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Feel Good, Creates Bad

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All families matter, even those of sex offenders

"As the fiancee of a registered sex offender, the New York Times article "Public-Place Laws Tighten Rein on Sex Offenders" was difficult to read. (As an advocate, it was nothing new.) As frustrated as I am with New York's justice system, I am thankful that at least as of today, it's still legal for my loved one and I to go to the beach, hike around the lake and take our dogs to a park if we feel like it.

Still, there's something really sad about realizing that, in some parts of the country, my family, small as it may be, is legally NOT ALLOWED to go to the beach. The man I love more than anything in the world will be ARRESTED and put in JAIL for walking onto a pier. And there are people out there who truly, honestly believe that it will somehow protect children. Thinking this way is not something I do often nor is it something I recommend, but unfortunately it is an inescapable consequence of the political climate we live in today ..."

There By The Grace ...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Man's brain damage led to sex offences

"A 24-year-old man who suffered brain damage in a crash six years ago has been spared jail after pleading guilty to a string of sex offences against women in Bath.

JC, who was living in ... at the time of the attacks last November but now lives with his parents ... appeared at Bath Magistrates Court charged with indecently touching six different women.

The offences took place in the city centre and involved C approaching members of the public at random and touching them inappropriately.

The court heard that an expert psychiatrist had submitted a report saying that it was C's serious brain injury which had caused him to behave inappropriately and that he would need medical assessment and supervision to ensure he did not re-offend.

District Judge David Parsons said the usual starting point for sentencing would be custody but the special circumstances surrounding the case meant jail was not the best way to deal with C ..."

All Human Life Is Precious

Published: 31/05/2012 10:13 - Updated: 31/05/2012 10:38

Man poisoned himself to avoid questioning on alleged sexual offences

"The Fort Augustus house at the time of GM's arrest in 2010.

A sheriff believes a Fort Augustus man poisoned himself rather than face questioning by police in connection with allegations of sexual offences.

Sheriff Margaret Neilson issued her findings after a Fatal Accident Inquiry in April into the death in August 2010 of GM.

Sheriff Neilson believed Mr M (48) had at least three opportunities to ingest the lethal pesticide, Phostoxin, before he collapsed at Burnett Road police station in Inverness following his arrest at his home ... on 13th August.

The inquiry heard Mr M became sick on the journey to the police station. He was taken to Raigmore Hospital by ambulance but died just over three hours after his arrest ..."

Ms Emma Barnett - Fearful, Misinformed And Dangerous To Freedom

The Issue

A number of challenges are taking place, within the USA, regarding the constitutional rights of registrants to access the internet, and, in these recent cases, particularly 'social networking sites'.

Ms Emma Barnett, Digital Media Editor for The Telegraph ...

Emma Barnett (Website)
Emma Barnett (Twitter)
Emma Barnett (Mediauk)
Emma Barnett (Journalisted)
Emma Barnett (LBC 97.3)

... has created two pieces, this being part of the first:


1:08PM BST 31 May 2012

Sex offenders demand Facebook access

"Registered sex offenders are fighting against legal rulings in the US which ban them from using social networking sites, such as Facebook.

The number of offenders challenging the ban is unknown, but legal cases are being mounted by people across Indiana, Nebraska and Louisiana.

They claim that the restrictions – which stop them from joining social networks, online chartrooms and instant messaging forums – are infringing their free speech and right to participate in common online discussions.

Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn have recently altered their policies to reflect their support of banning these offenders from their sites – where people freely upload images of themselves and children on an hourly basis.

However, civil liberty groups say social networks like Twitter and Facebook are now “virtually indispensable to free speech”.

US authorities have stood by the bans – saying they are needed to prevent these registered sex offenders from roaming free online and preying on children using these sites – often without their parents’ knowledge.

Judges in the UK typically stipulate that convicted sex offenders are no longer allowed onto social networks – as part of their punishment. However, more is still needed to be done in enforcing these bans ... [we will cover this issue, below]


The OSC has contacted Facebook, on a number of occasions, so as to discuss their Terms of Service etc; we have received no reply.

This is the position of The OSC, on this issue:


"Apart from a small, single number ... every sexual offence/attack/potentially-illegal action (i.e. hundreds/thousands worldwide), involving Social Networking sites, has been carried out by non-'RSO's, almost exclusively by minors, themselves.

A community, whether on-line or off, includes all its members. All members have equivalent legal, Human and civil rights to that membership and enjoy the right to a private life and the enjoyment of it, free from offence, fear and harassment.

Free Speech must be balanced against these rights. There are many people who believe their right to Free Speech is absolute; this is not correct. However, we do believe it should be enabled, as much as is reasonably possible.

The other fundamental requirement, is being able to monitor and report offensive, and potentially-illegal content, carried out against registrants etc, on these sites; we do this, regularly, in assisting the authorities.

Free Speech rights must be allowed and be proportionate, and the creation of scapegoats and pariahs, for no good, evidenced-based reason, is no such response."


Ms Barnett is, clearly, confused, about the nature of the need to register under the SOA 2003, and that many, if not, most, of the people who do so, are no more of a threat to society than those who do not.

She also seems ill-informed, on the requirements and nature of SOPOs, and the frequency of such 'bans'; we hope she will respect our contact, so as to clarify her confusions.

These are the relevant parts of Ms Barnett's second piece:

1:08PM BST 31 May 2012

Registered sex offenders have no right to be on Facebook

"Most judges [sic] in the UK now make it part of a sex offender’s terms of punishment [sic] to be banned from such sites. And companies like Facebook and LinkedIn have it written into their policies that no such person is allowed to join or tolerated in their virtual communities.

However, we are still far from a world where the judiciary and police have caught up with monitoring adult abuse and child grooming online pre-emptively – before it goes too far – and as well as they do in the real world.

Equally, while the Government remains undecided about whether filters to protect children from inappropriate content online should be mandatory – we are still missing vital legislation to proactively protect our children and vulnerable adults online from invisible predators. {the legislation exists and is clear, if disproportionate to civil rights]

Registered sex offenders [sic] should never be allowed on social networks where people freely use their profiles as digital scrapbooks of their lives – frequently sharing photos of their babies and themselves on nights out potentially dressed proactively [whyever not, is it the 'Paedo-Stare-Of-Doom', which concerns you?] 

They do not have the right [sic] to participate in an open network online – where many children under the age of 13 have set up identities without their parents’ knowledge – just as they cannot mix openly in society offline [we are sorry, what was that? -  we cannot mix openly with minors offline? That is certainly 'news' to us]

The rules protecting children [sic] and curbing the freedoms [indeed] of registered sex offenders [sic] in the real world must be rigorously upheld in the virtual world if our digital-savvy society is to function healthily. [they are, in fact, as the courts are beginning to show, too much so]

It is the duty [sic] of the social networks, governments, the judiciary and police, in all countries, to work closely together to keep registered sex offenders and other harmful people [sic] away from these very open and welcoming online forums.


Once again, Ms Barnett's zealous, hyperbolic, populist, ignorance is clear to all.

We look forward to a conversation, with Ms Barnett; she knows where we are.


Mr Chris Wittwer On Race Relations And Sexuality

Chris Wittwer shared a link: 5 hours ago

Chris Wittwer

"Of course you find paedophiles and rapists in all communities, but these are nearly always loners operating in secret, because paedophiles are despised and hated by normal people.

In addition, paedophile attacks on ‘kuffar’ (non-Muslim) children are seen as a legitimate form of jihad, inflicting humiliation and demoralisation on the children and their parents.

