Tuesday, 25 June 2013

When A Few Anecdotes Sell More BS

24 Jun 2013 12:27

Inside the mind of a murderer: Forensic psychology expert reveals key tools to solving crime

"DR Kathy Charles explains how analysing what's going on in suspect's head gives psychologists vital clues in the approach to securing a conviction.

Dr Kathy Charles has studied hundreds of brutal cases

UNDERSTANDING what makes a person commit murder or a sex crime is never an easy task but forensic psychologist Dr Kathy Charles knows exactly how their minds work [hahahahaha].

She has worked alongside police to profile criminals and dedicates her time to helping young offenders understand the reasoning behind their actions.

Now Dr Charles, 34, from ­Edinburgh, is passing on her expert knowledge to Scotland’s next generation of forensic psychologists. She is set to host a series of fascinating lectures detailing her experiences on a number of cases.

She said: “I’ve always wanted to know why some people commit crimes and others don’t.

“It’s important to know how the mind works, especially if the focus of a police investigation is a serial killer, rapist or stalker.

“I worked on profiling Ipswich prostitute murderer Steve Wright and have profiled rapists and stalkers, too.

“Committing the offence is one thing but understanding why is completely different.

“That’s where logic [hahahahahahaha] comes in and I often say it’s like piecing a jigsaw together.

“In some cases there is no obvious suspect and that’s where profiling becomes useful.

“By looking at the type of crime, the way it happened and the timeline, you can profile the type of person likely [figures?] to be responsible.

“In many cases [and there lies the proof of your errors - mere chance], when the suspect is caught the profile is almost spot-on.”"



Dr Kathy Charles




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