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Bad, Lad Or Kerching?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

All children are precious...until they're "bad"

"I support reform of post-release management for sex offenders of all ages, but lately I've been hearing a lot about juvenile offenders. Even though my fiancee was charged as an adult, his age at the time of his crime was still that of a child - and morally, I believe that all children who commit sex crimes are still children, even if on a whim, the court decides to treat them as "adults ..."

Sex offender comes to Woodland High
The sex pests aged 4 getting kicked out of school

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The Sun's Ongoing Responsibility For 'Spastic Tactics'

5:54PM BST 27 Apr 2012

Teacher falsely accused of paedophilia in "Ku Klux Klan-like" internet campaign

"A young teacher was subjected to a court ordeal and accused of being a paedophile after school parents stirred up a ''Ku Klux Klan-like'' campaign against him on Facebook.

Yesterday single Mr Carr, was cleared of 20 sexual offences against seven young boys after a month long trial.

When asked about their comment both boys claimed they had been molested by the teacher during classes and news filtered out amongst parents ... "


Comment Applied Spastic Tactics.

Until you stop, this will continue.


Paedophiles Require Assistance, By Definition

Today at 01:03

Emails chaos helps paedos [sic]

"Cops want power to nail internet pervs

THOUSANDS of children are left at the mercy of paedophiles [sic] because police cannot access vital emails, a top cop warned last night.

Peter Davies said child abusers escape justice as crucial internet evidence is not available.

The boss of the the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre spoke out as he backed Government plans for new police powers to check emails and internet use. He said his specialist unit gets around 12,000 new cases a year.

But in a third of those the trail goes cold because internet firms do not have records of suspects’ emails. It means up to 4,000 cases of suspected child abuse cannot be investigated."

"In a recent case in Lincolnshire, the CEOP smashed an international online paedo ring. The unit helped rescue 132 British children from abuse and exposed 211 suspected paedos in the UK."



The authorities can already obtain them (and the contents), any time they like, and they have and they will (that they are too lazy to do so, is another issue) - it is yet another smokescreen, to remove the civil rights and freedoms, of all those who use the internet.

We challenge The Sun, CEOP, any police force, in fact, anyone, to provide the court details and outcomes, of any arrest, arising from the event, that Mr Wilson claims "rescue[d] 132 British children from abuse"; our email is above, right.

The Sun is a little late onto this bandwagon (again, applying its offensive, prejudicial and incorrect terminology, against those with mental disorders - shameful); move along, little news to see there.



A comment, from a reader ...

"I think its funny that for the past few weeks we have stories about how the Government want that powers to read all emails and know what everyone is doing online and there has been a backlash against it and suddenly we get a story saying its needed to protect children. Do they really think we are so stupid not to realise what this story is about?"



Yes, they do think you are that stupid, azphreal, and, to be honest, many are that 'stupid'.

That is why we are here - we challenge 'stupid'.

Even TPP readers are questioning its veracity, and many of them are the epitome of 'stupid'.


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So, What Is The OSC, According To TPP?

We have chosen to avoid images, as much as is possible. However, on occasion, we will be required to provide evidence. All images are taken from timestamped screen captures and/or original webpage captures, should a legal challenge need to be addressed.

Here are the claims, from Ms Shy Keenan and Ms Sara Payne (then TPCA), of TPP, in 2008:

The Issue

At that is required, at this stage, is that TPP provides evidence, for their claims within this piece, published by them during their, earlier, fund-raising period.

Once again, the open TPP FB page, will be fine.

We will come to CEOP, later.

NZ Wiser Than UK Wiser Than USA

Friday, 27 April 2012, 9:46 am

Sex Offender’s Register will Increase Public Fear

 "The UK system would create more problems than it solves, and result in the costly and time consuming surveillance of people who are at a very low risk of offending. In the UK, two teenagers engaged in under age consensual sex could end up on the register. Treated sex offenders with, with a likely recidivism rate of 4 – 8% could be included. Not all sex offenders are paedophiles, but there will be a tendency, even by officials, to treat them as though they are – the recent Piha case is a good example of that.

The UK experience shows that there is no control over what people will do with the information, once they have it. Sex offending is a highly emotional issue, and the information can be used to harass [o]ffenders who are determined to go straight, get a job, and get on with their lives.

While the UK system is better than the public registers common to the USA, they are still likely to do more harm than good. Driving offenders into hiding increases the chances they will offend. It is also likely to result in offenders being re-imprisoned, not for reoffending, but for failing to register. The result is a further marginalisation of offenders from society."

Lobby warns against sex offender register

Thursday, 26 April 2012, 4:12 pm

Sex Offenders Register raises complex issue

"Mrs Meynell believes that we can learn much from the experience of other countries which have sex offender registers. “The trend and thinking in the UK now is towards them being for the use of authorities only. Authorities in the UK can let approved local groups know if a paedophile has moved to their area.”


Comment: So long in coming, so obvious the case.


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Perhaps They Even Believe It ...

"The Phoenix Post shared a link

 2 hours ago

Postbag - Our page rules are there to protect everyone and we hope you will understand why our admin are so strict xx

 "The Phoenix Post

We want and welcome debate, we know the page rules can be challenging, but we are used to them now :0) xx" about an hour ago · Like · 4""

"The Phoenix Post PAGE RULES - We're law abiding peaceful people who (for legal reasons) come with a few rules of our own. We sincerely don't mean to offend anyone, so please do take a moment to read and agree to our page rules before you like or post.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Online Sex offender Community (or OSC) are an ever present danger to everyone and not big fans of our work [sic]. To be clear, we do not want any contact from any sex offenders or their supporters. Any harassment or abuse will be reported to the relevant authorities - without hesitation or exception."



... but reams of evidence show otherwise.

Hiding behind The Sun's bully boys (and girls), selectively-clipping and posting, and deleting your incriminating posts, really does not count as debate. You would never dare to open yourselves up to a real public debate, via any medium.


A Short Time Later

"The Phoenix Post 

15 minutes ago

We have been in talks today and we both feel that if you can take it, we can take it. If the abusers and harassers post onto the page, all we can do is report it and ignore it. We will not let them silence us or chase us away, we are here for you not them, so let's leave them to it, draw a line under it and get back to achieving our aims :0) S&S xx"

Regarding Comments From 'Letsby'

Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

Your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant.



"... having abducted her, you sexually assaulted her ...".

That is obiter dictum.

You may argue, that it forms part of the ratio decidendi; we suggest the sentence (indeed, the very counts), show otherwise; the facts, do, indeed, speak for themselves.


Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.

Dominic Mohan

Although we research people who work for Mr Rupert Murdoch (we are loath to call them 'journalists', as it belittles the work of thousands of others who deserve to carry the label), ultimately, the responsibility, for any piece being published, lies in the hands of the editor.

Presently, in the case of The Sun, this is Mr Dominic Mohan.

Mr Mohan deserves his own label and focus, here.

Media offices

Editor of The Sun 2009–present  
Deputy Editor of The Sun 2007–2009
Preceded by Rebekah Brooks

""I believe the Sun is the best paper on the planet. It is a privilege to take over as editor and I cannot wait to get started," Mohan said yesterday."

Gotcha! Dominic Mohan lands dream job at the Sun

The Sun Carries Out A Hate Attack, Again

Published: Today at 01:37

Paedo [sic] sells teddies at toy fairs

"A CONVICTED paedophile is selling teddy bears at toy fairs packed with children ..."



The evidence is quite to the contrary, that this gentleman is a Paedophile.

Again, you place an innocent family, at great risk.

These type of attacks will soon be history, make the best of them; the more you carry out, the more we have to pass on for action.


Regarding Comments From 'Sammy'

Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

Your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant.



As we stated, earlier, obiter dicta, suppositions and accusations are not binding. The sentencing outcomes are clear.


Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.


