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Jeopardy law rapist gets life

"Coward ... rapist WB

A MAN who raped an OAP 16 years ago was jailed for life yesterday — after the double jeopardy law was overturned.

WB, 56, beat and raped a mum of one, 66, in her home in Stratford, East London, in 1997.

He was cleared in 1999 after a judge ruled DNA evidence against him could not be used against him.

Back then, a person could not be tried a second time for the same crime and builder B thought he had got away with it.

But changes to the law in 2005, to allow those cleared of a serious offence to be put on trial for the crime again, meant B could be retried for the rape.

Jurors at London’s Old Bailey were told a one-in-a-billion DNA match linked the grandfather of six, of Walthamstow, to the attack.

Coward B refused to come up from the cells to be sentenced.

Ordering he serve a minimum 10½years, Judge Peter Rook said he had committed a crime of “extreme violence and depravity”.

B beat his victim so badly she was unrecognisable. She died in 2002. Her family said: “She never got over it.”"


Prosecutor's fallacy

"The prosecutor's fallacy is a fallacy of statistical reasoning, typically used by the prosecution to argue for the guilt of a defendant during a criminal trial. Although it is named after prosecutors it is not specific to them, and some variants of the fallacy can be utilized by defence lawyers arguing for the innocence of their client.

At its heart the fallacy involves assuming that the prior probability of a random match is equal to the probability that the defendant is innocent.

For instance, if a perpetrator is known to have the same blood type as a defendant and 10% of the population share that blood type; then to argue on that basis alone that the probability of the defendant being guilty is 90% makes the prosecutors's fallacy, in a very simple form.

The terms "prosecutor's fallacy" and "defense attorney's fallacy" were originated by William C. Thompson and Edward Schumann in the 1987 article Interpretation of Statistical Evidence in Criminal Trials, subtitled The Prosecutor's Fallacy and the Defense Attorney's Fallacy.

The fallacy can arise from multiple testing, such as when evidence is compared against a large database. The size of the database elevates the likelihood of finding a match by pure chance alone; i.e., DNA evidence is soundest when a match is found after a single directed comparison because the existence of matches against a large database where the test sample is of poor quality may be less unlikely by mere chance.

The basic fallacy results from misunderstanding conditional probability and neglecting the prior odds of a defendant being guilty before that evidence was introduced.

When a prosecutor has collected some evidence (for instance a DNA match) and has an expert testify that the probability of finding this evidence if the accused were innocent is tiny, the fallacy occurs if it is concluded that the probability of the accused being innocent must be comparably tiny.

If the DNA match is used to confirm guilt which is otherwise suspected then it is indeed strong evidence. However if the DNA evidence is the sole evidence against the accused and the accused was picked out of a large database of DNA profiles, the odds of the match being made at random may be reduced, and less damaging to the defendant.

The odds in this scenario do not relate to the odds of being guilty, they relate to the odds of being picked at random."'s_fallacy

The Prosecutor’s Fallacy

Friday, 28 June 2013

Good, Now Make It Off-line, Too


Internet trolls will [sic] escape prosecution if they apologise, say new guidelines released today

"'High threshold' placed on Twitter and Facebook comments before prosecution

New guidelines for social media will ensure that Twitter and Facebook users who post offensive messages online must pass a “high threshold” before facing prosecution, and could avoid prosecution altogether by apologising.

Keir Starmer QC, Director of Public Prosecutions has published guidelines for prosecutors who are taking on cases involving communications sent via social media.

The guidelines are being implemented to address the “potential chilling effect” that the high number of prosecutions in cases where a communication might be considered grossly offensive, said Mr Starmer.

Social media ‘trolls’ have become an online phenomenon, and usually post offensive, upsetting and inflammatory comments on networks such as Twitter and Facebook, where their posts may be seen publicly.

Now, under the new guidelines, prosecutions could be rendered unnecessary if the person who has posted the offensive post “has expressed genuine remorse” or has taken “swift and effective action” to “remove the communication in question or otherwise block access to it”. A prosecution could also be avoided if the communication “was not intended for a wide audience, nor was the obvious consequence of sending the communication”"

Top prosecutor warns troll-hunting cops not to choke courts

Offensive, iconoclastic internet trolls will NOT be prosecuted, says DPP

Remorseful Twitter and Facebook jokers less likely to face prosecution

Crown Prosecution Will Avoid Dealing With Internet Trolls

Time To Make Such Deceit Illegal in International Law

Thu, Jun 27, 2013, 01:00

Dutch suspect cleared of grooming ‘teenager

"Netherlands court says appeal failed because ‘boy’ was an undercover officer

‘Grooming’ became a criminal offence in the Netherlands in January 2010

A court of appeal in the Netherlands has cleared a 38-year-old suspected paedophile [sic] of grooming a 13-year-old boy for sex – because the “teenager” who agreed over the internet to meet him was in fact an undercover police officer.

Legal commentators said last night that the decision – which confirms the ruling of a lower court – could bring to an end the use of adult “decoys” in paedophilia [sic] investigations because it establishes that they effectively undermine the legal basis of any prosecution.

“Grooming” became a criminal offence in the Netherlands in January 2010 after it changed its legislation to ratify the Treaty of Lanzarote, which criminalises the use of “new technologies”, particularly the internet, to sexually abuse or harm children."

"Under Article 248e of the Dutch Criminal Code, a suspect may be prosecuted for grooming – which carries a two-year maximum prison sentence – once he or she makes a proposal over the internet to meet a child under 16 for sex.

However, in yesterday’s ruling the judges in The Hague said that the accused could not be convicted of grooming a child for sex because, in actual fact, he had made an appointment to meet a grown man and not a child – and it was not an offence to proposition any person over 16 for sex."

