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Wonder Why?

Published: June 28, 2012

Researchers See Decline in Child Sexual Abuse Rate

"Anyone reading the headlines in recent weeks has come away with an unsettling message: Sexual predators seem to lurk everywhere.

Overall cases of child sexual abuse fell more than 60 percent from 1992 to 2010, according to David Finkelhor, a leading expert on sexual abuse who, with a colleague, Lisa Jones, has tracked the trend. The evidence for this decline comes from a variety of indicators, including national surveys of child abuse and crime victimization, crime statistics compiled by the F.B.I., analyses of data from the National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect and annual surveys of grade school students in Minnesota, all pointing in the same direction.

From 1990 to 2010, for example, substantiated cases of sexual abuse dropped from 23 per 10,000 children under 18 to 8.6 per 10,000, a 62 percent decrease, with a 3 percent drop from 2009 to 2010, according to the researchers’ analysis of government data. The Minnesota Student Survey charted a 29 percent decline in reports of sexual abuse by an adult who was not a family member from 1992 to 2010 and a 28 percent drop in reports of sexual abuse by a family member. The majority of sexual abuse cases involve family members or acquaintances rather than strangers, studies have found."

Friday, 29 June 2012

No Victim, Lying Police, IPP

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Predatory paedophile [sic] is sent to jail indefinitely

"A "DANGEROUS sexual predator" caught in a police sting operation has been jailed indefinitely.

AL, of Fairacres in Cobham, was handed an "indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection" (IPP) at Guildford Crown Court on Friday.

JAILED: AL was handed an "indeterminate sentence of imprisonment for public protection"

An undercover policewoman posing as the mother of a seven-year-old girl contacted L on the internet after indecent images of children were found on his computer.

In subsequent phone calls, the 56-year-old asked the officer to prepare her daughter for sex with him, before setting up a meeting."

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To Do What? - Sarah's Law Advert Of The Month

... oh, perhaps, so events such as this may happen? ...

26th June 2012

Da Vinci fiend’s sister is targeted

Greens sister faces wrath of protesters

24 June 2012

In Get Robert Greens out Midlothian (Photos) · Updated at on Sunday

Get Robert Greens out Midlothian

GetGreens OutMidlothian 

1700-strong mob demand removal of Da Vinci rapist Robert Greens

Anger as Da Vinci rapist returns to Midlothian 

Gina Davidson: Residents’ fears understandable

Hundreds protest outside new home of convicted rapist Robert Greens

Da Vinci rapist in street lockdown

Get the message?

Da Vinci rapist’s neighbours flitting in fear

Kick out Da Vinci monster

Da Vinci rapist under siege

Protest march to demand removal of rapist Robert Greens

Anger as Da Vinci monster ‘returns’

Protector to predator

Da Vinci monster’s pals destroy banners

Minister to meet Da Vinci villagers 

I can’t boot out monster... my hands are tied

Da Vinci rapist protest focuses on Kenny MacAskill

Campaigners against rehousing of Da Vinci rapist Robert Greens take protest to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill

We won’t just go away, Da Vinci rapist campaigners warn council

Britain’s most unwanted: All requests made to other UK councils to house rapist refused

Driven out by demonstrations

The statement by Lothian and Borders Police


Comment: Thin ice Chris, thin ice; he likes to assist ...


Addendum 28/6/12 - 11:50 am

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Meet Me At The 'Paedo Gates'

Last updated 18:06 27/06/2012

School gates created by sex offender removed

"Ornate Paekakariki School gates sculptured by local artist and convicted child sex offender Brendan Nolan have been removed with the school board saying it was no longer appropriate they 'welcomed' school children and their families to the school.

Parents, board members and volunteers took about an hour to remove the elaborate main front gates and two side gates this afternoon, made by metal artist Mr Nolan in 2006."

Last updated 15:27 28/06/2012

Second sex offender sculpture to be removed 

"A large sculpture of a tui at the entrance to Paraparaumu Beach crafted by a local artist who has been jailed for sexually violating two girls will be removed, Kapiti Coast District Council has decided.

Brendan Nolan, 55, was sentenced on Monday to five years, three months behind bars after admitting offences dating from 1999 to 2001."
Communities tear down sex offender's art

Paterno statue removed after scandal

Paterno's Stature Comes Down

Burning The Books

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Court bans paedophile group

"A Dutch foundation which campaigns for legalised sex between children and adults has been banned by a Dutch court after years of legal wrangling.

A civil court in Assen on Wednesday banned the paedophile lobby group Stichting Martijn with immediate effect, saying what the foundation does and says about the sexual contact between adults and children contravenes the accepted norms and values in Dutch society.

The foundation's wish to legalise paedophilia [sic] goes against the rule of law and the rights of children, the court said. 'The Dutch legal system should not give this position any room,' the Volkskrant quoted the judges as saying." Wednesday, June 27, 1:40 PM

Dutch court outlaws pedophile association Martijn, says it breaches country’s moral values

"Prosecutors who sought the ban said they were satisfied with the court’s decision, adding that it helps the Netherlands meet its international commitments to protect children from sexual predators."

Boy sex advocacy ruptures Dutch democracy

So Simply Put, It Could Only Come From Simpletons

Tue Jun 26, 2012 13:03 EST

Retailers’ sexualization of girls boosts child porn and human trafficking: MEP report

"Simply put, the porn industry has created a market for children, which is being supplied by human trafficking, she said."

Last updated: June 27th, 2012

Beauty pageants for little girls encourage paedophiles [sic]. Idiotic parents need to wake up to the danger


Comment: Woosh.


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Open Season On Vermin

"Hunters like myself have recurring issues with the Eco-fascists, animal rights activists, and the various worthless fools who, when they see a dear, see Bambi instead of venison. OK, I can force myself to be accommodating sometimes. Let's compromise and save deer by declaring open season on vermin - the two-legged kind.

Save a Deer. Hunt a Pedophile Save a Deer. Hunt a Pedophile I could get behind that idea 100% as I'd much rather exterminate pedophiles than harvest deer. Doing so is not only more sport, but provides a greater public service than thinning the deer herds."

