Monday, 10 December 2012

'ITV Man' - Not A Superhero

 Shoots Bolts Of Dangerous Bullshit

10 December 2012

ITV man says Savile case proves naming alleged sex offenders in press has 'real value'

"The journalist [sic] who exposed the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal [sic] has revealed: "We didn't do anything the police could not have done themselves." [but they did not, why not Mark?]

Mark Williams-Thomas was behind the ITV documentary "The Other Side of Jimmy Savile" which was aired in October and revealed allegations [INDEED !!!!] against Savile which have led to some 450 possible [ah] victims of the former DJ coming forward.

Speaking to the Sunday Times he revealed how he asked BBC staff if they would mind him picking up a Newsnight investigation into the story which the BBC decided not to air in November 2011. They told him they would not.

The former policeman, 42, has been a journalist [sic] for the last 10 years. He revealed that in the weeks after the broadcast of his ITV documentary he received "serious threats". He told the paper: "I have to take precautions because there are some people out there who are not happy". [well, you are a walking sleazebag - suck the lemons]

Savile was interviewed by police in 2009 over four alleged [ah] indecent assaults at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. Williams-Thomas believes that if Savile had been named publicly then, other victims would have come forward and he could have faced justice while he was alive. [what a fool believes]

He added: "So there is a real value in naming people but we also have to be very careful about how we do that." [no shit, Sherlock - like, wait until they are dead?]

Under new legislation teachers accused of crimes against children now have automatic anonymity untiil they are charged.

Speaking about the impact of the Leveson report on police-press relations, he said: "We've not got to a position where the police are so reluctant to tell you anything. It's gone too far the other way." [towards being civilised?]

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