Tuesday, 19 June 2012

We Like It When We Are Winning

Chris Wittwer shared a link

"38 minutes ago

A brilliant website set up by Sammi and her boyfriend. Sammi is a survivor of the recent Rochdale paedophile ring and tells her story. They are campaigning for law reform to prevent consent being used as a defence by child rapists to get let out early ! Warning her story is Very graphic of the events that took place, the failings by the police and the subsequent court case.

Chris Wittwer

Their group is above, just spoke to her boyfriend on the phone and we are linking up with our websites 45 minutes ago · 1

What Happened to Sammi - You Have Not Defeated Me | You Have Not Defeated Me




Inside the Mind of a Paedophile [sic]

"We thought we might generously include our last contact with Mr Oldfield. After receiving this email, he did not reply and did not blog for several days whilst he reformatted his computer to delete child pornography. We recommend to him next time if he is to commit a crime on a computer, use Peter Guttman's deletion algorithm (duh!) and at least make it take longer than 30 seconds for forensics to confirm what you have on your computer, otherwise they'd get a warrant to lock you up in less than a day."

"And no, before you get any ideas Oldfield, it won't stop them finding what's on your computer, it wasn't designed for that, it was designed to remove remnants of files that corrupt very compressed filesystems, so suck a fart out of my arse - Steven Walker"

"Personally, we think he should buy himself a sex doll before he goes out and hurts children in Leeds, where he now lives and continues his offences and paedophile activitism."

"Mr Oldfield currently uses TOR to view indecent images of children. When we told him that we'd been tracking his internet activities, he stopped blogging for nearly a week whilst he deleted the content of his computer. He thinks we were stupid."

"He is the leader of a paedophile ring, The OSC, whose website is here, which stands for 'The Online Sex Offenders Community'. We were contacted by them after being featured in The Sun on Sunday. Amongst making derogatory references to Samantha, they threatened to stalk us and even kill us because they strongly express dissent towards our campaign."

"This is quite typical as there are generally two types of paedophile; paedophiles who think that children are attracted to them and paedophiles who don't really care about the child and just want to abuse them anyway. It is very important to really understand how a paedophile such as Nigel Oldfield thinks, it is telling of so many social problems."


http://www.youhavenotdefeated.me (What Paedophiles Think)



Violent, simple, thug and mentally-disordered, lying, fantasist team up ... definitely one to watch.


Addendum (20/6/2012)

"The Phoenix Post

25 minutes ago

We do feel betrayed and disappointed when we find people on our pages who align themselves with those who lie about us, bully, abuse and harass us, however, we can't give them any more of our time as we have more important things to do :0) xx"


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