""Making an appointment for sex with someone over the age of 16 is never an offence, even if the suspect thinks he is dealing with a juvenile,” the court said in its published ruling. “In this sense, the suspect’s intentions are not decisive here.”"

"They said it followed that for the crime of grooming to take place within the meaning of the law it was “necessary” that the intended victim should be under 16 – a crucial decision for future police investigations."

What does Jim think?


Jim Gamble ‏@JimGamble_INEQE

"If you become frustrated about some of our judges in #onlinegrooming cases, be thankful we are not in the Netherlands"

Of course he would.


08:00 Wednesday 26 June 2013

'My life is not worth living'

"‘MY life has been a complete nightmare, it has been ruined,’

DM says he has contemplated killing himself after friendships and family relations crumbled and received death threats, when he was arrested on suspicion of sexual grooming following the posting of a video on social networking site Facebook.

The 41-year-old now speaks exclusively to the Mail on how his life has been turned upside down after the video went viral."

"He now lives out of the area, frightened to return, and says very few people speak to him anymore, but wants to put across his side of the story claiming his social networking sites were hacked and he believed he was meeting up with an 18-year-old.

“I was on a website called Badoo for over 18s. It is not an explicit site or anything of that nature.

“An 18-year-old girl looking for guys over 28, messaged me saying hello and I replied hello. The next message I got was a mobile asking to text so it moved to text message. She later asked me to meet, I said I didn’t want to but she was saying I had no intention of meeting. I had no intention of having a relationship.”

In the video, Mr M is told he was talking to a 14-year-old girl but denies he knew she was 14 and believes his internet profiles had been hacked. In the video, he says he knew she was 14 and had simply gone to meet her to advise her against meeting people she didn’t know online.

He said: “I was confronted by three men, two were quite stocky with tattoos and it was very dark so I couldn’t see them clearly. I was shown a message on a tablet that implied I was chatting to a minor and made me look as guilty as hell, I would have said the Pope was yellow with pink spots to get away unharmed.

“Their cars had blocked me in on a very rough estate. I was scared and feared for my wellbeing."

Internet 'sting' that destroyed my life


Published: October 11th, 2013 

Indiana Court of Appeals Rules in RC’s Favor

"The Indiana Court of Appeals reviewed the case to decide whether or not C took a substantial step in attempting child seduction as charged. The court found that C did not take a substantial step in committing attempted child seduction. Because his requests to engage in sexual behavior were Internet-based and did not require an immediate act, the court concluded that C’s Internet-based solicitations did not constitute a substantial step toward the crime of child seduction.

The Appellate Court reversed the Starke Circuit Court’s decision to dismiss the charges."

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Since When Did They Care About Being Correct? Especially Antonella Lazzeri

JUNE 26, 2013

The Sun gets regulator reprimand and publishes correction for misleading on European human rights

"Updated | Remember Inhuman Rights, The Sun’s garbled reporting of this Court of Appeal decision on Criminal Record Bureau checks? In February, I wrote this: No, The Sun, the Human Rights Act is not the EU. My complaint was about the headline, which screamed “Now EU could let fiends like him prey on your children“. This was obvious nonsense, since the judgment had nothing to do with the EU."

No, The Sun, the Human Rights Act is not the EU


Inhuman rights




Complainant Name: Jacqueline Minor, on behalf of the European Commission’s Representation to the United Kingdom

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Sentence Tax

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Unfair Becomes Absurd

"Regular readers of the blog will be aware that I have never been a fan of the so-called Victim [sic] Surcharge.

When it was first brought in I was able to explain it to John Humphrys on the Today programme.

The amounts are arbitrary, and the proceeds do not go to victims, but rather to various bodies such as the CPS. With the changes that have been in place since October 2012, the surcharge is extended to many more sentences. The surcharge on a fine is now 10% (as opposed to a flat £15) with a £20 minimum and is capped at £120. What that cap means is that very large fines (such as those for environmental or Health and Safety breaches) carry a proportionately lower charge than that levied on a small-time drunk or shoplifter.

The details are here.

The genius who cooked up these new rates only needs to spend a morning in a courtroom to see what a high proportion of those dealt with are broke, the majority on benefit. Dafter still, an immediate prison sentence carries a surcharge of £80-£120 depending on its length. This will prove difficult to collect, and even if the effort is made, the cost will far exceed the amount recovered.

Let's give it time to settle in, and we can do an FoI request to find out just how much has been collected."

Victim surcharge: unintended consequences

When A Few Anecdotes Sell More BS

24 Jun 2013 12:27

Inside the mind of a murderer: Forensic psychology expert reveals key tools to solving crime

"DR Kathy Charles explains how analysing what's going on in suspect's head gives psychologists vital clues in the approach to securing a conviction.

Dr Kathy Charles has studied hundreds of brutal cases

UNDERSTANDING what makes a person commit murder or a sex crime is never an easy task but forensic psychologist Dr Kathy Charles knows exactly how their minds work [hahahahaha].

She has worked alongside police to profile criminals and dedicates her time to helping young offenders understand the reasoning behind their actions.

Now Dr Charles, 34, from ­Edinburgh, is passing on her expert knowledge to Scotland’s next generation of forensic psychologists. She is set to host a series of fascinating lectures detailing her experiences on a number of cases.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to know why some people commit crimes and others don’t.

“It’s important to know how the mind works, especially if the focus of a police investigation is a serial killer, rapist or stalker.

“I worked on profiling Ipswich prostitute murderer Steve Wright and have profiled rapists and stalkers, too.

“Committing the offence is one thing but understanding why is completely different.

“That’s where logic [hahahahahahaha] comes in and I often say it’s like piecing a jigsaw together.

“In some cases there is no obvious suspect and that’s where profiling becomes useful.

“By looking at the type of crime, the way it happened and the timeline, you can profile the type of person likely [figures?] to be responsible.