2:40pm Wednesday 25th April 2012

Sarah Payne killer Roy Whiting opens up in prison letters

"Sarah Payne’s killer opened up in a series of letters to a prison pen pal.

Roy Whiting wrote dozens of letters to Bernard O’Mahoney, who was posing as a woman called Emma in a bid to coax the child killer to confess.

In his letters, Whiting could not even bring himself to write the name of his eight-year-old victim, who he abducted from near her grandparents’ home in Kingston Gorse in 2001, only writing her initials ..." _up_in_prison_letters/

Good News Always Welcome

12:13, 25 April 2012 | UPDATED: 14:48, 25 April 2012

Jailed sex offenders to be given days out on the town with their families in rehab programme led by security firm

"Town visits to be run by security firm GS4: Families living close to the jail say they knew nothing of the plan: Goal to integrate sex offenders with prison population at new multimillion pound jail: Rules state each prisoner will be vetoed ..."


Comment: Excellent.


Who Caused 'The Shame', Who Continues To Do So?

23:06, 25 April 2012 | UPDATED: 01:49, 26 April 2012

Jamie is 13 and hasn't even kissed a girl. But he's now on the Sex Offender Register after online porn warped his mind...

"And it was only when the police came knocking one morning that Jamie’s secret life was exposed.

After identifying that someone in the house was accessing child porn, they took Jamie’s laptop away for examination. Jamie is only 13 — and he still hasn’t even kissed a girl, let alone had sex. Though he is only a child himself, the result is that he has been put on the Sex Offender Register [sic], blighting his life for the foreseeable future. Even with intensive therapy, Jamie still suffers from deep shame — ‘as if it is written across my forehead’ — which has led him to fear he will never be able to form a healthy relationship with a woman."



The Daily Mail (via a stooge [i.e. psychoanalytic psychotherapist], from the Child 'Protection' Industry) continues its usual scare tactics, again, avoiding the real issues.


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

She Does

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 If you knew I loved a sex offender...would you feel the same way?

 "By supporting the public sex offender registry and consciously remaining unaware of the facts, society is telling me that I have no right to safety or security; that it's okay for me to be ostracized; and that I do not deserve to be happy with the person I love. They would never know it if they passed me on the street - or even if they interacted with me. I look, act, and talk like almost everyone else . Not the fact that I am a human being, an American, or a woman are enough to grant me the right to freedom or basic privacy - the darkest day of my loved one's past is the sole determining factor of my worth."

Regarding Comments From 'Letsby'

Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

Your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant.

The Issue

R -v- Roy Whiting

High Court of Justice (Queen's Bench Division) judgment

Neutral Citation Number: [2010] EWHC 1329 (QB)
Case No: MTR/900/2004 9 June 2010

Before: The Hon Mr Justice Simon
Between: Regina and Roy William Whiting

Full judgment: R v Roy Whiting (PDF 52kb)



We draw your attention to sections 2 and 3.
Obiter dicta, suppositions and accusations are not binding. The sentencing outcomes are clear, and reproduced, here, for easy reference:

"The Hon Mr Justice Simon:  


1. This an application by Roy William Whiting (‘the Applicant’) for the setting of a
minimum term for his Life Sentence, pursuant to Schedule 22 Paragraph 3 of the
Criminal Justice Act 2003.

A Summary of the background to the application

2. On 12 December 2001 a Jury at Lewes Crown Court returned verdicts of guilty on
two counts of an indictment which charged the Applicant with the kidnap and murder
of Sarah Payne. On the same date he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder,
with no separate penalty for the offence of kidnap. He was 41 years old at the time. 

3. On 18 December the Trial Judge (Mr Justice Curtis) recommended that the Applicant
should be detained for the rest of his life and should never be released. In his written
report he focussed on 2 particular matters which aggravated the offence: the previous
conviction for kidnap and assault, and the efforts to destroy the evidence of his

[2010] EWHC 1329 (QB)



If you have any evidence of sexual assault (for that is all it can be, at best), it would, of course, be of great interest to us.


Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.




As loath as we are to use this publication, as a source, it is, nonetheless, illuminating:


"The jury of nine men and three women had earlier been told by pathologist Dr Vesna Djurovic that there was no way of telling whether Sarah had been sexually assaulted before she was killed on July 1 last year.

When her body was found 16 days later in a shallow grave in a field off the A29 at Pulborough, West Sussex, it was badly decomposed and had been disturbed by animals.

But Dr Djurovic said Sarah's death was likely to have been a "sexually motivated homicide."

Sex stain on Whiting shirt 

Parents in tears over Sarah evidence

Evidence too painful to hear about+Sarah%27s...-a080218971  

Psychiatrist who told a judge that Whiting was no paedophile

"This is the psychiatrist who concluded Roy Whiting was not a paedophile. Dr Tony Farrington compiled a report when the pervert admitted kidnapping and indecently assaulting a nine-yearold girl in 1995.

Despite harrowing evidence, Dr Farrington told Lewes Crown Court the accused did not have a treatable mental disorder and did not have paedophile tendencies."

How Roy Whiting was freed to kill

"A PSYCHIATRIST told a Crown Court judge that Roy Whiting was not a paedophile before he was sentenced for abducting and sexually assaulting a nine-year-old girl five years before he seized and murdered Sarah Payne.

But Philip Marshall, Whiting's barrister, had urged Judge Gower, QC, to sentence him on the basis that he was not a paedophile and "not as a defendant who necessarily is going to pose a risk to society thereafter"."
How the media hounded a psychiatrist

"Reporters gleefully descended on the phrase “did not have paedophile tendencies,” attributed to Dr Farrington. 

In fact the psychiatrist had never said this; instead it was an interpretation put on the report by the then defence barrister, Philip Marshall, which ended up in the court transcripts. Instead Dr Farrington had indicated in his report that Whiting did not meet the official diagnostic criteria for paedophilia.

He had made this statement specifically to assist the court in making a decision over whether a hospital order could be considered. It was not made with the general public or the press in mind, as they don't have access to court reports unless they have been read out in entirety in court.";jsessionid=GtEaeCMXrejSJJAd6RZY.0

‘It’s a charter for sex fiends’

Regarding The 'RW Letters' Book

Although Mr Whiting may be a registrant (should he be released), he is serving prison time for a non-sexual offence.

The OSC will not be commenting, further, until we have access to the content of the alleged publication, and had confirmation of the identity of the author, particularly as it has been reported, that he (and Mr Whiting) is a survivor of child abuse, himself.


Flowers In Gods Garden

Bernard O`Mahoney (Author), Patrick Scanlon (Editor)

Flowers in Gods Garden

Dangerous Ends and Disgusting Means

April 23, 2012 8:00 PM

 "The hidden side of your soul": How the FBI uses the Web as a child porn honeypot

"Welcome to the hidden side of yur soul, where you view the yung and innocent. We have been around since 2002, offering the best of private and series Child Pornography (CP), (hardcore/soft core) all for FREE! All you have to do, enter in the password, and you'll be viewing free CP for days. We move around when we have to... congratulations for finding us. Yur old password won't work, so get the new one and you are IN!!!"

"But thousands of miles away, deep in the belly of a data center, his online visit had tripped a silent alarm. That click on the "download" button had logged his IP address, the video file he attempted to view, and the number of times he tried to watch site videos. The law enforcement warning on the site's front page had done nothing to keep the FBI away; indeed, the FBI ran the site."



Play with mens' 'souls', and you will create something you really did not want to be created.


Atheists Bottom Of The List?

April 24, 2012, issue of May 04, 2012.

"Orthodox Abuse Suspects Get Exemption

Brooklyn Prosecutors Deny Request for Identity of Sex Suspects

Orthodox Jews charged with child sex abuse in Brooklyn should have their identities protected because of the community’s “tight-knit and insular” nature, prosecutors claim in a remarkable response to demands for information about the cases."

