Sunday, 30 December 2012

You Have 'Proven' Only One Thing, Mark Williams-Thomas And Nick Owens

"I do see a thrown together documentary full of errors, mistakes
however. Plus unchecked facts."

30 Dec 2012 00:00

Year of crime: Former detective Mark Williams-Thomas on Jimmy Savile, Tia Sharp, Twitter perverts, and Al-Hilli murder mystery

"Our evidence [slander] had to stand up to scrutiny [which failed] if we were to prove [failed] that a national treasure was a predatory paedophile [sic and failed]"

It has been a year full of shocking crime stories...

The exposure of a legendary TV presenter as a predatory paedo­phile [sic]. The brutal slaying of a family gunned down while enjoying an idyllic holiday in France. The murder of a little girl who was later found in the loft of her grandmother’s house. And the child sex ring which was being run on Twitter.

One man links all of these disturbing cases. Mark Williams-Thomas, the former police detective turned TV presenter, has investigated each of them during an extraordinary 12 months of crime-fighting [mmwhhaaaaa]."



We will just let this comment, speak for itself, Mark ...

"BH 1:52 PM on 30/12/2012

I yet fail to see any proper evidence in the Savile stuff. So what this ex detective is actually going on about is beyond me.

I do see a thrown together documentary full of errors & mistakes however. Plus unchecked facts.

As one of Mr Williams Thomas' whistle blowers (Wilf De'ath) was arrested shortly after the showing, his defence against Savile starts to full apart. Considering that the Duncroft School mob had already colluded on a Internet Forum. This is also questionable. Even one of those girls seems to not know that Clunk Click was recorded at the BBC Theatre & not BBC TV Centre. Plus according to the Births, Deaths & Marriages website, she was 16 in 1974, not 14, as was stated by this rather dodgy programme, that missed many things & was very flawed.

Understandingly why the original Newsnight story was not show...Lack of proper evidence. Of & Gary Glitter & Freddie Starr never appeared on the same edition of Clunk Click either, so how could she have seen them at the same time, in a dressing room? These are the facts that a proper courtroom, would be highly suspicious of. Hence why I can find no evidence, to back up any stories. Even Esther Rantzen was blind to the Internet Forum (& had no knowledge of it, it seems)!"

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