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'Great Work', Mark, Peter etc etc - Hope You All Had A Good Xmas

PUBLISHED: 12:37, 30 December 2012 | UPDATED: 22:00, 30 December 2012

Former children's TV presenter arrested by Savile sex probe detectives 'spends Christmas at psychiatric clinic'

">The star, in his 80s, is staying at a Priory mental health clinic
>Admitted after suffering stress in the wake of the police probe
>He was interviewed last month under caution at a London police station

A TV star questioned by police investigating the Jimmy Savile scandal spent Christmas in hospital amid fears for his mental health.

The man, in his 80s, was admitted to a Priory clinic for treatment for acute stress after being told of the allegations against him.

The children’s TV presenter, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was interviewed last month under caution as part of Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree."

Has Jim Gamble Grown Balls, At Last? - We Doubt It


You had all better believe it, Jim.

Even "geeks, freaks and morons" [name calling, Jim ... best you got?], were able to take you out of circulation, and we will do it again, if you ever recover any importance or credibility.

We look forward to your book, with relish.


Just for the record, you will see all the usual suspects, still in cahoots, doing the keercchinggg ...

BTW, who is Philip Porter? Looks like a promotional sock, to us.

Oh ... and, as for your lunch buddy, Sean ...


21Mar12 – 12:48 pm

Times crime editor warns of “chilling effect” of Leveson Inquiry

"The crime editor of the Times has said the “chilling effect” of the Leveson Inquiry and the Metropolitan police’s “internal clampdown” has led to there being “virtually no social contact with officers”.

“In the current climate, if you arranged to meet an officer you’d be looking over your shoulder the whole time,” Sean O’Neill told the Inquiry this morning.

He expressed his fear that building up a relationship of trust with contacts would be “seriously inhibited” if it were impossible to meet them for coffee, noting that he had “bought officers and staff cups of coffee, pints of beer, lunches and evening meals”."

Held on Wednesday 21 Mar at 10:00

Transcript of a hearing of the Leveson Inquiry

"Q: In terms of your career, Mr O'Neill, after working as a reporter in Northern Ireland, you moved to the Daily Telegraph in 1992, you joined the Times in 2004 and you became its crime editor in 2007; is that correct?"

Last updated at 10:15PM, January 9 2011 

Child safety merger condemned as ‘dangerous’

"Theresa May’s plans to shake up Britain’s world-renowned child protection squad have been condemned as potentially dangerous.

The Home Office said yesterday that the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop) would investigate the scandal of street grooming gangs exposed by The Times last week.

But Jim Gamble, who quit [oh yes, quit ;) ] recently as head of Ceop, and other prominent supporters of the unit in Britain and abroad, said that the Home Secretary’s plans to subsume it into a new FBI-style agency were ill-informed, politically motivated and potentially dangerous for child safety."


You see ... it all starts to fit together.

The OSC.

Take A Seat

Updated: Friday, 28 Dec 2012, 3:04 PM EST
Published : Friday, 28 Dec 2012, 3:04 PM EST

'Vigilante' cracks down on possible pedophile with unusual crimes

"Kokomo man poses as law official

A vigilante from Indiana who attempted to catch a possible pedophile in Washington State has been charged with extortion and kidnapping.

Twenty-eight-year-old Adam Blazak of Kokomo, Ind., faces charges in King County, Wash., after luring a man into a Seattle hotel room and posing as a law enforcement official.

According to officials, Blazak posed as a 14-year-old girl looking for sex on Craigslist, to which a Seattle University student named MA responded.

Once inside the hotel room, A was ordered to the ground, handcuffed and told he was "under arrest" by a "federal agent.""

Unhappy New Year

Monday, 31 December 2012

Chemical castration for pedophiles [sic] in the pipeline in Turkey: report

"The Turkish government is considering chemical castration for sex offenders who target miners, a local newspaper reported Sunday."

‘Chemical castration law absolutely needs to pass' 

Turkey considers chemical castration for pedophiles [sic]

10:02AM GMT 31 Dec 2012

Criminals to be tracked via satellite with new tags

"Criminals will be tracked by satellite with new electronic tags that use GPS technology, it has emerged."

Satnav alarm if tagged paedo [sic] goes too close to a school

Paedophiles [sic] to be tagged with GPS alarms which are triggered if they go near a school or playground 

Dec 27, 2012 11:09 AM

Physicians in China treat addictions by destroying the brain’s pleasure center

"Drug addiction in China is highly stigmatized. And now, some doctors are trying to cure it with a radical procedure known as as a "stereotactic ablation." More simply, it's the practice of destroying parts of the brain's "pleasure centers" (the nucleus accumbens) in heroin addicts and alcoholics as a way to stop drug cravings. At the same time, however, damage to this region could also impair a person's ability to experience natural longings and other emotions, including joy."

Updated 8:20 am, Saturday, December 29, 2012

New restrictions on sex offenders start in January

"Although this bill has good intentions, it's actually going to make it more dangerous especially for the poor people who work there who have to police this," Landry said during House debate on the proposal.

However, it's unclear how librarians will be able to enforce the new regulations because they will have no way of knowing who was convicted of assaulting a child under 13.

December 30, 2012, 11:50 am

New inheritance and sex offender laws

"The new year will bring new powers to allow WA authorities to electronically monitor the state’s most dangerous sex offenders.

Among several pieces of controversial new legislation to come into force in the state on January 1 or just after, electronic monitoring will become a standard condition of supervision orders for dangerous sexual offenders released from custody.

Electronic monitoring via a GPS system will also apply to dangerous sexual offenders who have already been released and are currently on supervision orders, with the new powers due to come into effect from February.

The $6 million system will only be used in Perth initially, with a regional phase-in scheduled later in the year."

Jan 1, 2013 - 12:16

Good news for some, bad news for others

"On the other, sex crimes against children under the age of 12 will no longer be subject to a statute of limitations.",_bad_news_for_others.html?cid=34630646

Sunday, 30 December 2012

You Have 'Proven' Only One Thing, Mark Williams-Thomas And Nick Owens

"I do see a thrown together documentary full of errors, mistakes
however. Plus unchecked facts."

