Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why Are You Disinforming, Like This, Scotland Yard?

500 victims [no], 200 allegations [yes]: full shocking [sic] scale of Jimmy Savile's alleged [yes] sexual abuse to be revealed

"Scotland Yard to publish report in New Year

More than 500 people have come forward as victims [no] of the late DJ and television presenter Jimmy Savile, police said today.

Over 200 allegations [yes] of sexual assault have been recorded, Scotland Yard said, with a report into child sex crimes by Savile [no], who died in October last year at the age of 84, due to be published early in the New Year.

The report draws on the testimony [and?] of scores of victims [no] and "will provide as clear a picture as possible" [not] of Savile's offending [sic], a force spokesman said.

Savile is now believed [yes - by some] to have been one of the UK's most prolific abusers [no]. It is alleged [yes] the TV star abused young people on BBC premises [no], in hospitals, care homes and at Broadmoor psychiatric hospital.

"We are extremely grateful to those victims [no] who have contacted us and commend their bravery [no]. Without them we would have no investigation," a spokesman said [indeed].

"To date, in excess of 500 victims [no] have come forward and we have recorded [yes] 200 allegations yes] of sexual assault.""

Wednesday 12 December 2012  

The legacy of Savile's abuse [sic] must lead to change

"We need to pool the findings from Operation Yewtree and the various other inquiries

Jonathan Wheeler is a personal injury partner at Bolt Burdon Kemp and acts on behalf of victims of child abuse." [well, surprise, surprise]

Savile abuse part of Operation Yewtree probe 'complete'

Savile Sex Abuse: Operation Yewtree Draws To A Close 

500 [much better] come forward in Savile inquiry

Jimmy Savile accused [yup] of 31 rapes as police warn of more child abuse arrests

Scotland Yard investigating allegations [yup] senior politicians abused children in the 1980s and used 'connections' to escape justice

Savile Abuse 'Unprecedented' [pretend], Police Say

Savile coverage has led to 100% increase in rape reporting

13 Dec 2012

Rape allegations double as Operation Yewtree approaches completion

"“The obvious inference is people have seen this investigation and think they will be believed.”

Peter Watt, Director of the NSPCC’s helpline, said the current investigations provided “a historic opportunity to learn from the past” and tackle the problem of child abuse.

"Operation Yewtree has exposed shocking child abuse allegations of such an unprecedented scale that it has left a deep scar on the consciousness of the country,” he said.

“By bravely speaking out, Jimmy Savile's victims have given others the courage to report child abuse they have suffered themselves, or their concerns that a child is being sexually abused.

"Child abuse remains widespread and children are suffering right now. We must do all we can to ensure this never happens again by listening to children, taking them seriously and taking action to protect them. Sadly Savile's victims had to wait decades for help." 

Addendum (18/12/12)
It seems, that they are all as confused, about what a victim is, as is the CPS ...

"A victim is defined as "a person who has complained of the commission of an offence against themselves or their property". The term includes bereaved relatives or partners (including same sex partners) in homicide and fatal road traffic cases, as well as parents or carers where the victim is a child or a vulnerable adult. It also includes small businesses. Large retailers or corporations do not come within the definition of victim. Road traffic offences where death or serious injury has occurred are also included in the scheme." 

Allow us ...


"a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action: victims of domestic violence"


Esther blasts Savile police squad over its star arrests: Focus on famous could jeopardise young victims seeking justice, says ChildLine founder

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