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Comrade Hoski Has Got A Newish High-Flying Position

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12:01AM GMT 28 Jan 2015

Sex therapy in prisons does not stop rapists reoffending, warns expert

"David Ho, a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, said there was no evidence to show that therapy prevented further offending."

Last updated: Today at 12am PST 

Sexual offending treatment programmes in prisons and hospitals are ineffective 

"The majority of offenders released back into society still pose the same level of risk as they did before the treatment programme, and this fails victims and the public, he argues.

"Professional pride or political embarrassment cannot justify persisting with a programme that leaves the public at risk of further sex offending," he adds.

He calls on doctors to take responsibility for the treatment of sexual offenders.

Rehabilitation could involve mandatory detention in mental health hospitals under the Mental Health Act 1983 and only proven treatments should be used to rehabilitate offenders effectively, he argues. Treatments must be supported through robust research to demonstrate efficacy, which the current treatment programme clearly lacks, he adds."

Jan 27, 2015 10:38 PM EST 

Sex Therapy In Prison Does Not Deter [sic] Some Offenders 

"New research on sex offenders in prison shows that since 1991, sexual offenders in prisons and psychiatric hospitals are not benefiting from treatment."

Published 27 January 2015 

Ineffective treatment of sex offenders fails victims

"Sexual offending therefore consists of a heterogeneous group of acts, which may not include but are likely to include at least some elements of paraphilia.

Considering this heterogeneity, the question of whether sex offending is even a disorder in need of treatment is another debate. And the reality is that society and policy makers look to doctors for answers."


David Ho

Because You Cannot Believe Something, Does Not Preclude You From Being Ignorant And/Or Stupid And/Or Incorrect

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List of serial killers in the United States

List of serial killers by country


22 January 2015

Lord Chief Justice questioned on 2014 report and related matters

Comments begin at 10:01:38.


08:02, 28 January 2015

Internet porn is fuelling rape and murder, warns Britain's top judge

Published: 20:34, 27 January 2015 | Updated: 08:56, 28 January 2015

Extreme internet pornography is driving people to inflict sexual violence and murder, country’s most senior judge warns

">The Lord Chief Justice says porn encourages perverts to enact fantasies,
>His comments add weight to the Daily Mail's Block Online Porn campaign,
>Campaigners warn that online pornography fuels violent sex offences."

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16:37, 28 January 2015 

Internet porn has coincided with a huge FALL in violent crime

January 2004

Explanations for the Decline in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Published: June 28, 2012

Researchers See Decline in Child Sexual Abuse Rate

Dec. 22 2014 11:18 PM

The World Is Not Falling Apart

"Never mind the headlines. We’ve never lived in such peaceful times."

Accepted 10 April 2009; Available online 18 April 2009

The pleasure is momentary ... the expense damnable? The influence of pornography on rape and sexual assault 

September 21, 2014 4:00 AM

The Rape Epidemic Is a Fiction

"Sexual assaults today are a third of what they were twenty years ago."

March 1, 2010

Porn: Good for us?

Date: 30 Nov 2010

Pornography and Sex Crimes in the Czech Republic

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December 9, 2014

The British BDSM Ban Is Just Like the Outrage Over 'Video Nasties'

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11:57AM GMT 29 Jan 2015 

Does watching porn really turn people into violent criminals? 

"One of the most controversial studies of all time – one that is often quoted by pro-pornographers – is that carried out by Danish Professor of Criminology Berl Kutchinsky. He watched the effects of legalising porn in three countries – Denmark in 1969, Sweden in 1970 and Germany in 1973.

For two decades he charted sex crimes in these territories, and concluded that sex crimes of all natures – including child molestation – fell as men had a “release” for their sexual desires before they acted on them. He concluded that free availability of porn was the “direct cause of this decrease”.

November 30, 2010

Legalizing pornography: Lower sex crime rates? Study carried out in Czech Republic shows results similar to those in Japan and Denmark

"Could legalizing pornography legal lead to lower rates of sex crimes?

