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WH Smith, Other Profiteers And The C'P'I Thralls - Tunnel, Commercial, Vision


14 October 2013 Last updated at 13:12

WH Smith takes website offline after porn e-book scandal

"WHSmith shop front WH Smith said it was "disgusted" by the pornographic e-books on its site

WH Smith has taken its UK site completely offline until all abuse-themed e-books are removed from its product listings.

The move comes after last week's revelations that Amazon, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers were selling pornographic e-books featuring incest, rape and bestiality on their sites."

WHSmith shuts down website and Waterstones launches investigation over self-published 'fantasy' books depicting violent sexual crime [see photo, above, been selling them for years - and the media have been advertising them]

WH Smith shuts down its website over hardcore pornographic ebooks

WHSmith website shut down

WHSmith website offline after book store is 'found selling pornographic ebooks alongside children's titles'

WHSmith's vile trade in online rape porn: Bookseller apologises after sales of sick ebooks are revealed^headlines

Amazon, WHSmith Selling Rape And Incest Porn

Amazon and WHSmith under fire for selling ‘rape porn’ eBooks


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Saturday 23 September 2006

Author accused of literary fraud says: 'I am not a liar. And I am not running any more'

· Story of rape and brutal childhood is 'truthful'
· Dispute with siblings follows property battle

"Her family says it is all lies: "Our sister has a self-admitted psychiatric and criminal history, and her perception of reality has always been flawed," said Mary O'Beirne, the author's younger sister. "We can understand that many people will now feel hurt and conned.""

How many more?

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