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The UK Death Sentence - The SOPO

31 Oct 2013 15:27

'Serial voyeur' found dead in his prison cell, sparking murder investigation

"AG, 73, was serving a nine-month sentence after he was found lying on the floor in women's toilets at a shopping centre Lincoln Prison.

A 73-year-old prisoner serving a nine-month sentence for voyeurism has been found dead in his cell, sparking a murder investigation.

AG, a serial peeping tom, was jailed in October after he was found lying on a cubicle floor in the women's toilets of a Leicester shopping centre.

An ambulance was called after staff found him in his cell at Lincoln Prison at around 5.45am this morning, but he was pronounced dead at the scene the Prison Service said.

A 35-year-old male inmate - understood to have been sharing a cell with G - has been arrested in connection with the incident, Lincolnshire Police said, as it opened a murder investigation.

G was jailed after admitting voyeurism and breaching a sexual offences prevention order which was imposed in 2009. It had banned him from loitering near or entering female toilets for five years, according to reports.

While jailing G for nine months, Judge Robert Brown at Leicester Crown Court also extended the order - banning him from ladies' lavatories for the rest of his life."

Prisoner death murder probe

HMP Lincoln murder probe as inmate AG found dead

Serious safety failings found at Lincoln jail last year

Helping Employers Make Prejudical Recruiting Decisions

29 October 2013

Guidance: DBS guide to eligibility

"Organisation: Disclosure and Barring Service.
Page history: Updated 29 October 2013, see all updates.
Policy: Helping employers make safer recruiting decisions.
Collections: DBS checking service guidance.

Eligibility, workforce and supervision guidance for those working with children and adults."

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There Is Something Wrong - The Circumcised Paedophile - Victimized From Cradle To Grave

 Published on Aug 18, 2013

There is something wrong - The circumcised paedophile - Victimized from cradle to grave 

"WARNING! Adult viewing only. Distressing scenes at 3:20.

1. ~Please respect and defend my freedom of speech~
2. ~Please respect and defend baby boys' genital integrity~
3. ~Please respect and defend human rights~"


Dave W

Exploitation And Money, From Misery, Fear And Death - USA Style

FL - Bubba The Love Sponge out harassing ex-offenders for his own advertisement campaign (1 of 2)

FL - Bubba The Love Sponge out harassing ex-offenders for his own advertisement campaign (2 of 2)


Vigilantism of Sex Offenders

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Give Her Justice, We Do Not Want To Jeopardise Just Desserts


Rebekah Brooks

Not Quite, But, Getting There - We Prefer The Terms 'Facilitation' Or 'Desistance', Or, Put Simply, 'Coping'

28 October 2013 00:00

‘Rehab, not jail’ for abusers [sic] who groom children online

"SEX offenders [sic] caught “grooming” youngsters online and downloading images of child abuse should avoid jail in favour of early intervention programmes in some cases, MSPs have been told.

More Scottish Government cash should be allocated to fund rehabilitation schemes for these offenders, in order to prevent future offending, according to national child sexual abuse organisation Stop It Now.

But the prospect of offenders avoiding prison for such crimes was branded “blatantly wrong” by opposition parties at Holyrood [well, they would]. The Scottish Government has insisted that the justice system is “tougher than ever” on offenders.

Online grooming, where youngsters are lured into forming a relationship with an adult over the internet, is a growing problem. Earlier this month, 21-year-old SC was jailed for grooming a 14-year-old Scottish schoolgirl, then abducting her and having sex with her.

Children’s charities have also called for a clearer approach to sentencing of people caught downloading images of child abuse, after high-profile murder cases in recent years [what has that got to do with anything?].

Scotland is unique in targeting people under investigation for downloading images of child abuse with early intervention and group learning programmes soon after arrest but before conviction, according to Stop It Now.

They respond well during this “period of crisis”, which has the biggest impact on cutting future reoffending, according to the organisation’s national manager in Scotland, Martin Henry."

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"In the field of criminology, desistance is generally defined as the cessation of offending or other antisocial behavior. However, researchers have not reached a consensus on the definition of desistance. Various authors have pointed out the shortcomings of a dichotomous definition of desistance, and some have suggested instead that a process view of desistance may provide a more accurate picture of the concept. Although desistance has become an increasingly popular research topic in recent years, it has been argued that the state of knowledge on this topic is still relatively limited. More specifically, it has been suggested that very little is known about the causal processes underlying desistance."

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The Persecution Of Human Sexuality - How Did This Deadly And Sorrowful Mess Begin?

Fri Oct 25, 2013 9:48 pm

"A very interesting piece with Judith Levine. Well worth a watch if you have a spare hour.

What she says at 18.25 is frightening and absolutely correct."

Computer Sex Criminality


Sun Oct 27, 2013 7:30 pm

"A most courageous discussion – thanks for the link, ptt13. Unfortunately, it has sponsored a lengthy bray from yours truly, but rarely have Orwell’s prophetic words been more apt:
“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”
As Levine makes clear, anyone who owns a computer – and certainly anyone who has looked at any form of erotica - is almost certainly at risk of being done for child porn and having their lives destroyed, irrespective of whether they’ve personally searched for the stuff or even seen it. If the filth have any pretext for seizing your device, a pretext which can be as trivial as getting caught growing a little whacky-baccy in your garden shed, they’ll almost certainly be able to find something on it that qualifies as child porn, because the net they use is so insanely wide (and don’t forget to include your kids in this category of computer porn viewers, even if you’ve never looked at a digital growler or willie).

While her observations are deeply alarming (or should be – everyone’s at risk of police terrorism in this area), it’s nonetheless encouraging to see some prominent voices in what is laughingly called the Land of the Free daring to challenge the madness and ferocious cruelty which has always driven these despicable laws – laws which make a mockery of the presumption of innocence, are impossible to defend and will nearly always result in ruinous sentences and permanently destroyed lives.