30 Dec 2012 00:00

Year of crime: Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas on Jimmy Savile, Tia Sharp, Twitter perverts, and Al-Hilli murder mystery

"Our evidence [slander] had to stand up to scrutiny [which failed] if we were to prove [failed] that a national treasure was a predatory paedophile [sic and failed]"

It has been a year full of shocking crime stories...

The exposure of a legendary TV presenter as a predatory paedo­phile [sic]. The brutal slaying of a family gunned down while enjoying an idyllic holiday in France. The murder of a little girl who was later found in the loft of her grandmother’s house. And the child sex ring which was being run on Twitter.

One man links all of these disturbing cases. Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police detective turned TV presenter, has investigated each of them during an extraordinary 12 months of crime-fighting [mmwhhaaaaa]."



We will just let this comment, speak for itself, Mark ...

"BH 1:52 PM on 30/12/2012

I yet fail to see any proper evidence in the Savile stuff. So what this ex detective is actually going on about is beyond me.

I do see a thrown together documentary full of errors & mistakes however. Plus unchecked facts.

As one of Mr Williams Thomas' whistle blowers (Wilf De'ath) was arrested shortly after the showing, his defence against Savile starts to full apart. Considering that the Duncroft School mob had already colluded on a Internet Forum. This is also questionable. Even one of those girls seems to not know that Clunk Click was recorded at the BBC Theatre & not BBC TV Centre. Plus according to the Births, Deaths & Marriages website, she was 16 in 1974, not 14, as was stated by this rather dodgy programme, that missed many things & was very flawed.

Understandingly why the original Newsnight story was not show...Lack of proper evidence. Of & Gary Glitter & Freddie Starr never appeared on the same edition of Clunk Click either, so how could she have seen them at the same time, in a dressing room? These are the facts that a proper courtroom, would be highly suspicious of. Hence why I can find no evidence, to back up any stories. Even Esther Rantzen was blind to the Internet Forum (& had no knowledge of it, it seems)!"

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Stupid Tabloid Britain

Published: 16 hrs ago

Sex fiend Britain

"Sun investigation locates [hardly] every pervert in England and Wales

"The Government and police should be doing a lot more [such as?] to protect our children from known sex offenders. We need policing that deals with individuals, joint offenders and organised rings in the real and virtual worlds.

We think it is time to take Sarah’s Law [not] to the next level. It’s time for all police stations and town halls to have offender maps publicly available.

This would help [how?] the public and the authorities work better together [totally oblivious of MAPPA, then] to manage the risks these dangerous [sic] criminals pose."

More than 2,500 sex offenders in Wales 



We have little to say, on this offensive, ignorant and ridiculous piece, other than this information is available, via MAPPA reports, every year.

It is like The Sun forgets all that has come before, in its worrisome scrabble for some credibility and sales. We guess SFB, Andy Crick, is after a 'promotion'.


How D'yer Like Them Apples?

Posted: 26/12/2012 21:01

Good Will Hunting After Savile Affair

"Tis the season of good will. Or twas. I couldn't help feeling that the sleigh bells rang a little hollower this time around. Not because Santas were getting the sack (ho! ho!) for not being CRB-checked. No, it was that confirmed child abuse paranoia would reach beyond Santa's grotto."

"Certainly it is this obsession with abuse today from the grotesque to the everyday - projected far enough backwards to be frankly pointless - that trivialises the experience of serious abuse. I shouldn't need to qualify it of course. All abuse is serious isn't it? Abuse is abuse as paedophile obsessives never tire of telling me. But what is abuse when it is so all encompassing? What good does exaggerating its prevalence do for those who really are being abused? Ironically it is those who abuse the notion of abuse that have a case to answer here. It is the irresponsibly hysterical commentators, lobbyists and policy-makers who see abuse everywhere that are really doing the real victims of abuse the most harm."

Abusing Trust With Dodgy Child Abuse Statistics 

One in Four? Tip of the Iceberg


Friday, December 28, 2012

Paedophile [sic] was babysitting neighbour's child in Gloucestershire

"A PAEDOPHILE [sic] has been babysitting for their neighbour in Gloucestershire, it has emerged.

It's one of seven chilling cases in the county where police have had to warn parents that someone who had committed a sexual offence was in contact with their child.

In one of the incidents which have taken place over the past two years, the parents were told that the neighbour looking after their offspring had previously abused [?] children.

The information was revealed to the Echo through the Freedom of Information Act.

The request also revealed that there were times when people had asked for information on someone they suspected of being a sex offender, but that police refused to disclose it – to protect the abuser [sic]."

We Do Not Walk Down The Motorway Lanes - Do You Know Why, Christina And Laura?

Friday 28 December 2012

2012: the year when it became okay to blame victims of sexual assault

The myth that women can be held responsible [no] for men’s sex crimes has returned, writes Laura Bates

"At Caernarfon Crown Court earlier this month, a 49-year-old man was convicted of raping a teenage girl. Jailing the rapist, the judge told him: “She let herself down badly. She consumed far too much alcohol and took drugs, but she also had the misfortune of meeting you”.

It was the latest in a wave of examples of victim-blaming [no], a phenomenon that Christina Diamandopoulos, of the Rape Crisis charity, describes as the “myth that women are responsible for men’s sexual behaviour. From this stems the idea that what a woman wears, says, where she goes, or what she does can make her responsible [no] for the crime committed against her.” The problem is compounded by common misconceptions, such as the idea that all rapists are strangers, who attack in dark alleys at night. In fact, Ms Diamandopoulos says, “most rape is committed by partners, ex-partners and men who are known to the woman”."

Same Old, Sad, Shameful, Stupid, Story

Updated: 28/12/2012 16:05 GMT

India Sex Offenders 'Named And Shamed', After Protests Over Brutal Delhi Student Gang Rape

"India's convicted sex offenders will have their names, photographs and addresses published, in a highly controversial measure by the government to tackle growing anger after a series of high-profile sex attacks in the country.

Protests have been ongoing since the brutal gang rape of a Delhi student on a local bus by six men, leaving her hospitalised with serious internal injuries.

Medics describe her condition as "critical" and she has been moved to a specialist hospital in Singapore."

