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This Will Be Quite A Case - Freedom Of On-line Speech, Under Serious Threat (Part 1)

The Sun, February, 2013

Jim Gamble, Twitter, February, 2013

 Now @JimGamble_INEQE


October 17, 2013, 7:13 pm

Woman charged with stalking Shy Keenan

"A woman from Wolverhampton has been charged with stalking another woman who lives near Colchester.

Penny Mellor, 52, from Coven, Wolverhampton, was today

Thursday, October 17, charged with stalking Shy Keenan, who lives near Colchester.

Mellor has been released on police bail to appear before magistrates in Chelmsford on November 6."

17 October 2013 Last updated at 19:51

Wolverhampton woman on Shy Keenan stalking charge

"Shy Keenan ... is founder of The Phoenix Chief Advocates Consultancy, which helps victims of paedophiles [sic]".

9:22pm, Thu 17 Oct 2013 

Woman charged with stalking Essex campaigner

Colchester: Woman charged with stalking author and child sex abuse campaigner Shy Keenan

Woman charged with stalking Shy Keenan

Woman on campaigner stalking charge

Woman, 52, is charged over stalking author Shy Keenan

Colchester: Woman On Campaigner Stalking Charge

Wolverhampton woman charged with stalking sex abuse campaigner


6:00am Sunday 10th November 2013 in News

Woman charged with stalking to face court


Shy Keenan @ShyKeenan

The Phoenix Post: @ThePhoenixPost

Phoenix ChiefAd min @PhoenixChiefAd


Shy Keenan - "The Phoenix Chief Advocates Consultancy"? 

Ah, you mean ...

Presently, on an 'advocacy sabbatical', since October 11, 2012. 

Good luck on the imminent relaunch.


Penny Mellor @pennymellor





Up to today, we have never communicated with Ms Mellor, indeed, she may not wish for us to do so - this, we understand - there are many vicious deceivers, out there.

However, we should like her (or her supporters) to email us, above right.

On present evidence and proof, this is a case, which must fail to pass the test.



You Have Had Your Instructions, Ms Keenan

Ladies And Gentlemen, Please Let Us Introduce You To Ms Tracy Edwards MBE - Cry Baby Sailor, Defamer And Enabler Of Child Savers And Professional Victims

You Have Already Been Advised and Corrected On This One

Broken Truths? (Part 3)

Broken Truths? (Part 2)

Broken Truths? (Part 1)


Addendum (18/10/13)




Always nice to have the confirmation - Thank you. 


Friday, 20 April 2012

The OSC Is Attacked




The Sun -

"It's oh, so quiet,
it's oh, so still,
you're all alone,
and so peaceful until ..."


Part 2 - here.


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