Published on Jun 25, 2012

"People want to be a brutal from afar, revel in cruelty, sneer at empathy and view compassion as weakness. If we would own up to this value system, one could at least admire our honesty. However, instead of displaying our true values, we like to pretend we're good, just, fair and decent."

Jerry Sandusky: The Wrong Kind Of Monster 

Tue, Jun. 26, 2012, 3:00 AM

Sandusky and sexual abuse: From apathy to panic

Oh Chris And Babs, You Do Crack Us Up Sometimes

Chris Wittwer shared a link

"15 hours ago

Last post - Ever been attacked/slandered/abused by trolls online or those hiding behind fake profiles hassling you or winding you up ? Well here is some good news ! The UK Defamation Bill !!!!!! Time for revenge me thinks ;)

Chris Wittwer

Theres a lot of trolls out there though Barb that need exposing, especially all the haters who hide behind fake profiles like JG !

15 hours ago · 4"

From The Mouths ...

7:59 p.m. EDT, June 23, 2012

Child abuse: How can we tell?

"In one courtroom, a judge apparently doesn't believe reports of a 6-year-old's accounts of his father's violence are serious enough to warrant taking him from that home.

In another, a different judge hears about a 4-year-old who says his parents locked him in a basement and that the boy's 5-year-old sister might have been sexually abused because she could describe her father's body parts. Yet the children's parents say neither is true.

And in the well-publicized case of 10-year-old Tramelle Sturgis, whose father was recently convicted of torturing and murdering the boy in November after years of abuse, testimony indicated that the Sturgis children usually denied they were being abused. Much of the questioning was conducted in the presence of their father or after he had been notified of the allegations.

When to believe the words of children -- often the only witnesses of their mistreatment -- is not an exact science [not a science at all], experts acknowledge.",0,2499607.story?track=rss

8:10 p.m. EDT, June 23, 2012

More on child abuse: What really happened?

"SOUTH BEND -- In Courtroom 1 of the Juvenile Justice Center, the tense body language of the several adults standing before the elevated judge suggests what is at stake: who will raise two children taken from their South Bend home in November.

Judge Peter Nemeth is presiding over a six-month review hearing in the case involving a 4-year-old boy, his 5-year-old sister and their parents, Rodney and Stephanie Cotten.

According to documents and that day's testimony, Department of Child Services workers, the children's therapist and their court-appointed special advocate say the children should be removed from their parents permanently and adopted by others.

The Cottens say they're willing to comply with an earlier court order for counseling -- that moving to another state and DCS delays in providing paperwork have complicated their attempts to find those services -- and that the abuses officials say their children have disclosed are untrue.",0,7224808.story?track=rss

God Needs Cover?

Posted: Sunday, June 24, 2012 5:37 pm | Updated: 4:30 pm, Mon Jun 25, 2012.

Church protests insurance rules for sex offenders

"An Oregon church is challenging a requirement by its insurance company that it disclose the identity of sex offenders to other congregants, allow offenders to attend only one predetermined service and assign them an escort.

Pastor Chad McComas of Set Free Christian Fellowship in Medford said his church disclosed that known sex offenders were among the 100 members. Church Mutual insurance company on May 1 responded with a letter outlining requirements to continue an insurance policy.

Besides announcing disclosing the names of sex offenders, limiting them to one service and providing escorts, the church is required to keep sex offenders out of child or youth programs.

McComas told the Mail Tribune that the rules will have a chilling effect on disclosure."

Could It Happen Here? You Bet

June 25, 2012

Photography Is a Crime: Illinois Supreme Court Upholds Eight-Year Sentence for Taking Pictures of Legal Sex
"Last year Radley Balko described the case of Eric Rinehart, a former Indiana cop who was convicted of manufacturing child pornography based on video and photographs of two teenagers with whom he was having sex. Although both girls were above 16, Indiana's age of consent for sex, they were below 18, the federal age of consent for appearing in sexually explicit images—a two-year difference that resulted in a 15-year sentence for Rinehart.

 A recent decision by the Illinois Supreme Court hinges on the same sort of difference in ages of consent, and the incongruity is even more striking because in this case both ages were set by state law."

Man's sex legal, cell phone pics of sex illegal

We Can Make Money, From It, But You Cannot

25th June 2012 15:57 GMT

UK net-biz cleanup squad plans to establish international operations

"IWF says battle against vile [sic] imagery needs to go global

The Internet Watch Foundation has made improvement of international co-operation a key objective in the next phase of its fight against the online distribution of child abuse content.

Establishing an international arm to fight paedophile content [sic] is at the centre of the Internet Watch Foundation’s (IWF) new three-year strategy, announced on Monday."



Says the biggest collective of 'CSA image' distributors in the world.


Doing What Comes Naturally

PUBLISHED: 17:34, 25 June 2012 | UPDATED: 18:03, 25 June 2012

Would you have sex while your child was in the same bed? As one woman admits to sex sessions while her two-year-old sleeps, another says on This Morning it's 'verging on child abuse'

"A recent study revealed that a third of Swedish women have sex while their child sleeps in the same bed.

Today, one woman who has regularly done just that appeared on This Morning to defend her stance against another who believes such behaviour is 'verging on child abuse.'

Mother of two Lynnea Shrief admits that she has had sex with her husband while their baby was in the bed, confessing to hiding her 'squeals of delight' with a pillow.

She believes that as long as the child is asleep, there is nothing wrong with it."

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Trouble At The Vigilante Rumour Mill, For Mr Wittwer

North West Paedo Watch shared a link

"15 June

Wanted for Child sexual offences



Who has took thousands of pound off innocent survivors for a website that cost pence to do x Thursday at 21:11 via Mobile · Like · 3


well said ladies, he is a control freak and an aggressive abuser of anyone who stands up to him he jumps on the bandwagon of high media cases takes over campaigns which then fail. what does he actually do?? naff all apart from copy n paste all day long he isnt what people think he is a hero. why?? how come? for tellin you whats already in the media or public domain if thats a hero then I am bitterly disappointed. Thursday at 23:47 · Like · 1"

Unevidenced Fear And Back-Watching

Saturday 23 June 2012

Why do schools really stop parents taking photographs of their children?

"Taking photographs of children in public has become a fraught issue, says Josie Appleton

In fact, photography bans cannot be traced to any single event or law. Rather, it seems that there was a shift from the early 2000s, when similar regulations diffused throughout schools and sports organisations."

