Monday, 23 April 2012

Continuing To Tear The Puppet's Strings

The Inconsistencies

"The Phoenix Post

29 minutes ago

Postbag -

Hi Shirley, thank you for your email, I [Ms Shy Keenan] will pass your lovely message on :0)

It hurts and confuses me to see anyone try to cause Sara [Payne] any distress [sic], not just because she really doesn't deserve it, but because she is still trying to recover from a massive stroke, that has left her half paralysed and I know she finds this abuse [sic] very hard to understand. 

She is such a good soul, she has helped so many and done so much, and despite everything, I see her make what must be for her, a herculean effort, to get herself to the laptop every day to try and help those victimised by paedophiles crimes.

She inspires us all and deserves our respect and support, indeed, she will soon be Dr Sara Payne MBE :0) I hope FB get behind her, Shyx" 

"And she [Ms Sara Payne] said: “I’m fed up being bullied [sic] like this. This is a vile attempt to close down my Facebook page. Men like Oldfield don’t want campaigns like mine because as more victims are empowered, more paedophiles will have their secrets exposed.”

The OSC Is Attacked 



Which one is it to be tomorrow, Ms Keenan?

Who is really causing any alleged distress?

Who has a history of doing so?

Understand, we have no intent to cause distress, anxiety or harassment - we are responding, legally, to your public presence and statements.


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