A new study tackles this controversial question.

Results from the Czech Republic showed that rape and other sex crimes have not increased following the legalization and wide availability of pornography.

In addition, the study finds that the incidence of child sex abuse has fallen since 1989, when child pornography became readily accessible."

18:45, 28 January 2015

Online pornography: Does it really make men more violent?

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4 th August 2011

Sexually Explicit Material and Video On Demand Services A Report to DCMS by Ofcom


Oct. 30 2006

How the Web Prevents Rape 

"All that Internet porn reduces sex crimes. Really."

 April 15, 2015

Ignore the puritan porn police - smut actually saves lives


Is porn immoral? That doesn’t matter: It’s a public health crisis.

"The science is now beyond dispute." [sic]

March 10, 2016 

Dishonest or Ignorant - 'Rape Training'

Inquiry into the harm being done [sic] to Australian children through access to pornography on the internet 

"Submission by: Dr Michael Flood, University of Wollongong.",%20Senate%20submission%202016_0.pdf

Michael Flood @MichaelGLFlood

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Tatel Tattle - If One Is Older, Wiser or Knowledgeable ... Little Of This Is New, News Or Worthy

Good Riddance, To Bad Rubbish


When The News of the Word died, a whole host of amateurs, zealots, wannabes and vested interests found the WWW ...  grasping their sad, tiny, opportunities ...

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Children for the Devil: Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crime

Desperately Seeking Satan

Court Pulp Tate's Devil Book

Child sex & porn allegations against former Tory Home Secretary Leon Brittan

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More to follow.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

On Proximity, Harm, Culpability and Potentially-Dangerous Offenders


(Dangerous provision changes -

R v Terrell [2007] EWCA Crim 3079

"26. The serious harm [sic] thus relied on here is the harm to children through the perpetuation of the market [sic] or distribution networks for indecent images. This puts children at risk of being forced to participate in the activities leading to such images [sic], or causes psychological harm to a child who realises either at the time or later that images of him or her are being used as objects of perverted sexual gratification [do we have some verifiable, peer-reviewed, research, on this claim?]. There is no suggestion here however that the Appellant has any contact with children whom he might seek to photograph or to commission others to photograph, for himself, for sharing or for using as a means of gaining access to a network.

27. In all these circumstances, the re-offending which is at risk would make a direct [sic] but small contribution to the market or distribution of such indecent images [and if one makes none, as most do?]; that in turn would make an indirect but small contribution to the risk that indecent images of children would be taken [no risk then]. A child groomed or made to participate in sexual acts for those purposes may suffer serious harm of one sort or another, depending on the activity [fine, they are offences, perhaps worth having [and exist], in the puritanical regime we have, presently]. A child who becomes aware that he or she has been photographed for the sexual gratification of an adult, who may not even be known to them, may suffer serious psychological harm [see above].

28. In our judgment it cannot reasonably be said, in the context of these particular statutory provisions, that there is a significant risk of this Appellant's re-offending occasioning harm to a child or children whether through perpetuating the market, or through further indecent images being taken, or through a child becoming aware of the indecent purposes to which photographs might be put. The link between the offending act of downloading these indecent images and the possible harm which might be done to children is too remote to satisfy the requirement that it be this Appellant's re-offending which causes the serious harm. At worst there would be an indirect and small contribution to a harm which might or might not occur, depending on whether further photographs were taken in part as a result of the Appellant's contribution to the market [and if none?], or depending on whether a child found out about the uses to which they were put as a result [proximity to/culpability of, the non-contributory, unknown, offender?]. The imprisonment for public protection provisions of the CJA do not apply in the circumstances here, where simply as a matter of generalisation, a small, uncertain and indirect contribution to harm may be made by a repeat of this offender's offending. No significant risk of serious harm of the requisite gravity, occasioned by a repetition of the offending in this case by this offender can reasonably be said to exist."

