Sunday, 22 April 2012

Yes Please - 100%

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"The Phoenix Post

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S&S - We really do our very best to always report it and just ignore it, we've worked with the police and the ISP's, yet here we are again. We won't cry victim every time things get tough, but we would just want to remind them that we are actual human beings with real human feelings, who think it's time for a joint Police/Facebook/Google investigation. Would you support this? Like · · Share 8

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Sally Gill Yes i would 7 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 3
Richard Bougeard too right! xx 5 minutes ago · Like · 2
Jacqui Milne Yes I would too xx 4 minutes ago via Mobile · Like · 3
Sarah Taylor Fox Defo 3 minutes ago · Like · 3
Deborah Bougeard of course xx 3 minutes ago · Like · 3
Terrijayne Tj Butler all the way i would xx 3 minutes ago · Like · 1
Jay Martin yes x 2 minutes ago · Like · 1"




We are not sure what you feel needs reporting or what 'it' is?

We are all human beings.

We are in contact (via Dr Oldfield) with the police and other bodies, regarding your actions, in conjunction with Mr France.

We support a 'joint Police/Facebook/Google investigation' (whatever that may be - please provide details), so that we may scrutinise your activities, history and motives, without smokescreen and innuendo.

In fact, it is already in operation.

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