“In many cases [and there lies the proof of your errors - mere chance], when the suspect is caught the profile is almost spot-on.”"


Dr Kathy Charles

Facebook stress linked to number of ‘friends’

Every Relationship (For All Intents And Purposes) Is A Balance Of Power, Whatever The Relative Ages

Monday 24 June 2013 16.38 BST

JF: child protection experts warn against romanticising case

"NSPCC says media must be careful [sic] of presenting relationship between teacher and pupil as love story [which is exactly what it is]

JF, who was jailed for five and a half years after starting a sexual relationship with a child.

To glance at some headlines, a reader might think this was a conventional love story: "I still love him"; "He's wonderful, I'll fight for him". But this was, child protection professionals agree, a relationship built around abuse [sic].

JF, a maths teacher who turns 31 on Tuesday, was jailed for five and a half years last week for beginning a sexual relationship with a pupil shortly after her 15th birthday and escaping to France with the girl when their connection was discovered.

Post-verdict coverage has shone a spotlight on the many ethical and regulatory difficulties of such cases. While newspapers have remained condemnatory of F himself, interviews with the girl, now 16 [legal age], and with F's family, traced a distinctly romantic narrative, with talk of her visiting her ex-teacher in prison, sticking by him and even future marriage.

Beyond the unequal basis of their relationship, the court heard that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is psychologically vulnerable [sic] and from a difficult background [sic]. Her decision to side with F and his family has seen her cut contact altogether with her own mother.

Stories, primarily in the Sun and Mail titles, detailing her feelings for F, including reprints of emotionally charged letters, were "a concern", said Jon Brown, who leads on child protection issues [sic] for the NSPCC charity. "There's an awful lot of work that still needs to be done with the media in explaining [lying to] and, in a sense, educating [brainwashing] journalists so they do have a better understanding [sic] of the reality [sic] of these relationships," he said.""


JUNE 25, 2013

The NSPCC – Suppressing the Truth

"They are deeply upset.

Journalists need re-programming ’educating’, so that they don’t report what people say to them.

Reporting factual statements is unhelpful to the NSPCCs agenda.

This morning they are waving clause 6 of the PCC code, not to mention clause 16, in front of the terrified journalists and warning of the direst consequences. The Guardian is so upset on their behalf that they are providing links to both the Daily Mail and The Sun (unheard of!) so that their readers can see exactly what such irresponsible journalism looks like without the Guardian having to sully itself by printing similar off-message words.

What could have been said to provoke the NSPCC so? Has Harriet the Harridan been advocating paedophilia again? Did David Cameron issue a statement saying the NSPCC were a waste of space? Is Chanel 4 making a new version of ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here’ from Lewes prison? Is Haley the only male actor left in Coronation Street? Nothing so minor unfortunately.

A young woman has declared her love for the man in her life. He has been sent to prison and she has stated that she will stand by him, wait for him.

And those dastardly right wing journalists have reported that she said that! Shock horror! This, in the NSPCCs view is reprehensible. It is ‘romanticising’ what could have been a donation winning situation for the NSPCC. It’s, it’s, unethical, that’s what it is, it’s unethical, they splutter…in fact they go so far as to claim that these journalists are only reporting fact – in an effort to sell newspapers. Who-da-thought-it?

“But then there’s an ethical issue which is broader than the code: are papers talking about this in a responsible way?”

Ideally, the NSPCC would have liked to see the young woman, an adult, illustrated by a pixilated image of an eight year old child in a winsomely too long nightdress clutching a teddy bear. JF, for it is he, illustrated by ‘picture posed by an actor’ – preferably a stern faced older man with a slight leer exposing yellow teeth, in mortar and gown, brandishing a cane. If only the regulation existed that they are calling for, they would have supplied the prose, written by a computer programmed to insert the words ‘child abuse’ into every sentence, and liberally sprinkled with keywords like ‘authoritarian figure’ and ‘vulnerable child’.

Unfortunately for them, the regulation does not yet exist, nor is Ms Mega Speech-Impediment (apologies to the young woman, not very PC but it is PCC) minded to go along with their charade."

Monday, 24 June 2013

Lots Of Coppers Are Wrong 'Uns - Simple, Established, Fact

24 June 2013 Last updated at 12:08 

Lawrence police smear claims: Cameron demands investigation

"Peter Francis, who says he says he posed as an anti-racism campaigner, served in the Met's now-disbanded Special Demonstration Squad.

Undercover officer Peter Francis says he was instructed to find information that could discredit the Lawrence family and anti-racism campaigners.

Scotland Yard has refused to confirm or deny the claims made in the Guardian.

Home Secretary Theresa May is expected to set out details of an inquiry into the allegations in the Commons later."

Who'd try to smear Stephen Lawrence's family? A Met that's out of control

PM wants Lawrence smear plot probe

David Cameron orders police to investigate allegations they spied on Stephen Lawrence family

Lawrence lawyer: Police inquiry 'needed'

This betrayal of my family: Fury of Stephen's father over revelation that police spies ran secret campaign to 'dig up dirt' on the Lawrences

'No attempt to smear Lawrence family' - video


Shame of the 4,000 ‘bent coppers’ as police crime soars [just the ones caught]

As our cops are shamed by cover-ups and corruption, we ask: can we ever trust them?

How The Police And Politicians Can Regain The Public Trust [every contact with the public recorded on helmet CCTV would be a good start]


Monday, 1 July 2013 7:56 AM

Policing 'Hippocratic Oath' will fix bent coppers, MPs hope

"Police need to be as trusted by the public as doctors, MPs have said, in a report calling for a major shake-up of standards.

The Commons' home affairs committee wants the introduction of a new code of ethics and integrity comparable to the Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors at the start of their career.