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pushing The Boundaries Of Removing Freedom

22 June 2012 Last updated at 13:06

Retained Met Police photos of suspects breached human rights

"A police decision to retain photographs of two suspects who were never charged has been declared a breach of human rights in a landmark High Court ruling.

Two judges ruled as "unlawful" the Metropolitan Police policy on custody photographs.

The policy is based on the home secretary's code of practice on the management of police information and related guidance."

Friday 22 June 2012 14.30 BST

Police may have to destroy photos of innocent people after court ruling

Home Office studies photos ruling

First Heal Thyself

Friday, June 22 2012

Paedophile DL sentenced

"A depraved paedophile who made sick films of himself abusing three young children and posted them on the internet has been jailed for at least seven years.

Under the sentence of imprisonment for public protection, DL will only be released if the parole board considers he is no longer a danger.

Branding the abuse "appalling", Judge Philip Statman told him: "You would be deluding yourself if you thought you would necessarily be released at the first opportunity of seven years."

Kingpin [sic] of international paedophile ring [sic] who raped children and spread videos of the attacks is jailed indefinitely

"Crispian Cartwright, defending, described the offending as 'an absolutely lamentable catalogue and about as depressing to read as anything can be'.

He added: 'This is a man who through his own admission showed he was a paedophile. He faced up to it. He has the terrible misfortune to be cursed with paedophilia.'"

"anyone who can give me a good argument as to why this evil and depraved person shouldn't be executed is just as bad and warped as him!! People like this are prime candidates for the death penalty! Why would anyone want this person to carry on existing as part of society, even inside a cushy jail????

- John H, Bolton, 22/6/2012 13:03"

15 minutes with me in a room and a horse whip...... then he can be locked away for good - Sherlock, Oxon, 21/6/2012 18:04 Join the queue. I won't be using a horsewhip though. Wonder where i could aquire brass knuckles.

- Oli, Braintree, Englishland, 22/6/2012 12:22

He openly admits what and who he is this is a clear cut case!!!!! Bring back the death penalty this would be the easiest decision i have every made - JH, Bournemouth, 22/6/2012 10:23

One would think there may be a consensus of opinion that animals like him should be put down rather than go to the public expense of keeping him in jail. - Alcox, Torrevieja Spain, 22/6/2012 8:52

In any sane society, such a sick and dangerous predator would be destroyed so that he could never harm anyone again. Why do we persist in keeping alive such ever-present dangers to the most vulnerable members of our society ?

- N.Cockburn, Falkirk, UK, 22/6/2012 7:32

I cannot comprehend what this thing is. They says it is a disease? I do not want to look at like this, yes im ignorant. I want him to suffer the same, especially mentaly. Anguish to the point where he is deprived of his sick thought process and he comes back to rational thought.

- Andy, Ipswich, 22/6/2012 7:12

You can not rehabilitate these people, hanging is the only answer.

- John, God's Country, 21/6/2012 23:58

When will this country wake up. There is no cure for what he has, straight people like the opposite sex, gay people the same sex and this disgusting person is a paedophile and his preference is children. Nothing will change that. Vile waste of oxygen.

- katy, Wales, 21/6/2012 18:24"

Chris Wittwer shared a link


Heather Gouveia i would be so so happy to put them on a desert island ! death penalty is just too quick and far to good for people like this !! desert island starving, thirsty, slow death , just what they deserve !!
Thursday at 14:04

Shá Jwáni Háwler Sick monster , makes me just wanna spit at my phone screen , needs more than locking up , he needs a fucking elephants trunk up his arse and more , dirty fucker
Thursday at 13:55"

June 22, 2012 -- Updated 0232 GMT (1032 HKT)

Do pedophiles deserve sympathy?

"Editor's note: James Cantor, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, is a psychologist and senior scientist at the Sexual Behaviors Clinic of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health. He is editor in chief of "Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment" and blogs at Sexology Today.

(CNN) -- One cannot choose to not be a pedophile, but one can choose to not be a child molester.

"Pedophilia" was long used as a synonym for "child molestation," and both were often seen as psychological failures of self-control. Child molesters were thought to be acting out their own histories of abuses, reacting to fears of adult relationships, or manifesting a symptom that might be resolved in psychotherapy, after which they would no longer be pedophilic.

Recently, however, a number of studies have starting changing that view. It appears that one can be born with a brain predisposed to experience sexual arousal in response to children.

Cases of child molestation that involve long strings of victims over the course of years illustrate what can happen when someone gives in to, or outright indulges, his sexual interests, regardless of its potential damage on others. It is those cases that dominate headlines and provoke revulsion toward pedophiles.

But they are rare. An untold number of cases merit sympathy.

The science suggests that they are people who, through no fault of their own, were born with a sex drive that they must continuously resist, without exception, throughout their entire lives. Little if any assistance is ever available for them.

Having encountered thousands of cases, it is my experience that the pedophiles who do go on to become actual child molesters do so when they feel the most desperate. Yet, much of what society does has been to increase rather than decrease their desperation

If it is the brain's wiring that ultimately determines who will go on to develop pedophilia, can we detect it early enough to interrupt the process? Until we uncover more information, we will do more good by making it easier for pedophiles to come in for help rather than force them into solitary secrecy."

Brain Research and Pedophilia: What it Means for Assessment, Treatment, and Policy | James Cantor, Ph.D.
28 July 2009

Why are some of us boylovers? (updated 6/2012 to refute J. Cantor's brain studies)

June 4, 2012

Constructing Perversions: The DSM and the Classification of Sexual Paraphilias and Disorders



Dr Cantor really means Paedophiles.


Friday, 22 June 2012

The Screws Of Persecution and Prejudice Turn Further

"Eighth Delegated Legislation Committee

Tuesday 19 June 2012

[Mrs Linda Riordan in the Chair]

Draft Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Notification Requirements) (England and Wales) Regulations 2012

4.30 pm

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department (Lynne Featherstone): I beg to move,

That the Committee has considered the draft Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Notification Requirements) (England and Wales) Regulations 2012.

The Chair:

With this it will be convenient to discuss the draft Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012."