"34. The potential utility of a SOPO in a case such as this does not mean that the tests of section 104 are necessarily satisfied. A sentencing judge however, could have been satisfied in these circumstances that a SOPO was necessary, but would not have been driven to such a conclusion.

Perpetuating the market [sic; the trouble is, that is not what we have, in the main] or distribution network for indecent images encourages [sic] others to commission, take or create indecent images [fine, they are offences, perhaps worth having [and exist], in the puritanical regime we have, presently] of a level which may [?] be capable of causing "serious" harm to children [see above], and the child or children who might be photographed could well become aware of the use to which those photographs would be put [and?].

The indirect and uncertain harm arising from the contribution to the harm which any downloading of indecent images may have does not necessarily fall outside the scope of the SOA provisions, as discussed in Beaney and Collard." [legal logic, stretched to its farcical and failing limits]

(R v Beaney [2004] EWCA Crim 449

 R v Collard [2004] EWCA Crim 1664


March 1st, 2015 


103B Section 103A: supplemental

"“sexual harm” from a person means physical or psychological harm caused—

(a) by the person committing one or more offences listed in Schedule 3, or

(b) (in the context of harm outside the United Kingdom) by the person doing, outside the United Kingdom, anything which would constitute an offence listed in Schedule 3 if done in any part of the United Kingdom;"


More to follow.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

More Dirty Tricks From Keenan and Co

Oh Dear, Do Keep Up !!!


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No, Mr Paul Farmer, Is Still Not Being Mindful


The harassment, lies and gross offence continue ...

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All You Have To Do, Is Show Us The Tweets, With Associated IPs

When Survivors Attack (Part 5): It Took You Enough Time To Get It Up

When Survivors Attack (Part 4): Lies, Lies, Lies - So Many Pants On Fire

Thursday, 8 January 2015

We Bet The Church Will Not Be Very Broad


Vigilantes - Why Jack Marshall Died

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No, Mr Paul Farmer, Is Still Not Being Mindful


Joe Miller, the suffering, family man ...

Danny Latimer, the, deceased, love interest ...

Jack Marshall, persecuted and hounded, for being a good man ...




If you are affected, by any of the issues, raised, here ...

MAPs - you are not alone - very much, not alone ... - - - - - - -

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The 'Victim Community Hive Mind' - Fed By Unscrupulous Politicians And The Media, To Furnish The Pockets Of Charities

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Published: 14:00, 21 October 2014 | Updated: 23:51, 21 October 2014

Chair of historic child abuse inquiry urged to quit over revelations she is 'close friend' of top Tory accused of failing to act on paedophile [sic] allegations

">Fiona Woolf lives on the same street as the ex Cabinet Minister Leon Brittan,
>She invited former Home Secretary and his wife for dinner three times,
>Brittan rejects claims he failed to act on dossier of abuse allegations in 1980s,
>Theresa May appointed Mrs Woolf last month after her original choice quit,
>Lady Butler-Sloss stepped down because her brother was attorney general,
>Labour's Simon Danczuk said he had 'serious concerns' about Fiona Woolf."

21 October 2014 Last updated at 16:35

Abuse inquiry head Fiona Woolf defends Lord Brittan links

Wednesday 22 October 2014 15.16 BST

Fiona Woolf faces new questions from MPs over links with Lord Brittan

"MPs ‘not totally satisfied’ with answers given by head of inquiry into abuse as details of new contact emerge."

Published: 21 October 2014 Updated: 11:20, 22 October 2014

Head of sex abuse inquiry Fiona Woolf defends links to Leon Brittan

22 October 2014

Legal challenge to Woolf chairing abuse inquiry

"Former Law Society president Fiona Woolf today came under renewed pressure to stand down as chair of the inquiry into historical child sex abuse, as a solicitor-advocate began a legal challenge to her appointment.

Family lawyer David Burrows launched a judicial review application on behalf of an abuse victim, questioning’s Woolf’s independence and expertise in family law."

