Monday, 14 May 2012

Your Point Being?

PUBLISHED: 07:32, 14 May 2012 | UPDATED: 10:52, 14 May 2012

"Paedophile [sic] Gary Glitter to be paid thousands in royalties after BBC airs repeat of him performing on Top of the Pops

"Convicted sex offender Gary Glitter is set to be paid thousands of pounds in royalties after the BBC aired a repeat of him performing on Top of the Pops in 1977.

Viewers were left outraged by TV chiefs' decision to rerun the BBC2 programme featuring the disgraced pop star, 68, on Saturday night.

Many expressed their disgust on social networking sites that Glitter, who has been convicted of possessing child porn and abusing two young girls, would receive money from the airing of the TV programme."

Published: Today at 00:18

Perv Glitter cashes in from BBC repeat

"PAEDOPHILE [sic] pop star Gary Glitter is set to collect thousands in royalties after BBC chiefs chose to show him on a Top Of The Pops repeat.

The shamed glam rocker, 68, was featured giving a 1977 performance during the BBC2 programme, aired on Saturday night.

But the decision not to edit out his slot on the iconic show sparked fury among viewers.

Mike Jenner, 51, of Chichester, West Sussex, said: “They will have to pay him royalties — what are they playing at? It’s an absolute disgrace, nobody wants to see that paedo [sic] on our screens. I rang the BBC to complain because I feel so strongly.”"

Gary Glitter to be paid thousands in royalties after BBC airs Top of the Pops repeat

The Phoenix Post

"The BBC seems to refuse to acknowledge that Glitter/Gadd used his music and fame and his music fame money to sexually abuse and exploit children... and to pay the children to keep him out of jail. On ethical shopping grounds we just don't want to be any part of that kind of abuse facilitation, let's see if the BBC will listen to complaints... 5 hours ago · Like · 5

The Phoenix Post
2 hours ago @thephoenixpost

Glitter/Gadd - We have no problem with anyone earning a living, but like any ethical shopping issue, the public do have the right to say NO to products tested on animals, that exploits child slavery or financially facilitates known paedophiles [sic] - we do not want our BBC licence fees used to facilitate known paedophiles [sic]. S&S"



Ah, we see .... The bullying 'trolls' are fine, as long as they agree with The Sun, the Daily Mail and TTP.



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