator of the action against Operation Ore and the provider of the key evidence, which the state has accepted as genuine but refuses to look at. Each of the other individuals who openly tried to expose the travesty of Operation Ore, and who lived in the UK, was hit in one way or another by the UK police, resulting either in their being discredited or intimidated.

Incontrovertible evidence is now presented of huge credit card fraud on the Landslide system used by the UK police and courts to ruin thousands in Operation Ore. David’s case is highlighted as it is easier to understand and he is the one who secured the withheld evidence from Texas, fought a long fight and finally sacrificed his life."

Created on 08/13/2012 08:30 AM
Updated on 08/13/2012 09:02 PM

Act of defiance

"Response to this news from a UK reader

When I first heard of David Stanley's tragic death, I had wondered whether his decision to end his life may have been an act of defiance rather than an act of despair, a refusal to submit to some new twist of wickedness from our Moral Guardians. This disturbing news underscores for me the wisdom of the old bumper sticker: "Just because you're feeling paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't out to get you."

If the information received by Inquisition21 proves true, it strongly suggests that our Infallible Moral Guardians were not content so see a brave and kind-hearted man forced to endure crushing poverty, irrecoverable loss and social abjection; they wanted to permanently silence him, too. If you're officially designated "mad" as well as "bad", the theory our coolly brutal rulers adhere to is that your cause will be finished. This cannot and will not be allowed to happen. David Stanley really was a hero, a quietly-spoken, gentle-hearted hero who made the ultimate sacrifice. His name will eventually emerge untarnished from the predations of a corrupt and unaccountable Power; of that I have no doubt. Far from burying him, this action immortalises him as a tribune of the voiceless and powerless against the vindictiveness and spite of the high and mighty. When I think of him, I feel inspired by his courage and commitment to truth, not flattened and despairing as our sadistic moral rulers would prefer. The Nazis thought they had scored a stunning victory when they drove Walter Benjamin to suicide; instead, his intellectual courage, his brilliant writings and his ethical integrity are remembered long after his premature death. Along with his persecutors' venal depravity.

Editor comments.

I have now heard from two individuals close to Dave before his death, who do not know each other, and both confirm this story. I have the name of one of the principal police officers involved."


"This website is dedicated to the memory of David Stanley

A gentle soul who had the courage to stand against the tyranny and injustice that he suffered.

Another victim of Operation ORE but he left us the evidence we needed.

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

Thanks from all of us Dave - The fight goes on."

The Appalling Vista - the fight back against Operation Ore

Nine UK doctors are suspended after accusations of viewing child pornography


Feb 03 2012, 4:52 PM

David Stanley, RIP

"it was real hard to talk about things
that disagreed with the mass mind-control propaganda
the so-called "public opinion" created by media
and schools and churches
and all the other abusive institutions of societal control
but dave wasn't afraid
i'm not afraid anymore
thanks dave!"

Let Us See ... Who 'Brought It Back' And Is 'Keeping It There'?

Published: Today at 00:44

Sex attack victim’s nightmare with Da Vinci rapist living next door

"Caitlyn was left in terror in her own home

Fear ... Caitlyn was left in terror

A SEX attack victim last night told of her terror after the Da Vinci rapist moved in NEXT DOOR to her.

Caitlyn Nelson — who was indecently assaulted when she was ten — relived her own nightmare when evil Robert Greens became her neighbour.

The 21-year-old, who has waived her right to anonymity to tell her story, insisted the authorities knew about her past when the monster was housed next to her and boyfriend Dave Smith.

And last night Caitlyn told how it brought back her own ordeal."

"“From the night he moved in, I started having panic attacks and I was put on anti-depressants.

“The whole thing has dragged up all the pain from when I was indecently assaulted.”

Shop worker Caitlyn claimed cops were cagey about Greens’ past. She said she only discovered the truth about his crime from a neighbour in Newtongrange, Midlothian — and immediately asked council bosses for a move."

Get Robert Greens out Midlothian

It's All Balls

August 18, 2012 8:09PM

Chemical castration or it's back to jail

"WA's most notorious paedophiles and rapists will be urged to undergo chemical castration to keep their freedom or go back to jail

ALMOST half of WA's worst rapists and paedophiles have been told to undergo chemical castration or go back to jail.

Currently seven of the 16 prisoners classed as dangerous sex offenders in WA have been released back into society by the Supreme Court on the condition they take anti-libidinal medication.

Five of them were approved in the past two years and none has re-offended.