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012


"Seventh Delegated Legislation Committee

Thursday 21 June 2012

[Mr James Gray in the Chair]

Draft Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) (England and Wales) Order 2012

8.55 am

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice (Mr Crispin Blunt):

I beg to move,

That the Committee has considered the draft Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) (England and Wales) Order 2012."

The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) (England and Wales) Order 2012

Citation: HL Deb, 5 July 2012, c875

Motion to Approve: Sexual Offences Act 2003 (Remedial) Order 2012: 4:43 pm

Baroness looks for further powers against sex offenders



Much more to follow.


Thursday, 21 June 2012


Jun 21 2012

Prisoner admits gruesome jail murder of Wolverhampton paedophile [sic] MH

"A PRISONER has admitted the gruesome jail murder of convicted paedophile [sic] MH.

MH, aged 23 and originally from Wolverhampton, was serving an indefinite sentence for raping a 13-year-old girl when he was killed.

He was found dead in his cell at Durham’s Frankland Prison in October having been disembowelled.

Fellow prisoner Michael Parr, 32, pleaded guilty to murder during a brief hearing at Newcastle Crown Court via videolink from prison yesterday.

He will be sentenced on July 12.

Nathan Mann, 23, is also charged with H’s murder, but he did not appear before the court."

After his murder, H’s family released a statement saying: “Although we never condoned his past actions, he was serving his time and was by all accounts a model, trusted prisoner who did not deserve to die in this horrific way.

Published on Thursday 21 June 2012 11:50

Prisoner admits jail murder of paedophile [sic]

"A PRISONER has admitted killing a paedophile [sic] inmate at a top-security jail.

Michael Parr yesterday pleaded guilty to the murder of MH, who was serving an indefinite sentence at Frankland jail in Durham for the rape of a 13-year-old girl.

H had been attacked and reportedly disembowelled in his cell at the category A facility, which has housed some of the UK’s most high-profile and dangerous inmates, in October last year."

Good Old Plod

21 June 2012 Last updated at 12:51

Police sorry for Worcester paedophile [sic] photo mix-up

"AH, who died in a flat fire in Worcester. Mr H died from smoke inhalation

Police have apologised to a man after using a CCTV image of him in the mistaken belief he was a convicted paedophile [sic] killed in an arson attack.

AH, 52, was found dead at his flat in Warndon in Worcester on 14 December.

Earlier this month, police released a new CCTV image of a man in a shop they believed was Mr H.

But a woman "expressed concerns" to police over the man's identity and the force has since withdrawn the image.

Det Ch Insp Paul Williamson, from West Mercia Police, said: "We have looked into the concerns expressed by the lady that called us and I can confirm the man captured on the CCTV is not AH, and that he has no connection to Mr H's death.""

Really? So What Is New? - Popularity Time Again

Thursday, June 21, 2012 15:54 EDT

U.S. and European Union form ‘global alliance’ to track online pedophilia [sic]

"The European Union and the United States called on the rest of world Thursday to join them in a “global alliance” to combat child sex abuse on the Internet and track down paedophiles [sic].

The initiative aims to boost efforts to identify and protect victims, cut down on child pornography available on the Internet and strengthen efforts to find and prosecute paedophiles [sic], the European Commission said.

“There is … a need for more action worldwide,” EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem said in a statement calling for the formation of a “Global Alliance against Child Sexual Abuse Online.”

“The EU and the US have taken the lead in designing the alliance, and plan to invite states around the world to join,” she said.

The US-EU agreement was reached at a ministerial meeting in Copenhagen that was attended by Malmstroem, US Attorney General Eric Holder and the justice ministers of Denmark and Cyprus.

The US and the EU plan to formally launch the global alliance in December."

Thu Jun 21, 2012 9:17pm BST

EU, U.S. agree to expand fight against child porn

"Malmstrom said the benefits of international cooperation in combating such abuse was shown by a recent operation supported by 26 European countries and coordinated by Interpol that carried out a major crackdown on child pornography online.

She said that operation dubbed Ikaros had identified 269 suspects in 22 countries and led to 112 arrests and numerous children identified and rescued."

Balkingly Correct

Updated: June 20, 2012 - 11:12 PM

Britain balks at extradition in Minnesota sex case

"State sex offender program seen as rights violation.

LONDON - One of Britain's highest courts on Wednesday found that Minnesota's controversial program to commit sex offenders indefinitely to treatment violates European human rights law. The court asked for a guarantee from U.S. officials that an American man living in London wouldn't be subjected to the program if he were extradited.

U.S. justice officials have until June 29 to decide whether to offer an assurance that they wouldn't seek to civilly commit 43-year-old Shawn Eugene Sullivan, who faces charges in Hennepin and Dakota counties for the sexual assault of three girls in the 1990s.

Sullivan's British attorneys argued that he could be locked up with no likelihood of release in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, created to hold and treat dangerous [sic] offenders.

On Wednesday, Lord Justice Alan Moses said returning Sullivan for trial with the possibility of later being placed in the sex offender system would be a "flagrant denial of his rights" under European law.

"It's showing that the Europeans ... have a different view of human rights than we may have in regard to some issues in the United States," Weissbrodt said. "

Sex offender extradition to US halted by British court

UK court blocks sex offender's removal to US

Sex offender extradition to US halted by British court

UK court blocks US bid to extradite accused rapist to Minnesota

Paedophile [sic] spared extradition to US on human rights grounds

America’s most wanted paedophile [sic] wins fight to stop extradition from UK on grounds it will breach his human rights to be put into a sex offenders' treatment programme

Two faces of warped justice: The serial paedophile [sic] we can't send back to America and the vulnerable young man our courts say MUST go to the U.S.

Judges side with wanted US paedo’s [sic] bid to stay in the UK

The BS Just Keeps Coming From CEOP

7:00AM BST 21 Jun 2012

Police target 'anonymous' paedophiles [sic] on 'hidden internet'

"Paedophiles [sic] who trade in indecent images of children on the so-called “hidden internet” in the belief they can remain anonymous are to be targeted in a crackdown by Britain’s specialist child protection police unit.

Ceop, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, said such sex offenders would be its “top priority” for the next year and that “many” paedophiles [sic] are now using hidden internet services.

