Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Unlocking Criminal Record Checks

1st October 2013

New guide published by Unlock

"Unlocking Criminal Record Checks

"On a daily basis, our helpline gets calls from people who are applying for work and don’t know where they stand because of criminal record checks that (increasingly) employers are carrying out.

A couple of years ago, we approached the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service - known as the CRB at that time) and raised this as a matter of concern. They agreed to support the production of a guide, specifically for people with a criminal record, designed to explain in detail the criminal record checking process, with particular focus on the specific issues that people with a criminal record might face.

The result is a detailed guide which was written by Unlock and which was circulated by the DBS (it was announced in DBS News September 2013)."




Manifesto Club Update: CRB – secret lists and confusion on the new ‘filtering’ system for criminal records checks



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