Saturday, 29 December 2012

Same Old, Sad, Shameful, Stupid, Story

Updated: 28/12/2012 16:05 GMT

India Sex Offenders 'Named And Shamed', After Protests Over Brutal Delhi Student Gang Rape

"India's convicted sex offenders will have their names, photographs and addresses published, in a highly controversial measure by the government to tackle growing anger after a series of high-profile sex attacks in the country.

Protests have been ongoing since the brutal gang rape of a Delhi student on a local bus by six men, leaving her hospitalised with serious internal injuries.

Medics describe her condition as "critical" and she has been moved to a specialist hospital in Singapore."

Friday 28 December 2012 09.44 GMT

India to name and shame sex offenders as rape protests grow

"There are fears that identifying convicted rapists will lead to vigilante attacks. Others point out that, with a national average conviction rate of 25% for rape cases, and with many charges taking several years to reach court and enormous numbers of incidents going unreported, the measure can only have a limited effect. Women's rights campaigners have, however, backed the idea.

"It is true that there is a risk of such attacks but at the moment it is the victim who has to suffer the shame and social ostracism," said Ranjana Kumari, director of Delhi's Centre for Social Research. "She can't get married, for example. This will make sure the rapist is shamed. He won't get a job, or somewhere to live and will be cut off from society. This is a powerful deterrent," Kumari, who is also a member of the national commission for empowerment of women, told the Guardian."

"The six men responsible for the incident in Delhi included a driver of an unlicensed private bus, a vegetable seller and a gym assistant. Most had grown up in deeply conservative parts of rural India before moving to the capital."

"Kumari, one of those who suggested the public sex offenders' register, said she was pleased with the government's move but disappointed that finances devoted to women's schemes had been cut at a meeting earlier this week."

MP to seize driving, arms licences of sex offenders

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Jayalalithaa proposes death, chemical castration for rapists

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