“Some offenders have come to mistakenly believe that there are areas online, or tactics they can employ, that will cover their tracks from law enforcement,” said Peter Davies, chief executive of Ceop.

“This is not the case. There is nowhere to hide.

“We will be specifically targeting these offenders over the coming months with the full range of policing resources.”

The hidden internet is typically accessed using software such as Tor, originally developed by the United States government to make it more difficult to trace the source of traffic.

Ceop is dues [sic] to be incorporated into the new National Crime Agency next year, a reorganisation that prompted Mr Davies’ predecessor, Jim Gamble to resign [was that the reason, Jim?].

The Home Secretary Theresa May said the unit would be “further enhanced” as part of the National Crime Agency by “sharing intelligence to expose the links between child exploitation and other forms of serious and organised crime”" [ah, we see where this is going]

Published Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 13:30

UK Security: CEOP target 'anonymous' online child sex offenders

"Home Secretary Theresa May said:

“CEOP has gone from strength to strength and the Government fully supports its vital work, keeping children safe [sic] and bringing predatory [sic] sex offenders to justice.

Protecting 427 children from sexual abuse last year is a major achievement each and every one of them now has a chance to enjoy a proper childhood, free from harm. [what on Earth are you talking about, Theresa?] CEOP’s role will be further enhanced next year when it becomes part of the new National Crime Agency, sharing intelligence to expose the links between child exploitation and other forms of serious and organised crime.”

CEOP Goes Covert On Dark Web To Snare Paedophiles [sic] 

Online child abuse offenders have 'nowhere to hide', says Ceop



But, we are a little confused, Peter ... who is lying, you or the FBI? ...

Jun 12, 2012 6:55 pm UTC

FBI halted one child porn inquiry because Tor got in the way

"Feds closed "assessment" of child porn found on Silk Road, a Tor hidden service.

The FBI appears to have been stymied by Tor on at least one occasion. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Department of Justice reveals that at least in one instance, an FBI inquiry into illegal child pornography (also known as child abuse imagery) on a Tor-protected site was apparently halted in its tracks due to the use of the anonymizing tool."

FBI claims that Tor stymied child abuse investigation

'Dark Net' keeps FBI from investigating child porn

Tor anonymizing tool stymied FBI child porn inquiry, document reveals

FBI Hunt For Child Porn Thwarted By Tor 


(UKPA) – 9 hours ago

'427 children safeguarded by unit'

"More than 400 children were safeguarded from online paedophiles [sic] in the last year, a specialist police unit has said.

In the last 12 months, 427 children were safeguarded or protected by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

That included 60 victims [of what? Case citations please] who were found by Ceop identification teams, for example through looking at child abuse images online and tracing those children involved [how many of those, then, Peter? ... oh, and how many would you have found without the availability of the images?]. The figure also includes children who sex abuse suspects had access to as well as children who have been abused. [oh yes, we know exactly what it means]

The agency arrested 192 suspects in the last year, not including more than 100 arrests made in a 48-hour operation last week.

Peter Davies, chief executive of Ceop, said: "The safeguarding of so many children this year speaks for itself [in what way, Peter?] and is a tremendous achievement [sic].

We've identified the groups of offenders and sexual predators we believe pose the greatest risk to children and have prioritised these."

'427 children safeguarded by unit'

21 June 2012

CEOP launches latest threats

"CEOP's 2012 threat assessment. An analysis of the threat to the United Kingdom from child sexual abuse and exploitation."

"CEOP’s Thematic Assessment ‘A Picture of Abuse' identifies a strong correlation between those who commit IIOC possession offences and contact offending, and explores research and practitioner experience to deliver in-depth analysis [sic] of this issue."



The question we posed, to the Home Secretary, is quite simple:

What is the cost of CEOP in £ per conviction?

We also asked you, in the past, how many convictions, for what and where?

Please answer these, Peter; Jim would not.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Lots (?) Of People Like Busy-Bodies

Published on Wednesday 20 June 2012 08:14

Tougher penalties sought for sex attacks

"The organising group in Blyth of (l-r) Gemma Greenway, Laura Rennie and Shane More who are petitioning to get tougher sentances for paedophiles [sic].

PARENTS in Blyth are campaigning for harsher sentences for paedophiles [sic] after a young girl was abused in the town.

A trio of parents have organised a campaign calling on the courts to hand out tougher penalties on convicted attackers.

They are looking to get 100,000 signatures to get the debate into the House of Commons.

Their campaign was sparked after WM, of Shelley Crescent, Blyth, was jailed in May at Newcastle Crown Court for a sex attack on a seven-year-old.

The 28-year-old was jailed for 32 months.

Now the petitioners – who are not related to the victim – have taken it upon themselves to challenge the leniency of the judicial system.

Laura Rennie, Gemma Greenaway and Shane Moore are putting their petition around the town in a bid to get the signatures required to have the issue looked at by government.

Mum-of-three Laura said: “We have got over 2,000 signatures already, so even though we are a long way off what we need, we are going in the right direction.

“No one likes paedophiles [sic], so everyone is behind us in what we are doing."

harsher sentences for child sex offenders and review how deals are made in court

"Responsible department: Ministry of Justice

We the undersigned call on the Prime Minister of the Uk review the guidelines used in sentencing of child sex offenders in the UK, and also review how deals are made that entiles them to a reduced sentence,."

Post-Facto Persecution

Posted: 06/19/2012 01:27:39 PM MDT
Updated: 06/19/2012 01:29:42 PM MDT

Boulder sex offender balks at 'intensive' probation, asks to be sent to prison

"Judge grants Justin Mathis' request, sentences him to 12 years

After months of being out of jail, a convicted Boulder sex offender self-revoked his probation, electing instead to go back behind bars to serve a 12-year sentence.

While parole violations are not uncommon, it's much less frequent that a sex offender on probation opts for incarceration -- and the scenario that played out in a Boulder courtroom last week helps prove that the treatment and probation program for sex offenders is rigorous, prosecutors say.

"It speaks to the stringency of probation when you've got somebody saying, 'I don't want to do this -- just send me back to prison,'" Boulder prosecutor Katharina Booth said.