Friday 28 December 2012 09.44 GMT

India to name and shame sex offenders as rape protests grow

"There are fears that identifying convicted rapists will lead to vigilante attacks. Others point out that, with a national average conviction rate of 25% for rape cases, and with many charges taking several years to reach court and enormous numbers of incidents going unreported, the measure can only have a limited effect. Women's rights campaigners have, however, backed the idea.

"It is true that there is a risk of such attacks but at the moment it is the victim who has to suffer the shame and social ostracism," said Ranjana Kumari, director of Delhi's Centre for Social Research. "She can't get married, for example. This will make sure the rapist is shamed. He won't get a job, or somewhere to live and will be cut off from society. This is a powerful deterrent," Kumari, who is also a member of the national commission for empowerment of women, told the Guardian."

"The six men responsible for the incident in Delhi included a driver of an unlicensed private bus, a vegetable seller and a gym assistant. Most had grown up in deeply conservative parts of rural India before moving to the capital."

"Kumari, one of those who suggested the public sex offenders' register, said she was pleased with the government's move but disappointed that finances devoted to women's schemes had been cut at a meeting earlier this week."

MP to seize driving, arms licences of sex offenders

Delhi to have 5 fast track courts for sexual assault cases by January 3

India calls for death penalty for those accused of brutal gang rape of medical student who later died

Jayalalithaa proposes death, chemical castration for rapists

Govt seeks inputs from all parties to amend rape laws

Delhi gang-rape case: Sonia Gandhi makes suggestions to govt for stricter laws

Activists wary as India rushes to justice after gang rape

Friday, 28 December 2012

Others Have No Such Luck

Thursday 27 December 2012 20.02 GMT

Social isolation: 'tis the season to be lonely

"Researchers have shown that day-in, day-out, chronic isolation does real, physical damage"

"In some respects, the scientists are merely affirming what the poets have always known. At the age of 12, Alexander Pope wrote an ode pointing out how unchosen solitude is the most lethal kind: "Thus let me live, unseen, unknown; / Thus unlamented let me die."

Social Relationships and Mortality Risk: A Meta-analytic Review

Is That What You Want, 'Cos That's What''ll 'Appen?

December 28, 2012 22:10

PM warned over EU crime opt out

"David Cameron has been warned by a senior Brussels official that Britain's withdrawal from European Union law and order measures would leave paedophiles [sic] and criminals "running around freely in the streets"."

Viviane Reding Warns UK Opt Out Of Justice Measures Will Leave Criminals Free In Britain

David Cameron plan to opt out of EU policing laws 'will allow criminals to run free'

EU Law And Order Measures: Withdrawal Would Leave Criminals On The Streets, Cameron Is Warned


It's The Paedophile Trap

Published: 28 Dec 12 10:57 CET

Four held for robbery after paedophile trap

"Police have arrested two men and two women for robbery after setting up honey traps online and luring or forcing their way into at least two victims' homes where they forced them to record "paedophile confessions".

Using online names such as Josefin, Ammie and Sofia, the suspects gained access to two men's homes while a third victim went to meet his supposed date in a parking lot where he was assaulted and had his car stolen, reported regional Skånska Dagbladet newspaper."


PUBLISHED: 10:49, 28 December 2012 | UPDATED: 19:53, 28 December 2012

Nearly 1,000 doctors could still be practising despite convictions for possessing child porn and drug trafficking

"Medical bosses cannot ban some doctors because it could breach their human rights {BS]

"Hundreds of doctors convicted of serious crimes – including obtaining indecent images of children – have been allowed to continue to practise, it has emerged.

A total of 927 have kept their jobs despite being found guilty of offences including trafficking drugs, kerb crawling and causing death by dangerous driving."

927 doctors and surgeons 'have criminal record, including child porn and sexual assault offences'

Concern at medics with criminal records 

Pediatric dentist charged in kid porn OK’d for work

Work Fighting Child Porn Rewarding - We Bet

December 28, 2012 12:14 PM

Work fighting child porn rewarding for members of Surrey-based RCMP unit, but also horrifying

"A man is seen using a computer to try and gain access to an online chat room in North Vancouver, B.C., on Friday, December, 28, 2012. To a young teenager's eyes, the invitation from an online male suitor can seem relatively harmless at first. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

SURREY, B.C. - To the young teenager's eyes, the invitation from an online male suitor seems relatively harmless at first: perhaps you'd like to cuddle, talk, play games?

Five minutes into the chat, the 27-year-old man from the Metro Vancouver area asks if the girl has a "BF" — a boyfriend. He then casually mentions porn.

I'm 13 years old, she reminds the man. She posts a blushing smiley-face emoticon.

Ten more minutes in, she clicks open a digital image he's just sent her way. The photo is not his face, but another body part, standing at attention. It scores the man a rendezvous, but not with the teenybopper he imagined."

Dec 28, 2012 3:26 PM ET

You have a job to do and you do it’: The rewarding and horrifying job of fighting child porn in Canada

"I wonder what she’ll be like when she grows up" 

December 28, 2012 at 12:15 PM, updated

A depraved world: FBI agents wage a stressful battle against child pornography

"Like colleagues across the country, these agents spend days and nights immersed in a depraved, internet-based society that encourages and trades on the monstrous abuse of children.

To do their jobs, they are forced to struggle and adjust, hopefully creating an island of calm and normalcy in their own minds, even as they are surrounded by depictions of evil."

Officers put themselves on the line to fight child porn 

“It’s probably the most meaningful work I can do in the force,” says the blonde RCMP constable and mother of two, who was the man’s actual chat partner." 

Bidding time, again.

Who Should Be The Crims?

3:11am UK, Friday 28 December 2012

Thousands Are 'Wrongly Branded Criminals'

"Around £1.9m is paid to thousands of people in Britain who were wrongly branded criminals, Big Brother Watch says.

Nearly 12,000 people have been wrongly branded as criminals over the past five years due to innacurate record checks.

According to the campaign group Big Brother Watch, the cost of redress stands at £1.9m.

In 3,519 cases, the wrong person's entry on the police national computer was disclosed, BB Watch said.

The figures were obtained from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), which recently merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority to form the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

According to the CRB's annual report in July, 4.1 million checks were carried out in 2011."