The Islamic invasion of the West is one huge razzia (raid of rape and pillage) and Western children are war booty. Paedophila is widespread in Muslim communities, with Christian children being the main targets.

The paedophiles operate in well-organised gangs and networks. They are protected and encouraged by their wider communities and enjoy immunity from prosecution so as not to damage ‘Community Cohesion’"

The Greatest Advert Against 'Sarah's Law', Ever (Well, So Far) - Thank You Sundancer32full

Published on May 23, 2012 by sundancer32full


 Copies Available


"I think I am a very nice person, a kind person, and a good mother, and a good wife ..."

 If only it were satirical.

Associated comments of interest ...

PostPosted: Tue May 29, 2012 5:22 pm

Post subject: I think this could fit on this thead

"When you see foul women leaving comments on forums and news articles giving detailed information as to their torture fantasies, well, here is a video of one.

Don't bother making a comment, as she is blocking and deleting all critics.

I'm making a video of the highlights, and of course giving her eyes of a monster. if she wants to know what a monster is, she only needs to look at her reflection. It's a must see...

PostPosted: Wed May 30, 2012 7:29 pm 

Poor woman. Just think: if you can barely manage walking and chewing gum at the same time, how on earth are you supposed to manage civilised behaviour and dangerous surfeits of pure malice at once? You simply have to have a scapegoat. And thankfully, our educated elite have supplied one – the imaginary paedo.

This pitifully dim (and frighteningly hateful) young woman is simply mouthing the ideology of our ruling elite, translated into numpty-language so that the lumpen proletariat (Trotsky’s “dangerous scum”) can understand it.

We shouldn’t blame deluded bigots like this young woman for the imbecility animating her passions; we should blame the educated elite, who have been convulsed with murderous paedo-paranoia from just before Reagan-Thatcher onwards.

Roll over anti-Semitism and colour-bashing: paedo-hounding is the New Black. But it’s beginning to wear a bit thin: very little social progress or social prosperity has emerged in its wake."


Published on May 30, 2012

The Highlights ... 

A great advert against "Sarah's Law"

Second Reply To Mr Steven Walker of 'You Have Not Defeated Me'

As is only appropriate, we will post (and respond to) Mr Walker's second contact, in full:

"Actually, she was raped by far more than one man, you evidently have trouble reading facts."

That is the unverified and unproven claim of an accuser (who was under drink and drugs, at the time of the alleged attack), unless you can show otherwise? 

It is not truth. 

As no other person has yet been found guilty, it is not legal fact.

"The claims made are a true account,"

See above.

"and the legal basis is technically correct."

See above.

"As well as having prosecuted quite a few criminals and organisations in the past, our expertise is formed from close collaboration with expert judges, barristers, ministers, professionals and solicitors. "

Your expertise?

You are a young man who has opened up a public Facebook page, nothing more, at this time. 

Although, we are compelled to say, 'you' do have the stink of The Sun about 'you'.

"So again you have failed to check your facts." 

See above.

"We are not activists against paedophiles, we are calling on the government for law reform."

The same thing, but, it is your prerogative, to do so, legally.

"I assure you Mr Oldfield"

We are The OSC.

"that you can stalk me as much as you wish, " 

Once again, your legal knowledge is faulty.

"much information about me is publicly available. I do give you a clear warning though, I condemn your kind, and so does society, paedophiles are every child's nightmare."

Rarely 'children', just ignorant, fearful and vested-interest adults - we do sympathise with why such adults are in that mindset. Some can know no better, many have been lied to and disinformed.

"I do not wish harm to you or anybody else, "

Your veiled threats against Dr Oldfield have been noted.

"but should you step out of line I will send you back where you belong, and you already know how easy that is." 

Now unveiled, and you have named yourself, in public.

"I also find it interesting you're too afraid to post my actual comment."

Your comment has now been posted in full.

"See you in the magistrates court."

That is your prerogative.


Reply To Mr Steven Walker of 'You Have Not Defeated Me'

As is only appropriate, we will post (and respond to) Mr Walker's contact, in full:

"I'd prefer it if you didn't refer to my fiance being raped in any context."

We appreciate your position.

We are sure you will appreciate the context in how it was used; we reserve the right to some creativity in our posts.

"You're quite entitled to your view,"

Thank you.

"and you're quite right about the Sun."

Thank you. 

We do hope that you have not fallen for their 'charms'; they are dangerous, divisive and exploitative liars (now being shown to be criminal).

"But what I can assure you is that there is sufficient expertise." 

In what way, Mr Walker?

"Rape victims are very under-represented,"

We disagree with you, until you can show why.

In fact, the system is clearly-skewed in the accuser's favour, before and after trial.

"so it is easy for people like you to refer them as a discredited collective of frauds."

We have been following (and archiving) the 'work' of many groups, for nearly a decade. 

We have all we need to prove our claims. That we do not use it, to discredit, for no good reason, indicates that is not our priority; however, we will, whenever needs be.

"Sara Payne's daughter was murdered by a paedophile, " 

Incorrect, Mr Whiting is not and has have never been a Paedophile (by any correct measure). 

The death of Sarah was a tragic event, which could have been easily-avoided.

Attempting to rewrite history will never change that.

"and she subsequently fought for and obtained law reform."

Trivial, token gestures, from populist governments, vote-chasing, so as to placate the simple masses; none of which would save a 'Sarah of Today'.

It was (and is), of course, Ms Payne's prerogative.

"Shy Keenan is a voice of support for under-represented victims, as her attacker was let out after just 7 years." 

One of. That is how Justice works. 

What we think, personally, of Ms Keenan, her actual history and her methods, is not relevant, here.

"I assure you that Sammi isn't confused or has any lack of knowledge," 

Some of the claims made in your documentation suggest otherwise. We have also watched Ms Roberts' video and listened to the radio piece.

"she has much more knowledge than you " 

Evidently not, not where it matters.

"as she was raped repeatedly and tortured by more than the four men you read about in the Sun." 

Technically, yes, she was raped by one man -  that is unacceptable and the guilty have been punished.

"We have much more reliable coverage from other sources." 

We are aware of them and how 'reliable, credible and investigative' they are.

"It is my expertise she is using to support this campaign, and I am very established in the legal field, and I am a former nurse."

Then you should check and correct your claims; a solicitor would be a good start.

"I would appreciate it if you do not ever again use a rape metaphor in the same sentence as my future wife."

With respect, at this time, 'you' are just one more amateur splinter group of the Child 'Protection Industry; they come, they go. 

Some are noble and to be respected, some are not.

We will follow 'your' progress and 'assess' 'you', as time passes (and post as we see fit); our work is never 'personal'.

"There is no set expertise on this issue because we are proposing a change in the law completely. The key is that the experts, other than the Attorney-General, were never there when Sammi needed them."

There is nothing new in your proposals, which have not been considered before.

"I urge you to reconsider, what to me, seems like a very strong and purely anecdotal opinion."

That is your prerogative.

"If there is any specific expertise you'd like to share, then share it."

We are not, primarily, 'victim advocates'; there are more than enough of those.

We wish you both luck, in helping create a truly safer society, for all.


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Be Very Careful Mr Davies ...

8:30am Tuesday 29th May 2012

MP to visit Death Row

"A district MP in favour of the death penalty will today fly out to Death Row to see if it changes his mind about the punishment. Shipley MP Philip Davies, who wants murderers to face the death penalty or be locked up for a whole-life jail sentence, will accompany the BBC to Florida as it makes a documentary on capital punishment.