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Published on Jul 6, 2014

No Greater Evil, Satanic Abuse In Europe - Octopus Films, Sweden

"No Greater Evil was filmed in the U.K. in 1992 and showcased the 'evidence' which Geoffrey Dickens and Dianne Core had compiled in a four year campaign to prove that Satanic Ritual Child Abuse existed. These extracts are of interviews with Dickens (who was the parliamentary agent of Childwatch) , Dianne Core (the head of Childwatch), Jim Phillips, the doctor who created a tranche of SRA victim imposters in his private clinic (shown in these clips) but who then had a nervous breakdown and tried to kill himself and was subsequently struck of the medical register."

Published on Aug 10, 2014 


 "IMPORTANT DOCUMENTARY FILM CLIP-the clips are from the Swedish made film "no greater evil",made in 1992,and sadly is not the best quality,but is essential listening.Child abuse campaigner Geoffrey Dickens MP,who handed his dossiers on child abuse within the establishment to Leon Brittan,and others,(dossiers which all subsequently went conveniently missing-or did they?)died in 1995. Footnote-does any one have the rest of this documentary?"

Published on Oct 3, 2012

Dickens - Religious Zealot

"Geoffrey Dickens, ley preacher and MP for Saddleworth near Oldham misused his position in parliament to gang-up with fundamnetalist agitators to begin a sectarian crusade against paganism in order to suppress it."


The Disappearing Dickens Dossiers 

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"Our Unique Dossier Timeline Reveals The Truth About What Went Where and When." 

Posted on July 2, 2014

Geoffrey Dickens: Child Abuse Claims and Satanic Panic 

"AUGUST 24 1988: Hull Daily Mail reports that Dickens’ claims his life is being threatened by vengeful satanists but that he pledges to carry on the fight against black magic rituals and is building up yet another file to present to the Home Secretary. “Evidence is growing of witchcraft & crimes against children” Dickens says but has in 13 months NEVER presented any evidence."

Geoffrey Dickens

9 July 2014 Last updated at 06:49

Geoffrey Dickens: Tea dances and dossiers

3 July 2014 Last updated at 19:16

Geoffrey Dickens 'said paedophile [sic] dossier was explosive'

Monday 7 July 2014 20.18 BST

Geoffrey Dickens: a clown whose campaign is finally taken seriously

"The former Tory MP's tendency to make gaffes made many dismiss his allegations of child abuse in high places."


Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

"SRA is considered a moral panic and compared to the blood libel and witch-hunts of historical Europe, and McCarthyism in the United States during the 20th century.

Stanley Cohen, who originated the term "moral panic," called the episode "one of the purest cases of moral panic."

The initial investigations of SRA were performed by anthropologists and sociologists, who failed to find evidence of SRA actually occurring; instead they concluded that SRA was a result of rumors and folk legends that were spread by "media hype, Christian fundamentalism, mental health and law enforcement professionals and child abuse advocates."

Sociologists and journalists noted the vigorous nature with which some evangelical activists and groups were using claims of SRA to further their religious and political goals.

Other commentators suggested that the entire phenomenon may be evidence of a moral panic over Satanism and child abuse.

Skeptical explanations for allegations of SRA have included an attempt by "radical feminists" to undermine the nuclear family, a backlash against working women, homophobic attacks on gay childcare workers, a universal need to believe in evil, fear of alternative spiritualities, "end of the millennium" anxieties, or a transient form of temporal lobe epilepsy."

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)

"During the late 1980s and early 1990s, a moral panic emerged over alleged ritual satanic abuse. The NSPCC provided a publication known as 'Satanic Indicators' to social services around the country that has been blamed for some social workers panicking and making false accusations. The most prominent of these cases was in Rochdale in 1990 when up to 20 children were taken from their homes and parents after social services believed them to be involved in satanic or occult ritual abuse.

The allegations were later found out to be false. The case was the subject of a BBC documentary which featured recordings of the interviews made by NSPCC social workers, revealing that flawed techniques and leading questions were used to gain evidence of abuse from the children. The documentary claimed that the social services were wrongly convinced, by organisations such as the NSPCC, that abuse was occurring and so rife that they made allegations before any evidence was considered."