Levine tackles head-on the corrupt con-trick perpetrated by the Punitive State and its paedo-obsessed cops, who are, for the most part, badly-educated provincial nobodies, chillingly like the guards who humiliated millions of helpless captives in the Nazi death camps before herding them into gas chambers. As the director of the Institute of Ideas, Claire Fox once asked, “Who (the fu*k) are they to tell us what we can and can’t look at?” (OK, I added “the fu*k”). Amongst Levine's many courageous and truthful observations, these two seem worthy of particular mention:

At 35.02 onwards:
"How can they do a prosecution if no one can look at these (images)? The police can look at them (laughter in audience). And so now we’re all in a situation where … we are forced to somehow submit to the opinions of these dirty-minded little two-bit sheriffs – that’s really who’s making decisions about people’s lives."
At 37.29 onwards:
“Even guilty people deserve justice. The sex laws in this country amount to banishment. Even people who do the worst crimes get to pay their debt and go on with their lives - except for sex criminals.”
Repeating the brilliant dissection she conducted in her book of 2002, Harmful to Minors, Levine also reminds everyone that these laws were from day one based on barefaced lies and nutty exaggerations – child psychiatrist Judianne Densen-Gerber and LAPD cop Sgt Lloyd Martin careened from coast to coast promulgating the deranged whopper that over two million US children were being forced into photographed sex acts by a sinister, multi-billion dollar industry; Martin even claimed to a congressional committee in 1977 that the sexual molestation of children was “worse than homicide”, an absurdity no one demurred from in the hysterical heat of the moment. In one of his evangelically thunderous outbursts on an American Christian TV show, he warned his fellow citizens that:
"… pedophiles (sic) actually wait for babies to be born so that, just minutes after birth, they can grab the post-fetuses and sexually victimize them.”
(I lifted both these examples from Levine’s book).

All their claims, after thorough investigation, turned out to be pure, 22-carat bullshit. What happened to these paragons of sexual morality (malicious nutjobs, in plain language, who perversely exploited their powerful positions in order to spread lies and disinformation to their fellow citizens for their own aggrandizement)? Densen-Gerber was shortly afterwards disgraced, after it emerged she had been using degrading and dehumanising methods in her private residential treatment facility for drug-using adolescents, Odyssey House (she was also found guilty of embezzling money). Martin was sacked by LAPD after being found guilty of intimidating witnesses and falsifying evidence – quite a turn-up for the books, given how assiduously the cops protect their own no matter how foully they have behaved, so my reading is that the evidence against him was pretty massive.

But, shockingly, these corrupt, swivel-eyed headbangers got their come-uppance after they had succeeded in planting a malignant legal tumour – the Protection of Children Act – in the US statute book, a move which we eagerly followed in the UK courtesy of an equally hysterical and lying propaganda campaign launched by that moralistic pervert Mary Whitehouse, who saw sexual depravity everywhere she looked without once questioning what was going on in her mind to twist erotic beauty into wicked filth. She was aided and abetted by the media and by the moralistic former Tory, Sir Cyril Townsend, who against all odds got his nutty private member’s bill onto the statute book. To be fair, we owe the Protection of Children Act 1978 – the malignant primary tumour from which so many equally malignant legal metastases have spread - not to informed parliamentary debate, but to its abrogation: the minority Prime Minister, Jim Callaghan, forced leftist Labour MP Ian Mikardo to back down on his plans to kill this stupid, unnecessary and hysterical bill by filibustering it, as a result of a shabby backroom compromise with the Tory opposition. They agreed to ease up on opposing the remainder of Labour’s legislative programme so long as the Townsend Bill went through. So much for parliamentary democracy – it’s inherently corrupt and corrupting, as Ed Miliband’s father, Ralph, knew well (just read his superb book "Parliamentary Socialism").

So two corrupt, half-bonkers zealots played a big part in getting a crazy and wicked law enacted, a law copied by pretty well all the legislatures in the Anglophone world thereafter. And we went on copying the American trend as this tumour metastasized into ever more extreme, destructive and indefensible laws. The truth, of course, is that the only multi-billion dollar industry involved in child porn is the child protection industry itself, and its punitive, police puppet masters.

Densen-Gerber and Martin, Whitehouse and Townsend: both these evil couples are the effects, rather than the cause, of a much bigger process. If twentieth century fascism, in its racialised and party political form, is dead (and I think it largely is), twenty-first century fascism is alive and well. It no longer goes by the name of fascism, which is rightly about as appealing as a fungus-encrusted turd to most people, and it is no longer racialised. Instead, it goes by the name of Public Protection, which was never driven by popular, spontaneous demand, and it favours sexual bogeymen over racial bogeymen. But it creates biopolitical monsters (paedos instead of Jews), concentration camps – the virtual concentration camp of the Sex Offender’s Register – and social death (permanent banishment from the human community) every bit as effectively as the Nazis’ Final Solution did. And we should never be so complacent as to dismiss the prospect that some ideologically bankrupt politicians will start calling for literal death penalties, if that’s where they think the votes lie.

It seems to me that US organisations such as the National Centre for Reason and Justice and the Reform Sex Offender Laws (RSOL) group have no counterparts as yet in the UK. There simply has to be a collective response to this malignant madness, which will simply get worse and worse if left unchallenged; freedom has never, ever been bestowed on the powerless by the privileged, it’s always been wrested from the latter’s vice-like, authoritarian grip by those whom it seeks to discipline and dispossess.

A majority of people are endangered by these crazy laws and, rationally, it ought to be possible to build a collective, political opposition to Police/Protective State terrorism.

Ideas welcome."


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Issue 9 Childhood Winter 2002/03

Picturing Innocence: An Interview with Anne Higonnet

"At no time in history have pedophobes had it worse than now. Images of children are everywhere; on calendars and Christmas family cards, in advertisements for banks and toilet paper, on keychains and in office cubicles. Grinning at us in that saccharine way that profitmakers love, these images speak of an age of innocence not yet tainted by politics, economics, moral failure, disappointments, class frustrations, ill health, and, worst of all, knowledge of one's mortality.

