Sunday, 18 November 2012

Do Not Free Gary Martin (For A Good While) - Moronic Vigilante Attempting Murderer

Free Gary Martin Protector Of Children

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"A man who stabbed a paedophile [sic] seven times has been found guilty of attempted murder. Gary Martin carried out the frenzied blade attack on GT the day after he raped a child. T had admitted and pleaded guilty to raping a child shortly before this incident.T was already under a strict court ban preventing him from going near young females since 2007 and had already breached the court order."

"Paula Harris

i know it wont ever happen but wouldnt it b fantastic if we had a secret squad who killed convicted paedos quietly an without fuss, bit like the SAS but for kids, a dream of things like this, just taken down from the dock an disposed off,never t b heard of again xx

STV Local 1 November 2012 16:53 GMT

Vigilante stabbed paedophile [sic] seven times after rape of child

"Attempted murder: Gary Martin was found guilty at the High Court in Livingston.

A vigilante who repeatedly stabbed a paedophile [sic] the day after he raped a child has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Sex offender GT was knifed in the street in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, less than 24 hours after he raped a 14-year-old girl.

T had been under a strict court ban preventing him from going near young females since 2007 and had already breached the court order.

At the High Court in Livingston he identified his attacker as Gary Martin, who had a room in the same bed and breakfast on Shore Street in the north-east fishing town.

T told the court he met Martin in Dennyduff Road in the early hours of June 5 last year.

Martin, 32, who appeared a bit drunk and "agitated", asked T to return a jacket which he had borrowed from the accused earlier.

The court heard that once he had handed over the garment, Martin said: "You know what you are. You know what you done," and started swinging punches at him before both men ended up on the ground.

As T got to his feet he felt the "shooting pain" of something sharp going into the bottom right-hand side of his back.

He said he didn't feel the pain of the six further wounds which followed, more the shock of something going into his back and hips.

He heard one of two women who were with Martin say "you deserve what you get" and spit on him.

During his closing speech, advocate depute Alastair Carmichael said: "Mr T admitted and has pleaded guilty to raping a 14-year-old girl shortly before this incident."

Closing: 31/10/2013 16:39

The Right to know Where Peadophiles [sic] are

"Responsible department: Home Office

Every Parent in the Country has a right to know if there are any Peadophiles living in our area. Every child in the country has a right to be safe. Parents Need to be aware of the risks living near our Children so we can do everything in our power to keep them SAFE. Peadophiles [sic] DO NOT have the right to PRIVACY."

Vigilante who stabbed paedophile [sic] jailed for eight years

Man tried to murder paedophile [sic] after he had raped 14-year-old girl

Man Jailed For Attempted Murder Of Fraserburgh Sex Offender

Man jailed for sex offender attack in Fraserburgh


  1. heer u fuckin rat dont free ma brother! ur if ur got lassie got raped widny b at en ud shake i guys hand 4 wit hes acused o dain ma bro widna use blades bit a wid slice u an dice u fuck heed u never noo wits roon i corna pal and wan day it might b me en u better start worring 4 wit uv said ya monster ats how ur sayin dont free im wanker

  2. heer ma bro is a hero if ad a got er first ad a shot i bstard belive me

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  4. Thank you for your informed and enlightening comments, Davie.