But Denver defense attorney Gary Lozow -- who is not connected to the case of Justin P. Mathis, 37 -- countered that, if anything, such a decision illustrates that the program treats sex offenders like pariahs, making it difficult for them to transition back into society.

"At the beginning of the process and in the preliminary stages, there's an incredibly high price to pay for such an offense," Lozow said of Colorado's approach to treating sex offenders. "There's isolation. There's reporting. There's overtaxing dues to pay. The concept all but makes you a pariah. They require a process that lends itself to failure.

"The idea is to disintegrate you as a human being.""

Tuesday, June 19, 2012
MD - Captain Mark Waltz of the Brunswick Police Department admits the registry is punishment! 

"Officer mentions in the video that "the sex offender registry is the most significant punishment most sex offenders get," admitting it's punishment and therefore unconstitutional! He also says "to teach your children that nobody is suppose to touch them in their bathing suit area," but most sexual crimes occur by someone the victim knows, usually a parent or sibling."

All In The Mind

Jun 20, 2012 3:18pm

Are You In Love or Lust? Depends on Which Part of the Brain Is Activated

"Is it love, or just lust? The answer, it turns out, might have to do with which part of our brain is being activated.

The study, published Wednesday in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, analyzed 20 studies related to the effects of sex and love on the body. The research included brain scans of people who viewed erotic photos, photos of their significant others, food and other pleasure triggers.

Two parts of the brain, the insula and the striatum, are responsible for tracking the way in which sexual desire develops into feelings of love, researchers said. Lust triggers parts of the brain that control pleasurable feelings, associated with sex and food, but love triggers parts of the brain associated with habits.

“We assign different language to love and sexual desire and addiction,” said Jim Pfaus, a professor of psychology at Concordia University in Montreal and lead author of the study.

“But really, they’re all being processed in a similar place. When we see this, the idea of love at first sight probably isn’t true. People are feeling desire.”"

I Want to Know Where Love Is: First Brain Map of Love and Desire

It Is Called Art Therapy, Elsewhere

10:30am Wednesday 20th June 2012

A “HIGHLY dangerous” [sic] paedophile [sic] has been given two years in prison for drawing pictures of child abuse.

"AG, who previously abused a girl under the age of 13, was found with 110 pencil sketches in his cell at Bullingdon Prison near Bicester.

He admitted one count of possessing prohibited images of children and was sentenced at Oxford Crown Court on Monday.

The 38-year-old’s barrister argued the offence was “a thought crime”, but Judge Mary Jane Mowat jailed G for two years.

The maximum sentence is three years, but G was given the one-third discount for an early guilty plea.

Judge Mowat said the pictures were “cartoonish but technically proficient”, adding: “They are absolutely sickening to look at. [and your point is?]

“They provide the clearest insight into the workings of the obsessive child-sex-offender psyche.”"

16 June 2012 Last updated at 01:46

Swedish manga cartoon translator cleared of child porn

"A Swedish translator of Japanese-style manga comics has been cleared of child pornography charges in a case that has sparked debate about whether cartoon characters can be considered people [Eh? Hello?].

Simon Lundstroem had appealed to the Supreme Court against his conviction for possessing 39 sexual images depicting young-looking characters drawn in manga style."


Comment: It provides a clear insight into the mind of, at least, one person, for sure.


The OSC Is Attacked (2)

Chris Wittwer shared a link

"4 hours ago

PLEASE SIGN ! "We, the undersigned, call on the attorney generals office to impose a complete internet ban on convicted pro-paedophile activist Nigel Oldfield. He continues to harass survivors of child sexual abuse and blog's pro-paedophile propaganda to other like minded perverts. He is a clear danger online and offline to the children of the UK"

We demand a complete internet ban for convicted pro-paedophile activist Nigel Oldfield

Petition published by chris wittwer on Jun 20, 2012

49 Signatures

[Sign Petition]

Target: 10 Downing street, Attourney generals office

Region: United Kingdom"

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Careless Talk, Loses Many Things

19 June 2012

SOCA sued over Sun 'paedophile leak'

"A retired musician who won damages from The Sun after being branded a paedophile is now taking on the Serious and Organised Crime Agency.

GG says The Sun wrongly claimed he was a paedophile [really?] who had been deported from Thailand after SOCA supplied the paper with his name and passport photo.

The article led him to fear for his life, he says, claiming the allegation was untrue and that he was deported from Thailand in July 2010 after being convicted of remaining in the country without a valid visa.

Sun publisher News Group Newspapers (NGN) later accepted the allegation was untrue and agreed to publish a correction and pay “substantial” damages to G.

He is now suing SOCA for damages of £50,000 and wants to make a statement in open court claiming the organisation breached his human rights.

The March 2011 story – headlined “Smashed: World’s biggest paedo ring” [sic] – claimed he had been arrested by the Operation Rescue investigation into child sex offences.

G, 67, says SOCA’s actions caused him significant distress, anxiety and humiliation.

In a High Court writ, he claims a police officer from SOCA acted without checking the accuracy of the claims and that the body failed to appropriately respond to his complaint.

SOCA replied to his solicitors in March 2012 saying he had recently been charged with possessing indecent images, and querying how these criminal proceedings would impact on his civil claim.

G says he had not been charged with any offence, and that the suggestion he had been was extremely upsetting and distressing. SOCA, he argues, has never apologised or retracted the allegations."

Sun pays damages to musician over 'paedo ring' story

The Sun pays damages over false child sex offence claim

The Sun pays out over paedophile slur

The Sun newspaper fined after wrongly calling Liverpool musician a paedophile

Published: 06 Jan 2012

"GG - apology

ON 17 March, 2011, we wrongly reported that GG was deported from Thailand for child sex offences as part of an international investigation.

We sincerely [sic] apologise to him for this error and the distress caused."



Guess who the architect of this story was?

Yes, of course, Mr Anthony France, again, with Ms Keenan's assistance (yes, The OSC gets a mention).


Nothing Left To Lose, Nothing Left To Lose

June 18, 2012

FBI: Child sex offenders turn violent, suicidal

"Gray Alan Combs Jr. was shot to death after he threatened Fairfax County police with a sword last month.

Willis E. Coley, 27, of Alexandria, hanged himself in August.

George N. Kiriacon, 50, committed suicide in a truck in New Carrollton.

