Friday, 30 November 2012

It Will End In Tears, Chris

4:29pm UK, Friday 30 November 2012

New Paedophile [sic] Monitoring Page On Facebook

"Just hours after a challenge from a convicted sex offender sees one page shut down a new version can be found online.

Facebook was told to remove the offending page

A new Facebook page which claims to be an information service on the whereabouts of paedophiles has been set up just hours after a judge ordered a similar one be removed.

A convicted paedophile, known only as XY, started court proceedings in Northern Ireland against the social networking site after discovering his photograph and threatening comments had been posted on the page called Keeping Our Kids Safe From Predators.

He claimed harassment, misuse of private information, and a breach of his right to privacy and freedom from inhuman or degrading treatment.

High Court judge Mr Justice McCloskey ruled his human rights had been breached and said Facebook must take down the page within 72 hours.

However, during the afternoon a new page with the title Keeping Our Kids Safe From Predators 2 could be found on the site.

"Back 2 the start i go everything i shared from the last page is gone grrrrrrrrrrrr :( just not far (sic) at all...., " the creator posted shortly after setting the new page up."

Convicted paedophile [sic] wins Facebook injunction to shut down 'keeping our kids safe from predators' page as judge rules it infringes sex offender's human rights - but second page appears within hours

Facebook Ordered to Remove Paedophile Monitoring Page - But Second One [third, actually] Appears

Convicted paedophile wins Facebook injunction to shut down 'keeping our kids safe from predators' page as judge rules it infringes sex offender's human rights - and yet within hours a second page appears

Sex offender wins Facebook case but new site springs up within hours

30th November 2012 19:47 GMT

Sex offender wins case against Facebook vigilantism 

"These pages are the hunting grounds of vigilantes, and as we've seen before in the UK, this sort of thing does more harm than good. A naming and shaming campaign started by then–News of the World editor (and now possible jailbird herself) Rebekah Brooks in 2000 led to five families being forced to flee their homes after being mistakenly identified as former sex offenders." 

Facebook ordered to remove paedophile [sic] monitoring page

Facebook given 72 hours to remove paedophile [sic] monitoring page

Facebook ordered to remove anti-paedophiles [sic] page

Facebook paedophile [sic] page must close

Facebook Must Remove Page Outing Sex Offenders, Says UK Judge

Sex Offender Wins Facebook Case

Child-molester wins court case against Facebook

Facebook gets 72 hours to remove paedophile [sic] monitoring page

UK judge orders Facebook to take down sex offender awareness page

Facebook ordered to remove page exposing paedophiles [sic]

Facebook Paedophile Page Closed After Court Rules It Breaches Offenders' Human Rights

Paedophile [sic] wins Facebook injunction bid

Facebook paedophile [sic] page must close

Facebook pedophile [sic] page removed

Facebook loses paedophile [sic] page

Facebook page tracking sex offenders infringes human rights, says Irish judge

UK High Court orders Facebook to remove paedophile [sic] monitoring page within 72 hours

Belfast's Johns Elliot defeated as sex offender wins case against Facebook

December 3, 2012 1:52 PM GMT

Facebook to Track ‘Keeping Our Kids Safe From Predators 2’ Paedophile [sic] Monitoring Page

"The second page has gained over 3,500 Likes since it appeared online

Facebook said it will track the content of a paedophile [sic] monitoring page after it was forced to remove an identical predecessor page by a high court order.

The page "Keeping our kids safe from predators" was removed after a convicted sex offender who appeared on the page won a court order against it. A judge ruled that some of the content amounted to harassment and breached the man's human rights.

Almost immediately, however, a second Facbook page, "Keeping our kids safe from predators 2", appeared on Facebook. Again, it features the names and pictures of convicted sex offenders.

The second page, which has gained over 3,500 "likes" carries a warning that rude or threatening comments will lead to the removal of the commentator.

A spokesman for Facebook told IBTimes UK that the page was not violating the company's terms and conditions but that it would be monitored.

A spokesman said: "Consistent with the court order, the [first] page is unavailable. We will be studying the text of the order before deciding on [our] next steps.""


Chris Wittwer [admin of 'Keeping our kids safe from predators 2"', at the time of writing - 3/12/12]

Children have rights in society 

Keeping our kids safe from predators 2"

Still keeping our kids safe from predators

A registered sex offender tells Stephen that websites shouldn't name and shame paedophiles

The Stephen Nolan Show

Convicted sex offender


A Shining Light

Published November 29, 2012

Vermont newspaper defends decision to hire sex offender as reporter

"BARRE, Vt. – The publisher of a Vermont newspaper is defending his paper's hiring of a convicted sex offender to cover police and courts.

Barre-Montpelier Times Argus Publisher R. John Mitchell says it's important to punish those who break the law but also offer an opportunity for rehabilitation."

Vt. paper aware of reporter's sex offense

Only In Russia?

14:11 30/11/2012

Russian kids rights czar works with investigators to address pedophiles [sic]

"Also Bastrykin proposed punishing individuals who see children accompanied by suspicious adults and do not report it to the police."

His Castle

5:23AM Friday November 30, 2012

Paedophile's [sic] house could be seized by Crown

"A central Auckland home that was the scene of more than a decade of sexual offending against vulnerable, runaway girls could be seized by the Crown.

DKL, 66, listened to lawyers argue over the future of his home at a forfeiture hearing at the High Court in Auckland yesterday.

K, who previously had name suppression, was found guilty in August of 16 sex and drug charges that stemmed back to the late 1990s."

