Friday, 15 June 2012

Well, How Timely

Ninety-nine arrested in paedophile [sic] abuse [sic] raids

"Det Con Claire Gettings explains how police conduct a raid on suspected distributors of child abuse images.

A retired teacher, members of the armed forces and a scout leader are among 99 people arrested in raids targeting online paedophiles [sic].

About 140 search warrants were issued by some 40 forces during the UK-wide raids, led by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Most warrants related to downloading and sharing indecent images.

Some 80 children were removed from harm [sic], including 20 found at raided properties."

Tackling the spread of child abuse images

Two Northern Ireland arrests in Ceop internet paedophile operation

Twelve children rescued [sic] from suspected paedophiles as part of swoop on internet perverts in Scotland

Paedophile [sic] swoop detains 76 in raids across country

Warning of link between downloading and child sex attacks

'Snooping' laws will stop paedophile [sic] rings, says Theresa May

CEOP director: 'Snooping laws will help track offenders' 

"Peter Davies said that data is needed "to protect the public" from serious offenders."
CEOP concerned about funding gap as online paedophile [sic] threat increases

14th June 2012

CEOP: More Resources To Fight Indecent Images

"Deputy Chief Executive of CEOP, Andy Baker, said: 

Behind every case of possession of indecent images lies the potential that contact sexual offences are taking place. “No stone should be left unturned in order to identify and protect those children and CEOP will continue to work to support police and child protection organisations to do just that.”"
June 14, 2012

Government again uses paedophile paranoia to justify Internet snooping Law

"Everyone is a suspect...except ministers

On the day the beleaguered Child Exploitation & Online Protection agency (CEOP) has led nationwide arrests for downloading child porn, had only this morning released a report effectively asking for more money, warned of a connection between child porn and ‘contact offending’ and had released a ‘dramatic’ video showing a raid on a porn suspect’s house, it was no coincidence that the Home Secretary, Theresa May also confirmed that she would push ahead with laws to monitor everyone’s email and Internet usage, citing ‘paedophiles’ as one of the main excuses for doing so.

It is perhaps not surprising that CEOP is making such a noise as despite protestations, it will soon be consumed by the new National Crime Agency, something it has been fighting against for years. suggests that all these events, actions and announcements have been deliberately coordinated; designed to lend weight to the government’s new, highly intrusive, Internet – snooping laws and to con a trusting public into believing that they are necessary when in reality, they are not."


Comment: Coincidences eh?


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