Sunday, 1 January 2017

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January 01, 2017 

Charity Christmas card blows secret cover of Vanessa George case child abuser

"Mr Hurren, 45, said: he Googled his neighbour and found her picture.

He said: "None of us really wanted to speak to her after we found out. I sent her a Facebook message saying 'hello Tracy Lyons' so that she knew we all knew about her and we didn't have to face her.

"Then on Christmas Eve another neighbour found out. His grandchildren come round often, so he was upset.

"Police arrived and went into her property. Twenty minutes later a taxi arrived and they came out with boxes and her pets.

"She left with her head down and didn't look at anyone or say anything. We were friends and would often chat and have coffee. I feel betrayed. People like that should be locked up forever."

Mr Hurren said he and others had previously been ­troubled by what he called Lyons' "odd behaviour".

He added: "We knew something was not quite right. If we were having a party or something she never wanted her photograph put on Facebook.""


Richard Hurren


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