Mr Davies said: “I want to go, not just to see Death Row and speak to people on both sides of the argument, but also to look at the American prison system. I believe we have a great deal to learn from them [sic].”

Mr Davies also highlighted the case of Stephen Ayre, a convicted murderer and predatory paedophile [sic] who raped a ten-year-old boy in Saltaire while out of prison on licence."

Fury as Shipley child rapist wins appeal against life sentence

Bring back death penalty, says Shipley MP Philip Davies

"What I find intolerable is people like the Yorkshire Ripper, who is swanning around Broadmoor having taken the lives of so many people and ruined the lives of his victims’ families.”

Judges weaken rules on paedophiles [sic]

"Philip Davies MP said: "This is very worrying. What concerns me is that the criminal justice system always seems to put the rights of the criminal ahead of the rights of the law-abiding public and the victim [why is that, Mr Davies?].

"It risks creating a terrible victim of crime, which could be completely avoidable. That to me is unforgivable. [how, Mr Davies?]"

‘Paedos’ [sic] charter’ lets them see kids

Sex monsters [sic] spared prison: Serial paedos [sic] let off with soft sentences, reveals Tory MP

Mr Peter Davies MP, On Race and Equality ...

"On 7 October 2006, after an act of vandalism initially alleged to have been perpetrated by Muslims, The Sun quoted Davies as saying "if there’s anybody who should f*** off it’s the Muslims who do this sort of thing."[32] It was later exposed by The Independent, among others, that the incident never involved Muslims[33] and The Sun was forced to issue an apology four months later.[34] Davies, however, has not apologised for his comments."



... you may be falsely-convicted of a capital crime, although, some may argue, that some would deserve that much more than others.


Sunday, 27 May 2012

So, Why Then, Are You Harassing and Defaming Him?

Published: Today at 01:29

"I’m off the sicko [inflammatory and offensive] list

Perv [inflammatory and offensive] who's 'too ill' to be on sex register out on sunshine stroll

Out and about ... no cares for 'ill' AT


A PERVERT [inflammatory and offensive] takes a healthy stroll in the sun — after winning the right to be taken off the Sex Offenders Register [sic] by saying he was too ill to be a risk to kids. [sic]

Paedophile [sic] AT, 60, paved the way for 24,000 sex fiends [sic] to escape the list by persuading judges it wasn’t fair for them to stay on it for life.

After his legal victory 15 months ago, he said: “I can hardly get about. I’ve arthritis and a heart problem — I may be in a wheelchair within months.” But there was no sign of any disability aid as T, who served four years for indecent assault, went on a walkabout last week.

We watched as he hopped on to a bus near his home on the outskirts of Newcastle — and then roamed between amusement arcades in the city centre ..."



Mr Robin Perrie seems to have a thing for 'Paedos'; we will be watching his regress, closely.


The Stupid And Dangerous Should Have Their Passports Confiscated

Published: Today at 01:29

"Hol Brits call cops in pool paedo row


FURIOUS Brits called cops to a holiday hotel amid fears that paedophiles [sic] were targeting children at a pool.

The tourists became suspicious as a group of Libyan men took pictures of blonde youngsters then called a three-year-old girl over to them.

Three men were surrounded by about 80 angry holidaymakers at the Sahara Beach Hotel in the Tunisian resort of Monastir. There were threats and cries of “Paedos” [sic] as police took the men away.

Transport worker Steven Stratton said a Libyan in a suit had waved at his daughter Lexi to join his friends in the resort’s entertainment area.

Dad-of-three Steven, 28, said: “They had been taking pictures of blonde children round the pool. I grabbed Lexi and asked them what they thought they were playing at.”

Steven, of West London — who was on holiday with wife Sue, 34 — said: “People started getting very angry. The police tried to calm things.”

Cops called ... Sahara Beach Hotel, Monastir, Tunisia

It is thought police quizzed three Libyans but decided there was nothing sinister and let them go.

A spokesman confirmed a “serious incident” was being investigated.

Thomas Cook said its resort team had offered families “every assistance possible”.



Thanks for the pic, Steve [satire].


Oh Please No, For Her Sanity And The Good Of Society

"The Phoenix Post shared a link.

7 hours ago

"Asian sex gang have ripped my life apart... but I can help others

Samantha's open letter to David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister, I am contacting you regarding sentencing for rape.

My name is Samantha Roberts and I am 18. I was gang raped by four Asian men when I was just 12 ...

You Have Not Defeated Me - Tougher Sentences for Child Sex Offenders

Our ePetition - Law Reform for Child Sex Offences


Petition for Justice Reform of Child Sex Offences

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

We, the undersigned, on this 19th day of May 2012, petition Her Most Excellent Majesty's Ministry of Justice to undertake and enact as follows:

- To prevent 'ostensible consent' being a defence to the rape or sexual exploitation of any child under the age of consent, and particularly children of ages 13 or under.

- To prevent offenders from presenting defences afforded beyond the capacity of any reasonable child, with respect to their development as children, particularly in view of the way they choose to dress (freedom of expression) or when under the influence of alcohol or when particularly vulnerable.

- To provide for a tighter statutory minimum mandatory sentance for all cases of child rape or sexual exploitation, of not less than 15 years on each count.

- To become compliant as a State Party with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, in preventing the torture of children in the United Kingdom and taking any steps necessary to acheive this.

1Like ... Share, 13 people like this.

The Phoenix Post 

What an incredibly brave and courageous Phoenix Samantha is, we send our most sincere love and support to her, we must all do what we can to show her we are behind her.... 7 hours ago · Like · 8

Jo-anne Rose How brave. I hope mr Cameron takes note of her letter and acts on it. Its about time sentencing was totally reformed. U get 25 yrs for robbing a bank but 3 yrs for destroying someones life [sic]. Its clear whats more in important. We live in a sad world where money and material things are worth much more than people or animals [we agree on that]. I think maybe Mr Cameron needs chalenging on that. Why do those bank notes get better justice than real people who have suffered real pain ?

6 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 4 Richard Bougeard Awesome, what a brave Lady. Signed and shared their petition :) xx 3 hours ago · Like · 3

The Phoenix Post Have signed retweeted and liked page :0) x 2 hours ago · Like · 2"



When The Sun et al have finished exploiting Ms Roberts and 'mentally-raping' her, all over again, Ms Roberts needs (and wants, we suggest) to move on with her life.

The last thing she needs, is a tiny, irrelevant, discredited collective, of frauds, disinformers and amateurs affecting her from doing so.

Ms Roberts' (and her supporters) confusions and lack of knowledge, are already apparent from the comments, in their pieces; they do not need any more.

Please give her the greatest gift you can - let her be, the experts are there if she needs them.


Barbaric In Tooth And Mind, However It Is Dressed-Up

"The Phoenix Post

4 hours ago

Today we want to talk a bit about why we don't support the death penalty. Gloves off, no swearing and no name calling.

Now if you are asking us what we think, here are a few things that we think..

.Speak to those victimised by paedophile crimes [sic] and many will tell you that they wish 'natural causes' would hurry up and meet their abusers, it's perfectly normal and natural to have such feelings towards bad people [sic] and therefore just goes without saying [sic], plus, it's just not good for your good soul to waste too much time in such a dark places [then you are failing, completely].

We don't want to become killers to stop bad people. [sic]

We want a justice system that can properly react and proactively protect the public from paedophile crimes. [sic]

We want convicted paedophiles [sic] to spend the rest of their lives working in a jail to pay their own way.

Too many people scream 'hang them' which although is an opinion to be respected [sic], often seems to be done instead of actually doing any child protecting. And is, in and of itself, completely bloody useless to child protectors - as it is illegal in this country.

