Monday, 4 June 2012

Adult Abuse More OK?

04. June 2012. | 07:46

FYRMacedonia launches paedophile register online

Starting from today database of convicted paedophiles [sic] will be available to public on the website:

The online register of convicted child abusers include all personal data about offenders, including their photographs, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Spiro Ristovski told reporters on Sunday.

If this measure going to protect or save at least one child's life, than it will serve its purpose, Ristovski said. [do you really mean this, for all potential risks? In any case, it does the opposite - you have just signed the death warrants of a number of minors] Experiences of other countries show that it has substantially contributed to preventing such crimes, he added [really, where? source please]

The latest government data show 231 people were convicted of paedophilia [sic] between 2004 and 2009. Figures show the number of cases in the Balkan country to be on the rise. [knee-jerk, at its worse]

Macedonia is the first country in the region to launch online paedophile [sic] register.

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