Friday, 28 October 2016

Essentially A Decent Man Of Solid Integrity - Essentially, Bullshit

He did what was claimed (and much more), time-and-time again, of that, there is no doubt ... so, what is the issue?

Firstly, Reality versus Court Outcomes ...

This is Reality (Morning Star)

This is somewhere in-between, as his name will be forever shite,
 to those who know how he operates (The Telegraph)

 This is a Lie, from his employer,

Never confuse the Reality, with Court Outcomes and/or Lies, particularly from Murdoch and his shitty hacks ...

28th October 2016, 1:00 am


The CPS’ vendetta against us for exposing major scandals you NEEDED to know is costliest and most flawed investigation in history

Present Turd in Residence ...

Trevor Kavanagh @trevor_kavanagh 
Political Columnist [sic], 


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Thursday 27 October 2016

Sun journalist Anthony France has payments conviction quashed

27th October 2016, 11:16 am

Sun journalist Anthony France successfully overturns conviction over payments to public officials

27 October 2016

Sun journalist has Elveden conviction quashed

Thursday 27 October 2016 11.01 BST

Sun journalist wins challenge over Operation Elveden conviction

Published: 19:00, 27 October 2016 | Updated: 21:47, 27 October 2016

CPS and Met Police slammed for ‘making a law up on the hoof’ as the final reporter found guilty after the Met Police’s £30m probe into journalists paying for stories has his conviction quashed



Never was a new Statute required, so quickly,
 to stop, so many, corrupt, valueless, pieces of shit.

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17/04/2015 16:52:54

Additional guidance on case involving payments made to corrupt public officials by journalists


27 October 2016  

R -v- Anthony France | Court of Appeal|Criminal
Neutral Citation Number: [2016] EWCA Crim 1588
Case No: 201502822 B4 

Because, Anthony had no idea he was giving Constable Edwards the money and encouraging him to provide the information? Really?



Helping Anthony France 

Trick Question?

Pieces of Shit, 
Whining About the Actions,
 Of Pieces of Shit, 
For Whom They Work

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 2a)

Child Protection Enforcer





Shane is an angry man.

Shane is a disturbed man.

Shane is a dangerous man.

Shane must be stopped.


Mr Shane Brannigan 

Shane Brannigan @hatesnonces


Soothing a conscience, in violence, booze and grass. 

Shane Brannigan

Shane Brannigan @ShaneBrannigan7

Shane Brannigan @nonceskillsouls

Shane Brannigan @hatesnonces

Stacey Knight

Shane Brannigan

Ruby Marie Sanchez

Traci Reid



Not Of Normal Criminal Element

No Secrets

Nonce Hunter 
Shaneannigans NONCE Haters Association

Noncehater1 Swing

So Basic


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Soul Murder: The Effects of Childhood Abuse and Deprivation

Soul Murder Revisited

"I died in 1992 ..."

"Self-destruct for four years ..."

"Very difficult to change her nappy ..."

"There is a reason I do, what I do ... is, it's a coping mechanism for me, yeah?
... it gets me away from my mind ... see the mind of a murdered soul? ...
 it's destroyed, it's all over the place .... i'll tell ya ..."

"I [did not] care what I did, or what trouble I did, or
... the consequences of my actions ..."

You see, it is little-to-nothing, really, to do with #thechildren, just Shane, just Shane and his mental and emotional issues; sad, angry and dangerous.

Let the carnage begin :(

16/11/16: Shane cares not, who he exploits, to
attempt to deal with his own demons :(


Where denial and hatred are the ultimate comfort zone.



Tuesday 23rd February 2016

Vigilante warned over ‘paedophile hunter’ stings

"A VIGILANTE ‘paedophile hunter’ has been warned his actions could leave police struggling to bring suspected criminals to justice.

Shane Brannigan poses as underage girls online and talks to men before arranging to meet them for sex and then calling in police, according to his Facebook page.

The News understands he is due to carry out stings in Portsmouth this week. He has already filmed a man being arrested at Asda in Fratton on Sunday.

But Hampshire police have said any vigilante action could be breaking the law and diverts resources away from investigating child sex abuse.

On his Facebook page, Mr Brannigan posted: ‘People think by posting the stuff I do, it causes a mischief for trials.

‘I don’t care much for convictions, a conviction is just a little brucey!

‘Public exposure is far more a sentence than 12 months and all traces removed from the net.’
In another post he said: ‘Due to the protection and silence of cases against paedophiles, to my mind the biggest sentence is publicly exposing them."


Known associate ... 

Technical support and vehicle driver in 23/3/17 Eastbourne sting.

Camera and regular accomplice 9/4/17 Northolt sting.

Back-up 9/4/17 Northolt sting.


Still Walking Blindly, yet some rationality emerging - May 2017


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