"Rejecting a Forward request under the state’s Freedom of Information Law, the Brooklyn district attorney made the startling claim that Orthodox Jews deserve a blanket exemption from the usual public disclosure rules. Prosecutors claimed that Orthodox Jews are “unique” in that releasing the names of suspects would allow others in the community to identify their victims."


Comment: God works in mysterious ways. 


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Pariah Factory

Wednesday 18 April 2012 17.13 BST

The counterproductive catch-all of supposed sex offenders

"Misplaced anxiety about child protection makes judicial policy on sex offenders a blunt instrument that needlessly blights lives."

"None of these categories of offenders is likely to harm a child. Studies have found that only 1% of men convicted of viewing child pornography have gone on to commit a hands-on sex offense, yet they are among the most severely punished group of offenders. The money, time, effort and manpower required to keep such broad categories of offenders (and so-called offenders) under surveillance is money, time, effort and manpower that is being diverted from monitoring those who pose a genuine threat. The argument, of course, is that when it comes to protecting children, you cannot take any chances. But there are sophisticated risk assessment tools available, and in use, that are far more effective means of identifying danger than making hundreds of thousands of people's lives unliveable.

"It's easier, though, and politically more palatable, to declare zero tolerance for sex offenders and to keep passing laws that look good on the books. Never mind if they are actually counter-productive when it comes to actually keeping children safe." 


Comment: Self-explanatory

What follows, is an insightful response to the piece.


Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:14 pm
Post subject: Here is the 2009 study referred to in the article posted by Stephen above:
A very significant number of "offenders" whose lives have been irreparably ruined by this vindictively "non-punitive, purely administrative" measure, it would seem, are not remotely dangerous and should never have been tortured by inclusion in it in the first place.

By dropping the compulsory derangement and hysteria defining the dominant discourse of "child pornography" and looking more sanely and calmly at the issue, it becomes obvious that these people have actually "committed" something entirely trivial: clicking on a mouse. This, of course, is the inevitable consequence of "panic law" - laws created on the back of gigantic, media-fanned moral panics.

The imaginary monsters of moral panics really are only imaginary; but irrational and delusional laws designed to eradicate them (such as the poisonous and hysterical PCA 1978, which has seeded so many other developments in authoritarian populism ever since) will inevitably ruin harmless, gentle individuals who have hurt no one and never will. Foolish and naive rather than wicked and depraved, they peeped at pictures on the Net, quite possibly after having their curiosity stirred by the campaign against child porn itself, or accidentally coming across material that would ultimately hang them even though they were looking for something else. They have violated preposterous and fanatical statutes rather than human beings; but for that, they must pay with their futures and lose all of their personal achievements.

They did not realise that the internet, at least as far as pornography is concerned, has become a police state. Neither did they realise that that they would be ritually "monstered" and irretrievably ruined by an out-of-control, unaccountable, and ruthless prosecutorial system interested only in boosting favourable statistics (i.e., getting "successful" prosecutions, rather than securing justice).

It seems to me that the myth of prospective danger was actively constructed by reactionary victimologist campaigners and ambitious cyber-cops eager to build new empires; grossly biased advocacy research and briefings to a corrupt and servile media are great ways to spread useful (and mendacious) propaganda when you wish to build new ideological state apparatuses.

These saviours of the vulnerable and pure have gleefully destroyed many people on the basis of what the latter might do at some unspecified (and, of course, unspecifiable) point in the future, rather than what they actually did, with no other grounds for doing so than an ideologically convenient fiction, repeated enough times to take on the status of a pseudo-truth.

In the UK in 2006, there were 29,973 people on the Violent and Sex Offender Register (ViSOR), a rise of 4 per cent on the previous year ( As of March 2012, that total had risen to 60,490 people, of which 31,800 are registered for life (

In just six years, the number forced to register has more than doubled.

The number of life registrants alone now exceeds the total for the entire register recorded in 2006.

Lumping together people who have done no more than click on a mouse with those who have committed GBH or rape is either insane or corrupt and serves only to foster the irrational and destructive illusion that everyone so registered is a malignant menace to society.

As Judith Levine put it, this vicious knavery may well not stop until everyone personally knows a valued friend or a loved relative who has been symbolically exterminated by being designated a "sex offender." With the numbers on that evil register expanding as crazily as this, that day is fast approaching.

Monday, 23 April 2012

'Unintended' Consequences

23 April 2012 Last updated at 21:25

Murder trial told accused had 'paedophile hit list'

"A man accused of murdering a 57-year-old supermarket worker had a hit list of men he planned to kill in an attempt to rid the world of "paedophiles", a court has heard."

"Philip Katz QC said there was "not a shred of evidence" that Mr Bick was a paedophile."


Comment: None required.


Continuing To Tear The Puppet's Strings

The Inconsistencies

"The Phoenix Post

29 minutes ago

Postbag -

Hi Shirley, thank you for your email, I [Ms Shy Keenan] will pass your lovely message on :0)

It hurts and confuses me to see anyone try to cause Sara [Payne] any distress [sic], not just because she really doesn't deserve it, but because she is still trying to recover from a massive stroke, that has left her half paralysed and I know she finds this abuse [sic] very hard to understand. 

She is such a good soul, she has helped so many and done so much, and despite everything, I see her make what must be for her, a herculean effort, to get herself to the laptop every day to try and help those victimised by paedophiles crimes.

She inspires us all and deserves our respect and support, indeed, she will soon be Dr Sara Payne MBE :0) I hope FB get behind her, Shyx" 

"And she [Ms Sara Payne] said: “I’m fed up being bullied [sic] like this. This is a vile attempt to close down my Facebook page. Men like Oldfield don’t want campaigns like mine because as more victims are empowered, more paedophiles will have their secrets exposed.”

The OSC Is Attacked 



Which one is it to be tomorrow, Ms Keenan?

Who is really causing any alleged distress?

Who has a history of doing so?

Understand, we have no intent to cause distress, anxiety or harassment - we are responding, legally, to your public presence and statements.


Regarding The FB account of 'Jodie LeNormand'

'Jodie LeNormand'

Please read the communication, at this email:

Mr Chris Wittwer Attacks Again

The Issue

"Nigel Oldfield , I still want to do a interview with you. Please get in touch. We can sort it out for the second week in may 2012 (2 weeks time) I will come to you , in Rotherham and we can do the interview on camera in a neutral location, where we can exchange questions on all child abuse related topics.

Chris wittwer - Children have rights in society"

The Response

From Dr Oldfield ...

"Chris, you had your chance, time-and-time again - you failed to complete, time-and-time again.

You are now a ridiculed, fraudulent, spent force, being watched, closely, by the police and the Ministry of Justice. You are an evidenced bully and harasser of actual survivors. You are unfit for purpose.

You are already copy-and-paste history ... a bad taste in the mouth of Truth, Humanity and Justice.

Fell free to email me any time and monitor your sorry story on The OSC blog.

'You' (and any 'supporter') will be ignored, in this forum, as you are unworthy of further response, here.

This is non-negotiable."




Mr Wittwer will receive further analysis, in the future.

The Predictable Response of The Simpleton Bully

"You are the one bottling it Nigel, lets get it on, im sure you have questions for me, so why not ? i ll leave it with you Nigel but remember i offered you this interview, But you are just a keyboard warrior spouting your paedophilic propaganda. Grow a pair of balls nigel and lets do it. Unless you are scared you will be made to look a bigger fool than you already are !"

"ohh and by the way the new website has had over 30,000 hits in 4 days - thats about 29,995 more than you would ever get. Children DO have rights in society, and its perverts like you that destroy those very rights"




Yes, Mr Wittwer we are aware of your claims and what you find valuable, thank you.

Regarding Comments From 'Pez'

Thank you, once again, for your input, it is very much appreciated.

Your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant.