The sheer numbers of such images are staggering. Of the 25 billion photographs taken in the US every year, about half of them feature the very young. According to the Wolfman Report of 1992, 38 percent of amateur photographs deemed important enough to be framed were of children.1

The ubiquity of images of children may not tell us anything about the variety of images we produce and circulate but it is symptomatic of contemporary Western obsessions with childhood. In her book Pictures of Innocence: The History and Crisis of Ideal Childhood, Anne Higonnet, professor of art history at Barnard College, traces the history of the images that helped shape this contemporary relationship to children as it first emerged in the 18th century. Sina Najafi spoke to her by phone."

Jews, Spazzes, Niggers, Psychos, Spics, Retards, Gypsies - Getting Benefits, What Next ...

Not A Nonce - Never Was, Never Will Be


October 28th, 2013

Perks For Pervs: Scrap the Nonces’ Christmas Bonus

"As Guido reported in his Sun column yesterday, £100,000 of taxpayers’ money has been set aside for a Christmas bonus for thousands of benefit-claiming sex offenders.

The £10 bonus that is given every year to the disabled, those who receive employment support allowance and over 65s, will be paid directly into the bank accounts of at least 10,000 sicko perverts on the sex offenders’ register.

With universal benefits in the Treasury firing line, the nonces’ bonus is surely top of the list for the chop?" 


... Gas Chambers?

Shameful and Dangerous.

How Many More Will It Take? BTW, It Does Not Matter If They Are 'Innocent', Or Not - 'Sarah's Law' Advert For End-October

Published on Nov 28, 2013

Mr Bijan Ebrahimi films the man who would later kill him ...


PUBLISHED: 12:21, 28 October 2013 | UPDATED: 13:23, 28 October 2013

Innocent man burned to death by vigilante neighbours who mistook him for paedophile

>Bijan Ebrahimi, 44, took pictures of youths vandalising his flower baskets.
>A court heard he planned to give the images to police as evidence.
>But a neighbour saw him with a camera and reported him as a paedophile.
>Police arrested Mr Ebrahimi but let him go when they realised the mistake.
>But two days after his release he was attacked by vigilante neighbours.
>Lee James has pleaded guilty to murder after beating Mr Ebrahimi unconscious before dragging him into the street and setting him on fire
>Stephen Norley pleaded guilty to assisting an offender.
>Both will be sentenced at Bristol Crown Court next month.

Bijan Ebrahimi murder: Steven Norley admits assisting offender

Vigilantes Burned Good Samaritan Bijan Ebrahimi on Bristol Estate After False Paedophile Rumours

Angry mob targeted murdered Bristol man because they wrongly believed he was a paedophile

UK - Man wrongly accused of being pedophile burned alive

A modern British murder: Vigilante neighbours face jail after convictions over murder of disabled man Bijan Ebrahimi wrongly accused of paedophilia

Posted: 11/04/2013 10:33 am EST

Bijan Ebrahimi Burned To Death After False Pedophilia Accusations


October 29, 2013 

A Nation of Vigilantes 

"Teret was relatively fortunate; he at least got the chance to run the gauntlet from what passes for justice these days.

Bajan Ebrahimi wasn’t so lucky. He photographed some children damaging his hanging baskets. Everyone knows that children are innocent, right? So forget the bit about damaging his hanging baskets. Bajan Ebrahimi photographed some children, right? Paedophiles photograph children, right? So Bajan was a paedophile, right? And what do we do with paedophiles, everyone? Yeah, man, right on! We drag ‘em out of their house and we stab ‘em to death, then we set fire to them, yeah, right? ‘Cos we’s decent people, yeah?

"Avon and Somerset Police released a statement saying that Mr Ebrahimi was not a paedophile and no incriminating evidence had been found on his mobile phone or computer."

Too late, of course. Bajan Ebrahimi new address is care of the local morgue. Dead as only a non-paedophile subject to an allegation can be." [why would that be?]

29 October 2013 Last updated at 11:59

Bijan Ebrahimi: Bristol murder victim 'failed' by police

"Bijan Ebrahimi Bijan Ebrahimi had been in contact with police in the days before his death

A murder victim who was beaten and set on fire following rumours he was a paedophile was "failed" by officers, Bristol's police chief has admitted.

Bijan Ebrahimi's body was found in July in Brislington after he was reportedly harassed by residents who believed he had taken indecent images of children.

Lee James, 24, of Capgrave Crescent, has admitted his murder.

Avon and Somerset's chief constable said the force and other agencies would need to look at "what went wrong here".

Nick Gargan said: "Why wasn't that poor man better served by us?""

Investigations opened into vigilante murder of man mistaken for paedophile

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Tuesday 29 October 2013

The murder of Bijan Ebrahimi: Demonising child abusers means inevitable violence

"Mob justice directed against alleged paedophiles [sic] has become a sad fact of life.

"In a world where there is little consensus about moral issues touching on what is right and wrong, the paedophile [sic] possesses the standalone status of the personification of malevolence. That is why moral and cultural entrepreneurs invest so many resources in crusades against this threat. No one can ignore a claim to act in defence of the child. But their narrative invites us to regard all strangers – particularly men – as potential child molesters. In this way the unthinkable mutates into an omnipresent threat that preys on our imagination.

In effect the principal outcome of the advocacy of stranger danger is the normalisation [sic] of paedophilia [sic]. Once the stranger becomes a legitimate target of suspicion can the lynch mob be far behind?"

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Frank Furedi


7:10AM GMT 03 Nov 2013

Police suspended after innocent man accused of paedophilia burned to death


7:10AM GMT 03 Nov 2013

How wild rumour led a mob to murder an innocent man

8:07PM GMT 01 Nov 2013

Bijan Ebrahimi: An innocent man thrown to the mob


Last updated: November 4th, 2013

The murder of Bijan Ebrahimi for being different exposes the dark side of working-class Britain


Last updated: November 5th, 2013

Why is the murder of Bijan Ebrahimi so terrifying?


Friday 8 November 2013

How hateful is Britain? Insulted, bullied and murdered – for being disabled

"In our supposedly civilised society, people who are ‘different’ still face abuse, vigilante justice and death."

"This is one more reason for urging caution over the current paedophile hysteria, so corrosive to communal well-being. This is not to dismiss casually the fears of parents; as the father of a daughter with profound disabilities whose life depends on others, I understand them all too well. Nor would I downplay the genuine threat from people whose disturbed sexuality makes them a danger to children – although it is worth pointing out that the vast majority of offenders know their victims well and are highly socialised individuals.

