Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Not BBC-Paedos

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'Patchy' support for families of child porn suspects

"Peter, not his real name, was found with indecent images of under-age girls

"We're coming through the door. Sit in that room. Don't move."

Charity worker Alice Newman says those words too often describe the attitude of police officers to the families of child porn suspects.

She describes support and advice services for those people as "patchy" and "inconsistent" around the country.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation supports sex offenders and their families.

Alice Newman says the charity's aim is to try to stop them repeating harmful [sic] behaviour."

As a grandfather, he says his behaviour [no, the law and its response did that] has caused his family "irreparable damage that may never heal".

"He claims social services overreacted by trying to remove his grandchildren from their parents, after they allowed him to still see them in supervised visits.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: "Children's welfare and protection is paramount." [more than the truth?]

Andy Baker from Ceop added: "It is also right that those suspected of possessing [sic] indecent images of children are treated as a danger to children until proven otherwise."" [where is your evidence, Mr Baker?]

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