Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The CPS Often Does

Published 08 August 2012 14:30

"Porn Trial" defendant cleared on all counts

"The CPS has "serious questions to answer"

A man who was tried this week in Kingston Crown Court for possessing images of "extreme" sexual acts has just been cleared on all counts. He was tried under the "extreme pornography" act in a live trial before a jury.

David Allen Green, solicitor and legal correspondent for the New Statesman, said:

"This was a shameful and intrusive prosecution which should never have been brought. It was bad law to begin with, but a good man has had his sex life examined in open court for no good reason. There are serious questions for the CPS to answer about bringing this prosecution.""

Posted: 08/08/2012 14:25 Updated: 08/08/2012 14:25

Porn Trial: Barrister Simon Walsh Acquitted As Fisting Declared 'Not Extreme'

"A gay barrister arrested for possessing "extreme pornography" after he was sent images of fisting has been acquitted in a landmark trial.

The case at Kingston Crown Court set a precedent over whether images of sexual fetishes, like fisting and inserting objects into the urethra, can be considered "extreme"."

‘Porn trial’ barrister ‘asks if sexual health clinics are for those who have riskier sex’

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