Its report, published today, called for unified policing standards, a register of interests for chief constables and a scale of fines established by the College of Policing in cases of grave misconduct."


I was weak and cruel, admits ex-undercover police boss


Doreen Lawrence says 'no confidence' in police

Don't Post Them, Then - Duh

23 Jun 2013 00:00

Paedophiles [sic] stealing [sic] parents' Facebook pictures of their kids to share on sick [sic] pages

"Perverts [sic] trawl the site copying pictures parents have taken of their kids and those youngsters have shared with friends

Paedophiles [sic] are stealing innocent Facebook family snaps to put on their own depraved pages on the social network.

The perverts [offensive and derogatory] trawl the site copying pictures parents have taken of their children and images youngsters have shared with friends.

Then they use them to connect to other child abusers [sic] around the world who post sickening [sic] comments ­underneath the snaps.

A Sunday Mirror investigation has uncovered paedophile [sic] Facebook pages packed with hundreds of pictures ranging from children as young as eight on beach holidays to “playful” underwear pictures posted naively by schoolgirls in their early teens.

Sprinkled among them were child porn images [hahahahaha] on a string of pages with titles such as ‘Lolita’, ‘Jailbait-cuties’, ‘Naturalist kids lovers’ and ‘cute and gay boys’.

Following our investigation [sic], last week Facebook closed down ­several pages and links."

Saturday, 22 June 2013

No Surprise, Of Course - "They [GCHQ] are worse than the US."

Friday 21 June 2013 17.23 BST

GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications

"Exclusive: British spy agency collects and stores vast quantities of global email messages, Facebook posts, internet histories and calls, and shares them with NSA, latest documents from Edward Snowden reveal

Secret document detailing GCHQ's ambition to 'master the internet'

Britain's spy agency GCHQ has secretly gained access to the network of cables which carry the world's phone calls and internet traffic and has started to process vast streams of sensitive personal information which it is sharing with its American partner, the National Security Agency (NSA).

The sheer scale of the agency's ambition is reflected in the titles of its two principal components: Mastering the Internet and Global Telecoms Exploitation, aimed at scooping up as much online and telephone traffic as possible. This is all being carried out without any form of public acknowledgement or debate."

GCHQ 'exploiting international nature of web'

UK secretly tapping fibre-optic cables for data: report

'GCHQ is worse than US', says whistleblower Edward Snowden as he claims British spies are collecting huge amounts of data from internet and phone calls

Tim Berners-Lee: internet freedom must be safeguarded

What is Prism? Secret government data collection program explained


US tapping emails, SMSs in Germany: Report

Berlin accuses Washington of cold war tactics over snooping

Angela Merkel: NSA snooping claims 'extremely serious'


How Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages


UK police authorised to seize mobile data at the border without reasonable suspicion


Britain’s spies did not use secret US snooping programme, watchdog finds [yeah, right]


Exactly How the NSA Is Getting Away With Spying on US Citizens

U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

BT and Vodafone among telecoms companies passing details to GCHQ


February 6th 2014, 8:13 pm

Snowden Docs: British Spies Used Sex and 'Dirty Tricks'

"British spies have developed “dirty tricks” for use against nations, hackers, terror groups, suspected criminals and arms dealers that include releasing computer viruses, spying on journalists and diplomats, jamming phones and computers, and using sex to lure targets into “honey traps.”"

One Day Stinson, It Will Not Just Be A Car - Please Take Our Informed, Caring, Advice

Often Legless

We have told you, that you are playing with fire.

This is a life and death issue.

You have still not realised this.

For all that is humane and peaceful - stop the 'name and shame' - if you have evidence, report it to the police.

Even your life is too valuable, to be risked for fleeting fame and glory; please, take your own advice.



7 Jun

Stinson Hunter ‏@stinsonxhunter

Just had it confirmed that not only is my right ankle broken but my left ankle is fractured. Sucks but I will be fighting fit soon!



Friday, June 21, 2013.

Paedophile [sic] hunter run over in sting that turned 'malicious'.

"A SELF-STYLED "pervert catcher" has issued a warning to copycats about the dangers involved after he was run over when a recent sting turned "malicious".

The town's most prominent video vigilante Stinson Hunter is now recovering following a seven-day stay in hospital after he was knocked down by one man he had arranged to meet while posing as an underage girl.

."Two weeks ago I was run over by one of them, it was a meeting we were trying to do with a man [who was there] for sex," said Hunter.

"That is the most significant danger I have personally experienced. It was a malicious attack – he drove at me and I had to jump on to his car to stop him taking my legs, which is a bit sick."

Hit and run suspect caught on motorway

‘Paedophile hunter’ left with two broken ankles after being run over in Nuneaton sting operation

Vigilante attacked by paedophile suspect he was targeting in sting


Friday, June 28, 2013

Leave policing to police force

"I WAS not surprised to read about Stinson Hunter being run over in last week's Herald.

People like him are taking the law into their own hands when they set up these video 'stings' to catch so-called paedophiles and what they are doing is downright dangerous. Not only is it dangerous to them – as Stinson Hunter found out – but it is dangerous to the people they confront, who are effectively tried in public, on video, before they have been even charged by the authorities.

I thought in this country you are innocent until proven guilty in a proper court.

No-one would disagree with what Stinson Hunter is trying to achieve, but there are proper ways to protect children and catch paedophiles [sic].

We should leave the policing to the police.

Concerned reader, Tamworth."

Jim's First Big Keercchiingggg

Just look at this motley crew ...

Glimpse: Inside The Mind of a Child Sex Abuser

September 9th 2013, Riddel Hall, Queens University Belfast


Now, you make sure you publish all the presentations, Jim - for veracity and peer analysis.


