Thursday, 13 October 2016

We Have Voted With Our Computers, You Are Losing, We Are Dying - Decriminalise Possession Now


13th October 2016

13,000 British paedophiles [sic] request help to stop looking at child sex abuse images [sic] in one year

12th October 2016

Seven in 10 calls to helpline referred to police and councils, NSPCC reveals

12 October 2016 Last updated at 20:19 BST

Paedophile [sic]: 'I was a car crash waiting to happen' (prepare for dogmatic, but sometimes correct, propaganda)

Original BBC link, now redirects, to the above...

12th October 2016

Police chief: '100,000 men regularly view obscene [sic] images of children'

1:45PM GMT 05 Dec 2014

Half of paedophiles [sic] 'need medical help' and not jail, says chief constable

5 Dec, 2014 14:58

Child porn possessors to be medically treated, not punished – UK police overwhelmed


Simon, you are doing some great work, but, please drop the voodoo victimology.

It is incorrect, it is irrational, it is an unhelpful and dangerous, dogmatic, myth, which helps no one and harms many.

You are much better than that.


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Game Over?


Online child sexual abuse images - working together to tackle the demand for and supply of online child sexual abuse images

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