Whose record is it anyway? Thousands of CRB errors revealed

Liars' Charter?

Friday, 28 December 2012

National witness protection scheme announced

"The creation of the first UK-wide witness protection service was announced today.

Witnesses and other vulnerable people afforded protected person status due to a real and immediate risk to their lives will receive enhanced UK-wide protection and support.

The new UK Protected Persons Service will support those who help bring criminals to justice by:

>Introducing national quality standards,
>Ensuring better co-ordination across existing fragmented services,
>Promoting intelligence sharing between police forces, and
>Strengthening local services to create a consistent and accountable service."

New Witness Protection Scheme To Be Launched

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

What's The Age Of Consent In Mexico?

December 27, 2012

BBC shuts Lonely Planet site over sex posts

"A source with links to Lonely Planet management said the decision to shut the forum was ''all about Jimmy Savile''.

The source said a user, who had been banned several times for trolling and harassment, emailed BBC executives asking if they were aware Thorn Tree was full of porn and swearing.

''They discovered that if you looked for terms like 'paedophile' or 'child prostitution', you got Thorn Tree hits,'' the source said.

''The hits are mostly discussions of current events or pointless stuff that would have been moderated, like 'Barney the dinosaur is a big purple paedophile'. However, someone found a thread about 'what's the age of consent in Mexico?' That really set them off.

''They went into full, freak-out, panic attack mode.''"

Lonely Planet forum shut amid paedophilia claims

Lonely Planet shuts Thorn Tree forum 'over paedophilia posts'

Thorn Tree Forum: Is BBC Backpackers' Website a Paedophile’s Guide Book?

BBC shuts down Lonely Planet travel forum over 'uncomfortable themes' discussed 

BBC denies paedophile claims as it shuts down popular travel forum over 'uncomfortable themes'

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


12:00pm Tuesday 25th December 2012

Dog sex case article Standard’s most-read of 2012

"AN ARTICLE detailing the conviction of Lechlade man NS, who was found guilty of having sex with his ex-wife’s dog, was the most-read page on the Standard website in 2012.

The article published in June was viewed 12,374 times – almost 5,000 more times than the next most-viewed page – and was also the second most-tweeted page of the year and the third most shared by email."

Old Enough To Breed?

December 24, 2012 3:20 AM

Like Girls, Boys Are Entering Puberty Earlier

"It's been known for a while that girls start puberty earlier than they did in the past, sometimes as young as 7 or 8. But it's been unclear whether boys also go through puberty earlier. Now, a study from the American Academy of Pediatrics helps answer that question."

Monday, 24 December 2012

What's A Mom To Do?

May 13, 2012 -- Updated 0246 GMT (1046 HKT)

Mothers of sex offenders share responsibility, burden of label

"MS celebrates his 21st birthday with his family before going to prison for possession of child pornography.

CS will never forget the moment she watched her 21-year-old son being led out of a Florida courtroom in handcuffs.

"This is not happening, this is not happening, this is not happening," she recalls thinking at the time. "Take me instead."

She sobbed because there was nothing she could do. M, the second of her three children, was going to prison after pleading guilty to 10 counts of possession of child pornography. A judge in Duval County sentenced him in April 2010 to 18 months in state prison and one year of probation, with the requirement that he register as a sex offender.

She told herself that they were lucky, that he could have received a longer prison sentence. But her worries extended far beyond prison. Under Florida law, he would likely remain on the registry for life, with the opportunity to appeal for good conduct. Where would he live after being released? How would he find a job? What about harassment? Would he ever date again? Who would want to marry a sex offender?

S is one of many mothers preoccupied with these questions on a daily basis. These women embody the notion that a mother's love is unconditional as they're often forced to look beyond horrific [sic] crimes that have left their children branded for life as sex offenders.

What's a mom to do?"

Local Sex Offenders Not Guilty !!!

5:56 PM, Dec 21, 2012

Reward for missing boy, 13-year-old Dylan Redwine, raised

"For more than a month now, investigators have searched that area. A task force remains active and this week they brought a bloodhound from New Mexico to do spot searches. Those searches have turned up nothing.

Authorities also tracked down the rest of the sex offenders they wanted to talk to who were registered in the area.

All had alibis at the time Dylan disappeared."

Dylan Redwine not a victim of area sex offender

Upholding Proper Standards Of Conduct

Monday 24 December 2012

Lifetime teaching ban for convicted sex pest

"K has now been issued with a prohibition order despite a Teaching Agency panel recommendation that K should be allowed to apply to be put back on the teaching register after 10 years.

Recommending a prohibition order, the disciplinary panel said that it had “regard to the protection of children, the maintenance of public confidence in the profession and declaring and upholding proper standards of conduct”.

Alan Meyrick, Teaching Agency deputy director, who gave the final decision on the Secretary of State’s behalf, said: “Mr K has four convictions for sexual assault.

“These offences were serious and took place in an educational context on several occasions.

“The panel has found this behaviour represents a serious departure from the standards expected of a teacher. Indeed the panel has made clear the offences constituted a serious departure from the personal and professional elements of the latest teacher’s standards published by the Department for Education.”

Mr Meyrick said the panel found the offences “amounted to misconduct that may have or did seriously affect the education and/or well being of the pupils concerned, include evidence of a deep-seated attitude leading to harmful behaviour and were serious sexual offences that led to the imposition of terms of imprisonment, albeit suspended.”

The decision means K is prohibited from teaching indefinitely in any school, sixth form college, youth accommodation or children’s home in England.

K has a right of appeal to the High Court."

Irreparably Destroying The Life

Saturday December 22 2012

Teacher awarded €700,000 for sex abuse probe failings

"A FORMER secondary school teacher has been awarded €700,000 damages against the HSE over the manner in which it inquired into sexual abuse allegations against him.

Mr Justice Iarfhlaith O'Neill severy criticised the manner in which the investigation was conducted, saying the teacher was clearly targeted by the area health board and the HSE.

The judge said the actions of the HSE had the consequence of irreparably destroying the life of the teacher."

We Don't Use The Word Predatory

Saturday, December 22 2012

Facebook child sex predator CW jailed for five years

"CW, 31, of Hoo, has been jailed for five years after admitting sexual activity with a child

A pervert who preyed on a young girl before meeting her for sexual encounters has been jailed for five years under an extended sentence.