"But we live in a nation where “paedo” is part of playground banter; where vigilante gangs act as judge and jury in hunting down people they determine to be paedophiles; where parents are told not to take photographs of their families in public places; where men worry about working with children in primary schools or as social workers; and where sex offenders account for one in seven prisoners in our jails, their numbers rising as sentences lengthen."

"Moral outrage is fine. But moral panic is dangerous. And when vigilance warps into vigilantism, it increases the dangers for a group of people already on the margins of mainstream society. We should be making far more effort to include people with learning difficulties in our lives. Instead, all too often they are being abused, damned, excluded and, in the very worst cases, lynched for being different."


Law4 Bijan Ebrahimi; @Bijan_Ebrahimi_


Jan 20, 2014 00:01

Police watchdog to expand probe into murder of disabled man falsely branded a paedophile


21 September 2014 Last updated at 03:13 ET

Disability hate crime 'overlooked by police and CPS'

"The police and Crown Prosecution Service are overlooking the severity of disability hate crime, the former director of public prosecutions has told the BBC.

Lord Ken MacDonald said police were failing to recognise that abuse of disabled people constituted hate crime.

This could prevent perpetrators from receiving increased sentences."


5 December 2014 at 12:11pm

Police officers charged after wrongly-accused man's murder

5 December 2014 at 1:01pm

Ebrahimi family 'relieved' as police officers charged

Friday 05 December 2014

Cops Charged Over 'Paedophile' Mix-Up Killing


Friday 29 May 2015 19.09 BST Last modified on Friday 29 May 2015 19.34 BST

Officers deny misconduct over death of man falsely accused of being paedophile


Friday 17 July 2015

Bijan Ebrahimi: How the murder of an Iranian immigrant wrongly accused of being a paedophile has inspired a film

"Murderous Intent Injustice is told from the perspective of the murderer Lee James.

The murder of an Iranian immigrant who was wrongly thought to be a paedophile is to be the subject of a film.

Angered by the shocking killing of Bijan Ebrahimi and the “apathy” shown towards the culprit by his community, the former investigative journalist and award-winning filmmaker Gavin Scott Whitfield made the short film Murderous Intent; it will be premiered at a Manchester arts venue later this year."

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5 July 2017 

Bijan Ebrahimi: Police 'failed' murdered man for years


Bijan Ebrahimi murder: 'Institutional racism' by council and police

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More to follow.

Labels, Labels, Labels - Paedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation - LGBTP



October 25, 2013 | 4:08 a.m. PDT

Pedophilia Now Classified As A Sexual Orientation

"People can classify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, asexual, metrosexual. There are endless sexual orientations under the sun, and now, pedophilia can be added to the list.

In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM V), the American Psychological Association (APA) drew a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality.

APA's decision has given rise to numerous pedophilia-advocacy groups, the chief of them being B4U-ACT, a non-profit grassroots organization based in Maryland. Created in 2003 primarily as a means for “minor-attracted persons” to be open about their sexual preferences in a supportive atmosphere, B4U-ACT is now widening the scope of their organization.

According to spokesperson and registered sex offender Paul Christiano, the pedophilia-advocacy group is “working towards de-stigmatizing the mental health community.” Christiano explained that negative societal attitudes towards minor-attracted persons “trickle down to policy-making and the mental health community.”"

October 27 2013 at 01:19:39am

"Such a fine line separates 'profession of sexual preference' and 'having a disorder'. So fine that no anti and most other 'normal' people will not see the difference. To 'equate' pedophilia to homosexuality in this psychosocial definition is much too premature.

but okay."

10.28.13 @ 2:48PM

Pedophilia: Orientation or Crime?

" ... the American Psychiatric Association (APA) drew a very distinct line between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder. Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality."

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

APA and DSM-V Confirm Paedophilia as a "Sexual Orientation"

"Well, of course, as this has now officially been reclassified (in the US at least), can we now assume that as well as being LGBTP), that the same Human Rights concerned with sexual orientation that all people quite rightly have, will now be used by paedophiles as well? Can we assume, going forward, that there will one day be no discrimination against paedophiles, who for example, apply to be teachers? Can we assume, for example, that there will one day be no discrimination against paedophiles, who apply to work in any profession with children?"


4:30PM EDT 10/30/2013 

AFA Reports Pedophilia Officially Classified as Sexual Orientation

Posted: 11/01/2013 10:20 am EDT | Updated: 11/01/2013 10:31 am EDT

Not All Pedophiles Have Mental Disorder, American Psychiatric Association Says In New DSM

"In a move toward destigmatizing pedophilia, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in its updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), distinguishes between pedophiles who desire sex with children, and those who act on those desires." 

Posted: 10/31/2013 7:19 pm EDT | Updated: 11/01/2013 10:34 am EDT

Whopping Pedophilia 'Sexual Orientation' Error Sparks Right-Wing Freakout

"A mainstream Christian news site and a number of smaller, right-wing blogs published stories this week alleging that the American Psychiatric Association, or APA, had classified pedophilia as a sexual orientation."

Sunday, 27 October 2013

You Engaged With The 'Trolls'

23 October 2013 Last updated at 21:20 BST

No charges following 'troll' probe

"The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told Ms Brookes: "You engaged with the 'trolls' contrary to the specific advice given to you by Sussex Police on at least three occasions.""

The Sun - Don't Make Us Laugh, More Than We Are Doing !!!

Published: 12 hrs ago



You - almost the sole reason for this whole process.

You - law-breakers and slippery politician-manipulating, police-paying, exploiting, fraudsters.

You - lying, disinforming, prejudiced and persecuting, intellectual deficients, who could not investigate, with anything like ethics or sufficient knowledge, even when you were offered your pieces of silver to do so.

'Press' freedom will go on (but, then, we are here now, so who really needs it?) - it will just leave dangerous dinosaurs, such as You, in the gutter, where you have always rightly-belonged - hopefully, to be washed away, forever.


