Sunday, 20 October 2013

Internet Predators - “We Are Given To Believe That They Are Legion, But The Hard Evidence Is Small.”

Sat Oct 19 2013

Controversial U.S. professor James Kincaid slams critics who call him an advocate for pedophilia [sic]

"Kincaid told the Star he doesn’t think it’s a matter of rounding up “a few freaks and a few pedophiles [sic] and horrible monsters who regard young people as attractive.”

He said the real problem is that in the United States there is enormous attention paid to stranger kidnappings of children that draws the focus away from a higher incidence of children who are physically or emotionally abused."


Tuesday, 22 October, 2013

What’s healthy about the selfie

"Looking through this long list across the entries for the last forty years, I see one truly great leap forward, in 1985, and two considerably more limited triumphs. The great leap was the establishment of Gillick competence, which I had occasion to mention last month in The heinous crime of truth-telling. The timeline entry puts it thus: the Gillick ruling “lays down that the authority of parents to make decisions for their minor children is not absolute, but diminishes with the child’s evolving maturity; except in situations that are regulated otherwise by statute, the right to make a decision on any particular matter concerning the child shifts from the parent to the child when the child reaches sufficient maturity to be capable of making up his or her own mind on the matter requiring decision.”"

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