Using a false name, CW, 31, contacted the 13-year-old schoolgirl on Facebook and by text messages before they had what was described as a "consensual relationship".

A judge told the father-of-two, of Hoo: "I don't use the word grooming. It seems your victim required little in the way of persuasion. Your behaviour leading up to the commission of the offences is better described as predatory."

W admitted sexual activity with a child and of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity."


Aug. 6, 2013

Online Predators Not Distinctively Dangerous Sex Offenders

"A new University of New Hampshire study challenges the view that online predators are a distinctly dangerous variety of sex offender, requiring special programs to protect youth.

The study from the UNH Crimes against Children Research Center finds that sex offenders who target teens increasingly use Internet and cell phone communications to lure teens into sexual relationships. In crimes that involve such communications, offenders who meet and recruit youth online operate in much the same way as offenders who meet and know youth in ordinary offline environments.

"These are all serious crimes," said lead author Janis Wolak, a senior researcher at the UNH Crimes against Children Research Center. "But the so-called 'online predators' are not more insidious.""

Minuscule Effect On The Incidence Of Rape

December 24, 2012

Castration is not the right legal response

"Even the most ardent supporters of chemical castration recognise that administration of anti-androgens without relevant therapies defeats the point of the entire exercise. Given the significant side-effects of chemical castration, a law that would require indefinite administration of anti-androgens for sex offenders is likely to be unconstitutional. Even if the argument is that governments must invest in chemical castration even if it means a minuscule effect on the incidence of rape, it would require State governments to put in place a rigorous system of providing therapy for it to be a constitutional option. Given the condition of state health care services in India, there are very good reasons to be sceptical about the feasibility of providing such therapy." 

Mon Dec 31 2012, 12:14 hrs

The medical punishment for rape

"Chemical castration, one of the provisions in the draft bill being finalised by the Congress for tackling crimes against women, is a medical procedure that reduces sexual urges and arousal in a human being, whether a man or woman. The introduction of chemicals hampers the functioning of the circulating sex hormones, and makes a man incapable of rape.

One of the earliest and most famous subjects of chemical castration was mathematician Alan Turing, the man who defined algorithms and fathered a prototype of the computer. He was punished in 1952 for homosexuality, then a crime in the UK."

And Rightly So

Published: 21 Dec 12 15:05 CET

Young Swedes 'enriched' by porn and sex posing

"Watching pornography and exposing oneself sexually online can enrich young people's lives, a Swedish researcher has found, but doing so also carries risks.

"A lot of it is about the need to be seen, to get affirmation, and to get attention," Pernilla Nigård, a doctoral candidate at Malmö University, told The Local.

Earlier this week, Nigård presented a study based on interviews with young men about why they watch pornography and with young women about why they publish revealing pictures of themselves online.

Having previously worked as a school counselor, Nigård had seen first hand how young people were spending more time online, often engaging in activities related to sexual expression."

Not At All, That Could Never Have Been Our Intention ... The Zealots And Disinformers Have 'Won'

Monday 24 December 2012

Helen Martin: Good has lost to the perverts

"Meanwhile, though, we are creating a society that is petrified and crippled by the fear of paedophiles [sic] around every corner. Schools have to have policies about parents photographing or filming nativity plays. Most grown men would think two or three times before going to the aid of a distressed little girl on her own who needed help. Children who were once quite properly encouraged to build independence and make their own way to and from school are still being chauffeured or escorted aged ten or 12."

"But we have allowed fear of abductors or paedophiles [sic] to change our society and our community. We have allowed it to stifle the development and freedom of children and inhibit the innocent, caring and helpful responses of well-meaning adults. In that respect the perverts have won."

Kids - Eh?

09.11.2012 - 11:55

14-year-old girl steals mom’s husband, has baby with him

"A Chinese teen has reportedly had a lovechild with her own stepfather. The girl is now threatening her mother with court unless she divorces him.

The girl, named Fangting, started a love affair with her 34-year-old stepdad LG when she was only 14 years old, reported Jiangnan City Daily.

Fangting, who is now 16 years old, gave birth to a baby girl last year and demands that her mother Huang Changhong would divorce Liu so they could be together. To make matters worse, Huang and Liu also have a young son together."

A Certain Degree Of Effect

Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012

Group-based therapy reduces sex offenders' recidivism rate: ministry

"New approach: Group work therapy for sex offenders is conducted under a recent Justice Ministry program in this image from a demonstration video.

A program centering on group work therapy has curtailed the recidivism rate among sex offenders as measured against those who served time but didn't participate, the Justice Ministry said.

"A certain degree of effect has been observed," the ministry said Friday in releasing its first report on the program's impact."

Only In Russia?

12:49 24/12/2012

Russia's Supreme Court backs bill on life isolation of pedophiles [sic]

"MOSCOW, December 24 – RAPSI. Russia's Supreme Court has backed the bill allowing to banish pedophiles [sic] to reservations after they are released from prison, Izvestia reported on Monday.

The bill sponsored by Senator Yevgeny Tarlo is aimed at isolating pedophiles [sic] from the society for life.

According to the bill, there should be a total of ten reservations in Russia for pedophiles. [sic]"

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Those Who Shout The Loudest

Published: 21 Dec 12 10:51 CET

Sex offender behind anti-paedophile site

"The man behind a paedophile [sic] name-and-shame website that publishes details of mostly foreign-born sex offenders has himself been jailed for sexually exploiting a minor, according to Swedish media reports."

Montreal deacon known for criticizing pedophiles charged in child porn case

Friday, 21 December 2012

A Few Of The Usual Suspects, Quietly Dithering Around Together

The Marie Collins Foundation

"The Marie Collins Foundation (MCF) is the UK charity enabling children who suffer sexual abuse and exploitation via internet and mobile technologies to recover [sic] and live safe, fulfilling lives.

We work with children, families, practitioners, Government departments and industry to ensure the response to those harmed reflects current best practice. [we will see]

If you have been a victim of child sexual abuse and need assistance or would like advice on other internet related issues please see our Useful Links page for organisations that could help."


