Thursday, 20 December 2012

Useful Work, Once You Get Past The CPI Hogwash

Published on Oct 29, 2012

"Keith Kaufman, Ph.D., Professor of Clinical Psychology, Portland State University.

Topic: What child sex offenders teach us about prevention.

Dr. Kaufman will discussed what motivates sex offenders, including their use of grooming and other predatory [how rude] strategies.

Introduced by Ian Elliott, Ph.D., Research Scholar, Justice Center for Research, Penn State."

PSU Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Keith Kaufman

October 2012

What Child Sex Offenders Can Teach Us About The Prevention of Child Sex Abuse

Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D. Psychology Professor, Portland State University, Penn State Conference.

October 2012

PSU Child Sexual Abuse Conference: Overview and Epidemiology

Child Sexual Abuse: An Overview


October 29–30, 2012

Penn State's Child Sexual Abuse Conference

Traumatic Impact, Prevention, and Intervention

Other Participants and Presentations

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