The common thread among these three men is that all had been charged with child sex crimes shortly before their violent and/or self-destructive actions.

Law enforcement authorities say they are seeing more incidents as police have increased efforts to apprehend those who produce, distribute and view child porn. Over the past 20 years, federal child sex pornography cases have increased 330 percent -- from 481 in 1999 to 2,069 in 2009.

"It's a life-changing event," Hosko said. "At that moment, their world is collapsed around them. And they think the only way out is at the point of a gun."

A new FBI study found that in 106 cases where an individual committed suicide after he became aware that he was being investigated, 54 killed themselves within 30 days of being contacted by law enforcement. About half of the sample did not have a prior criminal history.

"This is a different type of suicide. This is a suicide motivated not so much by depression but by desperation," said Dr. Michael Bourke, chief psychologist with the U.S. Marshals Service's Behavioral Analysis Unit. Bourke had been studying this issue after the passage of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act in 2006, which authorized the Marshals Service to track down sex offenders who are unregistered or have violated the terms of their registration.

Many of the suspects seemed to have led normal, responsible lives, experts said. Suddenly, they're facing the shame of being exposed, being ostracized by their family and friends, they're looking at spending a long time behind bars, where it's commonly held that the most reviled inmates are those serving time for child sex abuse.

A 2005 study in the United Kingdom found child sex offenders who had no other criminal records were 183 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

[So, what is their inspired and sensitive solution, to this outrageous and horrendous ritual slaughter? ...]

The FBI and the U.S. marshals are refining their tactics for approaching subjects, such as determining if the target has a gun and using a force team to make arrests or serve warrants.

[Great - Not]"

We Are Going To Destroy You, Whatever It Takes

Monday, June 18, 2012 6:16 PM EST Updated: June 19, 2012 03:24 AM CDT

Registered sex offenders in Louisiana now have to share their sex offender status on social website like Facebook.

"The author of the bill is Representative Jeff Thompson from Bossier City.

He says it's designed to create more accountability for the people who come into your home through your computer.

This law is the latest attempt by legislators to crack down on child sex predators online. But prosecutors say it's purpose is not to prevent those sex crimes, but to prosecute those who commit them and fail to register.

"This is one of those deals that requires a person to say their a sex offender on Facebook, so what can we do if they don't? Same thing we do if they don't have their sex offender id car, we arrest them and prosecute them for it," said Caddo Assistant DA, Hugo Holland.

Holland says Thompson consulted with the DA's Office while crafting the bill, and the DA's Office through offered support.

A law that prohibited sex offenders from using social websites completely was recently struck down by the courts and deemed unconstitutional. Thompson believes his legislation can easily stand up to constitutional scrutiny because it's only requiring those who already register to share that information on social websites."

New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media

New Louisiana law requires sex offenders to disclose their crimes on social networks

New La. Law: Sex Offenders Must List Status On Facebook, Other Social Media

So Which Social Networking Sites Can Sex Offenders Actually Use?

Facebook Law IDs Sex Offenders: DNews Nuggets

Published: June 25 

Federal judge bans sex offenders from social networking

"INDIANAPOLIS — A federal judge has upheld an Indiana law banning registered sex offenders from accessing Facebook and other social-networking sites used by children.

Judge Tanya Walton Pratt said in an 18-page order Friday that the state has a strong interest in protecting children and that the rest of the Internet remains open to those who have been convicted.

“Social networking, chat rooms, and instant messaging programs have effectively created a ‘virtual playground’ for sexual predators to lurk,” [sic] Pratt wrote in the ruling, citing a 2006 report by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that found that one in seven youths had received online sexual solicitations and that one in three had been exposed to unwanted sexual material online [from who, exactly?]"

States look to keep sex offenders off Facebook

We Like It When We Are Winning

Chris Wittwer shared a link

"38 minutes ago

A brilliant website set up by Sammi and her boyfriend. Sammi is a survivor of the recent Rochdale paedophile ring and tells her story. They are campaigning for law reform to prevent consent being used as a defence by child rapists to get let out early ! Warning her story is Very graphic of the events that took place, the failings by the police and the subsequent court case.

Chris Wittwer

Their group is above, just spoke to her boyfriend on the phone and we are linking up with our websites 45 minutes ago · 1

What Happened to Sammi - You Have Not Defeated Me | You Have Not Defeated Me

Inside the Mind of a Paedophile [sic]

"We thought we might generously include our last contact with Mr Oldfield. After receiving this email, he did not reply and did not blog for several days whilst he reformatted his computer to delete child pornography. We recommend to him next time if he is to commit a crime on a computer, use Peter Guttman's deletion algorithm (duh!) and at least make it take longer than 30 seconds for forensics to confirm what you have on your computer, otherwise they'd get a warrant to lock you up in less than a day."

"And no, before you get any ideas Oldfield, it won't stop them finding what's on your computer, it wasn't designed for that, it was designed to remove remnants of files that corrupt very compressed filesystems, so suck a fart out of my arse - Steven Walker"

"Personally, we think he should buy himself a sex doll before he goes out and hurts children in Leeds, where he now lives and continues his offences and paedophile activitism."

"Mr Oldfield currently uses TOR to view indecent images of children. When we told him that we'd been tracking his internet activities, he stopped blogging for nearly a week whilst he deleted the content of his computer. He thinks we were stupid."

"He is the leader of a paedophile ring, The OSC, whose website is here, which stands for 'The Online Sex Offenders Community'. We were contacted by them after being featured in The Sun on Sunday. Amongst making derogatory references to Samantha, they threatened to stalk us and even kill us because they strongly express dissent towards our campaign."

"This is quite typical as there are generally two types of paedophile; paedophiles who think that children are attracted to them and paedophiles who don't really care about the child and just want to abuse them anyway. It is very important to really understand how a paedophile such as Nigel Oldfield thinks, it is telling of so many social problems." (What Paedophiles Think)



Violent, simple, thug and mentally-disordered, lying, fantasist team up ... definitely one to watch.