We are here, so as to enable the rights, legal entitlements and safety of all, regardless of history. We hope you agree with this position. What you 'think' of us, is of little to no interest.

Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.

'Spastic Tactics'

The OSC operates within the spheres of political, legal, medical and sociological impact.

We understand, that perception, common usage, smokescreens and innuendo may confuse these important issues, to the detriment of understanding and the safety of all.

As an introduction to the wider usage of terminology, lack of consistency, perspective etc, we recommend a visit to the CritEst video page.

Regarding Comments From 'Sammy'

Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

Your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant.

Paedophillia is a recognised mental disorder, as detailed, here.

Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.

Regarding Comments From 'Pez'

Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

Your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant; we are The OSC.

Yes, Paedophiles are able to apply for benefits and support, and if they meet the criteria (as for anyone with a recognised mental disorder), they will receive them. At this time, the number of such people is not known to us, but the figure is likely to be very low.

Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Yes Please - 100%

The Issue

"The Phoenix Post

Post 8 minutes ago

S&S - We really do our very best to always report it and just ignore it, we've worked with the police and the ISP's, yet here we are again. We won't cry victim every time things get tough, but we would just want to remind them that we are actual human beings with real human feelings, who think it's time for a joint Police/Facebook/Google investigation. Would you support this? Like · · Share 8

people like this.

Sally Gill Yes i would 7 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 3
Richard Bougeard too right! xx 5 minutes ago · Like · 2
Jacqui Milne Yes I would too xx 4 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 3
Sarah Taylor Fox Defo 3 minutes ago · Like · 3
Deborah Bougeard of course xx 3 minutes ago · Like · 3
Terrijayne Tj Butler all the way i would xx 3 minutes ago · Like · 1
Jay Martin yes x 2 minutes ago · Like · 1"




We are not sure what you feel needs reporting or what 'it' is?

We are all human beings.

We are in contact (via Dr Oldfield) with the police and other bodies, regarding your actions, in conjunction with Mr France.

We support a 'joint Police/Facebook/Google investigation' (whatever that may be - please provide details), so that we may scrutinise your activities, history and motives, without smokescreen and innuendo.

In fact, it is already in operation.

Regarding Comments From 'Letsby'

Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.

All your comments have been read and digested, and thread additions and modifications are being made, where relevant.

Thank you, once again, for your input, to the work of The OSC - it is always welcome.

Just To Be Much Clearer

The Issue

"The Phoenix Post

about an hour ago · Like · 3

Just to be clear,


Comment: Let us see .....


the convicted sex offender 


Comment: Name this person, please, or how can anyone understand this issue, clearly?


harassing us in this case is cutting and pasting the content of our victims support pages on to his vile online pervert network


Comment: Name this person, please, or how can anyone understand this issue, clearly?

Legal, free, speech is not harassment.

The page, sourced and linked to, is just an open, FB page, like any other.


He knows this is harassment (he has been warned and there are warnings all over our pages) and he knows that we do not want or welcome his attention..


Comment: Name this person, please, or how can anyone understand this issue, clearly?

Legal, free, speech is not harassment. Who are you to warn us of anything?


and his sex offender management team are aware, but do not seem to be able to stop or control him

Comment: Name this person, please, or how can anyone understand this issue, clearly?

Legal, free, speech is not harassment.

Why do you believe that there are any grounds for 'stopping' or 'control', in this unnamed person's case?

How do you know what you claim, regarding this person's 'sex offender management team'?

We want to make it so that all convicted paedophiles get an auto web ban, especially for those who use it to harass the victims of paedophile crimes.


Comment: Name this person, please, or how can anyone understand this issue, clearly?

When you do, please provide any medical evidence that this person is a Paedophile.

Also, please provide the details, to any UK Statute or Instrument, which describes a 'paedophile crime'.

Reads like grossly-offensive, illegal, discrimination to us.

***** "

One Does Not Choose One's Disability

The Claims

"The Phoenix Post

about an hour ago

The paedophiles want us to close our paedophile victim support pages down because (they say) they are upsetting the paedophiles. They say they are trying to become socially accepted as disabled child attracted adults and paedophile victim support pages like ours are making people not like them.

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9 people like this. Larrissa Barker WHAT! That is pathetic. Noone like them because they are paedophiles! Nothin t d with the support pages ppl make about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 6

Amanda Francis such a shame! dont they realise paedos lowest form of life and NOONE except their own kind give a hoot for them their feelings or what they consider to be their rights. pondlife doesnt have rights. about an hour ago · Like · 6

Kelly Jiggles Tedder they take away phoenix's rights when they abuse them therefore they should forgo their rights x about an hour ago · Like · 6

Terrijayne Tj Butler its not a disability its a choice they make that choice its not a drug that u cant stop they could if they wanted to they chose not to they chose to carry on abusing others about an hour ago · Like · 7

The Phoenix Post Paedophiles do what they do because they want and because they can. It is right and proper that we are naturally repulsed by them and that everybody hates the real harm they do to the whole lives of the children they sexually abuse. Society will never accept what they are and what they do and they know that, we just wanted you to know why they object to us so much and what they say about us standing up to them x 55 minutes ago · Like · 5

Shereena Bates well i for one detest these people for who and what they are....i disliked them a long time before facebook and these pages 55 minutes ago · Like · 6

Kelly Jiggles Tedder unless we stay aware of what our children are doing an stay open minded with them and explain that no matter what happens no one is going to take us away from them they beasties win, they will not win and they will no longer take my life away I WIN x 52 minutes ago · Like · 6

Jo-anne Rose They are a joke and ill be honest i laughed when i read this post. Not because what they are doing but at their pathetic excuses. They are so deranged. They wont win. And well said Kelly. Why should they take anymore away. All here are good decent human beings. They on the other hand, well.. They wont win. xx 45 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 6

Gavin Thomas It's the human rights status quo...fairness for perverts. Whatever next? And it's said life isn't a social experiment. I try to understand enlightenment, punishment, forgiveness and healing, but I've blown a fuse. Keep campaigning guys, you know it makes sense! 45 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 5

Rita Simpson What tripe! As if we accept them or like them anyway! We never will because what they are, what THEY define themselves as being, ie paedophiles, the actions of which is a criminal offence. It is illegal and unacceptable to any right minded person. Plus I'd never define myself by my sexuality, (not that paedophilia is a sexuality, it is rape of minors and is brutal, cruel, self serving and bullying)I'm so much more than anything to do with sex. What is wrong with this 'people'????????????? 42 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 5

Jodie LeNormand Transparency is the key. They should say who and where they are. I wouldn't talk to someone behind a mask, and neither should anyone. Unless their prepared for the facade to be lifted, ignore them. They really don't have anything of any quality to say. 40 minutes ago · Like · 4

Lori Crandall Brendgard That's utter BS. They gave up their 'rights' when they made the CHOICE to harm an innocent child. Do they care about those in Left Behind because of them? No. They are selfish and quite whiny to be honest. Who gives a crap whether or not people 'like' them. I apologize for the swears, but this really infuriates me!!! 35 minutes ago · Like · 4

The Phoenix Post We won't waste time fighting their human rights, we are too busy fighting for OUR human rights - including our rights to freedom of speech and expression x 33 minutes ago · Like · 5

Jodie LeNormand Quite rightly! 25 minutes ago · Like · 3

Richard Bougeard Aw my heart bleeds for them .. NOT, & I'm wiping back tears at the thought of us upsetting them, how awful ... NOT. And ... since when is paedophilia a disability?? - I've never heard it described as-such, apart from the recent Greece story. Please tell me if I am misinformed, but I see paedophilia as one of the sickest types of sexual fetish (much as any other fetish, but in a disgusting, vile way), and they only carry it out because they want to, because they can, and because society doesn't punish them nearly enough as it should do. 14 minutes ago · Like · 1