Sooo Yaay, let's waste another one hundred years arguing for the unachievable [sic] - instead of doing what can be done to protect the public from them...woo hoo

But just for arguments sake, let's just pretend for a moment that the law in this country did allow you to put to death every single convicted paedophile [sic] for every paedophile crime [sic], it is still closing the door after the paedophile [sic] has....well you know.

What is more, if the death sentence really worked as a deterrent, there would be no offending/re-offending Paedophiles [sic] in those countries that have it [where would that be, for these offences?], no full to bursting death rows [ditto].

This FB page alone should prove [how?] that our society (and its system) does not do 'all it can do' to stop them, let alone properly punish or manage them, let alone properly protect the public from them and really don't need another pointless distraction from getting on with putting these things right.

We'd prefer to focus our actual efforts on what we can actually do [when will youbnegin?], than spend our life just swearing about what we can't, first things first, we need to work together to challenge what we can clearly see is wrong [sic], Shy & Sara xx Now you say words :0) x Like · · Share

14 people like this.

Laura Spirelass Batterham Totally agree.. as a survivor myself the immediate reaction is to want them dead and I had tht wish when he passed from natural causes and I went to see 'it ' in the chapel of rest.. did it make me feel good ? No ... DID IT MAKE ME FEEL HAPPY ? NO..It made me feel cheated that he never paid for what he did..Life should mean life .. kept away from society and spending the rest of their lives contributing to prison life.. I fear more will join not less.. Hopefully one day paedophiles [sic] will get the punishment that fits the crime.. 4 hours ago · Like · 6 The Phoenix Post

You are genuinely representative of many of those we speak to Laura, your words speak for so many thank you for posting xx 4 hours ago · Like · 5

Jo-anne Rose I can totally understand where Laura is coming from. And cos I have felt the same I agree with what Shy and Sara are saying. They should be locked up and properly punished. Putting them to death is no justice. They are out of their misery while the victims are left with the life sentence. 4 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 4

Terrijayne Tj Butler ive never been affected by paedophile crimes [sic] and i must admit i used to be in the brigade of hang em chop all their bits off but ive learnt with ur help ladies that it actually slows down any real change that we need and also helps the offender 3 hours ago · Like · 2

Laura Spirelass Batterham I personally dont use the word ' victim' for those of us still here.. those of usstill here and not letting them win r survivors and stronger than they will ever be x 3 hours ago · Like · 4

Susan Baker Imagine the survivor guilt [imagine], no natter how misplaced. I believe it would put people off coming forward to report crimes, particularly as most people know their abuser(s) etc. 3 hours ago · Like · 3

Stephanie Pollock I support a life for a life, if u take away a life, u lose urs to jail, no second chance and no parole, I dont support the death penalty as its too quick and far too easy for the offenders not to suffer, why should they get off so easy, when they leave nothing but devastation for the survivors for their crimes [sic] 26 minutes ago · Like · 1"



In the body of the piece.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Innocent Man On Remand Found Hanged

9:36am, Wed 23 May 2012

Carlisle sex offender [sic] found hanged

"Cumbria Police have been informed of the death of JS, aged 43, from Carlisle who was in remand at Durham Prison in connection with a serious sexual assault on a 41 year old local woman.

The incident took place [sic] in an area adjacent to Aglionby Street, Carlisle between 11.00pm on Saturday 17th March and the early hours of Sunday 18th March.

JS was charged with rape and was to appear at Carlisle Crown Court for trial on 6th June 2012. A statement issued by the Prison Service, said:

"HMP Durham prisoner JS (dob 13/10/68) was found hanging in a cell at approximately 9.30am on Monday 21 May. He was pronounced dead at approximately 9.40am. As with all deaths in custody, the independent Prisons and Probation Ombudsman will conduct an investigation."

– HM Prison service"

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Just The Simple Fleshy End Of All You Who Feed Them

Tuesday 22 May 2012 14.16 BST

Vigilante who murdered gay man is told he may never be freed from jail

"Christopher Hunnisett must serve at least 18 years for murder of Peter Bick, who he wrongly believed was a paedophile

Christopher Hunnisett, who formulated a plan to track down child abusers while in prison for killing a vicar – a crime he was cleared of at a retrial.

An anti-paedophile vigilante who murdered a gay man he wrongly believed to be a child molester has been told he may never be released from prison.

Christopher Hunnisett, 28, killed Peter Bick, 57, just four months after being freed from jail following his acquittal for a vicar's murder.

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 18 years at Woolwich crown court in south-east London on Tuesday.

But the judge, Mr Justice Saunders, warned he was an "extremely dangerous man" who "may well kill again" if released in the foreseeable future.

The judge said: "The time may never come when this defendant is considered safe to be released.""

Anti paedophile vigilante who murdered innocent gay man told he may never be freed

Christopher Hunnisett Acquitted Of Vicar's Murder Given Life Sentence For Killing Peter Bick



You know who you are.


Careful What You Say

May 23, 2012

Son's defamation payout over sex allegations doubled on appeal

"Son's defamation payout over sex allegations doubled on appeal

The ACT Court of Appeal has more than doubled a defamation payout to a martial arts instructor who was falsely accused of being a paedophile, awarding him $50,000 on appeal.

Businessman Jeff Manny made the false allegations against police officer Warwick Sheils and his late father Peter Sheils QC in 2004, after a dispute with the pair at the karate school they ran in Belconnen."

USA Only? Think Again

Published: 8:09 p.m. Monday, May 21, 2012

Judge: Parole officials can be held liable over sex offender restrictions

"In the latest rebuke of state policies for classifying parolees as sex offenders, an Austin federal judge has ruled that top state parole officials can be held personally liable for continuing missteps.

U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel of Austin, in an order issued late Friday, blasted the state's continuing refusal to provide due process hearings before imposing restrictive sex-offender conditions on felons never convicted of a sex crime.

Yeakel for the first time ruled that the seven-member state Board of Pardons and Paroles, 12 parole commissioners, state parole director Stuart Jenkins and other parole officials can face monetary damages for their actions.

It's a significant determination that, if not reversed on appeal, could prove costly for both the officials and taxpayers, if several pending inmate lawsuits are successful."



In England and Wales, SOPOs can be applied for, against people who have never carried out a 'sexual offence', with consequent requirement to register under the SOA 2003.


Sunday, 20 May 2012

DUP Bigot And Religious Zealot?

Published on Sunday 20 May 2012 11:52

Townsend case shows worthlessness of Sexual Offence orders’ - Lord Morrow

LORD Morrow has called into question the effectiveness of Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOP0) after the MAIL exposed a convicted sex offender’s attempts at running a charity event.

Last week we revealed how Magherafelt man ST was planning a ‘Take Me Out’ style event in Derry city which he claimed to be in aid of a children’s charity.

We exposed how the event was a farce, but only after T, who was previously handed a jail sentence for sending sexually explicit texts to school boys, recruited scores of young people to take part, booked a former X-Factor star to perform and had taken ticket money from unsuspecting revellers.

Neither the police, Derry City Council or even the charity, the NSPCC, knew he was planning such an event.

Last Thursday the 20 year-old pleaded guilty to seven breaches of a SOPO, which bans him from having a mobile phone, between November 11, last year and January 17, this year. Six other charges of breaching the order were withdrawn by the prosecution at a hearing in Derry Magistrates Court on the same date."

