Monday, 24 December 2012

Upholding Proper Standards Of Conduct

Monday 24 December 2012

Lifetime teaching ban for convicted sex pest

"K has now been issued with a prohibition order despite a Teaching Agency panel recommendation that K should be allowed to apply to be put back on the teaching register after 10 years.

Recommending a prohibition order, the disciplinary panel said that it had “regard to the protection of children, the maintenance of public confidence in the profession and declaring and upholding proper standards of conduct”.

Alan Meyrick, Teaching Agency deputy director, who gave the final decision on the Secretary of State’s behalf, said: “Mr K has four convictions for sexual assault.

“These offences were serious and took place in an educational context on several occasions.

“The panel has found this behaviour represents a serious departure from the standards expected of a teacher. Indeed the panel has made clear the offences constituted a serious departure from the personal and professional elements of the latest teacher’s standards published by the Department for Education.”

Mr Meyrick said the panel found the offences “amounted to misconduct that may have or did seriously affect the education and/or well being of the pupils concerned, include evidence of a deep-seated attitude leading to harmful behaviour and were serious sexual offences that led to the imposition of terms of imprisonment, albeit suspended.”

The decision means K is prohibited from teaching indefinitely in any school, sixth form college, youth accommodation or children’s home in England.

K has a right of appeal to the High Court."

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