Thursday, 3 October 2013

Paedophilaphobia - Often A Connection to 'Patriots', 'Nationalists', BNP, EDL etc - Why Should This Be?


No Heroes: From skinheads to “anti-paedophile” thugs

"Martsinkevich has channeled his muscles and neo-Nazi leanings to what he claims is fighting "paedophiles"

The dubious tactics of «anti-paedophile» – often anti-gay - vigilantes from an organization with neo-Nazi links have finally been noticed by the police. Not just noticed, but actively criticized, which is a long-awaited first. Less cheeringly, this attention coincides with calls by certain MPs and the Human Rights Ombudsperson for the EU to waive its demand that Ukraine prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.

The Mykolaiv Head of Police, Oleh Shevchuk has told the website Prestupnosti.NET that the “lawless excesses” which the vigilantes get up to are in breach of a number of laws and cannot be justified. He advises aspiring vigilantes to contact the police on identifying a suspected “paedophile”."


Russia's new neo-Nazi sport: terrorizing gay youth online

Elsewhere In The World: Russian Hate Group Uses Social Media To Lure Gay Teens Only To Beat And Torture Them!

In Russia, LGBT teens are being targeted by "pedophile fighters"



Sean Moran #WR: @BadboyBNP


Join An Anti-Paedophile Campaign – Don’t Just Sit There!

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