Times is hard for the zealots, as the truths continue to emerge.


So, what we got ...

14th and 15th June, 2011

Marie Collins \ Marie Collins Foundation 

Harm in the digital playground
OACAS in partnership with MCF

Uploaded on Mar 23, 2010

A survivor of clerical abuse on the Pope's apology

14th and 15th June, 2011 

Online offending behaviour – implications for child protection and the best interests of the child

Tink Palmer: CEO – Marie Collins Foundation 
Harm in the digital playground
OACAS in partnership with MCF

15th May 2012

Sexuality: Just Two Signs To The Coin? 


Tink !!!

Some of that looks pretty good, at first glance ... considering (of course, you can see where the 'harm' really originates, surely?) - more later.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Useful Work, Once You Get Past The CPI Hogwash

Published on Oct 29, 2012

"Keith Kaufman, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology, Portland State University.

Topic: What child sex offenders teach us about prevention.

Dr. Kaufman will discussed what motivates sex offenders, including their use of grooming and other predatory [how rude] strategies.

Introduced by Ian Elliott, Ph.D., Research Scholar, Justice Center for Research, Penn State."

PSU Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Keith Kaufman

October 2012

What Child Sex Offenders Can Teach Us About The Prevention of Child Sex Abuse

Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D. Psychology Professor, Portland State University, Penn State Conference.

October 2012

PSU Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Overview and Epidemiology

Child Sexual Abuse: An Overview


October 29–30, 2012

Penn State's Child Sexual Abuse Conference

Traumatic Impact, Prevention, and Intervention

Other Participants and Presentations

Good Analysis From The Judge, But ...

December 20, 2012 12:05 am

Judge Posner on Very Long Prison Sentences

"A very interesting concurring opinion yesterday, in United States v. Craig (7th Cir. Dec. 18, 2012) ..."

"It is true [It Is? - is it? - evidence? see Myth 3, in the first video/pdf and the relevant section, in the second video/pdf] that sex offenders are more likely to recidivate than other criminals, Virginia M. Kendall and T. Markus Funk, Child Exploitation and Trafficking: Examining the Global Challenges and U.S. Responses 310 (2012), because their criminal behavior is for the most part compulsive rather than opportunistic. But capacity and desire to engage in sexual activity diminish in old age. Moreover, when released, a sexual criminal is subject to registration and notification requirements that reduce access to potential victims."<br/>

Authors Virginia M. Kendall and T. Markus Funk on "Child Exploitation and Trafficking"

Virginia M. Kendall

"Virginia Mary Kendall (born January 25, 1962) is a District Judge for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. She joined the court in 2006 after being nominated by President George W. Bush. A noted expert on child exploitation and human trafficking, she is the co-author of the treatise, Child Exploitation and Trafficking: Examining the Global Challenges and U.S. Responses."

T. Markus Funk

"T. Markus Funk is an American lawyer, author, and academic"

Biased experts are rarely valuable experts at all (except in courts).

We will find what they actually claim and its source(s) ... for now ...

Personalty Traits And Sexual Offending, in, Sex Offenders: Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issues (2009) ...

The Sturmabteilung

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

National Megan’s Law Helpline & Sex Offender Registration Tips Program

"The Sex Offender Registration Tips Program provides the public an opportunity to report registrants who are failing to comply with registration requirements, employment or supervision restrictions or who are in positions of trust where they can access children. Tips can be provided via the Helpline or website at This program is not intended to be used to report police emergencies. Dial 911 or contact your local law enforcement agency directly for emergencies. Agency deputized staff work collaboratively with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to facilitate the appropriate follow-up action."

Hit A Dead Man When He Is Down

19 December 2012 Last updated at 16:39

Carer Ameet Mohabeer 'abused victims' after return to work

"AM was found dead at his home in Luton after denying sex assault charges in court

A hospital worker from Luton suspended over an alleged sexual assault was allowed back to work and abused [allegedy] 14 more victims, a report has revealed.

AM, 28, was accused of carrying out abuse on the stroke ward at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital between October 2008 and January 2011.

He took his own life before the case came to court."

So Why Is He Out Then?

First posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 09:49 AM MST | Updated: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 01:45 PM MST

Edmonton police issue warning over violent sex offender

"Another violent sex offender is making his home in the Edmonton area, warn city police.

In the interest of public safety, the Edmonton Police Service is issuing the alert about GAP, 54, recently freed from the Calgary Correctional Centre after completing a sentence for sexual assault.

P is a sexual and violent offender who has sexually assaulted girls under the age of 16.

Edmonton city police consider P to be a high risk to re-offend sexually and violently, particularly against girls under the age of 16, or females he is involved with in an intimate relationship.

P will be living in the Edmonton area and will be monitored by detectives with the Edmonton city police behavioural assessment unit.

The Edmonton Police Service is issuing this information and warning after careful deliberation of all related issues, including privacy concerns, in the belief that it is clearly in the public interest to inform the members of the community."

Wrong Hole

Updated 10:41 am, Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Judge refuses to toss suit over La. sex registry

"NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A federal judge refused Wednesday to dismiss a class-action lawsuit that seeks to have removed from the state's sex offender registry roughly 400 people who were convicted of soliciting oral or anal sex for money under Louisiana's "crime against nature by solicitation" law.

U.S. District Judge Martin Feldman ruled in April that the names of nine plaintiffs who were convicted of the same offense must be stricken from the registry. A separate suit, filed after Feldman issued his decision, says the ruling should be applied to anyone in the same position."

Stand Back Officer, I Am Mark Williams-Thomas, I Am From The Internet

13:56 Thursday 20 December 2012

MISSING GWYN DAY 15: Savile detective could join search

"THE former detective who helped expose [no] Jimmy Savile as a predatory paedophile [no] wants to help the search for a missing pensioner from Stanstead Abbotts.

Mark Williams-Thomas fronted the ITV documentary that exposed Jimmy Savile

Mark Williams-Thomas, who presented ITV’S Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile, has tweeted Ann Hawker, daughter of Gwyn Morris, 88, to make contact."