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Reorientating Criminal Justice Around The Rights Of Alleged Victims [Complainants] Is Destroying The Rights Of The Defendant

Tuesday 11 June 2013

The victims [complainants] are taking over the law courts

"Reorientating criminal justice around the rights of alleged victims [complainants] is destroying the rights of the defendant.

Last week, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which undertakes all prosecutions for criminal offences in England and Wales, launched a policy allowing victims [complainants] to review any decision taken by it to not charge a suspect or to halt a prosecution for lack of evidence.

This right will only apply to decisions made by the CPS, and will not apply to police decisions not to investigate an allegation. The prompt for this policy change came from a Court of Appeal judgement in 2011 in the case of Christopher Killick, in which the court included a recommendation that such a right should exist in the course of a judgement.

CPS head Keir Starmer justified the move on the basis that it bolsters the victim’s [complainant's] position in the criminal-justice system. He described how the policy will prevent victims [complainants] being mere ‘bystanders’ in the course of criminal justice and how ‘it is now recognised by the criminal-justice system that the interests of justice and the rights of the victim [complainant] outweigh the suspect’s right to certainty’.

This glib dismissal of the defendant’s right to certainty in the name of victims’ [complainants'] rights shows just how influential the ‘victim’ [complainant] has become in criminal proceedings. But the decision also comes at a historical low point for the authority of the CPS. This new policy is driven by two factors: a historical move towards a more victim-centred [complainant-centred] justice system and the CPS’s own profound crisis of institutional authority.

The policy follows a number of cases in which the CPS’s ability to judge whether or not to prosecute has come under close scrutiny. In the course of Operation Yewtree, the CPS issued a public apology for its decision not to prosecute the late liberal MP Cyril Smith on the basis of evidence presented to it in the 1970s. The investigation into the Cyril Smith case followed criticism of the CPS after a lawyer had failed to proceed against those involved in what became known as the Rochdale sex-ring case, because of doubts raised about the credibility of the victims [complainants]. The new policy is not driven by sympathy for victims [complainants], nor is it a straightforward response to the decision of the Court of Appeal. It is a cynical and ill-thought-out attempt to counter a perceived lack of public faith in the CPS to make the right calls on prosecutions.

Usually, the decision whether to prosecute signifies the first involvement of the CPS in a criminal case. The CPS lawyer making the decision has to establish that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute and that it is in the public interest to do so. The fact that the CPS does not feel confident that its lawyers can get this decision right, when it represents such a significant aspect of its role in any given case, shows just how depleted the authority of the CPS has become.

But there are other factors at play. The new policy is symptomatic of a justice system that is reorientating around the rights of the victim [complainant] at the expense of the rights of the defendant. Victims [complainants] now play a greater role in criminal proceedings than they ever have before. For example, since 2003 it has been possible to read statements out in court from the victims [complainants] of serious offences in the course of sentencing a defendant at the end of a case. Judges are entitled to take these victims’ [complainants'], statements into account when passing sentence.

Moreover, numerous legislative changes have been enacted to make it easier for victims [complainants] to give evidence and to minimise the distress of the trial process. These have included allowing victims [complainants] to be questioned from behind a screen or by video link. Most significantly, in relation to a defendant’s rights to finality in his dealing with the state, we also saw the repeal of double jeopardy in 2003, meaning defendants could be tried again for crimes of which they had been acquitted. All of these reforms have been justified on the basis of giving a more central role to victims [complainants] in the administration of justice.

But the idea that victims [complainants] have any ‘rights’ whatsoever when it comes to criminal proceedings is a dangerous legal falsehood. There are two parties in a criminal case: the defendant and the state. Because the state is able to utilise an enormous amount of resources in bringing prosecutions, the defendant’s rights are a vital means through which the playing field is levelled. The defendant’s right to finality, his right to certainty that the state will not pursue him over and over again for the same offence, was eroded by the repeal of double jeopardy. Now, with the introduction of the right to review, the CPS seems ready to do away with it completely.

The trend towards ‘victim-centered justice’ [complainant-centred] has extremely draconian connotations for the way justice is administered. In the victim-centered [complainant-centered] courtroom, all that matters is closure for the victim [complainant], even if that closure comes through denying and overriding due process and the erosion of fundamental freedoms. Victims [complainants] are, and must be, ‘mere bystanders’ in a criminal case. Otherwise, the objective and impartial administration of justice stands to be replaced by the emotionalised and draconian passing of state-sanctioned revenge."


Why ‘victim’s rights’ are bad for justice

In the name of the victim, the jury’s out


We went for it all, Luke, we hope this is OK.



21 June 2013 Last updated at 12:19

Bill to end court case corroboration

"Kenny MacAskill said corroboration could represent a barrier to justice

Proposals to end the centuries-old requirement for corroboration in court cases have been brought forward by the Scottish government.

Corroboration - the need for evidence in criminal trials to come from two sources - could be abolished by the new Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill."



Victims can confront criminals

"Victims of crime for the first time will be allowed to directly confront the offenders who damaged their lives in court. Under a new code, victims will be able to choose to explain how a crime has hit them by reading out a Victim Personal Statement."


Victims can confront criminals

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Victims can confront criminals

Victim personal statements

Victim personal statements

Updated 29 October 2013

The code of practice for victims of crime

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Peter Saunders, The Consummate Professional Victim, Again Feeds The Daily Mail’s Hysteria

PUBLISHED: 00:29, 18 June 2013 | UPDATED: 00:29, 18 June 2013

Two in three child porn perverts [offensive and inflammatory] spared jail: Outrage as 1,000 paedophiles [sic] caught with obscene material [sic] are given community or suspended sentences [we know, we are outraged, there should be no sentence at all !!!]