Jodie LeNormand He seems to think that Paedophilia is a mental illness and that by mocking Paedophiles, we are mocking people with mental illnesses. I think his argument is flawed....What do you think? 11 minutes ago · Like · 2

Kerrie Daniels Reed For people who have a disability this is a insult! a disability does not make u destroy someones life forever! These paedophiles r scum and should get to breathe the same air as normal human beings ! 7 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 2

The Phoenix Post We think they have been trying to find a get out of jail free card for a long time - another way to stay out of jail would be to leave children alone x 2 minutes ago · Like · 1

Terrijayne Tj Butler as i was always told if u cant do the time dont do the crime an being a paedophile will always be a crime so leave our children alone that way u stay out of jail x about an hour ago · Like · 6

Sarah Mcgeachy Ha ha ha ha that made me laff, if that's how they think it shows how pathetic they are about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 5

Barb Prefon that is to bad about an hour ago · Like · 3

Deborah Bougeard what sad asses they are do they really think we care how they feel they dont care when they ruin the lives of children and thier families if only they got the life sentences they have about an hour ago · Like · 3

Louise Lightbody Deakin Aww im playing the violins for them right now with puddles of tears on the floor at my feet! Shy u do have a way with words, have u evet thought about writing books??? :o) xx 18 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 2" 




This is not about 'liking' or being 'socially accepted' (although both would be a very good thing).

This is about illegal discrimination, under a number of Statutes e.g. Equality Act 2010 and Disability hate crime related Acts:


"The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Crown Prosecution Service have a nationally agreed definition of Hate Crime

Any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person's disability or perceived disability."

Paedophilia is a recognised, clinical, mental disorder, enjoying the same protection and support as any other disability, as described, here.

There is little room for discussion on this point.

If anyone is discriminated against (as described in the relevant Acts and Instruments), solely on the grounds of a recognised mental disability (or a perceived mental disability), then that is potentially illegal - and rightly so; which reasonable person would argue otherwise?

It appears, that the people, quoted above, have little (no?) understanding and/or respect for the law.

Going Gets Tough, 'The Tough' Wash Their Hands

The Claims

"The Phoenix Post


Please do not ask us to support that person, who lied to and about us and with others, abused and harassed us. We won't be bullied silent but certainly don't want to break any FB rules, so our previous thread has been removed and we would ask that you not to post below here and just be assured by us that the truth will find its way :0) Shy & Sara




In the original thread (which we have archived and is available), 'that person' was named as Chris Wittwer.

Now, we have some issues with Mr Wittwer and his activities, but that is for later.

We are very interested to see the criteria, when a self-claimed victim of sexual abuse becomes unworthy of the support of Ms Keenan and Ms Payne? When the alleged trauma, suffered, is not taken into account in their assessment of need?

The claims Ms Keenan and Ms Payne make about Mr Wittwer also require some confirmation, so as to approach The Truth.

The TPP facebook page will be more than fine, for this information.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Question For TPP

The Claim

"The Phoenix Post shared a link.

6 hours ago

Postbag - Sadly our victim advocacy services closed down last year due to lack of funding so we're unable to take on any new cases. We are now working to build a trusted voice for the Phoenix community and to that end, we have built these FB pages, our front door website ....."




What is the verifiable, total figure, raised by TPP (and its earlier forms)? We have the 2011 figures for your company.

Let us say, from the year 2000.

An analysis of how the money was spent, would certainly enable a trusted voice, as would your employment status(s), during that period.

The 'Misinformation' Continues

The Claims

"The Phoenix Post shared a link.

35 minutes ago

Unfortunately we cannot open our other FB pages at the moment as our admin are currently dealing with direct harassment from the FB profile claiming to be the OSC - the one highlighted in the newspapers week this - FB have still not closed it down :0( If they try to contact you please just report and block them. We are so sorry about this S&S xx

Sick threats put on Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne's mum to help child abuse victims

Sick threats have been posted on a Facebook page set up to help child abuse victims. The page was started by Sara Payne whose daughter Sarah was murdered by a paedophile in 2000."




You are not being harassed. You are posting on an open page, on a social network site. As you have recognised, there are procedures, in place, if you feel there is some breach of service.

There have been no recent posts, to the page, from The OSC. If we wished too, we would.

The OSC is sharing your work (and ours), with other FB users, as is our legal and moral right.

There is no reason for you to keep any page closed. As far as we are concerned (we welcome their presence), they do not interest us, at this time.

We are only interested, presently, in your main page and the claims you make, therein.

If you believe anything illegal is occurring, you have the option of contacting the police. Alternatively, please email us, with the details of your solicitor, if there is such an issue, in your minds.

For the record, Mr Whiting, the man who was found guilty of the murder of Sarah Payne, has been diagnosed as not being a Paedophile.

Mr Whiting is in prison for murder, not a sexual offence.


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7 people like this. Tracey Jones Omg - sick, sick people!! Good luck to you and hope you sort it all out, you don't deserve this x 34 minutes ago · Like · 4

Richard Bougeard Will do, & please don't apologies, you have done nothing wrong (you never do), circumstances happen, and we will deal with them as & when they do. We will beat this, rise above it & be strong in numbers and voice :) xx 33 minutes ago · Like · 5

Holly Parr Just remember you have lots of support behind you, and there is many more decent, caring people than their are trolls. I believe in killing nastiness with kindness. They cannot beat you whilst so many people stand together side by side x 32 minutes ago · Like · 6

Jo-anne Rose No apologies needed. They have to be dealt with and we know its happening. I really hope they are closed down very soon and are properly dealt with. Stay strong. ((hugs)) xx 21 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Kelly Jiggles Tedder They r running scared guys, they know that you and your admin will stand up against them x 14 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 4

Deborah Bougeard we will all stand up to them x 13 minutes ago · Like · 3

Julie Rolfe Oo, sorry. so how do I become a Phoenix Post FB friend? 11 minutes ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post we have already requested? Just confirm :0) 9 minutes ago · Like 1

Julie Rolfe errr where? I haven't had any new friend requests come through recently :( 4 minutes ago · Like

Sarah Mcgeachy I'm so sorry you have to go thru this but stand strong ladies we are beside you every step of the way, these germs of society will not win x 2 minutes ago via Mobile · Like

Sarah Jane Peers We are stood next to you always xx 56 seconds ago · Like

The Phoenix Post Sorry wrong profile :0) they've been trying to get rid of me and shut me up for years now, hasn't worked before won't work now Sara xx 12 minutes ago · Like · 3"




Interesting; we would be delighted to see any evidence you have for that claim, Ms Payne. Please post it, clearly, on your FB page, for all to see.

Developments (a short time later)

"The Phoenix Post

3 minutes ago

All sorted now, pages open :0) The FB profile in question cannot like or post on our pages anymore and if anyone receives an unwelcome FB request from it, please just report and block it, many thanks for supporting us S&S xx"




That is good news, it is as though there was never any problem at all.

We are a little confused; why would you want others to block our contacts? - are we not all in search of The Truth?

How The OSC Assists TPP - Once Again

"The Phoenix Post

40 minutes ago S&S

We can't tell you how wonderful it was to wake up to an inbox full of such kindness and support, thank you for that xx

We never realised just how many people are abused online in this way or how many of us share some of the same online abusers, bullies and predatory criminals who target and exploit the vulnerable. This kind of harassment would not be tolerated on a public street.

We do feel the internet service providers and public protection units could do a lot more to protect the public from known online sex offenders and abusers.

We say there is no point fighting them anymore, there is no point trying to get a broken system to work anymore, we say it's time to let the truth help us bring in real online public protection laws backed up by an online police presence. What do you say?"




Never let it be said, that the OSC does not help you out, in times of 'need'.

Well, we say, as long as politicians, the police and other bodies, are aware (with proof), that the two of you and your News Corporation associates, are seasoned misinformationists (we put that mildly), and it appears that you have taken money under dubious pretences (please make your donation details and their destinations public, when you were a 'charity', or in your other ventures, past and present) ..... we say, you need to be very careful what you now claim, in public.