Paedophile's Auckland home may be seized

Quite A Few Others

00:17, 30 November 2012 | UPDATED: 10:29, 30 November 2012

Should novelist Kingsley Amis and poet Philip Larkin now be regarded as paedophiles?

"Should late chums novelist Kingsley Amis and poet Philip Larkin now be regarded as paedophiles? Letters they wrote to each other indicate an interest in underage girls.

Says literary reviewer Christopher Hart: ‘Some of the letters housed in the Bodleian Library contain fantasies about girls aged between 12 and 16.

Perhaps they should be put on some post-mortem Jimmy Savile register, along with Elvis Presley, Edgar Allan Poe, Romeo [of Juliet fame], and quite a few others.’"

Chris Wittwer And Mark Williams-Thomas - A 'Winning' Social Media Team

29 November 2012 Last updated at 17:25

Jimmy Savile investigation: Man in his 80s questioned

"Jimmy Savile Police launched Operation Yewtree following allegations made about Jimmy Savile

A man in his 80s has been released after being interviewed by detectives investigating allegations which arose following revelations about TV presenter Jimmy Savile."

Jimmy Savile - Fifth Man Questioned In Jimmy Savile Abuse Investigation - Identity Unknown

Jimmy Savile probe celebrity feels 'suicidal': Trauma of children's TV star quizzed for five hours

Savile quiz: Star is named online 

29 Nov 2012 23:06

New sex probe shock: Jimmy Savile cops quiz children's TV presenter

"Detectives said a man in his 80s was interviewed under caution after his home was searched by officers."

"TV criminologist [sic] Mark Williams-Thomas claimed the showbiz figure in the latest arrest was a children’s presenter, who cannot be named for legal reasons." [oh, don't be coy, Mark, or do they just have to be dead, before you will? ...]

[... ah, depends on how safe you feel, eh, Mark? - shameful.]


********** Being Questioned By Police Over Jimmy Savile Investigation

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December 01, 2012 12:00AM

UK's Jimmy Savile child sex scandal linked to an Australian music legend

"AN Australian entertainer has been interviewed by Scotland Yard detectives in relation to one of the biggest sex scandals to rock the UK, a prominent child protection expert claimed last night.

Leading criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas - whose expose on British icon Jimmy Savile sparked a major investigation into some of the UK's biggest entertainers - last night tweeted the name of the man quizzed by detectives. But police will not confirm his name."

November 30, 2012

Fanning the flames in the Ethical Vacuum

"However, someone, who self evidently didn't get their information from either the media or officially from the Metropolitan Police, was very keen that the Internet should be given a new football to kick around. That someone was an ex-policeman.

Mark Williams-Thomas. A police constable who had finally climbed the greasy pole to get away from pounding the streets after 11 long years, and made it to Detective Constable - only to pack the job in a brief 12 months later. Mr Williams-Thomas claims to have '15 years in child protection' - the obvious inference from this statement, if not read in conjunction with his police record, would be that this was within a formal, professional environment such as the police. But he was only in the police for 12 years, and some of those would have been as a probationary PC. So a self made expert then?

When Mr Williams-Thomas first emerged from the police service, he described himself as a 'freelance investigative journalist'. A much misunderstood 'investigative journalist', certainly misunderstood by one of his first subjects who was under the erroneous impression that Williams-Thomas was trying to blackmail him rather than document wrong doing within his organisation, a matter happily discharged by a jury.

A man who has since reinvented himself as a 'child protection' expert and talking head of choice to several TV stations whenever the issue of child abuse comes up. Madeleine McCann, Tia Sharp, Ashleigh Hall. A man who says he is all too well aware of the dangers to children posed by the Internet...and the need for, in his view, 'policing' of the Internet.

For the internet is full of people with sexually deviant desires - the level of danger goes way beyond even the most worried parent's imagination.

Now why would someone who wants to see the Internet more effectively regulated and policed, ignore the restrained and professional behaviour of his ex-colleagues and the new found restraint of the print media - and, surely unintentionally, surely, be the cause of much possibly libellous chatter, speculation and gossip on the Internet by naming - and 'hash-tagging' with 'Savile' and 'Sexual' the mystery 80 year old as [redacted]?

The cynical amongst us, including myself, could almost believe that it was in such a persons interests to fan the flames in the 'Ethical Vacuum'. Either that or he is a complete dipstick.

I can feel only sympathy for [redacted] - and his wife. We have absolutely no idea whatsoever why he was interviewed. It could have been as tenuous as having been named as an 'alibi' by someone else. At 80 years old though, at the end of his life, when he should have been reflecting with some satisfaction on his legacy, he is now subject to endless speculation on the Internet that he may be connected with such a vile practice as Paedophilia [sic]. Responsible people in the police and media gave him the benefit of the doubt pending concrete information, and chose not to link his name to Savile and the various allegations.

Mark Williams-Thomas didn't.

'Why not'? - is a question I shall ponder more over the coming weeks."

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Your Poor Ethics Destroyed Your Rights - And Ours

Thursday 29 November 2012 09.29 GMT

Leveson report published and Brooks and Coulson in court - live coverage

LiveLive coverage as Lord Justice Leveson publishes his long-awaited report into the culture and ethics of the press

Thursday 29 November 2012 13.55 GMT

Leveson report calls for new press law

• Inquiry recommends new regulator with statutory backstop
• McCanns and Dowlers had 'devastating' experiences
• Hunt gave a 'perception of bias' in contacts with News Corp

Leveson Report: the key points at a glance

Executive summary


Lord Justice Leveson calls for new laws to curb 'mob rule' on the internet

Now Leveson wants new laws to regulate internet: Judge's broadside at Twitter and Google as he calls for end of web 'mob rule

Twitter law plea


PUBLISHED: 00:30, 7 April 2013 | UPDATED: 00:31, 7 April 2013

'Secret law' storm as police chiefs ban public from knowing who they arrest: Shock new blanket ban in the wake of Leveson report angers civil liberty groups who condemn threat to democracy

">Under new ACPO guidance forces to be banned from naming suspects,
>The legal risk of incorrect identification will stop the media naming suspects,
>The police plan for 'secret arrests' is opposed by the Law Commission."