Thursday 10 May 2012 12:22


Over 500 people in Northern Ireland on Sex Offence Prevention Orders

Maurice George Morrow, Baron Morrow

"Maurice George Morrow, Baron Morrow (born 1948) is a Northern Irish unionist politician. He is one of two Democratic Unionist MLAs for Fermanagh and South Tyrone alongside Arlene Foster, and was made a life peer in June 2006. He is also a councillor on Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council representing Dungannon Town.",_Baron_Morrow

Lord Morrow, DUP Peer, DUP MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone

9 January 2006, 2:43pm

COMMENT: Who is Lord Morrow?

"As for the DUP, they are almost certain to be defeated in the Lords this evening. For their core voters back home in Belfast, speaking the language of bigotry and homophobia will only serve to increase their loyalty to the party.

In wrapping themselves in the flag of religious intolerance, they are continuing a tried and tested vote-winning strategy."

Last Updated: Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 07:49 GMT

Gay rights laws challenge fails



We will be critiquing the whole inappropriate application of SOPOs, in the future.

For now, all that is obvious, is that this case confirms how 'effective' (if grossly-draconian) SOPOs are.


We Have Not Forgotten Mr Davies - We Never Will

Page last updated at 13:18 GMT, Wednesday, 16 May 2012 14:18 UK

Education Committee

"The head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre has warned that the sexual exploitation of children is "far more prevalent than people realise".

Peter Davies said it was a "largely hidden type of crime of victimisation", and urged local agencies to work together to look for signs of child sexual exploitation.

Mr Davies, who is also the Association of Chief Police Officers lead adviser for child protection, was speaking to the Education Committee, which is carrying out an inquiry into the child protection system in England.

He told the panel of MPs on 16 May 2012 that there was a "major issue nationally" - not restricted to the police service - that indicators of child sexual exploitation were not picked up, but stressed that work was ongoing to improve the situation."

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Checks And Balances

May 2012

The mysterious MAPPA
"Emma Davies, Head of the Prison Law department at Hine Solicitors together with Lucy Batten of the department, explain what MAPPA is and the potential impact it may have on inmates...

MAPPA applies to a large number of inmates in England and Wales and you may therefore have previously heard the term or seen it referred to in reports compiled by the Probation or Prison service. However, a large proportion of such inmates are unaware what this term actually means and how it affects them. As MAPPA will apply to a number of released prisoners on licence conditions we have explored the meaning behind the mysterious letters and explained how it may affect you."

FOX - Oh Dear

Published on May 16, 2012

Terry Brown Interview with FOX

Sex Offender Issues

Sex Offender Families 
Penn and Teller - Teen Sex (Full Episode)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


(Copy available)

Published on May 7, 2012

"by Rosieforchange

The other evening I came across a post on boychat called A Morally Impossible Disorder what do you think?

When I clicked on this link it took me to a blog posting. The blog is called The OSC Always Winning.

OSC is online sexual offender community. [Is it?]

This site seems really upset about the a Facebook page called The Phoenix [We welcome it and have said so]

The FB page is a page that educates [sic] on pedophilic sexual offenders [sic].

Badcop69 is posted on this site and the site is affiliated with Nigel Oldfield

One of the things I came across is badcop69 using Newgon Wiki as a resource to push his views.

Newgon Wiki is a pro-pedophilia wiki. [Is it?]

It seems the purpose of this OSC blog is to promote pedophilia propaganda [sic]. [Does it seem that way?]

Category: Nonprofits & Activism
Tags: pedophilia propaganda, anti-pedophile activism, child sexual abuse, badcop69, CcriticalEstoppeIMM [sic], The OSC always winning, pedophilia, child abuse"


Comment: TY Rosie.


A Word From A Reader, Or Two

The Issue

Received by the OSC, from the poster ...

"Dear Nigel, or whomever owns this blog...

Consider this my official request that you remove ALL links, quotes and anything else from me (my blogs, videos, etc.) from your website. I DO NOT condone pedophilia, sexual relationships between children and adults, or anything of that nature. My fight is for the rights of families of registrants who are law-abiding citizens attempting to move on with their lives, laws that promote safety and prevention rather than punishment, and awareness.

Please confirm that this has been done.

Thank you,

-- Shana Rowan
USA Families Advocating an Intelligent Registry
(provided address snipped)



Our reply ...

"Dear Ms Rowan,

Neither/so do we, but we do not play political games, or skirt around the truth, hoping it will assist us; we have learned it will not.

Your request has been noted, but we are unable to comply, for all the reasons you should be aware of, and that you are operating under.

Remember who your enemies and friends are.

Keep up the good work.


The OSC."

So, readers, you have been made very clear about Ms Rowan's position, and ours.



This was initiated, by a known, novice, disinforming, zealot, Rosieforchange ...

Memoir Of A Redemptive Life (blog)
The Truth About The Movement To Normalize Pedophilia (blog)
Rosieforchange's channel (YT)

"Rosieforchange May 8, 2012 9:08 AM

Hi Shana,

I wanted to let you know that your voice is being used by pedophiles [sic] who are promoting their agenda [?]. You can go to and read the blog post called She Does. While I feel you are doing important work there are those who will use your words for harm, not good [sic]. You can Google some of the people this site supports like Nigel Oldfield and you will see evidence they are pedophiles [sic]. I think you should be aware of this.

Rosie, Reply, > Replies

Shana Rowan May 9, 2012 1:39 PM

Thanks Rosie, I am aware of who Nigel is but did not know he was linking to my entries. I don't know what I can do other than ask him to remove them? Is there anything else??"



You need not do anything else, just do some deeper research and identify who your enemies are; do not succumb to their manipulations, bullying and lies.


'Evil' Stays Anonymous

Posted: Monday, May 14, 2012 5:46 PM EST Updated: Monday, May 14, 2012 7:39 PM EST

Nashville-based group accuses people online of pedophilia [sic]

"A Nashville-based citizen activist group is posting online the photographs and personal information of people whom the group accuses of being pedophiles.

Many of the people on the site have never been charged with a sex crime.

The underground group, which calls itself Evil Unveiled, does research in Internet chat rooms and forums often devoted to sinister, sexual fantasies such as pedophilia [sic].

The group records that information, stores it and begins to track the people who are posting only using nicknames, waiting for them to reveal personal details."

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

No Comment, For Now

Published: Today at 11:01

CPS: Rebekah Brooks to be charged

"FORMER News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks is to be charged with perverting the course of justice during the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

The Crown Prosecution Service announced its decision to prosecute Mrs Brooks and her husband Charlie this morning — a move she described as “weak and unjust”.

In a statement today Mrs Brooks and her husband said: “We have this morning been informed by the Office of the Department of Public Prosecutions that we are to be charged with perverting the course of justice."

David Cameron, Rebekah Brooks and the hazards of political friendships

Police charge ex-Sun boss over phone hacking

Rebekah Brooks hits out over charges

A respectable riot against tabloid readers

Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks remanded on bail

'Unintended' Consequences

2:04 am ET May 15, 2012

Overheard on Communities, families grapple with sex offenses, child porn

"There's no way to tell how many of the country's 747,408 registered sex offenders have the support of families, friends or otherwise. But research shows that a strong support system greatly improves their chances of rehabilitation and decreases the likelihood of re-offending, sex offender treatment professional Nancy Irwin said."

Mothers of sex offenders share responsibility, burden of label

Murdoch's 'Truth'

Tuesday May 15 2012

‘The Sun’ paid man to make Louis Walsh sex claim – court

"A BRITISH tabloid tried to "take out Louis Walsh as a public person" by paying a man to make a false sex assault allegation, it was claimed in court.