For now, we collate here. An hour makes it all go very public and to the authorities.

Whilst we are on the subject of money, which is mainly when we see you both surface, online, is there any way that Ms Payne could use some (all) of her phone-hacking income (why was the amount undisclosed, in her case?) to kick-start your new venture?

The OSC (once again) is delighted to continue to publicise your activities, in a bid to recoup it and for The Truth to help us all.

The Sun - An Opinion From The Community

"The Sun is Britain's answer to Der Stürmer or Völkischer Beobachter, both of which appealed to the base emotions of their readerships, and we all know where that led."

UK.Legal, 2012

The Disgusting Defamation Goes International

"Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages …

Published April 19, 2012

They are placing vile posts on it showing they know the names of many of her supporters, including some who have been targeted by perverts ..."

Sick threats put on Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne's mum to help child abuse victims

Sick threats put on Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne's mum to help child abuse victims

Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner's site and post sick threat messages to supporters 

Derbyshire, Social Network/Internet Predators, South Yorkshire, UK paedophile ring

Friday, 20 April 2012

In The Public Interest? Revisit

Dr Oldfield informs us, that, on advice from his PPU, a wireless panic alarm has now been fitted, following the outrageous, false and dangerous action of The Sun and its associates.

Message Received - Well Done !!!

"The Phoenix Post shared a link

29 minutes ago

We do have a message for the OSC, the online predatory abusers and bullies, the trolls, the haters and the fakers - we are not afraid, we are staying. Shy Keenan and Sara Payne xx Labi Siffre - Something Inside So Strong Live, just him and his DX7 in front of thousands. Like · · Share 10 people like this. "

Gail Richardson Yayyyy xx 16 minutes ago · Like · 2



It has not prevented you from 'returning' with another tirade of nonsense.


Falsehoods Confirmed - It Is In The Daily Mail

Mother of Sarah Payne targeted by paedophiles in Facebook trolling campaign

"Internet trolls trying to discourage campaign against sex abuse

Bereaved mother vows to continue her battle

By Lawrence Conway

PUBLISHED: 10:52, 20 April 2012 | UPDATED: 11:18, 20 April 2012

Tireless: Campaigner Sara Payne

Paedophiles are trying to close down a Facebook page set up by the mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne to help child abuse victims.

They are placing disgusting posts showing they know the name of many of her supporters, including some who have been targeted by perverts.

Ms Payne, 43, became a tireless campaigner on child abuse issues after her eight-year-old daughter Sarah was murdered by paedophile Roy Whiting in 2000.

According to The Sun, a comment was left on the page she set up reading: 'Paedogeddon - they are organised and they are coming for your kids!!!'.

Sara also reportedly received another message from the Online Sex Offender Community reading: 'OSC, always winning.'

Ms Payne said: 'I'm fed up with being bullied like this. This is a vile attempt to close down my Facebook page.

'[They] don't want campaigns like mine because as more victims are empowered, more paedophiles will have their secrets exposed.'

Victim: Sarah Payne was eight when she was murdered in July 2000

Ms Payne was made an MBE in December 2008 for her campaigning and in January 2009 was appointed Victims Champion by the Justice Secretary Jack Straw.

Ms Payne has previously complained to the police about harassment from paedophiles.". 



Copy and paste ..... add a smattering of emotional irrelevancies, some incorrect.

Bad old, but typical, Daily Mail (aka Lawrence Conway 'pen - not intellect - for hire').


Dish Of The Day

Sara Payne's Facebook campaign page targeted by sick internet trolls

By Kelly Rose Bradford, Apr 20, 2012
Filed under: Kids

"What a terrible thing to do - do you despair of internet trolls? Should their be stiffer penalties for those who do this kind of thing?"



Well, it may be terrible if it had actually happened.


Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages to supporters

April 20, 2012

| Filed under: News | Posted by: admin

"SICK paedophile trolls are trying to sabotage a Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne’s mum Sara to help child abuse victims. They are placing vile posts on it showing they know the names of many of her supporters, including some who have been targeted by perverts ....."



"UKZAMBIANS is a UK based media organisation founded by Zambians living in the United Kingdom"

Well, well, well !!!


In The Public Interest?

Dr Oldfield informs us, that he has taken advice from his PPU, to have a wireless panic alarm fitted, in the next few hours, due to the outrageous, false and dangerous action of The Sun.

More Evidence For The Mission

The Words

"The Phoenix Post

about an hour ago

We have reported this harassment to the police, google and facebook, they have not responded to us or taken any action to protect us from it. This convicted sex offender has always targeted Shy and I, but now he's blatantly targeting all those who follow and support us. I'm sure the intent is to isolate us and scare you away, but whatever the intent, we felt we had to tell you and let you decide how we should proceed. Should we stay or should we close?"



Not at all, please stay open.

Our intention is to share your public words and tactics, as widely as possible.

Legal, honest, free, speech is a good thing, perhaps you and Mr France should practise it, 100%.


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Jan Alexander What ever you do never give up! 2 hours ago · Like · 5

Denise Jones please stay. 2 hours ago · Like · 5

Allison Bradford Stay most defiantly , we are behind you , u need to stand up to bullies xx 2 hours ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Minnie Knowles Stay!! Stand up and fights!!! X about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 2
Lisa Clarke Was Whitehall definitely stay, cannot let "people" like that win. about an hour ago · Like · 3

Lorraine Orange They are sick idiots with way too much time on their hands. Stay! X about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 2

Mandy Francis stay stay stay! would never give them the luxury of scaring me! about an hour ago · Like · 2

Louise Lightbody Deakin Stay, they wont win this time x about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 4
Sarah Mcgeachy Stay, if you close now they win and there's no way we will let that happen xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Laura Spirelass Batterham Stay.. if you close they win.. there r a lot more supporters than their r these pathetic excuses for existence.. stay !!!xxx about an hour ago · Like · 3

Jo-anne Rose As all of the above STAY! Why on earth would we want you to go and let them win again. They have taken enough. They cant and wont have any more. xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Sarah Taylor Fox Walking away is not a option for you ladies you have come so far so can not be bullied or harrassed by anybody you just need the support that you so deserve in numbers. about an hour ago · Like · 4

Maxine Rathbone STAY!! We joined your group because we believe in you and we support you! Stamp out these bullies, I for one certainly REFUSE to be bullied by these mindless people!!! Your doing a fantastic job,and I for one applaud you... Who else will try and protect the victims. Well done to you both. Xxx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 7

Sonia Lanzon Stay, let's show them they can't scare any of us, we have to stick together. He must feel like the big man, trying to scare people from behind a computer screen. We cannot allow any type of bully, to win xx about an hour ago · Like · 3

Fiona Moore Please stay xx about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Rita Simpson Stay! about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Lori Crandall Brendgard Please stay. I adore you both and there is no force on earth that could make me walk away from supporting you. You are brilliant. xx 44 minutes ago · Like · 1

Jodie LeNormand Stay, this is only the beginning of the Facebook page. He's riled, he really did cry at your picture ;-) 42 minutes ago · Like · 2

Jacqueline Bolton please stay so many would miss you and don't you think its time we stopped letting them win and live rent free in our heads 15 minutes ago · Like · 1

More Evidence

"The Phoenix Post

26 minutes ago

Experts in the stalking field advise never to feed the beast, never give stalkers the information or attention they crave. The police advise that the only way to stop this, is for us to make a formal police complaint of harassment."



That is all one should do, if one believes something illegal is occurring.  We support this position, 100%.

Of course, one will require evidence and 'crying wolf' is a story all should consider.