ACPO mulls nationwide no-names media policy for those arrested by police

Plans to keep names of suspects secret being considered

Now two of our top judges back secret arrests: Grave threat to open justice warns campaigners

Pure, Unevidenced, Prejudice

8 November 2012 Last updated at 15:27

Southend Hospital investigates sex offender employment

"Southend Hospital The Local Safeguarding Children Board has sought assurances from Southend Hospital about the case

"An investigation has been opened into how a known sex offender gained work at an Essex hospital [why ever not?].

Southend Hospital said the person, who has not been named, worked on the outpatients' service and saw eight patients before being dismissed. [tribunal?]"

Last updated 10:22 02/12/2012

Child-porn docs still work in medicine

"An Auckland GP convicted of possessing images of child abuse is among the criminal medical professionals allowed to keep working.

Nineteen medical professionals with criminal convictions have appeared before the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal in the past three years, with eight struck off. Offences included grooming children for sex, assaulting a police officer, fraud and drug dealing.

A child advocate says the decision to allow two doctors to keep working despite being caught with images of child abuse raises serious questions about the tribunal. "They should have been struck off," Stop Demand founder Denise Ritchie said. "These men have a sexual interest in children."

Parents would be horrified to learn their family doctor had masturbated to images of young girls, she said."

Parents fight sex offender's return to teaching

Thank Goodness For The Free Availability of 'CP' - Possibly?

Updated 11:24 a.m., Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sources for data showing child sex abuse decline

"NEW YORK (AP) — Researchers at the University of New Hampshire's Crimes Against Children Research Center say data from a half-dozen sources suggest child sex abuse cases have dramatically declined since the 1990s. Here are details on data from the report, written by UNH professors David Finkelhor and Lisa Jones and published in the center's October 2012 bulletin."

Child sex abuse cases dramatically decline in US, says report|+Learning%29

Hope In The USA

Published: November 28, 2012

California: Sex-Offender Ban in Parks Is Struck Down

"An Orange County law prohibiting registered sex offenders from entering county parks has been struck down. The county government’s ban spawned similar laws in many of the cities within the county, rendering almost half of all public parks within Orange County off limits to sex offenders.

In a unanimous decision this month, the three-judge panel of the Orange County Superior Court said that the ordinance was pre-empted by state law, and that the “adverse effect” of the ordinance on the “transient citizens of the state” outweighed possible benefits of the bans."

Nov 29, 2012 5:01 AM GMT

California Defends Sex Offender Law Facing Lawsuit

"California Attorney General Kamala Harris defended a voter-approved ballot measure that expands sex offender registration requirements and denied the claims in a lawsuit challenging the law’s constitutionality.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation sued this month to block portions of the law, which requires anyone who is a registered sex offender to turn over a list of all their Internet identifiers and service providers to law enforcement. The restrictions are part of California’s Proposition 35, which also includes increased prison terms for human trafficking."

Some Would Say Thank You !!!

9:42AM GMT 29 Nov 2012

French court upholds 'gay sex addict' ruling against Glaxo

"A French appeals court has upheld a ruling ordering pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline to pay 197,000 euros (£159,000) to a man who claimed that its drug to treat Parkinson's turned him into a gay sex and gambling addict."

Glaxo loses 'gay sex addict' court appeal

French court rejects appeal of ruling that Parkinson’s drug turned man into ‘gay sex and gambling addict

As Though They Are Not Insane Enough

November 27, 2012 12:52 PM

Wasserman Schultz’ child-porn bill passes Congress

"A bill designed to protect children from sexual predators [sic] has cleared Congress and is headed to the White House to be signed into law.

“With President Obama’s signature, this law will help to rescue the thousands of children suffering from unthinkable abuse,” [sic] said Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Weston, who sponsored the bill along with House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican.

The bill’s passage is one sign that Congress can still get something done, especially when leaders from each party push a non-controversial measure. [such is dangerous populism]

The bill increases the maximum penalty from 10 years in prison to 20 years for child pornography offenses that involve pre-pubescent children, or those under age 12."

Blumenthal, Conn. officials to laud child porn act

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Then 'Malicious Communications', Please

PUBLISHED: 23:23, 26 November 2012 | UPDATED: 23:25, 26 November 2012

Scrap law on 'insulting words and behaviour' that censors free speech, MPs urge

"Law has 'disproportionate impact on freedom of expression’, say MPs and peers

Controversial legislation that criminalises ‘insulting’ words and behaviour should be scrapped, MPs and peers urged yesterday.

The law – which has been used to arrest a Christian preacher, a critic of Scientology and a student who made a joke – has a ‘disproportionate impact on freedom of expression’, the Joint Committee on Human Rights said.

In a report, it recommended that ministers accept an amendment which would remove the ‘insulting’ offence from the Public Order Act.

No results: Home Secretary Theresa May began a consultation on scrapping the offence last year but no response has come

Section 5 of the 1986 Act says someone is guilty for just using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour within the sight or earshot of a person ‘likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress’.