The High Court heard that Leonard Watters allegedly met 'The Sun' journalist Joanne McElgunn for dinner where she offered to pay him if he made a complaint to gardai "about being assaulted" in a nightclub toilet.

Watters (24), from Navan, Co Meath, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment last January after pleading guilty to making two false reports to gardai that Mr Walsh sexually assaulted him in a toilet in Dublin's Krystle nightclub on April 9 last year.

'X Factor' judge Mr Walsh is suing Newsgroup Newspapers, publishers of 'The Sun', for defamation over an article it published on June 23 last.

The paper accepted the accusation was false but denied defamation and said it acted fairly and reasonably in relation to the publication." 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Your Point Being?

PUBLISHED: 07:32, 14 May 2012 | UPDATED: 10:52, 14 May 2012

"Paedophile [sic] Gary Glitter to be paid thousands in royalties after BBC airs repeat of him performing on Top of the Pops

"Convicted sex offender Gary Glitter is set to be paid thousands of pounds in royalties after the BBC aired a repeat of him performing on Top of the Pops in 1977.

Viewers were left outraged by TV chiefs' decision to rerun the BBC2 programme featuring the disgraced pop star, 68, on Saturday night.

Many expressed their disgust on social networking sites that Glitter, who has been convicted of possessing child porn and abusing two young girls, would receive money from the airing of the TV programme."

Published: Today at 00:18

Perv Glitter cashes in from BBC repeat

"PAEDOPHILE [sic] pop star Gary Glitter is set to collect thousands in royalties after BBC chiefs chose to show him on a Top Of The Pops repeat.

The shamed glam rocker, 68, was featured giving a 1977 performance during the BBC2 programme, aired on Saturday night.

But the decision not to edit out his slot on the iconic show sparked fury among viewers.

Mike Jenner, 51, of Chichester, West Sussex, said: “They will have to pay him royalties — what are they playing at? It’s an absolute disgrace, nobody wants to see that paedo [sic] on our screens. I rang the BBC to complain because I feel so strongly.”"

Gary Glitter to be paid thousands in royalties after BBC airs Top of the Pops repeat

The Phoenix Post

"The BBC seems to refuse to acknowledge that Glitter/Gadd used his music and fame and his music fame money to sexually abuse and exploit children... and to pay the children to keep him out of jail. On ethical shopping grounds we just don't want to be any part of that kind of abuse facilitation, let's see if the BBC will listen to complaints... 5 hours ago · Like · 5

The Phoenix Post
2 hours ago @thephoenixpost

Glitter/Gadd - We have no problem with anyone earning a living, but like any ethical shopping issue, the public do have the right to say NO to products tested on animals, that exploits child slavery or financially facilitates known paedophiles [sic] - we do not want our BBC licence fees used to facilitate known paedophiles [sic]. S&S"



Ah, we see .... The bullying 'trolls' are fine, as long as they agree with The Sun, the Daily Mail and TTP.



New York - Amongst The Worse Persecutors

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New York State Senate: Protecting Children Since Never

"The New York State Senate passed a package of eight bills last week, claiming they "prevent sexual abuse". The bills are now in the House, awaiting votes.

If passed, they will have a significant impact on our lives.

One of the bills proposes making Level 2 sex offenders subject to the same community notification requirements as Level 3s. This means that, just after celebrating the one-year anniversary of purchasing our first home in an attempt to gain some desperately needed stability, the local police would go around door to door handing out flyers.

On them would be a picture of my fiancee, our home address and vehicle information, and a description of his charge.

The police would "alert" all of our neighbors to be aware of him and then walk away.

And the Senate pats themselves on the back as God knows what kind of community hysteria ensues, and our already constant fear is elevated to levels previously unknown."
Posted on June 6, 2012 by Cynthia

New York Child Sex Abuse Bill Passes State Senate

"The bill enables the introduction of business records—significantly, Internet service provider records—into evidence in grand jury proceedings; mandating registered sex offenders to supply verification of their Internet accounts and screen names while also allowing the Department of Criminal Justice Services to provide this information to Internet service providers; adding specific sexual crimes against children to the existing list of violent felony offenses; and strengthening penalties for activities involving minors in prostitution, to name just some, said Empire State News."

It Is To The Vicious Zealot

Saturday May 12 2012

Mary Kenny: My point is simple: not all 'child sex abuse' is the same

"Have we now got to the point where no rational discussion of child sex abuse can take place? There is so much anger out there -- particularly directed at the Catholic clergy -- that debate on the subject is soon drowned in a sea of verbal abuse.

However, I also think there is a point to be made about clarifying the phrase 'child sex abuse'. It seems to me to be a reasonable observation that not all "child sexual abuse" is the same.

There is a difference between the penetrative rape of an innocent six-year-old, and the "fondling" of a knowing 15-year-old. Yet the phrase "child abuse" is commonly used to cover the entire gamut. Following a discussion on the Pat Kenny programme yesterday morning in which I was asked to discuss clarifying definitions of 'child sex abuse', I received the full blast of anger that surrounds the subject.

I was called, in emails, a "sick, twisted old cow"; a "degenerate old pervert . . . a pig"; I was told that I should be dead, as a disgusting defender of paedophiles [sic]."

Sunday, 13 May 2012

It Is A Tangled Web, They Weave

13 May 2012

Woman launches legal action to identify Facebook trolls [sic]

"A woman abused on the internet so badly that she was falsely portrayed as a paedophile has launched a landmark legal action to bring her tormentors to justice.

Ms Brookes's case was disclosed as a survey showed that just over half of all internet users have received abuse online.

Nicola Brookes, 45, is taking legal action to force Facebook to reveal details of who posted abuse and set up a fake profile in her name which was used to send explicit messages to underage girls.

She plans to then use the information to launch a private prosecution against the online bullies - also known as "trolls" [sic] - in what would be the first case of its type.

Ms Brookes's case was disclosed as a survey showed that just over half of all internet users have received abuse online or by text message at least once.

Although one in seven recipients reported the matter to police, but almost 80 per cent of the 1,000 people questioned felt the police would not take the matter seriously if they did.

Ms Brookes, from Brighton, had looked at a Facebook page dedicated to Frankie Cocozza, a teenage singer in the X Factor reality television show, because her daughter enjoyed the programme, and when she saw that he was being subjected to abuse, wrote her own message saying: "Keep your chin up, Frankie, they'll move onto someone else soon."

Within hours, her message had prompted hundreds of abusive comments and death threats directed at her.

"Facebook users began deliberately targeting me, writing under my comment that I was a paedophile and hoping that I would die" Ms Brookes said."

Woman taking Facebook to court to unmask trolls

UK Police Asking Social Networking Users to Battle Bullies

Facebook and Twitter users become police 'eyes and ears'



International company; jurisdictional laws; USA Constitution.

"If you cannot stand the heat ..."

Always happy to see new case law, on the subject, of course.


The 'Ethical Sun' Never Learns

12th May 2012

Dragons’ Den star raped at 12

"DRAGONS’ Den star Hilary Devey has revealed the terrible secret she kept for 43 years — she was raped aged 12.

Multi-millionaire Hilary, 55, was attacked repeatedly by a man near her parents’ pub in Lancashire.

In her searing autobiography Bold As Brass — serialised in The Sun this week — she said: “I couldn’t stop him from taking what he wanted.""

"BOLD As Brass: My Story by Hilary Devey is published by Pan MacMillan. Price £16.99."

11th May 2012

I lost my little girl to a child sex monster

"There is a view that the girls are to blame, and that, because they are brainwashed into believing the men love them, that they almost welcome the abuse.