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Sunday 27 October 2013 18.52 GMT

Press regulation: royal charter and legal framework are not how to curb excess

"Publishers coerced into becoming members of a recognised regulatory body with the threat of court-imposed sanction."

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Please Meet Dr. Joyanna Silberg - USA Establishment Disinformer, Zealot, Child 'Saver' And Child 'Protection' Industry Profiteer

Dr. [Psychology/Psychotherapy] Joyanna Silberg
senior consultant for child and adolescent trauma, 
Trauma Disorders Program at Sheppard Pratt, Baltimore, Md.


October 16, 2013 - 11:20 AM

Child Trauma Expert [a biased expert is no worthy expert at all]: Pro-Pedophilia [sic] Groups Are ‘Grooming’ Public to Accept Adult-Child Sex

"Pedophilia advocacy groups, including the tax-exempt B4U-ACT founded by a convicted sex offender, are trying to “groom the public” into accepting adult-child sexual relationships, child trauma expert [sic] Dr. Joyanna Silberg told

“There is no legitimate scientific work that could justify the action of an adult with a child in a sexual relationship, because by definition [there is your mistake of circular reasoning] a child cannot consent,” [sic] said Silberg, executive vice president of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence.

“If you look at their backchannel communications [?],” Silberg continued, “they have clearly stated... that the B4U-ACT public persona is to kind of seduce [?] or groom the public into their way of thinking so that they can act. But they don’t say that on their public websites.”

Silberg, whose organization has debunked studies [where?, is that the totality of your 'debunking'? - you want a debunking of your 'debunking'?, see below.] claiming that sexual relations with adults do not harm children, added that “there is zero likelihood of [B4U-ACT] having an impact” on the sixth edition of the American Psychological Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), which declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973, and called any comparisons between the two as “completely ridiculous. [care to say why?]”


Rind And Tromovitch  

"A study published in The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice attempted to replicate the Rind study, correcting for methodological and statistical problems identified by Dallam and others.

It supported some of the Rind findings, both with respect to the percentage of variance in later psychological outcomes accounted for by sexual abuse and in relation to the finding that there was a gender difference in the experience of child sexual abuse, such that females reported more negative effects [of what, though?].

However it also acknowledged the limitations of the findings (college student sample, self-report data [same as for most 'victim' studies), and did not endorse Rind's recommendation to abandon the use of the term 'child sexual abuse' in cases of apparent consent in favor of the term 'adult-child sex'. [we prefer MSAc/CSAc - Minor Sexual Activity/Child Sexual Activity]

In their conclusion, the authors address the objection that Rind's work and their own would give support to those who deny that child sexual abuse can cause harm [from what, though?]: "The authors of the current research would hesitate to support such a general statement.

Instead, our results, and the results of the Rind et al. meta-analysis, can be interpreted as providing a hopeful and positive message to therapists, parents, and children. Child sexual abuse does not necessarily lead to long-term harm."[44]"

[44] = Ulrich, Heather; Randolph Mickey, Acheson Shawn (2005-06). "Child Sexual Abuse: A Replication of the Meta-analytic Examination of Child Sexual Abuse by Rind, Tromovitch, and Bauserman (1998)". The Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice



Joyanna Silberg, Ph.D, Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma

"Dr. Silberg is the Senior Consultant for Child and Adolescent Trauma at Sheppard Pratt Health System. Dr. Silberg is internationally known as a pioneering expert in the study of dissociative disorders and complex trauma in children and adolescents. She has edited and authored many works on these topics, including her classic book [June 1996], The Dissociative Child. Her new book, The Child Survivor: Healing Developmental Trauma and Dissociation was released in 2012. Her private psychotherapy practice specializes in children and adolescents suffering from posttraumatic and dissociative symptoms and disorders. Her private forensic practice specializes in child sexual abuse. She is Executive Vice President of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence. More information about Dr. Silberg’s expertise is available at"


April 20, 2009

Dissociation and the Dissociative Disorders: DSM-V and Beyond
December 8, 2010

Dissociation in Traumatized Children and Adolescents: Theory and Clinical Interventions

Dissociation (psychology)

Dissociative identity disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Sybil (book)

Real 'Sybil' Admits Multiple Personalities Were Fake

“Sybil Exposed”: Memory, lies and therapy 


More to follow.

Richard Bougeard Confuses (Purposefully, Of Course) Logic, Facts, Sexual Orientation, Mental Health, Crimes etc etc To Very Poor And Dangerous Effect

Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Continued Attempted Grooming of Society [sic] to Normalise Paedophilia [sic]

"Why also, are these views being allowed to be aired in public, by those who are known sex offenders? People like Paul Christiano, spokesperson for B4U-ACT and known sex offender. Known sex offenders who are allowed to share their distorted views on public platforms like Blogs, Facebook and Twitter. Sex offenders who try to legitimise what they do. Sex offenders who try to justify, for example, that IIOC is a victimless crime. Sex offenders who are more than happy to try to groom us into believing that everyone has an element of paedophilia in them. Sex offenders who promote all the above, knowing that it is a criminal offence to abuse children. Should sex offenders who try to normalise crimes like this, who try to justify crimes like this by trying to decriminalise their acts, be allowed to speak so freely like this?

Would we allow for example, adult rapists to organise conferences to try to justify and legitimise their acts? Would we let them have a free speech on public platforms like Blogger, Facebook & Twitter to spread their views and argue that they have some sort of mental disorder or that what they have is a sexual orientation that makes them unable to control what they do.. (aaah poor rapists, it's not their fault, it's just the way they are, they can't help it) ?

Of course we wouldn't, so why exactly are we allowing paedophiles and child sex offenders such a public platform?

Isn't it about time that we stopped allowing paedophiles and child sex offenders to have this free-reign public voice to make pathetic excuse after excuse about why they do what they do? After all, no-one puts a gun to their head and tells them to abuse a child, or to download/distribute IIOC, they have self-control like everyone else does. Free speech is one thing, but when it is making up excuses to promote or justify the sexual abuse of children and the actions of the people who abuse them, (either physically or by IIOC), this goes too far."

Where to start? - nowhere, the persecutory rant speaks for itself.