Critics say the law is a catch-all which censors innocent remarks and leaves it to police and courts to decide what constitutes ‘insulting’ words or behaviour.

Home Secretary Theresa May began a consultation on scrapping the offence last year but the Government has not yet responded."

Inevitable Consequences

27 November 2012 Last updated at 19:13

Met police boss: Covert relations 'almost inevitable'

"Bernard Hogan-Howe Bernard Hogan-Howe said such relations should not form the strategy

Some undercover police will "almost inevitably" have sexual relationships with members of groups they are infiltrating, the Met chief has said.

Bernard Hogan-Howe told the Home Affairs committee such relationships "shouldn't be part of the strategy".

But, he said, when officers got close to targets it was not "impossible to imagine" that relationships developed.

The Met is being sued by a group of women who have had relationships with undercover officers.

The women came into contact with five undercover officers who carried fake passports and other identity papers and were involved in various undercover operations between 1987 and 2010.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee meeting, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner said it was up to officers monitoring the deployment of undercover police to spot relationships early or before they began and to move the covert officer out."

Top cop says sexual relationships with activists are "almost inevitable"

Undercover Ops Being ‘Jeopardised’

Undercover policing: MPs demand reforms

ACPO comment on Home Affairs Committee interim report on undercover officers - March-01-13

Just Desserts

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Louis Walsh settles 'grope' case

"Rupert Murdoch's News Group Newspapers will pay 500,000 euro to Louis Walsh over a defamation action

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has settled a 500,000 euro defamation action against News Group Newspapers.

The out-of-court deal was reached after the music mogul sued The Sun over a story last year based on a false allegation that he sexually assaulted a man in a Dublin night-spot.

Unemployed dance teacher Leonard Watters was jailed for six months in July for wrongly accusing Walsh of groping him in a celebrity nightclub after a Westlife concert in April 2011.

Eoin McCullough, senior counsel for News Group Newspapers, read a statement to the High Court in Dublin apologising to Walsh."

Louis Walsh wins damages over false 'sex attack' story

Louis Walsh Wins £403,500 Over Sun Sex Slur

Sun pays Louis Walsh £403,500 after wrongly accusing him of male sexual assault

It Feels Good

November 23, 2012

Neuroscience: Under Attack

"THIS fall, science writers have made sport of yet another instance of bad neuroscience. The culprit this time is Naomi Wolf; her new book, “Vagina,” has been roundly drubbed for misrepresenting the brain and neurochemicals like dopamine and oxytocin."

Being A Waste Of Time Is The Best Part

Nov. 26, 2012, 8:47 a.m.

Sex register questioned as judge criticises mandatory requirement

"Judge Julian Leckkie said the law designed to put paedophiles [sic] on a sex register was a waste of time.

A COUNTY court judge has criticised a mandatory sentencing law requiring an 18-year-old Warrnambool man to be registered as a sex offender for 10 years."

"He ordered Pickett be placed on a community corrections order which include he receive treatment for alcohol rehabilitation and, if advised, attend the sex offenders program."

So The Creep Continues

Nov 28, 2012 03:21:00 AM

Citing hunt for pedophiles, Dutch government to make refusing to help decrypt computer a crime

"AMSTERDAM - The Dutch government says it is planning to make it a crime for a suspect in a child sex abuse or terrorism case to refuse to help decrypt a computer when ordered to do so by prosecutors.

In February, a U.S. appeals court found that forcing a suspect to surrender access to his computer can violate his constitutional rights not to incriminate himself.

Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten said Wednesday the real issue is obstruction of justice, and he said comparable laws exist in England and Sweden."

Dutch to force suspects to show passwords

Suspects must decrypt computers - Dutch govt

Dutch gov't: Sex abuse, terror suspects must decrypt computers

They Are Playing A Dangerous Game, A Game With Many Different Components

November 28, 2012

Be not afeard; the isle is full of noises.

"Though in truth, you should be mighty afeard; Calibans’ ‘thousand twangling instruments’ are in full throttle and care not how they put at risk our hard won and historic rights to fair judgement by our peers.

In the light of Greater Manchester’s astounding statement last night concerning Cyril Smith:

The Force is now publicly acknowledging that young boys were victims of physical and sexual abuse committed by Smith.

I thought it might be helpful to set out the changes in British law which has led them to conclude that if:

…the same evidence was presented to the CPS today there would have been a very realistic prospect that Smith would have been charged with a number of indecent assaults, and that the case would have been brought to trial.

Those reading this with some legal training will have noticed immediately that the first quotation goes further than ‘the case would have been bought to trial’ – and assumes the role of the jury in deciding that ‘young boys were victims of physical and sexual abuse committed by Smith’. Does that matter, in the present climate of hysteria surrounding paedophilia? Good Lord Yes! The day we allow the Police to be both Judge and Jury is the day we turn our backs for ever on the Magna Carta. The righteous mob, however, is delighted; they have been handed an acknowledged paedophile, a dead and thus libel-free one, a politician no less, to kick around the Internet.

They are playing a dangerous game, a game with many different components.

Was Cyril Smith a paedophile, a sexual abuser? I have no idea, and it is right and proper that I have no idea, for he never was, and never can be, brought to trial. Nor can Jimmy Savile. I have no idea, yet, whether Madeleine McCann’s parents are ‘murdering scumbags’ or tragically bereft parents. I have no idea whether YOU are a dangerous rapist, nor your neighbour a serial thief. Why is that right and proper? Because 900 years ago, we wrested control from those who ruled us to denounce and punish us as they chose, and insisted that only a jury of our peers could decide our guilt or innocence, on the basis of the competing evidence laid before them by prosecution and defence. Only then, and only if found guilty, could the authorities punish us.

