Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Only Human

1:02PM GMT 13 Nov 2012

Internet access is a right, judges rule

"Mr Justice Collins and Judge Nicholas Cooke QC, sitting at London's Criminal Appeal Court, overturned the strict SOPO, replacing it with an order that he simply make his internet history available for viewing by the police.

The court heard that the victim noticed a shampoo bottle with a hole in it and a flashing light whilst taking a shower and police were alerted when suspicion fell on J

His lawyers argued that the SOPO imposed by the Crown Court judge - which he said should last until the day J died - was unnecessary and disproportionate.

Mr Justice Collins told the court: "The judge imposing the SOPO said, 'I anticipate that you will die subject to this order - that is my wish anyway.' They were not appropriate remarks to have made."

Also criticising the "lurid language" used by the judge, he concluded that the SOPO imposed on J was "entirely excessive".

"Nowadays it is entirely unreasonable to ban anybody from accessing the internet in their home," the appeal judge concluded."


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