Now that is real prejudice and discrimination.


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Whopping Pedophilia 'Sexual Orientation' Error Sparks Common Sense Freakout

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Reality Is The Opposite

October 17, 2013

In Defense of Rational Sex Offender Public Policy and Laws

"The past several weeks I have been researching the sex offender laws applicable for sex offenders living in Rhode Island and in South Carolina. While not surprising, the laws are anything but rational and they are certainly not empirically based. This goes across the board, not merely in Rhode Island or South Carolina but at both the state and federal levels."

"*1-Most research indicates that sexual offenders have a very low rate of recidivism, much lower than most other types of offenders. This is the case even if the popular media preys on American citizen's fears of sex offenders and hints that the reality is the opposite."

And So It Begins - Problem (None), Reaction, Solution, From The NCA

Published on the 25 October 2013: 13:03:

Airport swoop on sex offenders

"Sex offenders who attempt to travel in and out of the country illegally will be targeted by Lancashire Police today in a day of action at two airports.

Officers from the county will join staff from five other north west police forces, along with the UK Border Force, the National Borders Targeting Centre (NBTC), the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) at Manchester and Liverpool airports to catch out registered sex offenders who are flouting their legal requirements when travelling in and out of the country.

Operation Scorpion will identify known offenders attempting to travel, and will see criminals spoken to by officers and immediately arrested under the Sexual Offenders Act 2003.

When a registered sex offender travels abroad, they are required to alert their local police force under the conditions of the Act.

The information is passed on and forms part of the visa requirements to enter countries across the world, and allows those countries to decide whether the individual is allowed to enter, based on the offence the person has committed.

Det Insp Paul Barlow, who is involved in the operation, said: “This day of action is about targeting offenders who should keep us informed with regards to any travelling they do.

“Despite strict rules being in place, sex offenders don’t always inform us about their plans to travel and this operation is about letting them know that we will found out if they are travelling abroad and we will arrest them.

“This is also about reassuring the public that we proactively target sex offenders who don’t comply with the rules and conditions that they have to abide by when travelling.

“We will continue to run the operation in the future so sex offenders be warned, you must alert us or your local police force when you are travelling or we will find you.”

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Now, That's A Survivor

Thu, Oct 24, 2013, 17:38: First published: Thu, Oct 24, 2013, 17:38

Judge spares sex abuser from jail in line with daughter’s wishes

"Suspended sentence for businessman OH after pleading guilty to indecent assault

Judge Carroll Moran said OH a father of four, was guilty of a breach of trust and the fact he had abused his own child was a further breach of this trust.

A 61-year-old man who subjected his young daughter to years of sexual abuse has avoided a prison sentence after she indicated she did not wish to see him jailed.

Earlier this month, Limerick businessman and former guesthouse owner OH was remanded in custody and warned he would be going to jail after harrowing evidence of the abuse suffered by his young daughter was outlined at Limerick Circuit Court.

Mr H, with an address at Westbury, Co Clare, pleaded guilty to 12 counts of indecent assault of his daughter SR between January 1988 and December 31st, 1990, and a further 20 counts of sexual assault between September 1991 and December 1995.

The offences occurred at the former family homes in Foynes, Kilcornan and Adare in Co Limerick.

Ms R, who waived her right to anonymity, told gardaí the abuse started when she was five years old. She also recalled how she was beaten and chastised by her father for mispronouncing words." 


9 January 2014 Last updated at 12:20 ET

Rape victim meets attacker to forgive him

"Ms Rosenberg said she "could intuitively feel" that she had to meet her attacker

A rape victim has met her attacker in prison to tell him she has forgiven him - and called it a "great" experience to seek "peace and forgiveness together"."

Jan 09, 2014 00:00

Inspirational Katja Rosenberg went from a victim to a survivor when she forgave her rapist

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

(115 / 797,500) x 100

Oct 22 2013 08:29:07 AM PDT

Missing Children Fast Facts

"Here is some background information about missing children in the United States. There are several different types of missing children: runaways, family abductions, lost or "thrown away," and non-family abductions. Recent advances in technology, communications through public alerts, and greater cooperation from law enforcement have helped solve many cases quickly.

Statistics: An estimated 800,000 children are reported missing each year. (NCMEC)

A study published by the Department of Justice in 2002 reported that of the 797,500 children reported missing in a one-year period, 203,900 were abducted by family members and 58,200 were abducted by non-relatives. 115 were classified as being taken by a stranger."

Civil Commitment Research Papers

Civil Commitment Research Papers

"Long term this will be a complete list of the research pertaining to civil commitment."


October 22, 2013, 8:24 pm

Sex-offender care to cost $1600 per day

"The Northern Territory's attorney-general says taxpayers should not foot an exorbitant bill to keep a sex offender under 24-hour community supervision if prison is an option."

The Cornucopia Of Sexual Acts On The Internet

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


"Matt, Neil, Josh and Zach sought out pornography on the Internet as adolescents. Today they are convicted felons on the National Sex Offender Registry. Their names, photos and addresses are public information available on the Internet. Their residency, movement and employment options are extremely limited.

END OF LOVE is about the epidemic of adolescent boys and men who are being convicted of downloading child pornography. Law enforcement officials say that these charges constitute the fastest growing prosecuted crimes in the US. What is going on?

END OF LOVE questions why and how the impulse to seek out child pornography originates in boys and men who do not have the typical pedophile profile. Is their on-line sexual exploration and arousal responding to the normalization of the sexualized images of underage girls in popular and consumer culture? Taking into consideration new discoveries in brain development and addictive behavior, does uncontrolled access to the cornucopia of sexual acts on the Internet at an early age pre-dispose youth to become eventual consumers of child pornography? Or not?"


Oct 21, 2013 / 5:00 am

How pornography ruins children [sic]

Public Notification, Public Interest And Incompetence

22 October 2013

Police blunder sees Oxford Mail and BBC identify wrong man as rapist

"The BBC and a regional newspaper illustrated a court case of a man pleading to rape and firearms charges with a photograph of the wrong man after it was supplied to them by the local police force.