"Campaigners [professional victims] want tougher sentences to reflect damage to children [sic]

Growing concerns [sic] over the spread [sic] and impact [sic] of sickening [sic] material

Has been linked [sic] to two high-profile child murders in recent weeks. [only by idiots and profiteers]

Two thirds of perverts [offensive and inflammatory] caught downloading sickening child pornography escape a jail sentence, figures revealed last night. In a new soft-justice [sic] outrage, 1,000 paedophiles [sic] caught in possession of obscene [sic] abuse videos and pictures were handed community sentences or suspended jail terms last year.

The revelation was greeted with fury [sic] by child abuse campaigners, who are demanding [sic] tougher sentences to reflect the damage [sic] done to the children pictured in the horrific [sic] images.

Fury [sic]: In a new soft-justice outrage, 1,000 paedophiles [sic] caught in possession of obscene [sic] abuse videos and pictures were handed community sentences or suspended jail terms last year.

Peter Saunders, chief executive of the National Association for People Abused in Childhood, said: ‘I think the sentence should be proportionate to the severity of the impact of the crime [we do too, no impact, no crime].

'I can’t think of any crimes worse than those that involve the abuse of the children [really? then you should think harder - but, these are images, Peter]. Therefore to not put those people away is to put our children in danger [sic], because it sends the message [sic] that it is not a crime we take seriously [sic]. Every judge who passes those sentences is endangering our children [sic].’ "

Abducted Child Traumatised And Abused 8 Times In One Night

Published: 11 hrs ago

'Teacher had sex with girl pupil 8 times in one night’

"Pal's court claim

A MARRIED teacher accused of abducting a 15-year-old pupil had sex with her EIGHT times in one night, a court was told yesterday.

JF, 30, slept with the girl “multiple times” in a hotel after a shopping trip to Kent, jurors heard.

In a police interview played to the court, a pal of the schoolgirl said: “One time she told me they went to a shopping centre. I think it was Bluewater. “They went for a meal after and stayed in a hotel. She said they had sex multiple times — it was seven or eight times. That was during the summer.""


Teacher JF found guilty of child abduction

'I love you', he mouthed from the dock. 'I'm sorry', the girl sobbed as the jury said guilty: Pupil, 16, who fled to France with teacher vows to wait for him as it emerges they are STILL a couple

How often do abusive [sic] teacher-pupil relationships occur?

JF's relationship with his pupil 'was abusive' [sic]

JF jailed for five-and-a-half years after admitting sex offence charges

JF is a creep, even if his pupil doesn't think so

JF sentencing: Live updates as teacher is jailed for abduction and sexual activity with a child

JF trial: Paedophile [sic] teacher's family call for full examination of what went wrong


Ben Rankin


Late, Sun, rubbish ...

JF jailed for five and a half years

Teen girl: JF tried to groom me as well

I still love him

I will wait for you

Jailed Scottish teacher JF banned from seeing the schoolgirl he abducted after prison bosses seize their love letters


Paedophile [sic] JF 'attacked by fellow prisoner' while he was standing trial for abducting schoolgirl


Sentencing remarks of His Honour Judge Lawson QC


Published: 25th June 2013

F's sister: don't call my brother a paedophile

"Carrie Hanspaul ... loyal to jailed brother JF

THE SISTER of jailed teacher JF is adamant her brother is not a paedophile [correct] – despite having sex with his 15-year-old pupil [indeed, you have been told ... many times].

The 33-year-old told ITV's Daybreak: “She was 15, she’s not 11. Underage, but the general [much more than that] definition of a paedophile is somebody who is interested in pre-pubescent girls [or boys] generally under the age of 11."


JF case: Twitter users could have broken the law


‘I refused to testify against J so the judge had me arrested at school’

I fell for him in detention, we kissed in his classroom early before the bell rang


Abduction scandal school’s head is told to quit


Mum 35: I seduced boy at 16, I’m not ashamed – the sex is great


Teacher gets 5.5 years – “We’ve lost the sentencing plot

Of Course Not, Jim ... A Bit Irritating, When You Are On The Outside, Eh?

8:00am, Tue 18 Jun 2013

Summit to tackle abuse images

"Why the debate over blocking child abuse images [sic] is misleading

UK Child abuse Internet In an article for ITV News, the former head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, Jim Gamble, has warned that today's summit called by the Culture Secretary to put pressure on leading internet and technology companies to do more to tackle child abuse images [sic] on the web will achieve little.

Today's meeting between the UK's top Internet Service Providers and the Government is going to be a perfectly choreographed event that will produce lots of sound-bites about things already in motion but achieve little else." [well, you know how that works, eh, Jim?]


Jim Gamble


ISPs Head For No 10 For Internet Porn And Child Abuse [sic] Talks

Summit tackles web pornography and images of child abuse [sic]

Cameron: Web firms not doing enough to tackle child abuse [sic]

Cameron fears his own children will stumble across online porn

Maria Miller warns internet firms on child abuse images [sic]

Culture Sec warns internet firms on child abuse images [sic]

PM puts the heat on abuse [sic] websites

Google gives £3m to aid crackdown on child abuse images [sic]

Internet Watch Foundation on combating child abuse imagery [sic]

Google builds system to identify child abuse images [sic]

MPs to call for more funds to tackle child abuse images [sic]

Google invests $7m in eradicating child abuse [sic] from the web

Google Introduces Better Child Abuse [sic] Prevention Tools

Google flings another £1m at online child sex abuse [sic] vid CRACKDOWN

Police are ‘failing to halt spread of online child abuse’ [sic]

Internet giants given two months to plan how to block child abuse images [sic]

Web giants urged to tackle child abuse images [sic] online

Google plans anti-child abuse image [sic] database to fight online evil [sic]


We *really* like this one, you will see, why, later ...

Friday 14 June 2013

BT to display clear message on web pages containing child abuse images [sic]

"The new system is the latest move in the battle against indecent online images, which are believed to have played a part in a number of recent high-profile child murders. [only by idiots and profiteers]"


Please 'exploit' us, again, Mr Murdoch ...