Slowly and surely, those who rule us have been trying to take back that right by degrees."

Cyril Smith abuse claims: 'decision not to prosecute would not be made today'

Cyril Smith 'sexually and physically abused young boys'

Revealed: The missed chances to stop sex abuse by former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith - 40 years ago

Liberal grandee Smith was paedophile – police

Cyril Smith Did Abuse Young Boys, Say Greater Manchester Police

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Now Look What You Have Done, Chris

6 November 2012 Last updated at 16:32

Sex offender in Facebook court challenge

"A convicted sex offender has launched a legal bid to force Facebook to remove a page set up to monitor paedophiles [sic] in Northern Ireland.

The man, who cannot be identified, is also seeking an injunction to stop his photograph and details from appearing on the social networking site.

He claims the case is urgent because he is at real and immediate risk.

Proceedings were brought before the High Court over the Facebook page, 'Keeping our kids safe from predators'.

The man, known only as XY, as he was granted anonymity in court, is currently out on licence after serving a prison sentence for sexual offences.

Following his release he discovered his photo and threatening comments had been posted online.

The judge hearing the case, Mr Justice McCloskey, said: "He deposes to fear and anxiety. He avers that there is a marked change of attitude on the part of his neighbours."

The man, who said he was in poor health, wants Facebook Ireland Ltd to terminate the accounts of anyone operating the page.

His lawyers argue that the company should also be restrained from permitting those responsible from publishing, distributing, broadcasting or disseminating any further information about him on the site."

Risk over Facebook 'name and shame' site

Sex offender launches action in Belfast court over Facebook page

Sex offender takes case over Facebook paedophile [sic] page

Sex offender sues Facebook over pedophile [sic] page 

Keeping our kids safe from predators 

Well, it is NI

Facebook challenge sex offender 'at risk of attack'

Facebook posts about sex offender heard

It Is What They Do

Monday 26 November 2012

Don’t let them rewrite the Cleveland debacle

"Some are using the Savile panic to rehabilitate the state’s unhinged child-protection policies. We must stop them.

It was as inevitable as Jimmy Savile saying ‘now then, now then’. As soon as the claims that Savile was a serial child-molester emerged, the case for extensive child-protection policies was strengthened. Many commentators applauded how vigilant state agencies are today when it comes to protecting young children from predatory paedophiles, compared with how negligent they were in the Sixties and Seventies. The accusations against Savile have also led to renewed claims that children are at greater risk from somebody they know, or an adult in a position of trust, than they are from strangers attempting to lure them into cars."

Worth $250 Million Globally - Bullshit

November 26, 2012 - 12:42pm

EU to fight against online child abuse [sic]

"A new programme will join law authorities, payment firms and ISPs

European home affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom

Challenges to face sexual abuse of children on the Internet [sic] are increasing as new ways to share images or videos are appearing. To tackle the problem, Commissioner Cecilia Malmström, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs, and Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol, announced on 26 November the launch of the new European Financial Coalition against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children Online.

According to UNODC, the online child abuse industry generates an estimated 50,000 new abuse images each year and is worth $250 million globally. In addition, 74% of victims appeared to be 10 years old and under.

Despite a big progress was already been made in this area, a migration towards more opaque online environments, such as chat groups or private or peer-to-peer file sharing networks -also called darknet-, is making more difficult to win the battle.

Because this commercial exploitation “takes new forms and is increasingly difficult to track, law enforcement needs to get a better insight into the payment and ICT capabilities of criminals”, stated Rob Wainwright."


10:01PM Sunday Dec 02, 2012

Tackling online problem of abuse

"Europe, the US and Australia will continue to fiercely defend the open and free nature of the Internet, while at the same time stopping those who try to use it for these despicable purposes. This reprehensible conduct is not about freedom of expression - it is about criminals who physically abuse children, take pictures or videos, and distribute these over the Internet. Recipients of child pornography do not merely possess the pictures - they support child abuse by engaging in its dissemination [degrees of separation/proximity ... are you aware of the concepts, Cecilia?]"

Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse [sic] Online

Sweden joins global anti-child porn [sic] alliance

48 countries worldwide join forces to fight child sexual abuse [sic] online

Combating sexual abuse of children online [sic]: a Global Alliance for greater results

Bid for anti-pedophile [sic] alliance

Child sex abuse [sic]: EU and US in web policing alliance

New Zealand Backs Global Alliance To Fight Child Abuse On Internet [sic]

Malta joins global alliance against child sexual abuse [sic]

48 countries worldwide join forces to fight child sexual abuse [sic] online

New Initiative Against Sexual Abuse [sic] Being Launched

48 countries join forces against online child abuse [sic], EU officials says 1 million images on web

48 nations join forces to fight online child abuse [sic] 

48 nations join online child abuse [sic] fight

EU, US officials launch new initiative against online child sexual abuse [sic]

EU, US launch biggest ever global fight against online child sex abuse [sic]

EU, US to stamp out child sex webs [sic]

U.S., EU form alliance to curb child sexual abuse [sic] on the Web

EU, US in 'global alliance' to hit web child sex [sic]


Liberal [sic] EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmström

Speech - Cecilia Malmström's remarks at the VIP corner on the Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online [sic]

Declaration on the Launch of the Global Alliance against child sexual abuse online [sic]

The borderless crime against children


!!! WARNING !!! - truly 'indecent images', of evidenced harm ...

Now where is your argument, you disinforming and lying, hypocrites and liars?


