Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Sun - Don't Make Us Laugh, More Than We Are Doing !!!

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You - almost the sole reason for this whole process.

You - law-breakers and slippery politician-manipulating, police-paying, exploiting, fraudsters.

You - lying, disinforming, prejudiced and persecuting, intellectual deficients, who could not investigate, with anything like ethics or sufficient knowledge, even when you were offered your pieces of silver to do so.

'Press' freedom will go on (but, then, we are here now, so who really needs it?) - it will just leave dangerous dinosaurs, such as You, in the gutter, where you have always rightly-belonged - hopefully, to be washed away, forever.


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Sunday 27 October 2013 18.52 GMT

Press regulation: royal charter and legal framework are not how to curb excess

"Publishers coerced into becoming members of a recognised regulatory body with the threat of court-imposed sanction."

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