Last Updated: 18th June 2013

Google unveils new plan to wipe out online child abuse [sic]

"GOOGLE’s new plan to wipe out sick [sic] child abuse images [sic] from the web has been hailed as a ‘game-changer’ [sic] by Sun Justice campaigner [sic] Shy Keenan. The search engine recently announced a new system to allow law enforcement agencies to share information [sic] about vile pictures of children being raped or abused.

A database of these ‘hashed’ pics will then be set up, and they will be erased from the web wherever they occur — forever [sic].

Shy said: “Google’s plan could be a real game-changer [sic] in the fight against online paedophiles [sic] and the sickening pictures [sic] they circulate on the web."

Published: 16th June 2013

Parents power

"Families of Tia and April join forces with Sun campaign by taking web filth [sic] battle [sic] to Downing St

Plea for action ... Paul and Coral Jones, left, and Natalie Sharp and David Niles outside No10

THE parents of tragic April Jones and Tia Sharp have bravely joined forces at Downing Street to demand Britain wipes out internet child abuse [sic]. They came together for a crisis meeting organised by The Sun at No10 — and told the Government’s web chief: “Make it our daughters’ legacy to get rid of this filth.” [sic]

Both April, five, and Tia, 12, were murdered last year by paedophiles [sic] who had been scouring [sic] the net for sick images [sic]."

Published: 11 hrs ago (19/6/13;12:32)

Net enough

"April Jones’s parents slam deal with internet giants over child images [sic]

Clean-up blitz ... shadowy world of web is targeted

MURDERED April Jones’s parents last night slammed a Government agreement with internet giants to crack down on child abuse images [sic], saying: “It isn’t enough”.

Firms including Google, Microsoft and BT were summoned to Whitehall yesterday for a meeting with Culture Secretary Maria Miller — and both sides backed a beefed-up role for the UK’s online watchdog.

The top four internet service providers agreed to give the Internet Watch Foundation just an extra £250,000 each over a four-year period — despite raking in billions from their online businesses."

April's Parents Back Child Abuse [sic] Crackdown

David Cameron to meet April Jones' parents in fight against online child abuse [sic]

Sharp calls for more action tackle child sex abuse [sic] online

Fiend who raped me was addict of violent web porn



Google, the IWF et al. learned, long ago, the quickest way to shut fools up (even powerful fools), is to pay them off. However, you knew that, already, Jim.

You may have to wait a while longer, for the UIP.



Addendum (19/6/13)

Minister claims progress in tackling child abuse images [sic] online

PUBLISHED: 16:14, 18 June 2013 | UPDATED: 11:03, 19 June 2013

Maria Miller under fire for boasting about being the 'only mother in Cabinet' to divert attention from web porn plan

">Aides to the Culture Secretary highlighted her children ahead of summit
>Risked looking insensitive towards four childless Cabinet minister
>Meeting with Google, Microsoft and BT agrees to beef up web watchdog."

Maria Miller warns [sic] internet firms on child abuse images [sic]

Child abuse [sic] showdown "hijacked by ignorant MPs"

Internet watchdog to tackle online child abuse [sic]

Government ‘failing’ in battle to block online child abuse images [sic]

Whitehall and Internet Firms Agree Crackdown on Online Child Abuse Images [sic]

'Fundamental change' in removing child abuse images [sic]

UK ISPs to give £1m towards hunting out child abuse images online [sic]

Internet giants and Westminster agree approach to tackle online child abuse images [sic]

Parents fear children are still at risk [sic] despite child porn curbs [sic]

Child sex abuse [sic]: Internet firms MUST do more, says campaigning Hull MP

Broadband providers commit £1m to fight against child abuse [sic]

Google and ISPs efforts won't stop spread of child abuse images [sic], warns NetClean CEO


19 Jun

Jim Gamble ‏@JimGamble_INEQE

"Anyone who is interested in the debate on the #internet summit the @BBCRadio4 PM interview from about 15.30mins"

PM - 18/06/2013


Internet giants secretly urged by ministers to pretend they are blocking online porn to let Cameron declare 'victory' on the issue

David Cameron urges internet firms to block child abuse images

Published: 7 hrs ago (21/7/13)

Help us, PM 

"Coral and Paul Jones, whose daughter April was sexually assaulted and murdered by loner Mark Bridger, produced a picture of a young teenage girl hugging an inflatable penis.

They explained their daughter had found it five minutes after logging on to a website which was supposed to support April.

A visibly shocked Prime Minister took the image from them and promised to crack down on the spread of vile images."

Monday, 17 June 2013

This Deserves Longer Than We Can Give, Presently, Richard

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Media AVP (Anti Victim Prejudice) 4 - "Child Sex"

"The more you look at how the media reports on child abuse, the more you realise just how prejudicial [why prejudicial?] and "dumbing down" [well, if you will read The Sun] their reporting is.

"As well as calling child abuse images [sic] "Porn" [which most is, by formal definitions], children who are prostituted out to paedophiles [sic] "child prostitutes" and the devious activities [sic] of paedophiles [sic] as merely "having an affair", the other thing that really bugs me is the repetitive way that abuse is referred to a "child sex" "[yes, we agree ... we prefer the neutral and clearer term, Child Sexual Activity - CSAc; Minor Sexual Activity is even better, but the 'Minor' may be misinterpreted, just as ‘Abuse’ is, in Child Sexual Abuse - CSA] 


We will return to this, later, Richard.

The OSC 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Easy One Richard

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Media AVP (Anti Victim Prejudice) 3 - "Affairs"

"A brief posting tonight, on another way the media downplays the crime of child abuse [sic].