Monday, 26 November 2012

Mark Solms Continues His Intellectual Journey - Well Done

Sunday 25 November 2012 18.00 GMT

As the Savile scandal shows, ignorance of paedophilia harms efforts to tackle [?] it

"News stories provoke panic but not informed debate. A new charity aims to change that

Gary Glitter was found guilty of abusing two young girls and jailed for three years in Vietnam.

As I write this article, I worry about what you will think of me. Saying anything remotely sympathetic about paedophilia is bound to invite grave suspicions. Even academic interest in the topic is cause for concern; why is he interested in that? The only acceptable attitude to paedophilia seems to be outright condemnation. All you need to know is that it is bad. Very bad.

The Jimmy Savile affair has sharpened attitudes. It has also shown how insidious and pervasive the sexual abuse of children is, and how brazen it can be [has it?]. Apparently child sexual abuse can occur under the noses of television producers, in front of cameras on national television, without anyone noticing. Or did they turn a blind eye? [or did it happen at all?] Sexual crimes against children seem to occur everywhere, even in places considered sanctuaries of family values: children's programmes, Top of the Pops, hospital wards, care homes, churches. It seems that no child is safe from the predatory reach of the paedophile [sic].

Public reaction is hardly surprising: perpetrators must be exposed, vilified, punished, removed from society; everything possible must be done to protect children from them. Those who tolerate them or fail to recognise them are also guilty; heads must roll.

Surely the best way to tackle so serious a scourge – like any other major public health scare – is to commission an expert study of it, so that we can design and implement safeguards based on the best scientific evidence. Yet, as I have said, anyone who takes this approach to paedophilia provokes suspicion. How can they be so objective and neutral and calm? Are they perhaps harbouring perverse tendencies themselves?"

"Monday will see the start of a brave experiment. To try to rectify the current situation a new charity, the Loudoun Trust, has been formed, bringing together specialist academics and practitioners. It will compile a database of reliable information on the causes, mechanisms and meanings of sexual crimes against children, and is committed to making this information accessible. Initiated by friends and associates of the legendary Observer editor, the late David Astor, and formally launched at the House of Lords, the trust believes that the public interest is best served by evidence-based information on this difficult subject."

Mark Solms "is professor in neuropsychology at the University of Cape Town and a member of the British Psychoanalytical Society. He is a trustee of the Loudoun Trust." 

28 October 2010 Registered


"Charitable objects


Research, action and accountability on child abuse

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Spot A Number Of Problems

NOVEMBER 23, 2012 23:00

Engineer invents device to detect convicted sex offenders

"The father of a 4-year-old boy has invented a machine that triggers an alarm when a convicted sex offender wearing an electronic monitoring anklet approaches.

Dubbed the “electronic anklet detector,” the device rings an alarm when a convicted sex offender wearing an anklet approaches within 30 minutes.

Inventor Hong Gwang-ui, 43, said, “Whenever I watched news on violent sex crimes, I got infuriated as a father,” adding, “After racking my brain over how to prevent sex crimes, I developed this machine.” "

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mark Williams-Thomas ... Bad, Copper Techniques, Turned Worse

You are no longer a copper, Mark - we require real evidence

November 22, 2012

Trial by Posthumous Innuendo

"Following last night’s episode of ‘Exposure’, the prosecution’s case for the demonisation of Jimmy Savile was completed in the sense that the audience have been invited to give their verdict. No doubt if we fail to give the required verdict, the ‘Ireland v EU’ solution will be applied and we will be given a further installment to wet our appetite for the correct answer. There has been no case for the defence, so all we can do is look at the evidence laid out for us by the televisual prosecutors and see what it amounts to.

The programme opened with the powerful statement ‘We now know that Jimmy Savile was a predatory paedophile [sic] for more than 40 years’.

Not so fast Mr Williams-Thomas! We know that there have been possibly hundreds of allegations that he was – but for those of us looking for facts as opposed to innuendo, we are sitting down waiting for you to make the case to us that he was…"

"I watched last night with an open mind, quite prepared to believe that Savile was a dangerous paedophile that various authorities should have suspected and thus protected children against. Williams-Thomas has had publicity that others could only dream of, ‘hundreds’ of victims coming forward in the wake of his previous programme, hours of television time to develops his theory, and last night was the final result. Along with the rest of the general public, I am invited to draw my own conclusions. The case for the prosecution rests."

Exposure Update - The Jimmy Savile Investigation [29 days remaining, from 22/11/12]

November 22, 2012 11:09 AM

Welwyn Hatfield Council’s deputy leader blasted [sic] over his ‘staggering’ handling of Jimmy Savile at Broadmoor

"Cllr Franey, who was chief executive and general manager at the hospital, responded: ““He had had that access for some time. I didn’t see any reason to challenge what he was doing, no reason at all. Quite frankly he had been part of the organisation for many many years long before I was there.”

He also said: “I had no complaints about Savile during my whole time at the hospital from staff or patients about any inappropriate behaviour.

“He could not go anywhere he wanted, he couldn’t go into patients bedrooms.”"