As a result of such attitudes prosecutions are extremely rare."



Stories all openly-promoted by TPP.

"News of the World. One hundred and sixty-eight years ago, it pledged: "Our motto is the truth, our practice is fearless advocacy of the truth." After today, the tabloid will appear no more, felled not by one royal rogue reporter but by the arrogance, ambition and apparent tolerance of systemic criminal behaviour by members of the senior News International management."

Guess who will be next?


Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Bishop And Wisdom

The Bishop and the Prisoner

"The Rt Rev James Jones, the Church of England's bishop for prisons, talks to prisoners, politicians and pundits about the prison system.

Episode 1

1/3. The Rt Rev James Jones visits Liverpool, High Down and Forest Bank prisons.

Episode 2

2/3. Redeeming the irredeemable? The Bishop of Liverpool talks to offenders and victims.

Episode 3

3/3. Going soft? The Bishop of Liverpool considers whether community sentencing works."

Rebekah Brooks - A Liar Or An Idiot?

Saturday 12 May 2012

Rebekah Brooks ‘did not predict’ Paulsgrove riots

"REBEKAH Brooks said she had not predicted the Paulsgrove riots which followed the News of the World’s naming of sex offenders.

Giving evidence at the Leveson enquiry the former News International chief executive, inset, said she does have regrets about the paper’s campaign to identify paedophiles [sic] when she was its editor in 2000.

She said: ‘I did not predict there was going to be a riot in Paulsgrove or that a member of the public would mistake a paedophile for a paediatrician.’

‘I do have some regrets about the campaign,’ she added. ‘Particularly the list of convicted paedophiles [sic] that we put into the paper.

‘I felt we made some mistakes by just going on an appearance in the Sex Offenders Act [sic], which wasn’t necessarily the right criteria.’

Friday, May 11, 2012

A liar or an idiot

"Apart from the new email showing further proof of the closeness between Jeremy Hunt and Fred Michel, the most crucial piece of evidence given by Rebekah Brooks today at the Leveson inquiry was that she didn't believe her publishing of the details of sex offenders in the News of the World in the aftermath of the kidnap and murder of Sarah Payne would lead to reprisals. 

There are only two conclusions you can draw from such apparent insouciance: either Brooks is a liar, or she's an idiot. 

Her entire campaign was designed to force politicians to do something, and she and her staff knew that the precise way to do that was to get into the public domain information that would almost certainly lead, if not to vigilante action, than at the very least abuse and protests against those named.

She perhaps didn't anticipate a paediatrician being targeted by mistake, but she absolutely knew what she was doing.

It's through this prism that you have to view the rest of her evidence, which was mostly mind-numbing in the extreme."

Friday, 11 May 2012

How Could It?

Monday 11 July 2011 14.36 BST

"The News of the World shouldn't claim Sarah's law [sic] has been a success "There is no evidence that the News of the World's 'naming and shaming' campaign protects children from predatory paedophiles [sic].

The final edition of the News of the World claimed that its "naming and shaming" campaign, which led to the introduction of the child sex offender [sic] disclosure scheme (CSODS), commonly known as Sarah's law [sic], had proven that the paper was a "force for good"."

Who Was Rebekah Brooks?

May 10 2012 01:43:22 PM

Phone-hacking scandal: Who is Rebekah Brooks?

"In 2000, she returned to the News of the World, this time in the top job, becoming the youngest-ever editor of a national British paper.

While editor of the weekly, Brooks argued for the creation of a U.S.-style "Sarah's Law," which would allow parents with young children to know about anyone convicted of child sex crimes [sic] living close to their homes.

As part of the controversial campaign, which was inspired by the murder of eight-year-old Sarah Payne in July 2000, Brooks took the decision to name and shame offenders in the pages of her paper.

The lists sparked witch-hunts and riots, as communities across Britain tried to hound pedophiles [sic] out of their neighborhoods. It was condemned by police, but Brooks remains unrepentant.

In a 2009 speech, she admitted the campaign was "a blunt and contentious way of informing the public... hard lessons were learnt but I don't regret the campaign for one minute."" 

11/05/2012 09:53 Updated: 11/05/2012 09:53  

Rebekah Brooks 'No Stranger To Controversy'

"While editor of the News of the World, Mrs Brooks, nee Wade, launched a "naming and shaming" campaign identifying paedophiles [sic] following the murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne.

"The campaign boosted the paper's circulation and eventually led to new legislation [sic] - known as Sarah's Law [sic] - but was blamed for sparking vigilantism and even thwarting police investigations.

Tony Butler, the then chief constable of Gloucestershire, dismissed the campaign as "grossly irresponsible" journalism."

11 May 2012

"Rebekah Brooks: Anti-paedophile [sic] campaign 'could have been done better'

"Brooks said: "We began a campaign of naming and shaming paedophiles [sic]. I accept that this could have been done better with more time, but I balance that with a need to highlight this issue while the readers were aware of the story.

Some people were included in the list that should not have been grouped with serious paedophiles [sic]. There were risks of vigilantism.

Yet, I had looked at the success [sic] of Megan's law in the United Staes, which was similar to the law that we were proposing, and in the case of Megan's law there were almost no examples of vigilantism [how would you have known? - OSC]."

Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2006, 12:25 GMT

Whispering game

"... a female paediatrician consultant called Yvette Cloete was indeed labelled a "paedo" after a campaign by the News of the World to name and shame paedophiles [sic] in the community.

The incident took place in Newport, Gwent, not in Portsmouth (where there had been anti-paedophile [sic] protests [mob - OSC] after eight-year-old Sarah Payne was murdered).

Dr Cloete returned from work at the Royal Gwent Hospital to find "paedo" spray-painted on her front door. Local police believe the graffiti was written by someone who confused her job title with the word paedophile.

It was no doubt a very distressing incident for Ms Cloete, who decided to move home shortly afterwards. But there is no evidence that a mob was involved or of any threats or incidents of physical pressure or violence."



The TPP posted to the latter piece (rapidly taken down - screenshot available), as though it, somehow, dilutes or removes the thousands of vigilante attacks, harassments, mental torments and suicides, which have occurred, during and since, the Wade/Brooks debacle; as though they are of no consequence; do not worry, we have them archived.

Still, the TPP supports the, now defunct and discredited, News of The World and Rebekah Brooks - why would this be?

So, for the record ...


Sunday, 16 December, 2001, 09:10 GMT

A paper's controversial campaign


When the paper began its naming and shaming campaign in June 2000 after the death of Sarah Payne critics called it "irresponsible journalism" - and even "a vile and despicable act" - aimed at cashing in on the tragedy in order to boost circulation.

Although attacks on children by strangers are mercifully rare, there could have been few mums and dads who were not mesmerised by the horror of the Payne case, fearing that the same fate could befall their own children.

It was reported that the decision to go ahead with the original campaign came after extensive market research paid for by the News of the World showed overwhelming public support for the idea that parents should be given details of local paedophiles [sic].

Extra sales

Publicist Max Clifford, very much an insider at the News of the World, praised the paper's editor Rebekah Wade for her "shrewd" editorial judgement from "a circulation and readership point of view".

Parents queued up to buy copies of the paper - to find out if any of their neighbours were paedophiles [sic] and to sign a petition printed in the paper in favour of "Sarah's Law".

The News of the World sold 95,000 extra copies after a long period of decline following the launch of the campaign. The paper also used the list to help promote its then recently re-launched website.

But the campaign immediately ran into problems.

