Saturday, 29 December 2012

Stupid Tabloid Britain

Published: 16 hrs ago

Sex fiend Britain

"Sun investigation locates [hardly] every pervert in England and Wales

"The Government and police should be doing a lot more [such as?] to protect our children from known sex offenders. We need policing that deals with individuals, joint offenders and organised rings in the real and virtual worlds.

We think it is time to take Sarah’s Law [not] to the next level. It’s time for all police stations and town halls to have offender maps publicly available.

This would help [how?] the public and the authorities work better together [totally oblivious of MAPPA, then] to manage the risks these dangerous [sic] criminals pose."

More than 2,500 sex offenders in Wales 



We have little to say, on this offensive, ignorant and ridiculous piece, other than this information is available, via MAPPA reports, every year.

It is like The Sun forgets all that has come before, in its worrisome scrabble for some credibility and sales. We guess SFB, Andy Crick, is after a 'promotion'.


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