Thursday, 26 January 2017

Time To Expose The Hunters, Once Again - Secrecy Is Toxic (Part 2c)

 But very little cannot be found.

 Hook, line and sinker.


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The irony, of this stalking, antisocial, thug, Shane, knows no bounds 

- he does not enjoy being trolled, does he?


More to follow.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For February


Published: 00:38, 17 November 2016 | Updated: 13:53, 17 November 2016

Father who shot dead his daughter's sexual abuser is sentenced to 40 years in jail after pleading guilty to save her from testifying [about what?]

"The shooting, Ms Maynor said, was prompted by something she said to her father about the abuse.

On the way to Brooks' home, Maynor also fired his gun into a convenience store when he spotted a man who had been dating his stepdaughter and allegedly abused her.

The man was able to hide and was unharmed. Ms Maynor's father was sentenced to 20 years for attempted murder in that particular shooting."


Thousands call for release of man who shot dead his daughter's rapist 

"Brooks pleaded guilty to abuse charges in 2002 and served 27 months of a five-year sentence."

07:00, 8 JAN 2017Updated11:37, 8 JAN 2017 

Father jailed for 40 years after he shot dead his daughter's sex attacker 

"On June 8, 2014, Jay and Julia saw each other. Jay could see Julia was hurting. She said something about the abuse – something neither her or Jay has shared publicly. All Julia has revealed is that it was said ‘in anger’. But it was enough to make Jay snap. He rushed out to his motorbike and sped off – with payback on his mind, and a gun in his pocket.

As he passed a convenience store, he spotted one of his daughter’s ex-boyfriends. Allegedly, he’d mistreated Julia when they were together. In a rage, Jay fired his weapon at him but the man hid and dodged the bullets. But that wasn’t Jay’s mission and he got back on track.

The father took off to where Raymond was living in Berlin, Alabama. Raymond was standing in his front yard when Jay aimed and fired two shots. Raymond dropped dead. Jay was arrested later that day and charged with first-degree murder." 


Pardon Jay Maynor for a 40 year sentence for the murder of his daughters sexual abuser.

Never going to happen, you mindless barbarians. Enjoy the concrete wallpaper Jay.  


Sunday, 1 January 2017

'Sarah's 'Law'' Advert For January


January 01, 2017 

Charity Christmas card blows secret cover of Vanessa George case child abuser

"Mr Hurren, 45, said: he Googled his neighbour and found her picture.

He said: "None of us really wanted to speak to her after we found out. I sent her a Facebook message saying 'hello Tracy Lyons' so that she knew we all knew about her and we didn't have to face her.

"Then on Christmas Eve another neighbour found out. His grandchildren come round often, so he was upset.

"Police arrived and went into her property. Twenty minutes later a taxi arrived and they came out with boxes and her pets.

"She left with her head down and didn't look at anyone or say anything. We were friends and would often chat and have coffee. I feel betrayed. People like that should be locked up forever."

Mr Hurren said he and others had previously been ­troubled by what he called Lyons' "odd behaviour".

He added: "We knew something was not quite right. If we were having a party or something she never wanted her photograph put on Facebook.""


Richard Hurren