7:00AM GMT 22 Nov 2012

The Jimmy Savile Investigation: Exposure Update, ITV1, review

"Unlike that first Exposure – which was a tour de force [until the facts were revealed], full of new and shocking and direct and cogent allegations of criminal behaviour – this second one really had nothing new to expose at all. It was a narrative of the case against Savile, rather than being evidence of it. That journalistic thinness was a disappointment – but did serve to show what a brilliant job Williams-Thomas and his team had done the first time around. [until the facts were revealed]"

Sunday, October 28, 2012 [true then, truer now]

Savile Unravels: Seeing Right Through the Anti-Savile Hysteria

"There is still no compelling evidence – that is, evidence that amounts to proof beyond reasonable doubt (or anything near it) – that Savile was the serious sex abuser as he is portrayed. And we know from similar hysterias in the recent past – notably over what turned out to be the entirely groundless 'satanic sex abuse' supposed paedophile rings with countless 'victims' – that you can get a great multiplying of allegations even in the absence of any truthful basis. What is more, the spurious 'satanic sex abuse' scandals were in respect of alleged events that were current or in the recent past, whereas the events re Savile are decades in the past and therefore very likely to be the result of 'false memories'. The psychology of constructing fabrications of past events is a human universal, and is rife whenever there is a highly salient seed upon which a construction can be made. A famous and larger-than-life individual who had myriad inconsequential encounters with others is almost bound to be the subject of a plethora of 'false memory'-based supposed incidents."

7:41am, Thu 22 Nov 2012

Jimmy Savile 'involved in every single element of society'

"Jimmy Savile was 'untouchable'

Criminologist [poor 'documentary'-maker] Mark Williams-Thomas has told Daybreak that Jimmy Savile got involved in every single element of society."

29 Nov 2012 23:06

New sex probe shock: Jimmy Savile cops quiz children's TV presenter

"Detectives said a man in his 80s was interviewed under caution after his home was searched by officers."

"TV criminologist [sic] Mark Williams-Thomas claimed the showbiz figure in the latest arrest was a children’s presenter, who cannot be named for legal reasons." [oh, don't be coy, Mark, or do they just have to be dead, before you will?]

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

But I Said ... No, No, No

Wednesday, 21 November 2012, 9:27 am

Psychological treatment for sexual offenders is effective

"UC research shows that psychological treatment for sexual offenders is effective

Research by University of Canterbury (UC) students has found that psychological treatment for sexual offenders is effective and offenders who show more improvement in treatment are less likely to re-offend, UC Professor Randolph Grace said today.

That treatment helped may seem a no-brainer but demonstrating a causal link between prison-based treatment programmes and reductions in re-offending was very challenging, he said. UC research has been the first in the world to demonstrate that specific treatment gains were linked to reductions in recidivism by sexual offenders, he said.

"There’s a lot of debate about the efficacy of psychological treatment for sexual offend"


‘Paedophiles anonymous’ can prevent abuse


Q&A: What Works in Sex-Offender Treatment 


Rapists and child molesters use sex offender programs to gain freedom, expert says

We All Reap, What You Sow

Monday 19 November 2012

Paedophilia fears 'deter men' from working in childcare

"Men are being deterred from working in childcare because they worry that they may be perceived as being a paedophile [sic], an early years expert has warned.

Male nursery workers told the London Early Years Foundation they felt isolated by the lack of males in the profession.

Speaking to coincide with the launch of the London Network for Men in Childcare, the chief executive of the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF) said high-profile child abuse cases, such as the Jimmy Savile scandal, were affecting public attitudes to male childcarers.

June O’Sullivan made the comments in light of a survey by her organisation that found more than half of nursery workers believe that men are discouraged from pursuing a career in the early years sector."

Jimmy Savile scandal ‘puts men off childcare’

Will Jimmy Savile case [case?] put men off working in childcare?

7:53AM GMT 19 Nov 2012

Concern over abuse allegations against teachers

Only one in six allegations of child abuse made against teachers and staff result in a suspension, raising questions over the number of malicious allegations made.

Over 30 school staff 
sacked in Yorkshire over sex allegations

West Midlands school staff accused of 377 child abuse incidents

School staff sacked over child abuse

Normal 'Sarah's Law' Advert Of The Week

Published: 19/11/2012 08:13 - Updated: 19/11/2012 12:58

Man is jailed for 'sadistic attack'

"A 21-year-old who led a “sadistic attack” on a 63-year-old man after wrongly accusing him of being a paedophile has been jailed.

Bradley Pincheon was sentenced for assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday, having failed to turn up when his co-defendant Toby Cleaver-Wright was given a suspended jail term on November 9."

Monsters From Space

Wednesday November 21,2012


"Sex offender Ryan Yates

RENEWED calls have been for sex offenders to be tracked by satellite after it emerged dozens [!!!] of freed rapists and paedophiles [sic]  have reoffended [how?] while under supervision over the past year.

A new report revealed that the police are monitoring record numbers of perverts [offensive and inflammatory]  freed to live in Scotland’s communities.

Figures released yesterday showed that 3,946 sex offenders are currently being managed under the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (Mappa) – 210 more than two years ago."

Sex offenders in the community reach five year high

The Worst Crime Of All

Published on Wednesday 21 November 2012 09:00

Fr Brennan says his ordeal was the worst thing imaginable

"Fr Oliver Brennan on his return to Blackrock last Christmas for the switching on of the Christmas tree lights

FR Oliver Brennan, former parish priest at Blackrock, has said the support he got from family and friends kept him sane during the two-year ordeal he suffered when he was falsely accused of child abuse.

Fr Brennan was speaking on the Marian Finucane programme on RTE Radio One last Saturday.

“It was the worst thing in the world,” he said, “to be accused of the worst crime of all [really? ... but, we understand your point.]”

Legitimate Paedophilia - It's That Man Again

1 hour ago

Have Cartoons Legitimised Paedophilia in Japan?

