Saturday, 21 April 2012

The 'Misinformation' Continues

The Claims

"The Phoenix Post shared a link.

35 minutes ago

Unfortunately we cannot open our other FB pages at the moment as our admin are currently dealing with direct harassment from the FB profile claiming to be the OSC - the one highlighted in the newspapers week this - FB have still not closed it down :0( If they try to contact you please just report and block them. We are so sorry about this S&S xx

Sick threats put on Facebook page set up by Sarah Payne's mum to help child abuse victims

Sick threats have been posted on a Facebook page set up to help child abuse victims. The page was started by Sara Payne whose daughter Sarah was murdered by a paedophile in 2000."




You are not being harassed. You are posting on an open page, on a social network site. As you have recognised, there are procedures, in place, if you feel there is some breach of service.

There have been no recent posts, to the page, from The OSC. If we wished too, we would.

The OSC is sharing your work (and ours), with other FB users, as is our legal and moral right.

There is no reason for you to keep any page closed. As far as we are concerned (we welcome their presence), they do not interest us, at this time.

We are only interested, presently, in your main page and the claims you make, therein.

If you believe anything illegal is occurring, you have the option of contacting the police. Alternatively, please email us, with the details of your solicitor, if there is such an issue, in your minds.

For the record, Mr Whiting, the man who was found guilty of the murder of Sarah Payne, has been diagnosed as not being a Paedophile.

Mr Whiting is in prison for murder, not a sexual offence.


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7 people like this. Tracey Jones Omg - sick, sick people!! Good luck to you and hope you sort it all out, you don't deserve this x 34 minutes ago · Like · 4

Richard Bougeard Will do, & please don't apologies, you have done nothing wrong (you never do), circumstances happen, and we will deal with them as & when they do. We will beat this, rise above it & be strong in numbers and voice :) xx 33 minutes ago · Like · 5

Holly Parr Just remember you have lots of support behind you, and there is many more decent, caring people than their are trolls. I believe in killing nastiness with kindness. They cannot beat you whilst so many people stand together side by side x 32 minutes ago · Like · 6

Jo-anne Rose No apologies needed. They have to be dealt with and we know its happening. I really hope they are closed down very soon and are properly dealt with. Stay strong. ((hugs)) xx 21 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 3

Kelly Jiggles Tedder They r running scared guys, they know that you and your admin will stand up against them x 14 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 4

Deborah Bougeard we will all stand up to them x 13 minutes ago · Like · 3

Julie Rolfe Oo, sorry. so how do I become a Phoenix Post FB friend? 11 minutes ago · Like · 1

The Phoenix Post we have already requested? Just confirm :0) 9 minutes ago · Like 1

Julie Rolfe errr where? I haven't had any new friend requests come through recently :( 4 minutes ago · Like

Sarah Mcgeachy I'm so sorry you have to go thru this but stand strong ladies we are beside you every step of the way, these germs of society will not win x 2 minutes ago via Mobile · Like

Sarah Jane Peers We are stood next to you always xx 56 seconds ago · Like

The Phoenix Post Sorry wrong profile :0) they've been trying to get rid of me and shut me up for years now, hasn't worked before won't work now Sara xx 12 minutes ago · Like · 3"




Interesting; we would be delighted to see any evidence you have for that claim, Ms Payne. Please post it, clearly, on your FB page, for all to see.

Developments (a short time later)

"The Phoenix Post

3 minutes ago

All sorted now, pages open :0) The FB profile in question cannot like or post on our pages anymore and if anyone receives an unwelcome FB request from it, please just report and block it, many thanks for supporting us S&S xx"




That is good news, it is as though there was never any problem at all.

We are a little confused; why would you want others to block our contacts? - are we not all in search of The Truth?

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