Sunday, 22 April 2012

One Does Not Choose One's Disability

The Claims

"The Phoenix Post

about an hour ago

The paedophiles want us to close our paedophile victim support pages down because (they say) they are upsetting the paedophiles. They say they are trying to become socially accepted as disabled child attracted adults and paedophile victim support pages like ours are making people not like them.

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9 people like this. Larrissa Barker WHAT! That is pathetic. Noone like them because they are paedophiles! Nothin t d with the support pages ppl make about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 6

Amanda Francis such a shame! dont they realise paedos lowest form of life and NOONE except their own kind give a hoot for them their feelings or what they consider to be their rights. pondlife doesnt have rights. about an hour ago · Like · 6

Kelly Jiggles Tedder they take away phoenix's rights when they abuse them therefore they should forgo their rights x about an hour ago · Like · 6

Terrijayne Tj Butler its not a disability its a choice they make that choice its not a drug that u cant stop they could if they wanted to they chose not to they chose to carry on abusing others about an hour ago · Like · 7

The Phoenix Post Paedophiles do what they do because they want and because they can. It is right and proper that we are naturally repulsed by them and that everybody hates the real harm they do to the whole lives of the children they sexually abuse. Society will never accept what they are and what they do and they know that, we just wanted you to know why they object to us so much and what they say about us standing up to them x 55 minutes ago · Like · 5

Shereena Bates well i for one detest these people for who and what they are....i disliked them a long time before facebook and these pages 55 minutes ago · Like · 6

Kelly Jiggles Tedder unless we stay aware of what our children are doing an stay open minded with them and explain that no matter what happens no one is going to take us away from them they beasties win, they will not win and they will no longer take my life away I WIN x 52 minutes ago · Like · 6

Jo-anne Rose They are a joke and ill be honest i laughed when i read this post. Not because what they are doing but at their pathetic excuses. They are so deranged. They wont win. And well said Kelly. Why should they take anymore away. All here are good decent human beings. They on the other hand, well.. They wont win. xx 45 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 6

Gavin Thomas It's the human rights status quo...fairness for perverts. Whatever next? And it's said life isn't a social experiment. I try to understand enlightenment, punishment, forgiveness and healing, but I've blown a fuse. Keep campaigning guys, you know it makes sense! 45 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 5

Rita Simpson What tripe! As if we accept them or like them anyway! We never will because what they are, what THEY define themselves as being, ie paedophiles, the actions of which is a criminal offence. It is illegal and unacceptable to any right minded person. Plus I'd never define myself by my sexuality, (not that paedophilia is a sexuality, it is rape of minors and is brutal, cruel, self serving and bullying)I'm so much more than anything to do with sex. What is wrong with this 'people'????????????? 42 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 5

Jodie LeNormand Transparency is the key. They should say who and where they are. I wouldn't talk to someone behind a mask, and neither should anyone. Unless their prepared for the facade to be lifted, ignore them. They really don't have anything of any quality to say. 40 minutes ago · Like · 4

Lori Crandall Brendgard That's utter BS. They gave up their 'rights' when they made the CHOICE to harm an innocent child. Do they care about those in Left Behind because of them? No. They are selfish and quite whiny to be honest. Who gives a crap whether or not people 'like' them. I apologize for the swears, but this really infuriates me!!! 35 minutes ago · Like · 4

The Phoenix Post We won't waste time fighting their human rights, we are too busy fighting for OUR human rights - including our rights to freedom of speech and expression x 33 minutes ago · Like · 5

Jodie LeNormand Quite rightly! 25 minutes ago · Like · 3

Richard Bougeard Aw my heart bleeds for them .. NOT, & I'm wiping back tears at the thought of us upsetting them, how awful ... NOT. And ... since when is paedophilia a disability?? - I've never heard it described as-such, apart from the recent Greece story. Please tell me if I am misinformed, but I see paedophilia as one of the sickest types of sexual fetish (much as any other fetish, but in a disgusting, vile way), and they only carry it out because they want to, because they can, and because society doesn't punish them nearly enough as it should do. 14 minutes ago · Like · 1

Jodie LeNormand He seems to think that Paedophilia is a mental illness and that by mocking Paedophiles, we are mocking people with mental illnesses. I think his argument is flawed....What do you think? 11 minutes ago · Like · 2

Kerrie Daniels Reed For people who have a disability this is a insult! a disability does not make u destroy someones life forever! These paedophiles r scum and should get to breathe the same air as normal human beings ! 7 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 2

The Phoenix Post We think they have been trying to find a get out of jail free card for a long time - another way to stay out of jail would be to leave children alone x 2 minutes ago · Like · 1

Terrijayne Tj Butler as i was always told if u cant do the time dont do the crime an being a paedophile will always be a crime so leave our children alone that way u stay out of jail x about an hour ago · Like · 6

Sarah Mcgeachy Ha ha ha ha that made me laff, if that's how they think it shows how pathetic they are about an hour ago via Mobile · Like · 5

Barb Prefon that is to bad about an hour ago · Like · 3

Deborah Bougeard what sad asses they are do they really think we care how they feel they dont care when they ruin the lives of children and thier families if only they got the life sentences they have about an hour ago · Like · 3

Louise Lightbody Deakin Aww im playing the violins for them right now with puddles of tears on the floor at my feet! Shy u do have a way with words, have u evet thought about writing books??? :o) xx 18 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 2" 




This is not about 'liking' or being 'socially accepted' (although both would be a very good thing).

This is about illegal discrimination, under a number of Statutes e.g. Equality Act 2010 and Disability hate crime related Acts:


"The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and the Crown Prosecution Service have a nationally agreed definition of Hate Crime

Any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by a hostility or prejudice based on a person's disability or perceived disability."

Paedophilia is a recognised, clinical, mental disorder, enjoying the same protection and support as any other disability, as described, here.

There is little room for discussion on this point.

If anyone is discriminated against (as described in the relevant Acts and Instruments), solely on the grounds of a recognised mental disability (or a perceived mental disability), then that is potentially illegal - and rightly so; which reasonable person would argue otherwise?

It appears, that the people, quoted above, have little (no?) understanding and/or respect for the law.

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