Addendum (20/6/2012)

"The Phoenix Post

25 minutes ago

We do feel betrayed and disappointed when we find people on our pages who align themselves with those who lie about us, bully, abuse and harass us, however, we can't give them any more of our time as we have more important things to do :0) xx"

Monday, 18 June 2012

Strange, What We Find, In Passing

Complainant Name: Mr David Lant

"Clauses Noted: 1

Publication: Sunday Sport


Mr David Lant of HMP Wayland complained that an article was inaccurate when it claimed that - after he and Robert Mawdsley had tortured and killed a paedophile in Broadmoor Hospital in 1977 - "the hostage's skull was found cracked open, a spoon wedged in his brain and pieces missing" and that Mawdsley "ate part of [the] brain". The complainant had, in a previously resolved complaint, provided a copy of the autopsy report on the murder showing that the brain-eating allegation was incorrect.


The complaint was resolved when the newspaper amended its internal records to ensure that the error was not repeated.

Report: 80"

David Lant v Daily Mirror about Accuracy

Prisoner complains to PCC over Daily Mail brain-eating claim

Murderer on day release 'subjected teenage girl to five-hour sex attack'

Ipswich: Killer acquitted of teen sex attack must stay in jail

Involved In Photography And Having a Partner

18 June 2012, 10:29am

Man searched at airport on suspicion of paedophilia ‘because he had a camera and a boyfriend’

"The officer thought the man looked as though he was 'involved in paedophilia [sic]'

A gay man was stopped at Gatwick airport last year by a Border Force officer who suspected he was ‘involved in paedophilia’ because he had a camera and a boyfriend, a report into controls at the airport has revealed.

The incident was recorded during observations of staff behaviour as part of an inspection at Gatwick airport’s north terminal by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration’s office, and highlighted by journalist David Hencke.

The report said some officers had “poor understanding of appropriate selection indicators and risk profiles in determining which passengers to challenge and in some cases were making judgements based on stereotypes.”

At the incident in question, inspectors observed a Border Force officer stopping a gay man who was travelling with his partner and whom the officer thought “might be involved in paedophilia”."

Oh, We Have

June 18, 2012 9:00 AM

Santa Clara County Ramps Up Child Porn Crackdown

"SAN JOSE (CBS SF) – Going after child pornographers is about to become a higher priority in Santa Clara County.

Friday, Santa Clara County approved its 2013 budget – it’s a $4.1 Billion budget which includes funding for a new child exploitation unit within the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department.

At any given time, the county has close to two-dozen warrants ready to be served on suspects accused of peddling child pornography.

If you look at the statistics, 70 – 80% of those who are online looking at child porn have either molested a child or will molest a child and so that’s very alarming to us and so we were able to create that unit to fight,” explained Supervisor George Shirakawa"

Safemedia = Poormedia

19/06/2012 00:00

Sexualisation of Children - Protecting Innocence Online

"At long last there is a reality check going on about the dangers children face on the internet from pornography. We read with horror of children as young as eight admitting to pornography addiction, or the 12-year-old boy who raped a nine year old girl because he wanted to 'feel grown up' after viewing explicit images. As with so many other things in life, it has had to reach crisis-point before people begin sitting up and taking notice. "

Kids act out porn with other kids, MPs warned



"June 01, 2012

The journalist's fallacy

Tim objects to this:

A generation of youngsters may be developing a skewed view of sex from pornography, a court has heard, after a 12-year-old schoolboy raped and sexually assaulted a younger girl after copying a hardcore film he watched on the internet.

He's right to object. This is an example of what we might call the "journalist's fallacy" - though in this case it's perpetrated by someone from a profession even more ignorant of statistics than journalists. I mean by this the tendency to draw strong inferences from one or two observations, without asking: are these observations a representative sample? In this example, we have a good reason to suspect not; 12-year-old rapists are rare, whilst internet porn is ubiquitous.

I call this the journalist's fallacy (though it's related to the availability heuristic) because journalists are especially prone to it - perhaps because they know that a human interest story or lively image makes for "better writing" than statistical evidence, and they mistake good writing for good thinking*.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dangerous And Incorrect Titles, Create Actual Danger

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Child porn images found on computer during raid

"A COLLECTION of indecent pictures of children were found on a man's computer by police who raided his home.

The 55-year-old from Beeston was arrested on Monday as part of a national crackdown on paedophiles [sic] holding computer images.

Officers who ran a forensic search of the man's computer found around 20 images.

They were graded from one to three, on a scale which goes to a maximum of five for the most serious [sic] images.

He was cautioned and placed on the sex offenders' register [sic] for two years after admitting the offence. He is now being monitored by the force's Dangerous Persons [sic] Management Unit.

A second Beeston man was arrested on Tuesday as part of the operation. The 28-year-old's computer was also seized for further examination and he has been released on bail pending further inquiries.

Both arrests were made as part of the UK-wide Operation Tharsley, co-ordinated by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

It involved more than 40 police forces and led to the arrest of 76 people.

The men arrested in Beeston are not thought to be connected to each other and neither is thought to be part of a wider ring of offenders.

Detective Inspector Martin Hillier said: "These men are now on our radar – we have sent them a very clear message that we are watching."



During a public relations exercise, we think you will find.

We are certain, Detective Inspector Martin Hillier should compare the law to reality, before he goes around creating his made-up, incorrect and dangerous departmental titles.

As we have stated, before, and we will confirm, again-and-again, there is nothing Sexual (even as defined, in other Statutes) about owning (i.e. possessing, making=downloading, printing, viewing, or even taking) an image, and, because a statute defines a term, for usage within than Statute, it does not make it reality.  

Everyone is potentially-dangerous, and an operational definition, within a Statute, does not make them actually-dangerous.

Even the draconian USA would not allow such defamation and persecution of ex-offenders:

"United States

The "dangerous offender" approach is unconstitutional in the United States where a person convicted of a crime must be released from criminal incarceration at end of sentence. If there is a question that the person may continue to be dangerous, he can be civilly committed if, through a judicial hearing, it is determined that a concurrent mental disorder makes it likely that he will continue to be dangerous because he lacks any self control. [see MHA 2007, in England and Wales]"
We will also make it quite clear, right now, that the futile and damaging past-time, of busting P2P users, is like shooting fish in a barrel; be prepared to hear how 'successful' Operation Tharsley has been.

Then be prepared to note how few 'victims' are reported; except, that will not be splashed all over the media.