Saturday, 29 December 2012

How D'yer Like Them Apples?

Posted: 26/12/2012 21:01

Good Will Hunting After Savile Affair

"Tis the season of good will. Or twas. I couldn't help feeling that the sleigh bells rang a little hollower this time around. Not because Santas were getting the sack (ho! ho!) for not being CRB-checked. No, it was that confirmed child abuse paranoia would reach beyond Santa's grotto."

"Certainly it is this obsession with abuse today from the grotesque to the everyday - projected far enough backwards to be frankly pointless - that trivialises the experience of serious abuse. I shouldn't need to qualify it of course. All abuse is serious isn't it? Abuse is abuse as paedophile obsessives never tire of telling me. But what is abuse when it is so all encompassing? What good does exaggerating its prevalence do for those who really are being abused? Ironically it is those who abuse the notion of abuse that have a case to answer here. It is the irresponsibly hysterical commentators, lobbyists and policy-makers who see abuse everywhere that are really doing the real victims of abuse the most harm."

Abusing Trust With Dodgy Child Abuse Statistics 

One in Four? Tip of the Iceberg

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