Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Sheriff Is Truly Barking

v11 December 2012 Last updated at 14:57

Dundee man jailed for possessing 'extreme pornography'

"SR was jailed for possessing "extreme pornography"

A Dundee man caught with thousands of indecent images of children and more than 200 hours' worth of "extreme pornography" videos has been jailed.

"Sheriff Davidson said: "You had images featuring women having sexual relations with an extraordinary range of animals, as well as some of the most extraordinarily vile material I've ever had the misfortune of viewing.

"You need help - but that won't help the children who have been damaged for profit or the women who have been humiliated by having relations with animals and exposed to frankly unspeakable risks.

"The only option that can protect the public worldwide is to impose an extended sentence.""

'Extreme pornography' man found with indecent images of octopuses

Dundee man who amassed 'vile' pornography was 'detached from regular society'

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