Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Not Quite ...

Tue October 1, 7:08 p.m. BST

Mentally ill 'most discriminated against group in Britain'

"People with mental health problems are widely seen as the most discriminated-against group in Britain, according to new research from YouGov

Following a week where backlash over ‘mental patient’- and ‘psycho ward’-themed fancy dress costumes sold in supermarkets led to the costumes being pulled from stores, a YouGov survey on discrimination in Britain reveals that people with mental health problems are seen as the most marginalised, with gypsies, transsexuals and immigrants also high on the list."


Because, you see, we do not even warrant consideration ...


The Creation of Fresh Pariahs

"The Creation of Fresh Pariahs - Few Equal Opportunities For Us

In 1997, what may have appeared to be a reasonable and beneficial idea, towards a better society, has now become a living nightmare for many individuals and families.

Since that time, mission creep, populist political posturing and law-making, along with the vested interests of the media, lobby groups and a stifling regime of policing, has led to fear, disenfranchisement and little hope towards a worthy future for these people and their families.

This, not small, group of UK citizens, some isolated and poverty-stricken for no good reason, has little real support, a limited ability to fight for their Civil and Human Rights and some, quite unacceptably, live in constant fear of attack or harassment.

So, who can these people be? Who is this sizeable, yet, apparently, invisible group? Who could be suffering so much and yet be receiving so little attention? This group of people are the so-called ‘Sex Offenders’ and their families. This group includes me. Thank You."


Sunday 13 October 2013

One in six gay or bisexual people has suffered hate crimes, poll reveals

"Some 630,000 people have been victims in past three years says poll, which calls for police to take the problem more seriousl."

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