An investigation of court documents reveals a trend in which judges have increasingly imposed the treatment as a condition of supervision orders.

Those breaching them would be locked up again if compulsory blood tests show rising testosterone unless they had a reason.

WA inmates cannot be forced to take libido-lowering medication normally Androcur tablets to reduce their sex drive, but the judiciary has discretion to make the treatment compulsory as part of release conditions."

Long, But Well Worth It

Monday 2nd April 2012

A Reassurance Con? UK Public protection for modern times - Professor Mike Nash

"One of the paradoxes of public protection is that evidence tells us where most risk lies, but we appear determined to react to rare and ‘abnormal’ crimes committed by those presented as monsters. It is as if society needs to believe in these monsters as a means of reaffirming social norms and morality (Douard, 2008/9). Perceptions of dangerousness occur in a distinct context which appears to defy logic. For example, if people are afraid of the dark, putting on the light generally makes things better. In similar ways, there is the light of evidence in our understanding of dangerousness, but this knowledge does not appear to lower our fears, rather a pervasive belief in monsters and demons continues. These fears may feel very real to many people but are surely not the bedrock on which a modern public protection system should rest."

"There is a willingness to accept very illiberal measures and, in particular, to apply these to one particular form of offender (the sex offender) with only perhaps the terrorist suffering similar opprobrium. Brown (2010) developing Foucault’s work on the Abnormal (2003) suggests that rather than the sex offender being a monster and not one of us (O’Malley, 2000) he is instead the representation of ‘unencumbered human nature’; a product of the population itself rather than being apart from it. It is this Brown argues that both drives our fears and fuels our demands for viewing these offenders through the lens of dangerousness. In essence, we are afraid of ourselves."

"The UK has developed a public protection system predicated upon formulaic risk assessments and bureaucratic classification of offenders which leads to increased numbers within the ‘potentially dangerous’ category than arguably need be there. The sex offenders’ register is a classic example. It now has over 37000 people registered but over 35000 of these are classified as Level 1, which means single agency oversight (therefore by definition tending to be lower risk, although not necessarily). The point is that the overall number creates an impression of a massive amount of sex offender risk, when the reality is inclusion on the Register can result from a caution – in other words no criminal conviction. The Register consumes resources; current numbers require at least 37000 annual visits from the police, even at the lowest end of risk. Indeed, there were no additional resources provided when this requirement was introduced by the Labour government in 1997. The Register can provide a degree of monitoring but in terms of prevention is next to useless, although may well assist in detection. Even when backed by live GPS tracking, as I observed in South Korea, the system could track an offender to the scene of a sexual assault but not prevent it. Innovations such as the Register therefore offer pretence of protection but which, in many respects, might be construed as ‘false reassurance’. At the same time the Register’s very inclusiveness and size portrays an impression of a huge problem which in itself justifies more intrusive, restrictive and exclusionary measures. Thus it is hard to avoid the conclusion that many of our so called preventive measures (based on risk of harm assessments) are punishment by another name."

"The response of the prime minister to a recent Supreme Court ruling over sex offender registration periods illustrates this very well. On appeal by an offender subject to lifelong registration (which is triggered by a custodial sentence of 30 months or more), the court decided that continued registration should be determined by the risk posed by the offender (judgement by Lord Phillips, 2010). The Prime Minister, as a result, launched into a tirade against Europe and the ECHR (human rights issues not applying to sex offenders of course), but reluctantly conceded that the UK government would have to comply. However, he said that these offenders would have to remain on the register for 15 years before they could be risk assessed (but where is the evidence suggesting 15 years as the baseline for future risk?). He also indicated that the police would undertake the assessments and that he doubted that many would be deregistered; thus setting the (punitive) agenda well in advance. In a recent article (Nash, 2012), I advocated that our present system of automatic registration which is determined by the sentence imposed, should be reviewed and replaced by individual risk assessments. Here is another of those paradoxes where the government is now to do what I and others have suggested (but with lifelong registrants only), only to set a minimum registration period which is arguably more about punishment than ongoing risk.",1193,en.html,154679,en.pdf

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Prejudice Reinforced 

"'A reassurance con?' is a refreshingly candid canter through the fine mess we've created in the form of a supposed 'world-leading' risk assessment system lovingly known to us all as Mappa. With forensic detail he describes a burgeoning bureaucracy whose success is highly equivocal, consumes a vast amount of resources, has taken our eye off the ball and encouraged a false expectation on the part of the public."

