Monday, 10 December 2012

Oh Great, More Censorship, For No Good Reason

3:47 AM PST 12/10/2012

British Film Censor Vows Stricter Approach to Depictions of Rape, Sexual Assault

"The British Board of Film Classification said Monday it will take a harder line following public feedback on its cesnorship role.

LONDON – The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is to up its interventions when it comes to depictions of rape, sexual assault and other sadistic violence in films and videos.

The British censor said Monday (Dec. 10) it will begin upping its activities in six weeks time in three main areas of public concern thrown up by fresh research carried out on its behalf in 2012.

The research carried out by research company Ipsos MORI in 2012 highlights concerns about certain depictions of sadistic and sexual violence to which the BBFC must respond.

While much of the public believe that sexual and sadistic violence are legitimate areas for filmmakers to explore, Brits are concerned by certain depictions which may be potentially harmful to some.

The areas include scenes which make sexual or sadistic violence look appealing, reinforce the suggestion that victims enjoy rape and scenes that invite viewer complicity in rape or other harmful violent activities."

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