Monday, 7 October 2013

Glory To The Sensation Seekers

Sex Abuse. 2013 Oct 2

Correlates and Moderators of Child Pornography Consumption in a Community Sample

Ray JV, Kimonis ER, Seto MC


"This study compares pornography users who report child pornography (CP) consumption with those who do not on demographic characteristics (age, ethnicity, and education level), psychological characteristics (e.g., loneliness, attachment style, anxiety, and sensation seeking), frequency of pornography use, and intentions to engage in contact sexual abuse.

Participants were recruited on the Internet to complete an online anonymous survey [oh dear] about "problematic pornography use." Approximately, one fifth of the recruited male pornography users (21%, n = 37) reported consuming CP. The two groups were similar on all demographic and psychological characteristics.

However, the probability of CP consumption was the greatest among men scoring high on a measure of sensation seeking who reported frequent pornography use (i.e., statistical moderation).

CP consumers also reported a greater interest in engaging in sexual contact with a minor than non-CP consumers."

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