Guns Save Lives - The Bitter Irony

2012 December 17

NC Homeowner Shoots and Kills Sex Offender During Early Morning Home Invasion

"A sex offender with multiple convictions for a variety of crimes is dead after attempted an early morning home invasion in Henderson, NC.

Deyon Durham allegedly attempted to break into an occupied home some time before 7am.

The homeowner armed himself and shot Durham, killing him.

Police say they are still investigating, but no charges have been filed against the homeowner, who was not named."

Man shoots and kills sex offender after attempted break-in

Pinoy Excursion

7:30pm Wednesday 19th December 2012

Sex offender from Hereford jailed after leaving UK

"A SEX offender who left Britain to live abroad after being released early from jail has been given an 18-month prison sentence.

DW, aged 50, Newton Farm, Hereford, pleaded guilty to breaching the requirements of the sex offenders’ register.

He failed to notify police of a change of address and failed to tell them of his intention to leave the UK for the Phillipines, Worcester Crown Court heard.

In 2004 he was convicted of sexual offences on a girl and making indecent images of a child. He was sentenced to 15 months in jail and his prison licence was extended to three years.

But he then went to live in the Phillipines with his wife until the authorities in that country found out and extradited him back to the UK."

Part Of The Universal Human Condition

December 20, 2012, 3:38 am

Why Do Groups of Men Attack Lone Women?

"The psychologist David Lisak is an expert on violent crime, including murder and rape. He taught courses on the subject at the University of Massachusetts for 22 years, while working as a forensic consultant to universities, the U.S. military and law enforcement officials. He has worked on hundreds of criminal cases.

Dr. Lisak, 58, became a consultant to the United States Air Force Academy after a sexual assault scandal there in 2003. He works with military commanders and officers to educate them about sexual violence and its causes.

India Ink spoke with him after the gang rape of a young woman in Delhi this week, asking about what motivates men to attack women and what governments and law-enforcement officials can do to try to curb these attacks. Dr. Lisak emphasized that he has no expertise in India but said that many aspects of this subject, including power struggles and aggression, are part of the universal human condition."

Good Idea

Thursday 20 December 2012

Mum wants law changed for sex accused

"A MUM wants a change in the law after a jury took just two minutes to clear her son of a serious sexual offence.

Twenty-year-old RM faced a stretch behind bars had he been convicted of abusing a woman at a party last Christmas.

But he walked free after what is believed to be the quickest ever verdict by a jury at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

M, of Holytown, had protested his innocence from the outset and had, in fact, been the one to call the police.

He told officers the 28-year-old woman had hit him and falsely accused him of rape.

His mum, ES, said M had suffered ‘humiliation’ and the the law should be changed to give men accused of sex crimes anonymity unless they are found guilty."


Published on Thursday December 20, 2012

Supreme Court allows appeal over Ontario sex-offender data

"OTTAWA—The Supreme Court of Canada will allow the appeal of a ruling that would compel the Ontario government to reveal the number of sex offenders in the province by partial postal code.

The province’s Community Safety Ministry and its Information and Privacy Commissioner have been locked in a lengthy battle over the data, which the government says could identify individual offenders.

Earlier this year, Ontario’s top court ruled the information should be released.

The privacy commissioner had previously ordered the records be disclosed to an unnamed journalist, who made the request under Freedom of Information laws.

Last year, the Divisional Court dismissed the ministry’s application for a judicial review of the commissioner’s decision.

The ministry had said the information could reasonably lead to an expectation of harm, facilitate the commission of an illegal act or hamper the control of crime."

Supreme Court allows appeal in spat over Ontario sex-offender data

'Nuff Said

December 20th, 2012

The Government's plans for porn filters won't protect children – but they are a step towards state censorship

"Dont' use the internet as a babysitter

"Are there children in the house?" That's the first creepy question your new computer will ask under David Cameron's latest proposals to protect young people from porn. After rejecting the idea of an opt-in system requiring grown-ups to ask their internet service provider for access to adult material last week, the Prime Minister has cobbled together a new policy. His new wheeze is that parents should be prompted to set up filters when they purchase a new computer. If they simply click through the options without making changes, the strongest filters will be automatically activated. ISPs will be asked to verify that the users setting up the filter is over 18. Here we go again."

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Oh, Go On Then ...

19 December 2012 Last updated at 16:17

Woking sex attack did not happen, say police

"Police said they launched an in-depth investigation following the false claim

A woman has accepted a police caution for falsely claiming she was sexually assaulted in Woking.

Her allegations, in October, led to an "in-depth investigation" by Surrey Police, involving their specialist sexual offences investigations team.

But Det Sgt Adele Robertson says she is now satisfied the alleged attack by a stranger in Walton Road did not happen.

A police spokesman said a woman in her 20s had been cautioned after admitting "a false allegation of sexual assault"."

What Is It About New York?

December 19, 2012 11:51 AM

Sex Offenders Booted From Online Gaming Platforms

"More than 2,100 accounts of registered sex offenders have been purged from online gaming platforms, state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The actions wa part of "Operation: Game Over."

“The Internet is the crime scene of the 21st century, and we must ensure that online video game platforms do not become a digital playground for dangerous predators," Schneiderman said..

Here is the release: ..."

AG touts removal of sex offenders from Internet gaming sites 

New York Unplugs 2,100 Sex Offenders From Online Gaming Platform 

Sep 9, 2010

Equality & Fairness

August 25, 2010


Pity, She Got It

Posted Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:19am AEDT

$500K lifeline saves Bravehearts

"Child protection advocates say they are relieved a successful education program will continue running in regional and remote Queensland.

Bravehearts has received more than $500,000 in federal funding to continue visiting children in the state's north to teach them about sexual assault, abuse and bullying.

Founder Hetty Johnston says the program has so far reached more than 40,000 children and their families.

"I was look just terrified that the funding would dry up and there would be no other source," she said."

Girls, Eh?

Wednesday December 19 2012

Gardai hunt 16-year-old girl who admitted stealing after ‘honey-trap’ sex offer

"A WARRANT has been issued for the arrest of a 16-year-old girl awaiting sentence for stealing from a man who was offered sex during a "honey-trap" style theft.

