Saturday, 21 April 2012

How The OSC Assists TPP - Once Again

"The Phoenix Post

40 minutes ago S&S

We can't tell you how wonderful it was to wake up to an inbox full of such kindness and support, thank you for that xx

We never realised just how many people are abused online in this way or how many of us share some of the same online abusers, bullies and predatory criminals who target and exploit the vulnerable. This kind of harassment would not be tolerated on a public street.

We do feel the internet service providers and public protection units could do a lot more to protect the public from known online sex offenders and abusers.

We say there is no point fighting them anymore, there is no point trying to get a broken system to work anymore, we say it's time to let the truth help us bring in real online public protection laws backed up by an online police presence. What do you say?"




Never let it be said, that the OSC does not help you out, in times of 'need'.

Well, we say, as long as politicians, the police and other bodies, are aware (with proof), that the two of you and your News Corporation associates, are seasoned misinformationists (we put that mildly), and it appears that you have taken money under dubious pretences (please make your donation details and their destinations public, when you were a 'charity', or in your other ventures, past and present) ..... we say, you need to be very careful what you now claim, in public.

For now, we collate here. An hour makes it all go very public and to the authorities.

Whilst we are on the subject of money, which is mainly when we see you both surface, online, is there any way that Ms Payne could use some (all) of her phone-hacking income (why was the amount undisclosed, in her case?) to kick-start your new venture?

The OSC (once again) is delighted to continue to publicise your activities, in a bid to recoup it and for The Truth to help us all.

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