Scotland, Home Of The Cowardly Vigilante - 'Sarah's Law' Advert Of The Month

Jun 6 2012

Man run out of region with help from vigilante Facebook page

"A MAN was forced to flee two towns in the region after he was accused of being a paedophile.

The 46-year-old was hounded out of Annan and then Castle Douglas.

His name and picture were posted on the social networking site Facebook with allegations that he was a child abuser.

A window of a house in Shawhill Court in Annan was smashed and an attempt was made to set fire to the property on Wednesday.

Police advised the man to leave the house for his own safety on Thursday after a crowd gathered outside.

He moved to an address in Castle Douglas but was forced out of the town at the weekend.

A police spokesman told the Standard the man had now left Dumfries and Galloway.

The Facebook page which published allegations against the man has been shut down."

"The police are making inquiries into complaints against the man but they have indicated he is not on the sex offenders’ register.

Thursday’s tensions surfaced just days after separate incidents in which a car and flat were set on fire in Ecclefechan.

JM's home in CP was targeted after he was accused in court of possessing indecent images of children.

But within hours of the court case details being published his car was set on fire.

He was moved from his home when it was set on fire on Saturday past.

A fire brigade spokesman said there was “no doubt” the blaze was started deliberately.

The incidents in Annan and Castle Douglas were not related to Mr M's case."

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Challenge From Dr Oldfield

Why Owning Indecent Images of Children Is Not A Sexual Offence, In Reality

Why Mark? - Justify Yourself, If You Are Able



Soundbites will not do, Mark. You are doing far too much harm.

Whilst you are at it, please tell us why you left the police force.


We Can Only Try

Friday, August 17, 2012

Second Thoughts and a New Approach

"I’d like to go back to some remarks I made in a previous entry, “Child Safety Zombies,” on August 2, 2012.

The tone I used to write about Marc Klaas was not acceptable. Mr. Klaas and others, such as John Walsh, are people who have suffered terrible, unthinkable losses. Some of the policies they have pursued to achieve a safer society are not what I believe are the most effective, however, I have no doubt they are driven by love and compassion above all else and to even imply otherwise is frankly wrong. I apologize for these remarks and similar ones that I might have made in the past.

This raises the broader issue of how we should interact with those who have different views than the reform community – specifically the anonymous bloggers and posters – many of whom spew hate toward people required to register and at times their loved ones.

I myself have been the target of many such attacks, even death threats, for speaking out on this very emotional issue. Hate sites have even falsely accused me of being tied to NAMBLA, a common smear painted on all reformers – despite the fact that I and every activist I am working with supports age of consent laws.

I think we need to change our approach.

First, I think we need to stop calling our online opponents “trolls”, “vigilantes” or “zombies”. They are people who are misinformed. If we were to put ourselves in their shoes and actually believed that every person on the registry was a powder keg looking to go off and sexually abuse someone at the first opportunity, many of the policies they advocate would be understandable. (As opposed to the violence that many threaten, which is never acceptable.) We know the truth – that sex offenders have one of the lowest rates of recidivism of all offender groups in the criminal justice system."

Justice Delayed (And Denied) Is Justice Denied

5:03pm Friday 17th August 2012

Wordsley child porn teacher hopes taxpayers will fund his defence

"A DISGRACED teacher from Wordsley caught with nearly 100,000 sickening child porn pictures is hoping taxpayers will fund his defence.

MB, who taught at DCH High School, has made a number of applications for legal aid to assist his defence but they have so far been rejected.

His barrister, Ruth Edwards, told Wolverhampton Crown Court the 32-year-old appealed against the last refusal on the grounds of great hardship and aid was required because a psychological report was necessary.

She added the report would cost £1,800 and neither Bullas or his family had the funding available to meet the bill."  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grandparents lose battle over £52,000 legal bill at Hull Crown Court

"A COUPLE are facing a £52,000 legal bill after they were falsely accused of failing to protect their grandchildren from a paedophile ring.

The retired couple, both in their 60s, were forced to borrow the money from a building society to clear their names because they did not qualify for legal aid.

CASE: After a five-week care proceeding hearing at Hull Crown Court in 2009, Judge John Dowse QC exonerated the grandparents.

However, despite proving their innocence, the couple have lost a landmark battle to force Hull City Council to foot their legal bill.

Supreme Court president Lord Phillips said: "It was a serious misfortune to be the subject of unjustified allegations.

"Justice did not demand that the local authority responsible for placing the allegations before the court should ultimately be responsible for the legal costs of the person against whom the allegations were made.[but, the point is, it should]"