Thursday, 13 December 2012

Mark Williams-Thomas' Biting, Criminological, Mind, Strikes Again

Armchair/Internet Profiler, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and All Round, Bad Egg

Published 13 Dec 2012 09:30

Former [why is that Mark?] detective who exposed [sic] Jimmy Savile sees similarities with baby killer BM

"THE former detective whose documentary exposed the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal has said there are many comparisons [are you completely, barking, mad?] between evil child killer BM and the deceased TV star.

M, from Trillick, was found guilty at Dungannon Crown Court last week of the brutal and sadistic murder of 15-month-old Millie Martin whom he had sexually and physically abused ["The lawyer also revealed that Prof Crane was also of the opinion that "Millie Martin had been recently sexually assaulted": "In the week leading to Millie's death, Mrs. Graham said she was changing her nappy and noticed "a mark or a bruise or something yellowie in her private area", and had broached the matter with her daughter": "Millie had also been subjected to a sexual assault, which it was suggested may have been caused by blunt force trauma, such as a punch to her genital area, as opposed to actual penetration"] for several months leading to the toddler's horrific death on December 11, 2009.

Criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas, who followed the murder case on the internet, has told The Impartial Reporter that paedophile [sic] M followed all the traits of a "classic child sex offender"" [the what? you idiot].

"Nobody will ever know why he behaved in the way that he did. He is a violent, predatory, child sex offender, a killer, a child murderer who behaved in such a way in order to get his gratification and probably [probably Mark? do you have access to any diagnoses etc?] a significant amount of that was sexually driven," [ditto] said Mr Williams-Thomas who explained that paedophiles [sic] like M are "very cunning, calculated individuals". [are you a very cunning, calculated individual, Mark? or just the money-grabbing dope (oh, sorry, 'dyslexic') you constantly show yourself to be?] [the remainder ignored, as further, ridiculous, sensationalist, twaddle]

Kiss of life from the monster [sic] who killed her: Moment paedophile [sic] rushed into hospital carrying dying 15-month-old girl he abused

Please tell us, Mark .... what does a 'very cunning, calculated, classic, child sex offending, paedophile' usually do, in rare situations, such as these?

Rush their victim to the hospital? You really should know ... they do not.

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