There were violent scenes throughout the country as local people formed vigilante-type mobs intent on driving men taken to be those pictured in the paper out of their neighbourhoods.

In Portsmouth 300 people attacked the home of a local taxi driver who had been named by the paper.

An innocent man, Iain Armstrong, was beaten up by a mob in Manchester after being mistaken for one of the pictured paedophiles [sic] - apparently because he wore a neck-brace which looked like one worn to the man in the News of the World's picture.

Mob justice

There was a similar case in Norwich, and a celebrated incident when an entirely innocent South Wales paediatrician was attacked after confusion over the meaning of the word.

In the Midlands police received messages from vigilante leaders threatening to drive suspected paedophiles [sic] from council estates warning that police stations would be attacked if officers got in the way of mob justice.

Amid what the Home Office called a "climate of fear and panic" in parts of the country, a named paedophile [sic], James White, committed suicide after a vigilante attack on his home. White's solicitor later said White had been "literally scared to death".

At the same time senior police officers asked the News of the World to call off its campaign because it was wrecking investigations, alerting paedophiles [sic] and forcing them "underground".

Gloucestershire chief Constable Tony Butler said the News of the World was engaged in "irresponsible journalism". 


There was also the danger of prejudicing juries and thus preventing offenders from being brought to justice.

In Manchester one paedophile [sic] walked free from court because, following the publication of his picture and address in the News of the World, the judge ruled that he - and innocent family members - had already suffered enough at the hands of mob justice.

The paper's editor, Rebekah Wade said at the time: "Our intention is not to provoke violence. The disturbing truth [sic] is that the authorities are failing to properly monitor the activities of paedophiles [sic] in the community [sic]."

Despite the warning, the News of the World published a second sell-out edition, naming a further 50 on the sex offenders register, devoting 10 pages to the subject and threatening to publish more "week after week after week" until the names were available to the general public."

Wednesday 30 August 2000 00.42 BST
Doctor driven out of home by vigilantes

"Special report: child protection

Self-styled vigilantes attacked the home of a hospital paediatrician after apparently confusing her professional title with the word "paedophile", it emerged yesterday.

Dr Yvette Cloete, a specialist registrar in paediatric medicine at the Royal Gwent hospital in Newport, was forced to flee her house after vandals daubed it with graffiti in the middle of the night. The word "paedo" was written across the front porch and door of the house she shared with her brother in the village of St Brides, south Wales.

Dr Cloete, 42, confirmed she had left the property after the "distressing" attack. "For the time being I have moved out of the area because when something like this happens you just cannot feel safe in your own home. "We removed the graffiti within hours, but what happened was terrible and it has been extremely distressing." 

Gwent police confirmed that the attack last Friday night was prompted by a confusion over the words "paedophile" and "paediatrician". Inspector Andrew Adams said: "It appears to be the case. We are still making inquiries. We want to stress in the strongest possible terms that there is nothing to justify what was written on the walls and door of Dr Cloete's home."

He said every effort was being made to find the people responsible for the attack. "These people should think long and hard about what they have done to a valuable member of the community, who has devoted her life to helping children. "We are concerned that some people in the local community have taken it upon themselves to do this, and would urge them to think about the consequences of their inaccurate and inappropriate actions."

Wednesday, 30 August, 2000, 19:04 GMT 20:04 UK

Paediatrician attacks 'ignorant' vandals

12:00AM BST 03 Sep 2000

Paediatrician attack: 'People don't want no paedophiles here' 

"Residents of Pine Grove, a cul-de-sac of privately owned semis with neatly clipped front lawns, said they were sad that Dr Cloete would be leaving. "I remember her coming round to introduce herself when she arrived last year," said her next-door neighbour. "She was very nice, but I doubt we'll see her again now.""

Thursday 13 December 2001 15.16 GMT

Argument rages over Sarah's law

"Claiming to be "taking action for Sarah and for all the other little victims", it produced figures suggesting 88% of Britons believed parents should be told if a child sex offender was living in their area; a website on which parents could use an interactive map to find their local paedophiles; an appeal for readers to disclose if a convicted child abuser was living nearby; and the endorsement of Sarah's parents, Sara and Michael Payne, who later spoke of their unease at being pressganged into giving the campaign their support.

From Plymouth to Portsmouth, Manchester to London, wrongly identified men and known paedophiles [sic] found themselves being hounded by mobs up to 300-strong.

The vigilante action was most severe on the Paulsgrove estate in Portsmouth, where protesters circulated a list of 20 alleged sex offenders in the community and proceeded to target them.

The crowds - 40 of whom were later charged with offences - smashed windows, torched cars and forced five families wrongly identified as harbouring sex offenders out of their homes. A suspected paedophile in nearby Southampton shot himself dead and a female registrar was hounded from her South Wales home because neighbours confused "paediatrician" with "paedophile."

As senior police officers warned that such action would end in murder, the News of the World called off its ambitious naming and shaming project, and called instead for "Sarah's Law'."

Sarah's law explained

"Vigilante groups, mainly composed of parents incensed at the idea of having convicted paedophiles [sic] living in their area, mounted angry protests outside the suspected sex offenders' houses. Two men accused of child sex offences committed suicide and four innocent families fled their homes in Portsmouth after gossip and rumour wrongly identified them as harbouring paedophiles. Violence flared in Plymouth and Whitely, Berkshire. Innocent men mistaken for paedophiles were targeted in London and Manchester."

Tuesday 6 February 2001

After the purge

"There'd been mutterings about Burnett since he'd moved in two years ago. But after he became one of the convicted child sex offenders "named and shamed" by the News of the World following the death of Sarah Payne, and after further coverage in the local press, the mutterings turned into howls of hate. Placards were brandished, missiles thrown and a police officer injured. At one point a woman, thought to have been Burnett's sister, came on the scene. Her car was turned over and torched." 
Tuesday 15 May 2012
A respectable riot against tabloid readers
"The other incident, ‘the Paul’s Grove riot’, was more serious. When mothers on the Paulsgrove estate in Portsmouth discovered that a sex offender was living in a local flat, trouble ensued. The flat in question was attacked, others were damaged and the estate got caught up in several summer evenings of unrest, with TV cameras on hand to record women leading their children in a chorus of ‘Hang him!’."

Thursday 10 August 2000

Anti-paedophile demos stopped

"Anti-paedophile protests on a troubled housing estate were today suspended after a fifth family was driven out by the violence.

The family was moved into temporary council accommodation after a seventh night of angry protests on the Paulsgrove estate in Portsmouth."

11 May 2012

A tale told too much - the paediatrician vigilantes

 "This piece appeared in Press Gazette magazine two years ago. We republish it here after the issue of a paediatrician wrongly being attacked in the wake of a 2000 News of the World campaign reared its head again at the Leveson Inquiry.

As this piece reveals [sic], a fairly minor graffiti incident [really? Dr Cloete did not think so] became the source of a pervasive urban myth [sic]. Ten years on it is time the strange tale of the paediatrician confused with a paedophile was finally put to bed, says Brendan O'Neill, who reported on the orginal story for the BBC

Ten years ago this month, persons unknown – probably teenage scallies [?] according to local police – daubed the word ˜Paedo' on the home of a paediatrician in Gwent in south Wales. They could never have known that their daft [daft?] antics would become one of the most hotly discussed, frequently revisited, distorted [odd, as it happened] and mythologised crimes of modern times." 



Of course, the painful irony, of this horrendous episode, in media history and UK society (if only it were history), is that Mr Whiting was (and is) not a Paedophile, nor would any such 'Law' have prevented the untimely and terrible death of Sarah Payne.