Thames Valley police issued the photograph purporting to be DR of [redacted] Kidlington, Oxfordshire, following the hearing at Oxford Crown Court last week.

The BBC website and the Oxford Mail carried a report of the court case and illustrated it with the police-supplied photograph. However the man in the photograph was not the R involved in the case.

The image was of a man with a similar name from South Wales, not connected in any way with the rape or firearms charges."

Monday, 21 October 2013


Mon, Oct 21, 2013, 11:39: First published: Sat, Oct 19, 2013, 01:00

Paedophilia [sic]: is name and shame the best solution?

"Proposed legislation would open up the sex-offenders register. But experience in the US and the UK, which have enacted Megan’s Law and Sarah’s Law [sic], suggests doing so may bring other problems and do little to curb child sexual abuse

Deterrent?: under Megan’s Law, US towns can put up signs about sex offenders.

"In Germany paedophiles can volunteer to be castrated. In the US their faces and personal details are disclosed on official websites, and towns signpost “pedophile free zones” [sic]. Protecting children from “stranger danger” has never been as political and, some argue, hysterical.

Here, new legislation on the existing sex-offenders register will be introduced by the end of the month, according to Minister for Justice Alan Shatter. But he hasn’t yet said if he supports the principle behind the Child Sex Offenders (Information and Monitoring) Bill, legislation proposed by the Independent TD Denis Naughten, which would give parents, schools and clubs access to the register. (What currently exists is a list of convicted sex offenders, people given certificates, either by the courts or by the Irish Prison Service, that require them to tell the Garda where they live. It is not officially called a sex-offenders register, but it is informally referred to as such.)"


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Ireland, Sarah's Law and "Confused.Com" 

"The only difference is, according to the response from Barnardos, is that only certain people will be able to request disclosure, these being parents, guardians, school principles and club leaders."


Updated: 16:08, Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Warnings over sex offender monitoring proposals
"The Irish Penal Reform Trust is warning that convicted sex offenders could go into hiding to avoid garda monitoring if their backgrounds are revealed under a proposed new law.

IPRT Executive Director Liam Herrick was responding to proposed legislation similar to "Sarah's Law" in the UK.

The proposed law would allow gardaí provide "relevant and appropriate" information on sex offenders to parents, schools and clubs responsible for children and vulnerable adults.

Mr Herrick said that legislation in the US, which identified the location of sex offenders, had led some offenders to deliberately avoid and evade scrutiny."


Oct 17, 2013

Disclosure of Information about Sex Offenders

"While the interest in and support for information disclosure is understandable, proposals such as these preserve many common misconceptions surrounding sex offenders. Much public angst derives from a perception that all sex offenders are prone to reoffending, despite empirical evidence demonstrating that the rate of re-offending for sex offenders is lower than for most offenders and recognition that not all sex offenders pose the same level of risk. Thus targeting all sex offenders as a group is not necessarily a proportionate response, considering that the perceived risk is confined to a minority."

"Finally, as the case of X (South Yorkshire) v Secretary of State for the Home Department and Chief Constable of Yorkshire [2012] EWHC 2954 demonstrates, it would be prudent for any future proposals to incorporate an opportunity for the person, about whom disclosure might be made, to be asked if he wishes to make representations. As the Court in X (South Yorkshire) noted, the absence of this opportunity means the decision maker might not have all the information necessary to conduct the balancing exercise which he is required to perform justly and fairly.

Public safety is undoubtedly an important concern, but the ‘need to know’ must to some extent be balanced with individual rights and with the ability of individuals to become reintegrated into society, which will ultimately be in the public interest. Any attempts to introduce broader public access to information should be resisted, while accepting that in some circumstances controlled disclosure may be the best way of providing adequate protection."

Eh Kirsty, No Problem ... It Happens ... Just Like Rape, Really

9:00am Monday 21st October 2013 

'I'm sorry for my rape lie'

 "Kirsty Debanks, left, with her mum Rhea Debanks Kirsty Debanks, left, with her mum Rhea Debanks

A WOMAN jailed for making a false rape claim says the lie cost her “everyone’s respect”.

Kirsty Debanks said she was in a “bad place” when she made the allegation against her boyfriend and regretted it instantly.

The 21-year-old – who alleged Chris Newitt raped her in her home last July – urged women not to make the mistakes she did.

A council sexual abuse boss last night said false allegations can put off genuine rape victims from going to police [oh, is that all - anything else?].

After the claim, Mr Newitt was arrested, interviewed and held for about six hours."

"Debanks – released in August from an eight months prison sentence – said: “I said it and I wanted to retract it straight away."


PUBLISHED: 11:43, 27 October 2013 | UPDATED: 11:43, 27 October 2013

Young mother jailed for making two false rape claims within hours after getting drunk and sleeping with friend's partner

>Ashleigh Loder, 25, was jailed for 6 months for perverting course of justice.
>Drunk on vodka, she told police two men raped her in an alley way.
>But later accused her friend's partner after tests disproved her story.
>Defence told court: 'Who knows what was going on in her mind'.

Now Then, Now Then ... Zombies v Peter Saunders Of NAPAC - Lies For Personal Gain Are Truly Offensive

 How's About That Then? Brains !!!


11:30am UK, Monday 21 October 2013

Jimmy Savile Zombie Costume Dropped By Amazon

"Peter Saunders of The National Association for People Abused in Childhood had called for the costume to be withdrawn.

He told Sky News: "This is the height of bad taste. Many people would find this offensive [and?] especially victims of this type of crime [what type?] and particularly Jimmy Savile victims [which victims?].

"It’s very sick and unfortunate but this type of thing happens periodically [it certainly is, Peter, it certainly is]""



Pulling & Tugging. Forelocks Optional

"When I was doing a bit of studying about NAPAC, I noticed on their website that they have a note advising anyone under 18 that NAPAC can offer them no service and advising that they contact either NSPCC or Childline. This keeps NAPAC out of NSPCC business, and so involved only in Historical Abuse Allegations. It wouldn't do to have them queering one another's patch; except that is exactly what does seem to have happened. Here is the story."