"The same people who fooled you with satanic abuse are making idiots of the public again."

List of SRA Allegations (UK)

Friday 03 June 1994

"Satanic abuse dismissed as 'myth' by government inquiry: Report blames Evangelical Christians and 'specialists' for the scare which led to investigations." 


"Shock-Horror Stock Cases used by Satan Hunters are completely undermined by the SAFF."


The Geoffrey Dickens, of today (in so many ways), is Simon Danczuck ...  

Is he selling a book? - oh, yes he is !!! 

This is what, this vote-mongering idiot, believes the impartial role of a chair, to be ...

"... and, I'm sure, that the survivors of child abuse will be disappointed,
that this woman is 'Their Champion', effectively ...

(Embedded Tweets - click dates) 

17:32, 5 June 2015 

Churchgoers accused of 'devil worship' as police are called to protest Rochdale MP 

"Simon Danczuk was among the dignitaries who attend the Christian Spiritualist Community Church’s first service."

Here, is another small majority, getting in on the act ...

2:25 pm, Wed 22 Oct 2014

Manchester MP piles pressure on abuse inquiry chief

"South Manchester MP John Leech has submitted a parliamentary motion calling on the Chair of the Historic Child Sex Abuse inquiry Fiona Woolf to stand down."

John Leech (politician)

... so it continues ...
(Embedded Tweets - click dates) 


Oct 21, 2014 22:39 
Head of abuse inquiry faces calls to quit over 'establishment' ties and links to Leon Brittan

3 hours ago (22/10/14; 18:31)

Labour MP Simon Danczuk on Fiona Woolf inquiry role

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(Embedded Tweets - click dates)

10:11PM GMT 28 Oct 2014

Labour MP is condemned for linking Leon Brittan to child abuse

"Jim Hood MP is accused of misusing parliamentary privilege after making 'serious accusations against a noble lord."

Published: 01:18, 30 October 2014 | Updated: 09:01, 30 October 2014

Backing for MP who linked Brittan to sex claims in Commons: Colleague defends Jim Hood over comments saying he is right to speak out 

">Jim Hood used miners' strike debate to accuse Lord Brittan of improper conduct,
>Remarks were branded disgusting by business minister Matthew Hancock,
>But fellow Labour MP has defend the accusations made by Mr Hood,
>Simon Danczuk says that the MP was right to speak out about the claims,
>MPs comments are protected from slander and contempt of court laws."

Published: 23:59, 31 October 2014 | Updated: 06:52, 1 November 2014

Are the vile paedophile allegations against Leon Brittan a sinister MI5 smear plot?

">Private Eye claimed MI5 targeted Leon Brittan after he planned 'shake-up',
>Claims Brittan wanted to reform MI5 after WPC Yvonne Fletcher was killed,
>Brittan told a journalist at the time that abuse allegations were 'all lies',
>Labour's Jim Hood this week linked Brittan to abuse in Commons debate,
>Lord Tebbit said Mr Hood should have bravery to speak outside Parliament." 

Published: 00:47, 13 July 2014 | Updated: 17:32, 13 July 2014 

MI5 spies blamed for spreading 'lurid sex scandal' rumours about Leon Brittan

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7:56PM BST 24 Oct 2014

Our Establishment is running scared about historic sex abuse

Wednesday 2 July 2014 13.42 BST 

Ex-minister Lord Brittan under scrutiny over 1980s dossier of sex abuse claims 

"Lord Brittan says he asked officials to look into claims of Westminster paedophile [sic] network, as MPs call for inquiry."


.... and another one....

Posted: 22/12/2014 15:06 GMT Updated: 23/12/2014 08:59 GMT 

John Mann Calls For 'Suspicious Deaths' Of Westminster Child Abuse Whistleblowers To Be Re-Investigated

"A campaigning MP has called for the reinvestigation of the suspicious deaths more than 20 years ago of two whistleblowers who he believes had significant information relating to organised child abuse by a group with alleged links to Westminster.