"The OSC advises its perverted stalkers to force their victims into making a formal police complaint in order to secure more of the victim's private information. They use a tried and trusted method called - wait till the police and CPS have completed full disclosure of all the documents and evidence (as required by law) then sack the legally aided solicitor and become their own legal counsel, forcing the police, CPS and the sacked solicitors to give the offender (now acting as their own legal counsel) full legal disclosure of all the documents and evidence, which could include things like family details and medical records. The police could not assure us that this would not happen, we have families and children to protect. What would you do?"

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Jodie LeNormand Call their bluff...Because without correct legal representation they face a lengthy prison sentence.....Checkmate.. 51 minutes ago · Like · 4

Rita Simpson That's ridiculous! 50 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post They would get so much out of having someone like Sara in court, they would use her to grandstand their awful twisted thinking Shyx 38 minutes ago · Like

Jodie LeNormand Under what premise could that EVER happen? 37 minutes ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post If Sara is forced to make a complaint to police she would have to appear as a witness in a public criminal court that they would exploit to the full to get their vile pro-paedophile messages across. 33 minutes ago · Like

The Phoenix Post I don't want to be used as a pro-paedophile platform Sarax 32 minutes ago · Like

Rita Simpson How would they do that just out of interest? I don't know that much about these things. Sorry if it's obvious x 25 minutes ago via Mobile · Like

Sarah Mcgeachy There should be a law stopping that from happening, under NO circumstance should these foul people EVER be allowed to get hold of this information what on earth is this world coming to? And you wonder why so many people keep quiet grrrr it makes me soooo angry x 23 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 1

Jodie LeNormand He wouldn't get the opportunity to defend the content and create propaganda. He would have to either agree or deny that he did it. Ive read his Paedogeddon, and actually he's terrified of a public confrontation which is why he trolls. He's just a coward that even people on his webspace don't like. The Chemist hasn't really thought this through. His one in ten graph is accurate, however I think he forgot that leaves nine in ten who detest what he is. He'd better think up a new formula.... 22 minutes ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post Disagree with you there, he feeds into the vast OSC network that attracts even more abuse from even more abusive perverts who do publish legally protected documents all over the web, the last we can remember was the Operation Ore lists.. 13 minutes ago · Like

Jodie LeNormand I'm an all or nothing girl. Either they get ignored and we create a vacuum, or we let them show their troll claws. That way they get convicted. Either they can implode or explode. 3 minutes ago · Like

More to come, we expect.

The Ultimate OSC Win

One day, not far away now, the disgusting actions carried out against Dr Oldfield (and many others) will be a recognised hate crime, and dangerous hacks, such as Mr France, will become another media dinosaur, following in the vacuous footsteps of the seedy publications he worked for.

The irony will not be lost, that it was enabled by The Sun and those that employ them (and are paid by them) as media thugs.

How Rupert Murdoch Exploits Ms Payne - Sort Of

The News of The Word = News Corporation = Rupert Murdoch
The Sun = News Corporation = Rupert Murdoch

19 January 2012 Last updated at 20:20

Phone hacking: Jude Law, Lord Prescott and Sara Payne get payouts

"Jude Law Law's phone was hacked repeatedly between 2003 and 2006 Jude Law and Lord Prescott are among the latest people given payouts over phone hacking by the News of the World. Actor Law received the highest payout of £130,000 ($200,000). The ex-deputy PM got £40,000, the High Court heard. Sara Payne, mother of murdered schoolgirl Sarah, and Shaun Russell, whose wife and daughter were murdered in 1996, were given undisclosed sums.

News International apologised in court but later said senior staff knew nothing about the wrongdoing ....."

Jude Law and other high-profile phone hacking payouts

Paedophiles raid child abuse campaigner’s site and post sick threat messages to supporters

"Sara Payne, and little Sarah who was murdered by sex beast Roy Whiting in 2000

Targeted ... Sara Payne, and little Sarah who was murdered by sex beast Roy Whiting in 2000



Published: Today at 00:03

SICK paedophile trolls are trying to sabotage a Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne’s mum Sara to help child abuse victims.

They are placing vile posts on it showing they know the names of many of her supporters, including some who have been targeted by perverts ....."

The News of The Word = News Corporation = Rupert Murdoch
The Sun = News Corporation = Rupert Murdoch


This concerns us and should concern readers too.

When Survivor's Fight Amongst Themselves - 1

Hotting up over at TPP and CHRIS .....

We emailed The Sun .....

Hoorah for Shy and Sara !!! How you like them apples, Chris? You got that, The Sun?

"The Overlord"
04/18/2012 10:21 PM 

The Phoenix Post about an hour ago Phoenix Admin Postbag - Please do not ask the Phoenix Post team to support Chris Wittwer - he lied to and about Shy and Sara, he abused, bullied and harassed them causing them enormous distress. It has been a very difficult time for the ladies, but they are determined not to be bullied silent by anyone. They do not support what this man is doing, they want nothing to do with him and have nothing further to say about the matter. Hope this helps. Ends 



Chris Wittwer
23 hours ago

Facebook is more and more like the Jeremy Kyle show everyday. People with nothing better to do than slag others off, or slander them. Greatttttttttttt...........

54 people like this.


Yes, Mr Chris Wittwer, pride of The Sun, is in some trouble ..... no reply or piece in The Sun, it appears.

We note quite a lot of hypocrisy, in this story.

When Survivors Attack - 1

The Issue - Prejudice and Persecution

 Let us consider the ethical position, of Ms Payne and Ms Keenan .....


The Phoenix Post team warmly welcomes your support and your views.

We are a law abiding peaceful people who come with a few rules of our own, we do not tolerate saboteurs or support violent vigilantes or their supporters. 

Please be advised that our FB pages often close at night and are always monitored by our admin team, please do not FB message disclosures or private information to our FB admin team.

Anyone can like our pages, but only our FB friends can post onto our FB pages -

We sincerely don't mean to offend anyone, but we do not welcome angry ranting or foul mouthed posts. We all want real progressive debate, with real words, to help bring about some much needed real change, so please use your words and help us to keep on topic.

Removed posts.

1/ Please do not post links or tags or 'symbol only' posts.

2/ No bullying, harassing or abusive posting and trolls are not tolerated.

3/ Please NO disclosing sex crime details on the page or to the admin team.

4/ Do not identify those with legal rights to victim anonymity.

5/ Do not identify actual or alleged paedophiles.

6/ Do not use foul, violent, homophobic, raciest ‘pro or anti’ religious language in your posts or profile pictures.

7/ No offence is ever intended, but for balance, flow and relevance - not all posts will make it onto the page and we reserve the right to remove any post or FB friend - without explanation.

8/ You cannot promote your own causes on any Phoenix Post pages without our express invitation and consent.


10/ You may like and post onto the page with a picture of a child, but nothing naked.

RE: FB PROFILE PICTURES: With sincere respect, we prefer to see who we are talking to, but understands why some can’t. However, this is Facebook, not arsebook, titbook or swearbook 'so please' go easy with the profile pictures.

understands why some can’t. However, this is Facebook, not arsebook, titbook or swearbook 'so please' go easy with the profile pictures.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Online Sex offender Community (or OSC) are an ever present danger. We do not want or welcome any kind of contact from any sex offenders or their supporters. Any harassment or abuse will be reported to the relevant authorities - without hesitation or exception.

Website -



Debating the news that matters to us. You can like this page, but only our FB friends can post to it. Before you like or post please click here to read & agree to the page rules. Many thanks x


Our mission; To build a trusted victim's voice that positively represents the amazing Phoenix community.

1/Build a safe online platform for the victim's voice - The Phoenix

2/Protect that voice from sabotage.

3/Secure no-strings sponsorship to make it all that it can be.

4/Get that voice heard and included where it matters.