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Just What We Don't Need - Another Snooping, Failing, Vote-Grabbing, Vested Interest, Disinformation, 'Child Porn', Cartel

20 October 2013 Last updated at 10:21

Internet child abuse [sic] 'clampdown' by new UK-US agency

"Police Minister Damian Green Damian Green will co-chair a new cross-border agency that fights against online child abuse. [sic]

Criminals who trade in child abuse images [sic]  are to be targeted in a new British-American task force.

Police Minister Damian Green will fly to the US later to formalise arrangements for the new body.

The agency will be co-chaired by Mr Green and US Attorney General Eric Holder.

Mr Green said: "Child abuse and exploitation online are not restricted by borders and our efforts to combat them should not be either."

"This agreement will only strengthen our ability to crack down on this sickening [sic] crime."

Damian Green Police Minister

He went on: "British and American parents rightly expect us to do all we can to protect our children and that is why I want to agree to a much closer working relationship in this area.

Mr Green will sign a memorandum of understanding between the two countries in the next few days."

"The Sun on Sunday reported that as part of the trip Mr Green will meet senior figures within the FBI, Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies."

PUBLISHED: 00:32, 20 October 2013 | UPDATED: 00:32, 20 October 2013

New deal to be signed between America and the UK to tackle internet child abuse [sic]

">Task force will be formed to tackle child abuse over the internet
>New body will be chaired by Tory Minister Damian Green
>Mr Green said child abuse [sic] isn't restricted by borders and neither should efforts to combat it. [NWO]"

Internet Predators - “We Are Given To Believe That They Are Legion, But The Hard Evidence Is Small.”

Sat Oct 19 2013

Controversial U.S. professor James Kincaid slams critics who call him an advocate for pedophilia [sic]

"Kincaid told the Star he doesn’t think it’s a matter of rounding up “a few freaks and a few pedophiles [sic] and horrible monsters who regard young people as attractive.”

He said the real problem is that in the United States there is enormous attention paid to stranger kidnappings of children that draws the focus away from a higher incidence of children who are physically or emotionally abused."


Tuesday, 22 October, 2013

What’s healthy about the selfie

"Looking through this long list across the entries for the last forty years, I see one truly great leap forward, in 1985, and two considerably more limited triumphs. The great leap was the establishment of Gillick competence, which I had occasion to mention last month in The heinous crime of truth-telling. The timeline entry puts it thus: the Gillick ruling “lays down that the authority of parents to make decisions for their minor children is not absolute, but diminishes with the child’s evolving maturity; except in situations that are regulated otherwise by statute, the right to make a decision on any particular matter concerning the child shifts from the parent to the child when the child reaches sufficient maturity to be capable of making up his or her own mind on the matter requiring decision.”"

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Because, Jo, It Never Happened

The Phoenix Post @ThePhoenixPost 

Julie Meese @Megajules01


More of the jokes, lies and disinformation - here ...


31 Aug 2005 00:00

EXCLUSIVE: PERVERT [offensive and inflammatory] RUNS CHILD ABUSE WEBSITE [sic] FROM HIS JAIL CELL [ :) ]

"A TWISTED teacher [ouch, my back] jailed for downloading 11,000 vile images [sic] of children is masterminding a website for paedophiles [sic] from behind bars [ :) ]."


Stupid is, as stupid does ... 



More to follow.

'Sarah's 'Law' Advert, For Mid-October

17th October, 2013 

Neighbours voice sex-offender fears

"Residents of an Ilkeston street have been reassured by a housing trust and police that known sex offenders have not been living near to them.

Concerned neighbours in part of the town contacted the Advertiser, saying they had been told that a sex offender had moved into a house on their street when a housing association signed a contract to rent the property.

Soon after the house was the target of a vandalism attack.

A neighbour, who cannot be named, said: “We were told that there was a sex offender living in the house and the next day someone vandalised it.

“It’s a massive worry because there are children living at and visiting my house all the time.

“I want to know that there hasn’t been a neighbour taking photographs and looking into my garden where children played all summer .

“We contacted the police and the accommodation provider and they pretty much told us to calm down, but how can you having been told a paedophile could have been living next door?”

When the Advertiser contacted the housing association in charge of the property it said that sex offenders had not, and will not, be living at the address.

A spokesman said: “As a result of a rumour a property was vandalised.

“We did speak to residents at the time.”

Inspector Nick Daines said: “We would urge members of the public not to act on the basis of rumour and local gossip.”

As well as the rumours residents are also concerned about criminals being put up at the address.

“This is a family neighbourhood, it always has been until this came along,” one said.

“We can’t sleep at night, it’s caused me health problems.

“We can’t even let the kids out to play anymore, I want to sell the house but no one will want to buy it with that nearby.”

This Will Be Quite A Case - Freedom Of On-line Speech, Under Serious Threat (Part 2)

"It's oh, so quiet,
it's oh, so still,
you're all alone,
and so peaceful until ..."

The Sun was not totally-silent, now hiding behind their pay-wall ... they resorted to this, tucked-away, on page 7 ...

The Sun, Friday, October 18, 2013 - paper edition

The Sun, February, 2013

Jim Gamble, Twitter, February, 2013

 Now @JimGamble_INEQE

The Sun, July, 2013

Google, October 19, 2013.

Very odd, bearing in mind their history, and the fact, that their 'Justice Campaigner', is, allegedly, under attack.




No Shame, No Blackmail, No Problem, Only Good

A Good Start - Rights Of The Child, And All That

And Rightly So



We have noted your recent attack (even though you have confirmed that we are not 'your OSC').  We draw your attention, to this statement (not indefinite, BTW), or when we feel it is appropriate, so as to challenge, your defamatory techniques and disinformation.

We will say, that you seem to have little idea, what 'bullying', actually is.



Addendum (20:08)

Interesting, thank you - did they have all the 'Justice', that they could stomach?

But, you see ... one thing which confuses us, is why, in yesterday's (18/10/13) The Sun article, they called you 'Sun Shy' and the 'Sun justice campaigner'?

Addendum (25/10/13: 00:26)

Still, at it, we note ... 

Sun Justice campaigner wants to hear from YOU


Part 3 - here.