Definition of affair by The Free Dictionary [note the prefix, 'diction']

"A romantic and sexual relationship, sometimes one of brief duration, between two people who are not married to each other."


Teacher jailed for affair with schoolgirl


The age of consent in the UK is 16 (Age of consent).

Call me picky [no, just incorrect], but when I think of the word "affair", I think of an extra-marital sexual relationship between 2 adults who are not married to each other (one or both being married to other people) [there lies one of your major errors; that is an 'extra-marital affair']."

"What do victims think when their lives have been ruined [sic] by sexual assaults by adults, seeing their abuse [sic] being downplayed and trivialised in the media [because they are not comparable?], by having it described as merely "having an affair""? [they think of the compensation, as they almost always do, Richard]


Thirteen - Lucky for some.

"Beast beds girl of 13... but it’s not rape

An old story, from November last year, but one where the underlying theme of this story is just as applicable today as it was then. As far as I am aware, nothing has changed.

Under UK Law as defined [sic] by CPS "A boy or girl under the age of 16 cannot consent in law [see that, Richard?], (Archbold 2004, 20-152)"."



This is because, the rich dimensions of life, in all of its wonderful complexity, are much, much larger, than that microcosm construct, described by legal terminology (i.e. victim, assault, legal consent etc. etc.) ... thank goodness, it is.

We hope this assists in your evolution.


Quickly !!! Protect Them From Themselves !!!

6:40 pm, Mon 03 Jun 2013

Sexting 'common' in schools

"A charity has told Tyne Tees that 'sexting' has become so common that some children are being asked to take topless photos of themselves two or three times a week.

A national charity says the problem of sexting has become so common that girls are being asked to pose for pictures two or three times a week. Sexting is where children take explict pictures of themselves and send them to friends or post them on the internet."


Wednesday 12 June 2013

Who’s afraid of internet porn?

"The current panic about internet porn is born of adult anxieties rather than children’s degeneracy."

Basically... Porn is everywhere - Press Release

When Did Idiots Start To Rule Our Country?

12 Jun 2013 : Column 360

Protecting Children Online
"Opposition Day: [2nd Allotted Day]
1.28 pm

Helen Goodman (Bishop Auckland) (Lab):

I beg to move, That this House deplores the growth [sic] in child abuse images [sic] online; deeply regrets that up to one and a half million people have seen such images [hahahahaha]; notes with alarm the lack of resources available to the police to tackle this problem [keeerchinggg]; further notes the correlation between viewing such images and further child abuse [hahahahahaha]; notes with concern the Government’s failure to implement the recommendations of the Bailey Review and the Independent Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection on ensuring children’s safe access to the internet; and calls on the Government to set a timetable for the introduction of safe search as a default, effective age verification and splash page warnings and to bring forward legislative proposals to ensure these changes are speedily implemented [hahahahahaha, no idea].

The motion is in the name of my right hon. Friend the Member for Doncaster North (Edward Miliband).

The whole country was shocked and revolted [incorrect] by the trials of Mark Bridger and Stuart Hazell, the two men who brutally murdered April Jones and Tia Sharp. They sent a shiver of horror down the spine of every parent in the land [incorrect]. In both cases, they were found to have huge libraries [hahahahahaha] of child abuse images [sic] on their computers. In both cases, this was the first known [known] offence against children. Surely it is now beyond doubt that what a person sees influences how they behave [hahahahahaha].

Let us be clear: there is no such thing as child pornography [sic]. There is child abuse online [sic]. Any image depicting a sexual act with or on a child under 18 is illegal [sure on that?]. Child abuse images [sic] are illegal under international law and in every country on the globe [incorrect]. The Internet Watch Foundation is the UK hotline for reporting child abuse [hahahahahaha]. It has pioneered [hahahahahaha] this work since 1996. It can disrupt and delete content on the web within an hour [hahahahahaha] and it protects child victims [sic] by working in co-operation with the police at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre [keerchinngg]. It also aims to prevent people from stumbling across such images [we support this]. We all owe an immense debt of gratitude to the IWF [hardly, much more harm has been done, than good, and it will continue].

However, the surge in the scale of the problems [sic] threatens to overwhelm both the IWF and the police [and it always will]. The IWF’s independent survey by ComRes found that up to 1.5 million people have stumbled on child abuse images, yet last year the IWF received only 40,000 notifications and some 13,000 web pages were taken down as a result. Its latest figures show a 40% rise on last year."

... and so it goes on, and on, and on.

Labour to demand action over child pornography [welcome onto the paedowagon]

Labour says coalition being 'strung along' by internet firms


Helen Goodman

Edward Miliband


ISPA statement on Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection Apr 18 2012

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Innocent Until Proven An Habitual Liar

Wednesday 12 June 2013 13.34 BST

Judge Constance Briscoe charged with perverting course of justice

"Barrister and author faces two charges in connection with case of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce

Judge Constance Briscoe QC, who has been charged with intending to pervert the course of justice.

The barrister and bestselling author Constance Briscoe has been charged with intending to pervert the course of justice over allegations she lied to police in connection with the speeding points case against the former cabinet minister Chris Huhne and his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce.

Briscoe, 55, a part-time crown court recorder and criminal lawyer, was arrested in October and was immediately suspended from the judiciary. She is due to appear at Westminster magistrates court on 24 June."


Constance Briscoe to be charged over Huhne points case

Constance Briscoe denies perverting justice over Huhne speeding case


"Briscoe is known for her books Ugly and Beyond Ugly in which she claims she was abused as a child, which her mother denied. She often talks publicly about her experiences. Her mother, Carmen Briscoe-Mitchell, sued her daughter and her publishers Hodder & Stoughton for libel. The case was concluded in Briscoe's favour, when a jury in the High Court unanimously accepted Constance's argument that her allegations were substantially true [sic]."