5/Use that voice to educate away the prejudice and positively represent the amazing Phoenix community - The Phoenix

Company Overview

Shy Keenan & Sara Payne MBE working to help educate the prejudice away, to build a trusted victims voice that will positively represent the amazing Phoenix community.
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The Prejudice

Paedophilia (more recently, 'Paedophilic Disorder'), is an recognised mental disorder, under DSM-V-TR DSM-V and ICD-10, in line with such conditions, as ASPD, Schizophrenia, PTSD etc.

These pieces confirm, the incorporation of this condition, within the Mental Health Act 2007 and the Equality Act 2010.

Paedophilia is a clinical condition, only able to be diagnosed by a psychiatrist and no one else.

Very few of those who have to register under the requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 are Paedophiles and those that are, are to be supported and assisted, not ridiculed.

However, Ms Payne, Ms Keenan and their supporters seem to think otherwise, and it is in direct conflict with their ethical position ...

It is such insensitive, prejudicial and ignorant behavior, which the OSC challenges, day-by-day.

One would not make fun of anyone with any other mental health condition, but these people seem happy to do so.

This is unacceptable in 2012.


Addendum (10/12/2013)


Addendum (29/6/2012)

From Scientific Experts

"People do not choose to be attracted to children or adults any more than they choose to be attracted to males or females.Not all pedophiles are child molesters (or vice versa). Child molesters are defined by their acts; pedophiles are defined by their desires. There are pedophiles and hebephiles who never act on their sexual attraction towards children. They cannot be blamed for what they feel, and they should be supported for the constant self-restraint they must exercise in order to behave ethically."

Dr. Ray Blanchard, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto; Former Head of Clinical Sexology Services in the Law and Mental Health Program of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; Served on the American Psychiatric Association's DSM-IV and on the DSM-5's Work Group on Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders.

"My heart goes out to people to whom nature has given something as powerful and as distracting as a sex drive and no healthy way to express it. Pedophiles are not the only folks in this position, but they are by far the most demonized, regardless of whether they have ever actually caused anyone any kind of harm. There is no known way of turning a pedophile into a nonpedophile. The best we can do is help a person maximize their self-control and to help them build an otherwise happy and productive life."

Dr. James Cantor, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, Head of the Law and Mental Health Research Section of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health; editor-in-chief of Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Sexual Aggression, The Journal of Sex Research, and Archives of Sexual Behavior.

"We should acknowledge the existence of "good pedophiles," people like you, KIW, who are burdened with a sexual interest in children but who possess the moral sense to resist acting on that interest. It's a lifelong struggle for "good pedophiles," and most manage to succeed without any emotional support—to say nothing of credit—whatsoever."

Dan Savage, author of internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column Savage Love, in response to letter written by KIW.

"From clinical experience through the German Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (PPD), running since 2005, it is known that there are pedophilic and hebephilic men willing to take on the responsibility for their sexual preference in such manner that they are prepared to go to great lengths in order to prevent child sexual victimization through sexual contacts or the use of child abusive images. According to these experiences it is time to establish this approach in other countries providing therapy for these men to deal with their sexual preference in a way that enables them to develop strategies for the prevention for sexual assault—hands on and on the internet."

Klaus M. Beier, MD, PhD, Professor, Director of Institute of Sexology and Sexual Medicine, Charite Center for Health and Human Sciences, Charite University Medicine Berlin

"I used to think that almost all pedophiles were destined to molest children, but I've changed my mind. A growing body of research conducted by leading scientists shows that a large proportion of pedophiliac men — maybe a majority—have never touched a child sexually. I have for years felt sympathy for pedophiles and thought that society should do better by them. Such men never choose to be attracted to children or adolescents. They have a burden that most of us do not have, and they should be helped more and demonized less. I used to think that help would likely entail biological treatments, including chemical or surgical castration. Now I think help beyond the biochemical option is vital. Many can resist their urges without it, and we ought to make it easier for them to do the right thing. Making them feel that they are worthless and despised can only make it more difficult for them."

Michael Bailey, Professor, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pedophilia may not be a life choice 

"If this science pans out, it means some people are born with a sex drive they must fight their entire lives, through no fault of their own. Imagine being a straight man, for example, and being told your attraction to women is immoral and cannot be acted upon. It must be horrible. And little help is available because laws require therapists and doctors to report anyone they believe poses a threat to children."

Sep 07, 2012 02:45 PM EDT

The Science of Pedophilia: Is It a Sexual Orientation?

"If pedophilia is a sexual orientation, researchers say, no amount of therapy or prison time will help.

On Valentine's Day last year, the Parliament of Canada's Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights held a session in which MPs debated whether they should institute mandatory sentencing laws against sex offenders of two years.

Lolita, originally a novel by Vladimir Nabokov, depicted Humbert Humbert's involvement with his 12-year-old stepdaughter Dolores, who he nicknames Lolita.

There to speak were Dr. Vernon Quinsey, then from Queens University, and Dr. Hubert Van Gijseghem, a retiree from the University of Montreal. Naturally, the subject of therapy entered the discussion, to which Van Gijseghem said,

"When we speak of therapy or when individuals get therapy and we feel as though everyone is pacified, the good news is often illusory. For instance, it is a fact that real pedophiles account for only 20% of sexual abusers. If we know that pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small [offense] from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality, and if we agree on the fact that true pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation, everyone knows that there is no such thing as real therapy. You cannot change this person's sexual orientation.""

Sep 7, 2012 10:30 AM

Born This Way: Sympathy and Science for Those Who Want to Have Sex with Children

"The old adage is that the true mark of a society is how it treats the weakest in its ranks. Blacks, women, Latinos, gays and lesbians, and others are still in no way on wholly equal footing in America. But they're also not nearly as lowly and cursed as men attracted to children. One imagines that if Jesus ever came to Earth, he'd embrace the poor, the blind, the lepers, and, yes, the pedophiles."

Pedophilia Is Normal, Because Otherwise It's Abnormal

What Science Reveals About Pedophilia

Masking hegemonic masculinity: reconstructing the paedophile as the dangerous stranger
Scientists find brain differences in pedophiles

Paedophiles could be 'spotted and cured' through MRI scans to detect brain abnormalities and low IQs

Can Science Spot a Pedophile? Research Zeroes In On Brain Abnormalities

Published November 28, 2012

No one is born a pedophile

"A recent article on by Cord Jefferson suggests that we could be a more just and healing society were we to consider pedophilia a sexual orientation, rather than simply a crime. He suggests that pedophiles are born with this orientation, just as men might be born with the inherent potential to develop an attraction to adult females, or vice-versa."

I think that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, just like being gay or straight is.

Monday, Jan. 13, 2003


"A psychiatric diagnosis of pedophilia merely indicates one's desires; not all pedophiles act on their urges and actually commit child sexual abuse. Plenty of sexual abuse of kids is committed by ordinary people not generally attracted to children. That's one reason the incidence of child sexual abuse is so maddeningly high.",9171,232584-1,00.html#ixzz0zwe1OFiH


Addendum (31/12/2013)
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January 17, 2014

'Friend to the Martyr, a Friend to the Woman of Shame': Thinking About the Law, Shame and Humiliation  


This paper considers the intersection between law, humiliation and shame, and how the law has the capacity to allow for, to encourage, or (in some cases) to remediate humiliation, or humiliating or shaming behavior. The need for new attention to be paid to this question has increased exponentially as we begin to also take more seriously international human rights mandates, especially – although certainly not exclusively – in the context of the recently-ratified United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, a Convention that calls for “respect for inherent dignity,” and characterizes "discrimination against any person on the basis of disability [as] a violation of the inherent dignity and worth of the human person.


humiliation, shame, dignity, therapeutic jurisprudence, Scarlet letters, persons with mental disabilities, elders, sex offenders, international human rights law" 


Addendum (14/1/2014)
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I’m Afraid I’m Might Have Pedophilia


Friday, March 14, 2014 

Can paedophilia [sic] ever be cured?

"Daniel Morcombe, who was murdered by convicted child sex offender Brett Peter Cowan".