"Last month I went to the London Comic Con convention at the Excel centre. If you're not familiar with the concept of Comic Con, then you haven't been reading VICE for the last year or so and you probably don't know what Leonardo Di Caprio or techno music are either, so the whole thing might be a bit lost on you. But, to give you a quick run-through, they're essentially a series of events in cities around the world where people who are into fantasy, video games and basically anything Japanese gather together to dress up as their favourite fictional characters and wear calculator watches from the 90s so they can add up all the new friends they're making."

“It’s important to remember that sexually abusive behaviour [weasel term] can be pretty addictive and habitual," says Jon Brown at the NSPCC. "A basic sexual drive in humans is very hard-wired – it’s very deep in the human brain, along with the desire to eat and seek shelter. When that kind of sexual interest becomes hard-wired to an interest in children, it can be quite difficult to alter.

“Where there's a sexual interest in children, offenders generally know it’s wrong [moral issue, no law, no issue] and have to go through a series of cognitive distortions and mental gymnastics to convince themselves, one way or another, that what they’re doing isn’t so harmful [perhaps, because it rarely is, Jon, evidentially? Who really has the cognitive distortions etc, Jon?]. One way that they'll do that is to use child abuse imagery online, thinking they’re not actually abusing a child, they’re just looking at it – either an animated image or a picture. And, of course, they’re correct [damn right, correct], but our concern at the NSPCC is that it’s the perpetuation of that belief system [the what? read what you said, above] that's damaging for the offenders themselves [bless you]. It can further reinforce their thoughts of sexual interest in children [how?]. It’s not actively abusing a child [damn right], but it perpetuates that kind of mindset [the what? read what you said, above] and the thinking in some way that the behaviour is OK [moral issue, no law, no issue].

“If there's a whole society or community that is implicitly saying that the viewing of sexualised images of children – or worse than that; of children being sexually harmed [straw man Jon ... naughty, naughty] – is in some way OK, then that becomes a pretty strong message. For some people, that's going to seem like the encouragement they need to go further and actually physically abuse children. [always happened, always will, Jon - sexual libertines do not need your 'OK' (or ours) and you said why, above]"

Huffington Post - Sometime Daemon, Sometime Angel

Posted: 21/11/2012 00:00

Abusing Trust With Dodgy Child Abuse Statistics

"As Fox had warned against they opted "to treat rumour as fact". Not unlike those other investigations not worthy of the name: notorious social services departments pursued imagined and (as it turned out) imaginary episodes of child abuse in the 1980s. Children were taken from their families on the grounds of scarily-wacky social work theories about Satanic Abuse or, as Fox puts it, because of the ridiculous conviction that 'all victims must be believed'."

"By massively overstating the problem of child abuse they are already undermining our relationships with each other and with the institutions in which we might once have invested our trust. The irony being that the likely consequence of the anxieties promoted by those fuelling the Savile affair is a less safe environment for all of our children. One in which adults (and children alike) are less likely to seek the help of strangers; and are far less minded to intervene if they see a child in distress or danger, for fear of being suspected of something untoward. Such is the legacy of child abuse hysteria."

Living By The Sword - 'Sarah's Law', Epitomised

20 Nov 2012 00:00

'I stabbed Sarah Payne's murderer': Double killer to be sentenced for prison attack

"He plunged a plastic “shiv” into the eye of Roy Whiting, the child murderer who killed schoolgirl Sarah Payne

A double killer will be sentenced tomorrow after admitting stabbing child murderer Roy Whiting in jail.

Gary Vinter, 42, plunged a plastic “shiv” into the eye of Whiting, 53, who killed schoolgirl Sarah Payne.

Vinter pleaded guilty at Leeds crown court last month to wounding Whiting at Wakefield jail, West Yorkshire, in July 2011.

In 1996 Vinter was jailed for life for murdering Carl Edon."

'I stabbed Sarah Payne's killer in eye because he's a dirty nonce': Prisoner "derives satisfaction" from attack

'He was a dirty little nonce': Murderer who stabbed Sarah Payne killer in the eyes reveals why he carried out attack and says he only stopped because he got tired

Inmate Gary Vinter sentenced for Roy Whiting attack

The More Indecent?

PUBLISHED: 01:53, 20 November 2012 | UPDATED: 17:26, 20 November 2012

"Trainers, clothes and a distinctive tattoo: New website which publishes pictures of unidentified bodies and their possessions to let families find their dead

The Missing Persons Bureau currently holds records of around 1,000 people who have not been identified - some dating back to the 1950s

It has launched a new website dedicated to finding the identity of mystery individuals

Published: 19th November 2012

Fury as Chinese car show uses five-year-olds in bikinis

"Shocking ... young girl poses with model at China car show

CAR show organisers sparked horror when they used girls as young as five to pose in bikinis to advertise luxury motors.

The youngsters wore full make-up as they were draped across cars alongside adult models to help sell the motors.

But shocking images from the show in Wuhan, China, infuriated parents and child protection experts.

One critic said: “It’s sickening. Their parents must be money mad. How could they let their children do such a thing.”"

Polka Dot Bikini

PUBLISHED: 17:36, 20 November 2012 | UPDATED: 17:36, 20 November 2012

Dangerous [sic] paedophile [sic] caught staring at little girls in swimming pool one day after he was freed by appeal judges is released from prison AGAIN by same court

"DJF, 31, was jailed for 30 months in August for breeching his sexual offences prevention order

He watched young small girls at Newport Leisure Centre a day after his release from jail in April

Court of Appeal judges said he has a 'long-standing and disturbing' sexual interest in young girls

But ruled sentence 'out of proportion' with the crime he committed"

Blackwood paedophile [sic] caught ogling girls at Newport pool freed again