Labour's John Mann made the comments after he handed Scotland Yard a dossier that includes allegations about the involvement of 22 politicians - some of them apparently still serving - in paedophile [sic] rings.

He told Sky News: "What I want to see is both those suspicious deaths reinvestigated because what links them together was both were people who in essence were blowing the whistle on child abuse."

Published: 01:11, 23 December 2014 | Updated: 09:12, 23 December 2014

VIP child abuse whistleblowers were 'murdered': MP says men were poised to lift lid on scandal.

John Mann, Labour MP Exposed

Posted on November 3, 2014

"John Mann is typically what we would describe as a ‘grief vulture’. Whenever a tragic incident occurs then John Mann can be found attempting to involve himself and direct media attention towards something he’s doing in concern to the incident.

After the 1400 children were paedophilically groomed in Rotherham due to the Labour Party’s negligence and political correctness, John Mann instantly jumped on this paedophilic [sic] tragedy and attempted to exploit press attention in his direction as he publicly called for an inquiry – just as he did with the expenses scandal.

More recently in the case of Garron Helm V Luciana Berger, the Jewish Labour Party Mp we saw John Mann attempting to once again exploit press attention and declare himself as a victim of online trolling after he publicly attacked free speech and jumped to the aide of traitor Luciana Berger."

(Embedded Tweet - click date)

November 2014


"Therefore it is now clear that Dickens 'Westminster' Dossier is, like his dossier on Satanic Ritual Abuse, a wicked compilation of bigotry from his Christian evangelical friends who are willing to misuse the police and the democratic process to further their prejudice against minority religions and different sexual genders.

It was seized upon in 2014 by the Child Scare Industry in an attempt to stampede parliament into enacting further laws to expand it's own remit and gain more funds for chasing phantom abusers using worked-up cases of  Historical Sex Abuse.

They thought you, the British public, would be dim enough not to notice what they were up to, but the SAFF has once again saved the day and brought you the unvarnished TRUTH."

(Embedded Tweet - click date)


Always is ...

That's you fucked, Tom - these people take no prisoners :(

(Embedded Tweets - click date)

The Work of Satan?



11 November 2014 Last updated at 19:19

'No cover-up found' in abuse review by Peter Wanless

"Peter Wanless Peter Wanless is chief executive of the NSPCC and the report's co-author.

A review of the handling of allegations of child abuse by prominent figures has found no evidence that records were deliberately removed or destroyed.

Ministers asked the head of the NSPCC to examine how the Home Office dealt with files alleging abuse from 1979-99."

....but, no, still they bang on, logic and facts, to the wind ...

Will Black - 12 November 2014


13 November 2014

Secretary of state for conspiracy theories

"How Theresa May is fuelling unfounded rumours about ‘VIP paedos’.

It is now the likes of Theresa May who openly invite whispers and finger-pointing about her own class, her own set of people. It is now often politicians themselves who set in motion politician-demonising canards. Conspiracy theorists are no longer the barbarians at the gates; they’re inside the gates, running the show."


(Embedded Tweets - click date)


The circus moves on ....

(Embedded Tweets - click date)

(Embedded Tweets - click date)

12:01AM, January 1 2015 

Abuse inquiry is now a fantasist’s playground David Aaronvitch 

"The vitriol aimed at Dame Fiona Woolf shows how detached from reality the self-appointed victims’ champions are." 

1 January 2015

Busman’s Holiday

"We owe it to everyone involved – victims [complainants] and perpetrators [defendants] alike – to calmly and forensically examine allegations to establish their accuracy and to weed out the few that do not withstand scrutiny.

Otherwise, if every allegation is treated as de facto, what is the point of an inquiry? And what, frankly, is the point of a trial?" 


(Embedded Tweets - click date)

21:17, 4 June 2015

Paedophile Information Exchange: Leon Brittan 'opposed banning pro-child sex campaign group'