Monday, 24 December 2012

Not At All, That Could Never Have Been Our Intention ... The Zealots And Disinformers Have 'Won'

Monday 24 December 2012

Helen Martin: Good has lost to the perverts

"Meanwhile, though, we are creating a society that is petrified and crippled by the fear of paedophiles [sic] around every corner. Schools have to have policies about parents photographing or filming nativity plays. Most grown men would think two or three times before going to the aid of a distressed little girl on her own who needed help. Children who were once quite properly encouraged to build independence and make their own way to and from school are still being chauffeured or escorted aged ten or 12."

"But we have allowed fear of abductors or paedophiles [sic] to change our society and our community. We have allowed it to stifle the development and freedom of children and inhibit the innocent, caring and helpful responses of well-meaning adults. In that respect the perverts have won."

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