The young mother-of-one had pleaded guilty last month at the Dublin Children's Court to two theft charges and she has also admitted a begging offence. The girl, who is from Romania, had been accompanied to her hearing in November by her mother when she pleaded guilty. Her case had been adjourned for a pre-sentence probation report to be prepared.

However, she did not turn up for her sentencing hearing and Judge Ann Ryan was told that the girl may have left the country since she pleaded guilty to the offence."

There Are No Victims, Here, Except In The Wider Sense

Last updated Wed 19 Dec 2012

NSPCC Cymru statement on arrest of Lostprophet IW

"The NSPCC can confirm that it is working alongside South Wales Police and CEOP on this investigation....It’s vital we send a clear message to those who have experienced abuse that they can never be to blame for what has happened to them, that they have somewhere to turn and that they will be taken seriously.

– John Cameron, Head of child protection operations for the NSPCC"

Lostprophets singer IW remanded in custody over child sex [sic] allegations

Lostprophets singer IW arrested on child sex [sic] and paedophilia [sic] charges

The Sorrowful List Grows Longer

Wednesday, December 19, 2012, 8:04 AM

Wed atop the Empire State Building, man in critical condition after leaping on train tracks following child porn bust

"SK was amongst the first gay couples to wed on top of the Empire State

Rescue workers on the scene at East 28th St. & Park Ave. where SK apparently jumped in front of a subway.

One of the first gay people to marry on top of the Empire State Building apparently jumped in front of a subway train Tuesday hours after he made bail on a child pornography rap.

KS was in critical condition at New York Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell, where he was taken from the 23rd St. station on the No. 6 line, authorities and sources said.

The North Dakota-raised hospital administrator was struck by an uptown train at about 3:20 p.m., authorities said. Police sources said he jumped in front of the train."

Priti Patel - Stick - Wrong End - Again

PUBLISHED: 00:01, 19 December 2012 | UPDATED: 00:36, 19 December 201

Nearly 50,000 criminals spared jail offend again within a year: MPs claim 'shocking' figures show failure by probation officers

"Convicts including violent thugs spared jail committed another offence

Tory MPs have said figures show a problem with the probation service

Justice Secretary announced plans to tackle entrenched reoffending

"Around 50,000 criminals who were spared jail went on to commit another crime within a year, figures revealed yesterday.

The convicts – including violent thugs, burglars and drug dealers – were handed community service or a suspended jail term, leaving them free to commit new crimes.

Within 12 months, a total of 49,636 offenders who were not put behind bars were convicted of another offence. Had they been jailed, they would have been unable to offend again."

"Tory MP Priti Patel said: ‘These are quite shocking figures. They demonstrate the true extent of reoffending. ‘There is clearly a problem with the probation service which is not working well to deal with this issue."

Dr Oldfield 'Writes A Letter'

A Communication To Our Home Secretary

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bollocks To The Law, You Are Out, In Any Case

Tuesday 18 December 2012 

Sex offenders face taxi driving ban

"Rules surrounding sex offenders [sic] becoming taxi drivers are set to be tightened after a review.

Preston Council conducted a consultation looking at automatically banning any sex offenders [sic] from driving taxis in Preston. It was one of 44 questions asked as part of a public consultation over the city’s taxi trade. The authority has now said legal advice meant there couldn’t be an automatic ban on sex offenders becoming taxi drivers.

However anyone convicted of serious sexual assault will have to go before a tax sub-committee, where councillors will be “minded not to approve” them.

Serious offences have been defined as rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, and possession [just that?] of indecent images of children ['serious']."

Not Fit And Proper

18 December 2012 Last updated at 11:53

Freed sex case teacher JB 'not fit to teach'

"JB was found unfit to teach by the General Teaching Council

A man who was cleared of rape and sexual assault charges after serving five years of a 12-year jail term has failed in a bid to return to teaching.

JB, 56, was convicted in 2005 of the alleged offences which were said to have dated back to the 1970s.

After a retrial in 2010, the jury found the charges relating to children aged seven, eight and 13, to be not proven.

The General Teaching Council refused his bid to rejoin the teaching register after finding him unfit to teach.

Mr B taught English and History at a Glasgow secondary school before his conviction in 2005.

His teacher registration lapsed after this and he had applied to have it renewed."

Ex-teacher cleared of rape and sex abuse banned from the classroom

Oh, How We Laugh, As Our Licence Increases

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

BBC and ITV libel cash for McAlpine

"Lord McAlpine has formally settled his libel actions against the BBC and ITV

Lord McAlpine, who was wrongly implicated [no] in child sex abuse allegations, has settled his libel actions against the BBC and ITV.

The former Tory Party treasurer was not at London's High Court to hear their solicitors apologise unreservedly for the damage and distress caused. His lawyers confirmed that the agreements involved the payment of £185,000 damages by the BBC and £125,000 from ITV, together with very substantial costs.

The peer's counsel, Edward Garnier QC, told Mr Justice Tugendhat that the action followed a Newsnight broadcast in November about the alleged sexual abuse of boys at the Bryn Estyn children's home in Wales in the 1970s and 1980s.

Two victims claimed that they suffered abuse "at the hands of a leading Conservative politician from the Thatcher years" [bad enough a slur, one should think]. The item did not name Lord McAlpine [fact], but the programme-makers intended him to be the target of the allegations, he added [opinion, protected under free speech, ironically]

"Unfortunately, in fact disastrously [sic], names had already been named [elsewhere, and independent of the BBC]. Throughout the day on November 2, Newsnight's forthcoming report had been widely trailed on the internet. Furthermore, Lord McAlpine's name [amongst others, with no direct allegation] had been linked to it. In the aftermath of Newsnight's broadcast, Lord McAlpine was widely identified as the subject of Newsnight's allegations [such was the judgement of the people]

"In short, Newsnight made the most serious of defamatory allegations about Lord McAlpine [no], tarring him as a paedophile [no] who was guilty of sexually abusing vulnerable young boys living in care [no]. Those allegations are untrue [they did not even happen]. As the BBC now accepts, they were utterly baseless [hardly baseless, although it is a straw man]. These disgraceful allegations should never have been made [which they were not]."

BBC and ITV apologise to Lord McAlpine for sex abuse allegations

'Devious' sex scam rapist Steven Dick jailed

"The BBC is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites"